Askhab Zulaev Future Top Russian Featherweight

Russia breeds UFC & Bellator Champions like it’s nothing, Askhab Zulaev is nothing different. 8-0 record at 22 years old fights for the UFC version of a Russian Promotion in Absolute Championship Akhmat. #8th ACA Featherweight will be a future ACA Featherweight Champion in the next couple years.

4-0 under the ACA/ACB banner will only fight the best of the best ACA Featherweights in 2020, , 2021 and 2022. Climbing up the ACA Featherweight rankings, Defeating some savage Russians and Foreign high level fighters that ACA signs to build up Askhab Zulaev.

Getting opportunities to fight former UFC Featherweight Diego Brandao in the future to build up his name.

Looking forward to seeing him fight high level Featherweights Apti Bimarzaev which will be a clash of Featherweights that can happen in 2021, Both top ten Featherweights.

Askhab Zulaev has the notorious combat sambo fighting style that’s basically a tradition in Russia.

Zulaev had a dominant performance against Otavio Dos Santos in a three round fight.

Watch out for Askhab Zulaev in 2021, Discussed as one of the best prospects in Russia in 2021. Future ACA Featherweight Champion.

Amirkhan Adaev ACA Future Lightweight Champion

Amirkhan Adaev 17-3 Russian Lightweight prospect at 30 years old fights for Absolute Championship Akhmat and is at the top of the ACA Featherweight Division as ACA is the Russian version of the UFC.

Says a lot about Amirkhan Adaev, All of his wins under the ACA/former ACB promotion. Defeating fighters with lot more experience than him as he had half the amount of fights than him.

Defeating fighters like Efrain Escudero 30-14 record, Vener Galiev 33-12 record, Jonas Boeno 30-10 record. Win over Aurel Pirtea, ACA Top Lightweight Contender. Latest win was at ACA 108 defeating Vener Galiev 33-12 record.

Winning his fights by Unanimous decision with his technical taekwondo fighting style.

Will be tuning in at ACA 116 as Amirkhan Adaev fights former UFC Fighter Hacran Dias in a BIG step up in competition that can lead to a title shot or a contract offer from UFC, Bellator, One Championship, Rizin or PFL if they need an addition to the Lightweight roster.

Gonna be watching ACA 116 , Especially to check out Amirkhan Adaev fight Hacran Dias. Interested to see if he has what it takes against a former UFC fighter in the ACA 116 Co-Main Event.

Next fight with a win for Amirkhan Adaev can be against Khuseyn Khaliev, Ranked as the #3 ACA Lightweight. Khaliev last fought at ACA 99 September 27th, Time for him to fight again in a ACA Lightweight Contender fight.

Magomed Magomedov New Bellator Bantamweight Addition

Petr Yan’s only loss is to Magomed Magomedov former ACB Champion, One of the best Bantamweights in the world with a 16-1 record signed with Bellator and remains in the Bellator Bantamweight stacked division.

Magomed one talented Dagestan fighter with a pressure fighting style that will be exciting for the fans. Definitely will be a HUGE problem in the Bellator Bantamweight division as his talent speaks for itself.

Last fight was ACB 90 on November 10th 2018 but finally will return to the ring on December 10th 2020 at Bellator 254 fighting newly signed Matheus Mattos. Looking forward to watch Magomed live instead of his former fights on YouTube.

Bellator 254, MMA fans will know who Magomed Magomedov is. Watching an all-around talent. Bunch of future fights for him from Stots, Gallagher, Pettis, Caldwell, Rizin fight with Kyoji Horiguchi. List of matchups is endless, He’s a world class fighter and Bellator is very smart to sign Magomed Magomedov.

Sasha Palatnikov Keep An Eye on Him

Sasha Palatnikov impressed me the most in his UFC debut against Louis Cosce. Rocked in the first round but has a crazy chin. Started to kill it with his striking and stuffing Louis Cosce’s takedowns.

Palatinikov’s striking is no joke with some fast hands, Accurate striking. Understand he’s 31 years old but he’s a problem for the UFC Welterweight division.

Gotta keep an eye on Sasha Palatinikov for the foreseeable future.

“I believe when given the opportunity to put on a full camp performance this was again two weeks notice, I’m really gonna highlight and I’m really gonna put on a show for the fans and I feel like this was just a small little taste of what I can really bring to the cage. “

Now imagine what he can do in a full camp, Training at Syndicate MMA. Couple years ago, 2016 trained with Kamaru Usman. Now trains with Julian Marquez, Alumni of the Dana White Contender Series.

Looking forward to watching his next fight as he’ll take advantage of the UFC opportunity to fight as thousands of MMA fighters from all over the world, Wish he was in his shoes right now. Definitely gotta keep training hard at Syndicate MMA and wait for his next call from Sean Shelby or Mick Maynard.

“I’ve been working on this for a very long time ups and downs you know just got to keep working keep following your dreams. ”

Jason Jackson Next Fight Is… After Bellator 253

Jason Jackson STANDOUT performance fighting former UFC Lightweight Champion Benson Henderson defeating him at Bellator 253 in all together dominant performance. Benson had his moments but Jason Jackson looked a lot better.

Great spot for Jason Jackson to keep building his brand, Gaining more fans as they look forward to his next fight.

Jackson deserves top Bellator Welterweight fighters like Lorenz Larkin, Andrey Koreskov, Derek Anderson and Yaroslav Amosov. No reason to fight rising Weltereights anymore with a win against Benson Henderson.

“So taking out legend like Benson Henderson it just shows me that I can takeout the Bellator champ anyone either 155.” Jason Jackson

Not the biggest fan of calling out fighters, Prefers waiting for the next opponent.

“It doesn’t matter to me I just want to go out there and just put on a good show it doesn’t matter who when I just want to put on a good show you know I’m not out here picking and choosing because you have a lot of guys that’s ahead in the division that putting in work as well. ” Jason Jackson

Jason Jackson can fight the best of the best Bellator Welterweights since he trains with Gilbert Burns and used to train with Kamaru Usman, Vicente Luque on a daily basis.

Jason Jackson vs Andrey Koreshkov, Jackson vs Amosov, Jackson vs Larkin are all interesting fights for him.

Jackson vs Yaroslav Amosov especially. Two high high level Bellator Welterweights, I’ll be looking forward to seeing if Jackson is the toughest fight up to that point for Yaroslav Amosov.

Overall the “Ass Kicking Machine” Jason Jackson DESERVES a top Bellator Welterweight that leads to a title shot!!

Raufeon Stots Fight Options after Bellator 253

Raufeon Stots continues his three fight winning streak by defeating Keith Lee( Kevin Lee’s younger brother) in a dominant performance as Stots rises through the Bellator Bantamweight rankings.

Stots is a force to be reckoned with his Division 2 All-American Wrestling and coached by Duke Roufus.

Looking forward to seeing who Stots fights next in 2021.

“I’m at a position where I’m like I want to fight the best you know I want to prove I’m the best the hard way. ” Raufeon Stots

Fights like James Gallagher “Little Lucky Charm.” Leandro Higo, Josh Hill, Patchy Mix and Sergio Pettis.

“James Gallagher is just funny, You know what I mean he’s like a little lucky charms, You got a little lucky charms on the freaking box and you know uh a fight with him is like.” Raufeon Stots

Fight against Sergio Pettis, Training Partner and teammate is interested in a fight with him since it will help move up the Bellator rankings. Fighting for a title with a win against Sergio Pettis. Business is Business.

Needs to provide for his family, Sets himself up for a future Bellator Bantameight Title Shot with a impressive win against Pettis.

However Stots will take on any challenge that leads to him climbing up the rankings, Fighting for a title one day.

” I don’t like the easy way out I want to you know take the hard fights into division and you know keep climbing and keep building my status and keep you know keep doing it the right way.

Josh Hill vs Rauefon Stots is a fight that makes sense to start 2021 or end of 2020. Hill 20-3 record 33 years old, Fought for WSOF and TKO. Last win was at Bellator 244 defeating Erik Perez. Two of the best rising Bellator Bantameights fighting each other on a main card.

Jaleel Willis Bellator First win at Bellator 253

Jaleel Willis Top Ten United States Welterweight prospect that signed with Bellator is finally making his Bellator debut against 11-2 Mark Lemminger.

Jaleel Willis is entering Bellator 253 with a 4 fight winning streak. High with confidence, Seeking a big finish in his Bellator debut as one of the Bellator welterweight prospects to watch in the future.

 “Every time I had seen Bellator come down to the South before, I was always kind of like a fly on the wall for behind the scenes stuff. Like Tito [Ortiz] came through the gym, stuff like that, got his workout in. Michael Chandler came through, King Mo. So I was always like a fly on the wall, just kind of knew that I was gonna be here. I guess the difference is, everybody was saying UFC, but me, it was more so “I told you so” — I knew it was going to be Bellator.”

Waiting for a second Bellator offer after the fight with Patricky Pitbull was cancelled. However Bellator came calling again, Now fighting FFC Welterweight Champion Mark Lemminger.

“Standing here Bellator with a multi-fight deal in a co-main event is kind of crazy. ” Jaleel Willis

“Fighting tough competition like you know that’s what I’m here for it’s like one of my goals is to be one of the best in the world like I’m not going to get there by you know so I’m trying to pick and choose my fights and stuff like that it’s like this 2020 being the toughest year for me. ”

2020 been a tough year facing talented fighters like Vinicus De Jesus who just fought Aaron Pico. Fighting Mark Lemminger will be nothing different. End 2020 on a high note defeating a former Welterweight Champion in a stand out way. Be only the beginning for Jaleel Willis.

WILL continue to rise through the Bellator Welterweight rankings, Providing for his family with his well deserved Bellator contract.

Natan Schulte vs Tofiq Musaev Rizin Dream Fight

Professional Fighters League allowing there fighters to fight at other promotions besides UFC & Bellator. Sets up dream fights between PFL champions and rival promotions.

Schulte vs Musaev

Top 5-7 MMA promotion Rizin has one of the best Lightweights in the world Tofiq Musaev. Musaev 18-3 record IMPRESSIVE win over Patricio Pitbull that showed the MMA world how talented he is. Love to see him challenge himself fighting Natan Schulte.

Natan Schulte 20-3 PFL Lightweight Champion, 9 fight winning streak. World Class Lightweight fighter. Definitely can beat some of the best Lightweights in the world as he trains with them at American Top Team.

Schulte has wins over Chris Wade, Rashid Magomedov, Couple Russian and Eastern European savages. Entertaining fighter to watch with his pressure/ volume striking fighting style.

Schulte vs Musaev would be a three or five round war I guarantee it. PFL Champion vs Rizin Lightweight Champion both in the prime of their careers.

Hardcore fans like myself would LOVE to watch this fight, High level underrated Lightweights fighting each other.

Chance of seeing this happen is most likely slim but maybe it happens one can only dream RIGHT!!

JP Buys Earned Second Chance on Contender Series

JP Buys since losing on the Dana White Contender Series went on a 4 fight winning streak becoming Extreme Fighting Championship Bantamweight Champion. Latest win at LFA 78 earned him the right to fight on the Dana White Contender Series.

JP Buys now fighting Jacob Silva on Week 10 of the Dana White Contender Series at Flyweight. Looking forward to watch Buys return because he’s a super talented Bantamweight/Flyweight prospect with a entertaining pressure fighting style.

Fit well in the UFC Flyweight Division if rewarded the contract.

“I want to thank the UFC, I want to thank Mick, I want to thank my coach, It’s not often where you get guys you multiple chances, I mean it’s all been out of my control but yeah I’m really grateful that they keep giving me the opportunity and I’m really excited to showcase my skills set and hopefully impress them and make it worth their while. “

” I see myself winning by a finish to be honest you know.”

JP Buys dealing with adversity from visas that lead to two fight cancellations against Nate Smith but Buys believed that he’ll get the contract.

” I know my time is going to come and at the end of the day when the time is right things will fall in place for you.”

Non stop grinding at Fortis MMA & Coach Quan University waiting for the opportunity to fight on the Contender Series.

Now JP Buys is making his dream a reality, One step close for fighting for the UFC. Being a provider for his future family as him and Cheyanne Buys can both fight for the UFC.

Brendan Loughnane vs Salahdine Parnasse KSW 2021

“PFL is allowing its fighters to seek fights outside the promotion since they are on hiatus until next year, sources say. UFC and Bellator aren’t options, though,” stated the report. “Manager Malki Kawa, for example, tells me he is seeking fights for clients Brendan Loughnane and Justin Willis.”

Since PFL isn’t allowing there fighters to fight for the UFC or Bellator, KSW is one of the next best promotion options.

Malki Kawa definitely should negotiate with Martin Lewandowski(KSW Promoter) to set up a fight between Brendan Loughane vs Salahdine Parnasse (KSW Featherweight Champion) one of the best Featherweights not in the UFC or Bellator.

Loughane 2-0 with PFL after two impressive performances. Winner on the Dana White Contender Series, 19-3 record with a pressure style fighting KSW Featherweight Champion Salahdine Parnasse. 14-0 record at 22 years old who dominated European MMA Champion Ivan Buchinger.

Loughane vs Parnasse KSW 58 Headliner for the KSW Featherweight Title would be a FUN dream fight to watch for hardcore MMA fans.

Jornel Lugo Long Term Bellator Success

Jornel Lugo 24 year old 4-0 Bantamweight Prospect fought on Bellator 252 with a impressive win against Schyler Sootho. Lugo improved as the rounds went on. Third round was his best.

Earned himself a Bellator contract with his Bellator 252 win. No brainer for Scott Coker and Rich Chau to sign Jornel Lugo.

“I’m pretty sure I should be getting a contract with that performance I mean I think I deserve one I’m four, I’m five and now so I think I deserve one.”

Jornel Lugo if he signs with Bellator will have a long promising career. First fight I watched of him and I was impressed how he mixed up his wrestling and striking.

“I hope that after this fight I’ll be getting a contract,” Lugo said. “I defiantly want to win this fight and get back in. I think February would be a good time for me. In five years I defiantly want to be fighting for a world championship. I’m not sure where I want to go but I just know I do want to prosper in my sport. Wherever that takes me I’m going to keep winning.”

Jornel Lugo signs a fight deal with Bellator looking forward to him fighting Bellator Bantamweights such as Keith Lee, Eduardo Dantas, James Gallagher. Fighters he talked about going against in the future but only has 5 Professional Fights

3-5 fights to go before facing Eduardo Dantas but a fight against Keith Lee actually makes sense.

“I definitely want to keep growing I’m only 5-0 I have a lot I still have to work on but I definitely have my eyes on all of these guys. ” Jornel Lugo

Keith Lee vs Jornel Lugo definitely a fun Bellator Bantamweight Prospect to watch in the winter of 2021. See if Lugo has what it takes facing a talented prospect like Keith Lee whose Kevin Lee’s brother but making a name for himself in Bellator. Keith Lee currently has a record of 7-3.

However if Lugo doesn’t get a chance to fight Keith Lee, I’d be interested to see who Lugo faces next and in 2021. Only will improve in every fight, We can see Jornel Lugo fighting a title or being a title contender in the next 3-5 years!!

Aaron Pico Ends 2020 with a Bang!!

Aaron Pico MMA prodigy who trained with TJ Dillashaw, Juan Archuleta, Cub Swanson, Boxing advice from Freddie Roach. Talked about being a bust but decided to make a gym change.

Switching camps to Jackson Wink and now were seeing success for Aaron Pico. Back to back wins for Aaron Pico and now looking to end 2020 with a BANG against John De Jesus.

“One thing’s for sure, he’s very confident. Very good striker. I’ve seen him around here in the hotel lobby, he’s not lacking confidence. I know he’s going to come with everything he’s got, and it’s going to be a good test for me. But I feel I’m well-prepared.”

“It’s a good feeling every time you win and you get your whole paycheck – it’s a good night. I just have to be consistent, and for me, I know what it feels like to lose in the game. I don’t take winning for granted and my team and I work our ass off so we’re prepared for Thursday.”

Aaron Pico thankful for career setbacks ahead of Bellator 252: ‘I don’t take winning for granted’

John De Jesus 13-8 record impressive win against Vladyslav Parubchenko in his Bellator debut looking to steal the show and shock the world. However Aaron Pico has all the talent in the world to become a future Bellator Featherweight Champion, That’s why we were all disappointed to him lose.

“That self-belief, that work ethic, that drive, that hunger. And that’s what’s gonna really continue to carry Aaron,” Gibson said.

The drive to be the best will help Pico take him to the top of the MMA world, Being a Bellator Featherweight Champion and a superstar. Will see it tonight as he fights John De Jesus. Showing his all around skills.

“John De Jesus Won’t Be able to breathe after the first round.” Aaron Pico

Looking forward to seeing a finish, One sided butt wooping for Aaron Pico, Ends 2020 with a bang. Starting 2021 with confidence riding high on a three fight winning streak.

Bellator Must Steal Nikolas Motta

Dana White Contender Series Week 9 had some talented fighters such as Nikolas Motta CFFC Lightweight Champion who had a slug fest win against former CFFC Lightweight Champion Joseph Lowry.

Motta looked impressive in the short notice fight but still needs work, Gotta be more defensive because against high level strikers he’ll get knocked out. Leaving himself a little open for the easy shots.

On the other hand Nikolas Motta is a KILLER from Brazil. He’s a potential title contender and since Dana White didn’t offer the UFC contract, Scott Coker can offer the Bellator contract.

Be a big mistake if Bellator doesn’t sign Motta. Motta is only going to progress from here as he’s entering the prime of his career at 27 years old. No better than to sign Motta as he can face the world class Bellator Featherweights. Showing what he’s truly made of.

Imagine what Nikolas Motta can do to Bellator Lightweights with a full training camp, Being that killer that he says he is.

Motta has wins over Lowry, Juan Gonzalez, Cesar Balmaceda, Joe Solecki. I’d love to see him fight Brent Primus, Adam Piccolotti, Jaleel Willis in his beginning Bellator fights if he signs with Bellator.

Bellator definitely NEEDS to sign Nikolas Motta.

Lowry vs Motta Week 9 Contender Series Fight to Watch

Joseph Lowry former CFFC Lightweight Champion, 9-1 record, Top Northeast Lightweight prospect is fighting Nikolas Motta 11-3 record, CFFC Lightweight Champion, Contestant on the Dana White Contender Series.

Obviously Dana White Contender Series doesn’t award fight of the night bonuses but Lowry vs Motta is a GREAT FIGHT to watch. Two of the best Lightweight Prospects in the world. Former CFFC Lightweight Champions fighting each other.

Joseph Lowry fighting for a second chance on the Dana White Contender Series. Looking for that UFC contract.

Nikolas Motta traveling from Brazil to New Jersey to train at Ricardo Almeida Jiu-Jitsu. Now can get awarded a UFC contract with a knock out, submission win. Living the American Dream, Next Brazilian to sign with the UFC.

Definitely will be paying attention to this fight that can be on the prelims of a UFC Fight Night or a Bellator prelims. I have no clue who wins this fight!!

Christian Lee vs Eddie Alvarez Please Set it up

Christian Lee One Championship Lightweight Champion AGAIN had another dominant performance against Iuri Lapicus with a first round finish. Predicted that Christian Lee would have his hands full with Lapicus but obviously proved me wrong.

Christian Lee only gets better with every fight and I’d love for him next fight to be against Eddie Alvarez. Since Eddie signed with One Championship, Christian Lee has been asking for this challenge.

Christian Lee calling Eddie Alvarez to fight at Madison Square Garden.

“Ever since Eddie Alvarez got signed by ONE, he’s been on my mind constantly,” Lee told the Post. “I’m hopeful he will have one more good fight, one or two more good wins and then they give him a title shot. They’ll be dying to give him that shot and it will be a good way to prove the skill and calibre of ONE Championship compared to a [former] UFC champion. So I need to put on a show when that happens.”

Theme of the Christian Lee vs Eddie Alvarez One Championship Lightweight Title Fight is the passing of the torch for Christian Lee. Showing the future for MMA. Eddie Alvarez Underground King Dream, Bellator, Bodog Welterweight Champion adds another title to his collection. Showing Eddie Alvarez is one of the best Lightweights in the world.

Christian Lee with a win will SHOW he’s one of the best Lightweights in the world defeating a hall of famer like Eddie Alvarez.

Lee vs Alvarez will be one of the biggest Lightweight Title Fights in One Championship History that can help the promotion moving forward with getting more attention, New fans.

Julius Anglickas vs Liam McGeary Bellator 2021

Julius Anglickas, Rising Bellator Light Heavyweight defeated former LFA Light Heavyweight Champion Alex Polizzi at Bellator 251 . Biggest win of his career so far.

Anglickas needs a step up in competition and Liam McGeary former Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion is the PERFECT opponent. Last time McGeary fought was in April of 2019. Definitely needs to return to action soon and the 29 year old Anglickas would love that oppurtunity.

“I put trust in my coaches if they think I’m ready for the next big thing great I’ll go for it and my time ill come. “

“I don’t know how many guys who talk too much at people’s champions so sure they’re gonna get big fights but I know I’m gonna get big fights just because people are gonna like me they know I’m not gonna be like just talking trash I’m gonna be like family friendly or everybody to watch on TV and I think that matters most. ”

Since Julius Anglickas isn’t the biggest trash talker, Respectfully call out a guy like Liam McGeary. Julius Anglickas vs Liam McGeary sign me up in the beginning of January, Main Card Slot fight.

Brendan Allen Top 15 Middleweight with Win

Brendan Allen 15-3 Middleweight, Former LFA Middleweight Champion, Dana White Contender Series alumni. UFC record of 3-0 looking to be 4-0 with a win against the savage himself Ian Heinisch #15 Middleweight.

Win against Ian Heinisch will replace his spot at #15 and be a rising UFC Middleweight at 24 years old.

“It’s cool to see those things, but I don’t pay any attention to it,” he said of the three strong performances that carry him into Saturday’s meeting with Heinisch in Las Vegas. “It doesn’t mean anything to me right now. Every fight is my biggest fight, no matter whom it’s against and it doesn’t matter what you’ve done.

So far this is the biggest fight of his life fighting Ian Heinisch, Step in the right direction.

Stealing the show at UFC Fight Night Teixeira vs Santos with the performance of his life.

“I’m going to let it show on Fight Night. ”

” I just want to go out there and be the guy that’s been in the gym and do what I need to do and be very calculated and take advantage of anything that he leaves open. I just want to capitalize on everything, I want to feel fear in his heart and make him second guess things really early that’s my goal every time is just instill fear make them second guess and that’s the goal Saturday night put fear in his heart and make him second why he’s there.” Brendan Allen

Brendan Allen labels Ian Heinisch a step down in competition, Will see tonight if he makes easy work of Ian Heinisch. Shows that he’s a UFC Middleweight to watch for the future.

Makhmud Muradov UFC Middleweight Keep An Eye On

Makhmud Muradov 2-0 UFC Middleweight, Record of 24-6 at 30 years old. Born and raised in Uzbekistan is now one of my favorite MMA fighters to watch. Watched his Oktagon Fights on YouTube, Both UFC Fights and I was really impressed with his performances.

Never really paid attention to his UFC fights but now I will because he’s one world class fighter from Uzbekistan. This dude from Uzbekistan has all the skills to be a UFC Middleweight Title Contender one day.

Perfect time to enter the UFC in the PRIME of his career. 2020 & 2021 will see Muradov quietly rise through the UFC Middleweight Rankings.

Muradov was suppose to fight Kevin Holland but Muradov withdrew from that fight. Was looking forward to that fight because according to Dana White, Kevin Holland is a star but I believe Muradov would’ve ruined the party.

Hopefully Holland vs Muradov is scheduled again because that will be a GREAT fight to watch. Coming out party for Muradov I guarantee it.

Even if Muradov doesn’t fight Holland, Fights against Krzysztof Jotko, Brad Tavares, Marvin Vettori are PERFECT for Muradov to get his name out there and climb up the rankings.

Muradov as you can see in his fight against Wendell Oliveira, Shows a masterful performance at OKTAGON 13.

Definitely keep an eye on Makhmud Muradov for the seeable future, 2020, 2021 and 2022. In for a treat whenever he fights.

Lupita Godinez Dana White Contender Series Appearance

Lupita Godinez, Top 5 Strawweight Prospect in the United States had her best performance at LFA 94 defeating Vanessa Demopoulos for the LFA Strawweight Title. Winning by majority decision.

Lupita dominated Vanessa, Knocking Vanessa down couple times through out the fight. Showing Vanessa that Lupita has heavy hands and an absolute pitbull.

Sneaky jab, Relentless fighter with the WILL to win seen in this fight against Vanessa and against Lindsay Garbatt. Stocky Five Foot Two Pitbull from Mexico.

Stand and banging for five rounds putting on a show against Vanessa Demopoulos. Her face gushing of blood since Godinez kept jabbing.

“She’s super tough, honestly I was very surprised,” Godinez said post-fight after her title win. “In the first round I was like, ‘What the hell is this girl made of?’ I’m happy I could prove I go five (rounds), so I can do it all.”

Definitely her best performance that can impress the likes of Dana White, Sean Shelby and Mick Maynard.

Winning the LFA Strawweight Title is the highest accomplishment for a woman prospect. Now she deserves to get an opportunity to fight for the Dana White Contender Series.

Dana White is starting up the Contender Series again and he should definitely offer Lupita Godinez a fight. 27 years old 5-0 record, Current LFA Strawweight Champion.

“I am (the best strawweight outside the UFC),” Godinez said. “I think I deserve to be in the UFC. That’s where I belong.”

Bellator Needs to Sign Igeu Kabesa

Bellator continues to sign the best prospects in the world. Building up their youth stable of talent. Leading front and center for Bellator’s future isn’t even signed with Bellator but fights for #1 Africa MMA promotion Extreme Fighting Championship.

The fighters name is Igeu Kabesa!! Extreme Fighting Championship Featherweight Champion. One of the best Featherweights not fighting for the UFC or Bellator.

Kabesa record of 12-1 at 26 years old, Highly decorated wrestler. 13 time South Africa Wrestling Champion. #1 Africa Prospect.

Accomplished everything on the South Africa regional scene, Time to sign with a promotion like Bellator rather than UFC. Added to the Bellator Featherweight division as Bellator in the next five years can have event in Africa and Kabesa will definitely be a headliner.

Superstar written all over him as he’s a electrifying fighter to watch with several first round finishes. Casual fans will even love watching his fights.

Bellator should definitely sign Igeu Kabesa. DO WHATEVER IT TAKES because he’s one of the best Featherweights in the world. Bellator signs Kabesa he’s a future Bellator Featherweight Champion.

Adrian Yanez Make Father Proud Tonight

Adrian Yanez miniature version of Jorge Masvidal, Dana White Contender Series alumni with one of the fastest knock outs is making his UFC debut tonight against Alaska FC Bantamweight Champion Victor Rodriguez.

Yanez looking for a first round exciting finish in his UFC debut, To impress Dana White but also Yanez father whose looking far above as his father always believed he can sign with the UFC.

“Whenever my dad would drive me to practice, on the freeway that we would take we’d see the Toyota Center in Houston and he’d tell me, ‘You’re gonna be fighting in there one day,’” recalled Yanez. “My dad had that much belief in me before I even went pro. He knew I was gonna be here.”,decision%20win%20over%20Ryan%20Hollis.

Fought his way to the UFC, Never giving up on his dream to the UFC. Making his dream a reality.

“Right after the fight I had that ‘whoa’ factor that I hit my dream,” he said. “My dream was to get a UFC contract and for me to hit that goal was amazing. I was on this high. And then the next day when I woke up, I went back home and I had this switch where I said, I’m here, but my next thing I have to do is to prove that I belong. So it’s not even a glow; I’m still trying to prove my worth and October 31st, I’m gonna go in there and show everybody that I belong here.”,decision%20win%20over%20Ryan%20Hollis.

October 31st Yanez fighting on the prelims underneath his favorite fighter Anderson Silva. Couldn’t be a better way to make a UFC debut. 50k bonus showing a Spider Silva display of striking.

Dalton Rosta Impressed me the Most at Bellator 250

Eyes were on the Bellator 250 Main Event Fight Lima vs Mousasi but the Bellator 250 Card was entertaining. Bellator fighter that impressed me the most was Dalton Rosta.

Dalton Rosta nickname is Hercules for a reason and looked like a world class Middleweight Prospect fighting Ty Gwerder. Best performance of his career so far as he looked like an All-Around Fighter as he went the distance with Ty Gwerder whose a talented Middleweight prospect in his own right.

Dalton Rosta moved from Mat Factory Wrestling Club to American Top Team training with Krzysztof Jotko, Yaroslav Amosov, Johnny Eblen on a daily basis. Working on his All-Around Game. Shows on his last fight how much he improved.

“I mean overall I think I beat him everywhere and I think that goes to uh that’s a testament to how hard I work everywhere I mean this Mixed Martial Arts that you have to Master. ” Dalton Rosta

“Testament to my work ethic.” Dalton Rosta

First fight I’ve watched live of Dalton Rosta was against Gwerder and he really put on a show on the CBS Sports Network.

“I got the chance to show my skills and show my fighting on the big stage and I mean Bellator’s Big Stage in the first place but I got to do it on the main court on CBS Sports.” Dalton Rosta

Scott Coker sees STAR written all of him, Up to Rosta to keep training hard and maximize his potential. One day become a Bellator Middleweight Champion & Bellator Superstar.

Shavkat Rakhmonov UFC Rising Welterweight

Shavkat Rakhmonov M1 Welterweight Champion made his UFC debut at UFC 254 fighting Cowboy Oliveira. Impressively dominating Cowboy Oliveira with a first round finish which is hard to against a UFC Veteran with 20 wins.

Blown away by his performance, Watching his All-Around fighting skills in the first round. Fearless fighting Cowboy Oliveira, Shavkat looking like a seasoned UFC welterweight making his tenth UFC appereance.

However like all Russians, Ukrainians, Central Asians they’re bunch of savages, World class fighters and Shavkat Rakhmonov is no different.

Since he’s a savage called out another Cowboy.. Cowboy Cerrone.

“I’ll take a rest first, (then) get together with my team (and) think about what’s next. I beat a Brazilian ‘Cowboy’ – maybe an American ‘Cowboy’ (Donald Cerrone) is next.”

Shavkat Rakmonov fighting the legend himself Donald Cerrone, Defeating him in impressive fashion will only help him rise in the UFC and the Welterweight Division.

Show that Kazakhstan is a rising MMA country, Plenty more prospects to come out of Kazakhstan and prosper in the UFC.

Shavkat Rakmonov will lead the charge for Kazakhstan, Be the Gennady Golovkin of MMA.

Christian Lee Third Title Defense is the Toughest

Christian Lee One Championship Welterweight Champion, One Championship Prodigy is FINALLY fighting in 2020. Defending his title against Iuri Lapicus at One Championship: Inside the Matrix.

Iuri Lapicus 14-0 record wins against Marat Gafurov and Shannon Wiratchai in his One Championship career. Lapicus world class grappler with submission wins trains at Team Leone Petrosyan. Learning from one of the greatest strikers in the world in Giorgio Petrosyan.

Lapicus definitely a better striker than Christian Lee which can be a problem for Lee.

Christian Lee has his hands full fighting Iuri Lapicus, Toughest title defense to date. Christian Lee can get the win but won’t be a walk through fight for him.

“I think the only reason Iuri’s still undefeated is because he hasn’t fought me yet,” Lee said Tuesday. “So you know, he’s very talented. He’s a dangerous fighter. But no, I don’t see anything special in this guy that I can’t carry through.”

Lee will see something special in Lapicus in two days October 30th, Co Main Event for One Championship: Inside the Matrix.

Johnny Eblen Bellator 250 Prospect to Watch

Bellator 250 Lima vs Mousasi if your a MMA fan is watching this fight, Clash of Champions. Looking forward to Bellator 250 because of the Lima vs Mousasi fight but there’s talented Bellator rising prospects.

Johnny Eblen American Top Team Prospect, Bellator Middleweight Prospect. University of Missouri wrestler is fighting Taylor Johnson on the prelims.

Taylor Johnson coming off the biggest win of his career defeating Ed Ruth. Taylor Johnson high off the win against the former Penn State All-American Wrestler looking for another significant win against Eblen.

However Johnny Eblen is looking for a significant win discussed as one of the Bellator Middleweight Prospects to keep an eye on. Addition to being the next generation of fighters to train at American Top Team.

Learning from the best fighters on the planet on a daily basis, Coached by Mike Brown, Conan Silveira, Muhammad Lawal.

In this audio interview with Jim Varsallone, Johnny Elben talks about the benefits of training at American Top Team. Learning from King Mo, Whose basically a mentor to Eblen now as King MO is the wrestling coach for Eblen.

“It’s honestly a lot of fun the amount of knowledge, The amount of work I can get out at American Top Team. ” Johnny Eblen.

Eblen looking forward to this Halloween weekend fight against Johnson. In for a treat with a lot of violence. Putting on a show for the fans at home.

Makoto Takahashi Rizin Future Champion & Japanese Superstar

The days of Kazushi Sakuraba, Takanori Gomi, Shinya Aoki being world champions. Kings of the MMA World, Representing Japan are long gone but maybe a rebirth of Japanese MMA is right around the corner with Tenshin Nasukawa and Makoto Takahashi.

Hardcore MMA fans of course know who Tenshin Nasukawa, MMA Prodigy who fought Floyd Mayweather.

Makoto Takahashi 11-1 record 20 years old is a rising Japanese Flyweight prospect who currently for RIZIN. Incredibly raw talent beating Flyweights with lot more experience.

Takahashi becoming Interim Deep Flyweight Champion, Defeating Yuya Shibata at 2018.

Takahashi only 20 years old has lots of room to grow but becoming Rizin Bantamweight Champion if deciding to move up in weight or become Rizin Flyweight Champion if Rizin creates a flyweight division.

20 year old MMA fighter wouldn’t be a top flyweight prospect in Japan, Records of 2-0 fighting on the regional promotion prelims..

Sight to see watching Takahashi watch his rise from Flyweight prospect to Rizin Superstar. Becoming Rizin Flyweight or Rizin Bantamweight Champion needs to go a top MMA Gym in Asia like Evolve MMA in Singapore or Tiger Muay Thai.

Training at a world class GYM with some of the best fighters in the world like Petr Yan, Valentina Shevchenko, Christian Lee, Khusein Askhabov. Coached by a world class head coach like George Hickman.

He’ll only improve with the right training partners, Coaches around him. Furbishing the raw talent he has to becoming one of the best Flyweights in the world, In the next several years.

Bellator Signs Next Great Nurmagomedov

Khabib Nurmagomedov passing on the torch to his cousin Usman Nurmagomedov, Next GREAT Nurmagomedov to represent his family name proudly. Instead of representing the family name in the UFC will Bellator.

Usman Nurmagomedov 23 Year Old 11-0 record fighting in the Bellator Lightweight Division. Future Bellator Lightweight Champion and future Pound for Pound King.

“The guy to really look out for right now that nobody knows about is Usman Nurmagomedov – Khabib’s younger [cousin].

“He’s 10-0, all finishes. He’s an absolute killer.

“He’s a Muay Thai specialist and he’s Khabib’s brother, you understand? If you have the same blood as Khabib, you have good wrestling.

“I’m telling you, he is actually a better version than Khabib. He is better than Khabib.

“I’m telling you, people should watch for him. He’s an absolute killer.”

Usman signed a multi-fight deal with Bellator but in Bellator’s best interest is to offer the best deal possible. Talent is shown in his full fights on YouTube. Fluidity in his kickboxing and punches that’s beautiful to watch.

“With today’s signing of Usman Nurmagomedov, we are making it clear that Bellator is home to the best fighters on the planet and an organization where the sport’s future stars are coming to compete,” Bellator president Scott Coker said in a press release confirming the news. “I am thrilled to have Usman join the promotion and he will be placed in an immediate position to showcase his skills and contend at 155 pounds. We hope to have him in action inside the Bellator cage by December or January.”

Mexican Gangster Javier Mendez speaks highly of Usman Nurmagomedov as one of the next fighters to replace Khabib when he retires. Labeling Usman as the Luke Rockhold of Dagestan, Bellator superstar.

Khabib watching his fights in the front row with his entourage, Giving his cousin advice in between rounds.

Whole team behind him, All up to Usman Nurmagomedov to conquer the Bellator Lightweight Division.

Magomed Ankalaev UFC Next Rising Light Heavyweight

Magomed Ankalaev Dagestan born and raised had his best PERFORMANCE of his life fighting Ion Cutebela in the rematch. UFC Light Heavyweight Division is there for the taking and Magomed Ankalaev can be a future Light Heavyweight Champion.

14-1 record at 28 years old, Ankalaev is a rising UFC Light Heavyweight to keep an eye on for the present and future.

May be we can see one more performance before 2020 ends fighting Nikita Krylov or Volkan Oezdemir. Each of those fights will be fantastic fights to watch. Kyrlov defeated Johnny Walker, Volkan was a former Light Heavyweight Title Challenger with a decent name.

Either way next fight should be 6-10 range on a PPV Main Card Slot again because he has an exciting fighting style to watch.

One more fight needed and Magomed Ankalaev will be UFC Light Heavyweight Contender.

2021 Ankalaev can fight the whose who of Thiago Santos which will be a GREAT fight to watch on paper, Dominick Reyes which won’t be a three round fight or a fight against Jiri Prochazka.

Light Heavyweight division needs the fountain of youth and Magomed Ankalaev can be the savior. Prime of his career rising at the top at 28, 29 years old. Danger to all of the Light Heavyweight title contenders.

Altynbek Mamashev Kyrgyzstan to UFC

Russia & Caucuses region develops some of the greatest MMA fighters in the world because that part of the world breeds savages and this man Altynbek Mamashev from Kyrgyzstan is one of the next fighters from the Caucuses to sign with the UFC.

Altynbek Mamashev 15-1 record 27 or 28 years old won his last fight by first round in his ACA debut. Dominating performance against Goity Dazaev that will will lead to more fights with one of the best promotions in the world.

Absolute Championship Akhmat Welterweight Champion is Murad Abdulaev 19-4 record, Will see Mamashev climb up the ACA rankings and fight for the ACA Welterweight Title against Murad Abdulaev.

Fighting against Fernando Gonzalez, Jesse Taylor, Ali Bagov, Abubakar Vagaev in his journey to the ACA Welterweight Title.

Mamashev definitely can defeat Abdulaev as Mamashev is the most talented Welterweight on the ACA roster. Winning the ACA welterweight title will put him on notice with UFC matchmakers Sean Sheby & Mick Maynard.

No doubt UFC doesn’t sign Mamashev he has an exciting fighting style to watch. Potential top 10-top 15 UFC welterweight in the future.

Yaroslav Amosov Road to Becoming #1 Welterweight in the World

Yaroslav Amosov Bellator Welterweight title contender impressed the hell out of me with his IMPRESSIVE win against Ed Ruth where I believed Ruth was going to dominate Amosov because of his Penn State All-American Wrestling.

However I was hundred percent proved wrong and blown away by Yaroslav Amosov performance. The way Amosov was sprawling, Challenging Ed Ruth takedowns was nothing short of amazing. Watching the Amosov vs Ed Ruth couple times, Each time Amosov continues to impress me even more.

Amosov second best undefeated record of 24-0, Bellator wins over Gerald Harris, Ed Ruth, Erick Silva, David Rickels and a VERY underrated win over a younger Roberto Soldic. Yaroslav Amosov because of the Bellator success is the #1 Contender for the Bellator Welterweight Title.

Douglas Lima Bellator Welterweight Champion is fighting Gegard Mousasi for the Bellator Middleweight Title. Depending what happens with Lima and Mousasi, Yaroslav Amosov will be waiting on line. Instead of having his hand in his pants, Waiting patiently he can fight some top Bellator Welterweights.

Jason Jackson former LFA Welterweight Champion fought Ed Ruth to a split decision loss but had his best win of his career by defeating Jordan Mein at Bellator 242.

Neiman Gracie 4th Generation of the Gracie Family Dynasty, 10-1 record, Wins over Ed Ruth, Jon Fitch. Lost to Rory MacDonald but looked really impressive for five rounds. Shown improvements in his striking in that fight.

Andrey Koreshkov Former Bellator Welterweight Champion, Win over Lorenz Larkin, Benson Henderson, Lyman Good. Russian vs Ukrainian would be a #1 Contender fight to watch.

Win over each of the four listed LEADS to a title shot against Douglas Lima.

Bellator 2021 Douglas Lima vs Yaroslav Amosov SIGN ME UP. Main Event on CBS Sports Network that Bellator should spend millions of dollars marketing wise because Lima vs Amosov is one of the best Welterweight fights on paper.

Amosov because of his All-Around talent. No weaknesses can defeat top 5 Welterweight in the world Douglas Lima. I won’t be surprised in a close five round decision fight that Yaroslav Amosov wins.

However if Yaroslav Amosov wins, Amosov can POTENTIALLY defend his Bellator Welterweight Title for a while. Being the George St Pierre of the Bellator Welterweight Division.

Defending his title against Lima, Koreshkov, Larkin, Michael “Venom” Page, Ed Ruth. Racking up the defense wins.

Yaroslav Amosov in the prime of his career 28-34 years old defending his title against the BEST Bellator Welterweight can be talked about as the #1 Welterweight in the world. Who can argue against several title defenses against world class welterweights as Bellator I’m sure will sign former UFC Welterweights and top Welterweight prospects in these next several years.

Bellator has there future STAR Yaroslav Amosov, Future number one Welterweight in the world.

Rustam Kerimov Dagfighter Next Champion

Rustam Kerimov MOST Successful Russian Bantamweight prospect, ACA Bantamweight Champion is the next UFC, Bellator or One Championship title holder from DagFighter. Following the footsteps of Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Kerimov 14-0 record, ACA Bantamweight Champion with win over Takeya Mizugaki that was a first round dominant performance. Most impressive win of his MMA career. Unanimous decision win over Abdul-Rakhman Dudaev, Former WFCA Bantamweight Champion. At the time had a 22-4 record when Dudaev lost to Kerimov.

Kerimov comes from the Russian tradition of Combat Sambo as he’s a world class grappler with underrated kicking game. Aggressive, Push the pace type of fighter. Not gonna see knockouts but more dominant three or five round victories.

Watch his fight against Dudaev and that’s the best version of Rustam Kerimov that you’ll see. Rustam Kerimov is a pitbull and a world class fighter. Makes sense why’s he a top 50 Bantamweight in the world.

Kerimov in 2020, 2021 signs with UFC, Bellator or One Championship facing the best Bantamweights in the world. Bantamweight Champion in the making!!

Christian Edwards Bellator Future Light Heavyweight Champion

Jackson Wink easily one of the best MMA Gyms in the world with Jon Jones leading the way and becoming a mentor now to future Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion Christian Edwards.

“It’s definitely surreal for me for sure,” Edwards told MMA Junkie on Tuesday. “I’ve been watching fights since I was 11 years old. I think it’s humbling to think that I have that kind of support from somebody so great. He invited me out. I didn’t even ask. He just invited me to his house. He said, ‘Let’s watch tape on this guy. Let’s study and let’s work some counters for this guy.’ I’m really grateful that he did that. It means a lot to me.”

Christian Edwards 23 years old is part of the next generation of Jackson Wink, Looking to represent his gym well. Becoming the second Light Heavyweight Champion from Jackson Wink.

Jon Jones sees what everyone else sees, Talent is there and in the next couple years Christian Edwards will be rising through the Bellator Light Heavyweight division.

Christian Edwards 4-0 with Bellator had his best performance so far by defeating Hamza Salim. Looking forward to Edwards next couple fights with Bellator, Wondering what matchups he’ll get.

“Any chance you say to your manager hey I want insert big name guy.” MMA Reporter

“Um like I said you know I’m just gonna let my coaches and my manager decide what’s next for me, And I trust that they have my best interest in mine and even if I do feel that I’m ready for those big name guys, You know I feel that my manager knows what’s best and if he thinks I need one more guy like Hamza Selene than you know that’s fine.” Christian Edwards

Christian Edwards definitely can defeat top Bellator Light Heavyweights but let’s ride this train, Building up the name of Christian Edwards with impressive all around wins.

John McCarthy comparing Edwards to Jon Jones. Bellator version of Jon Jones as Christian Edwards has all the potential in the world. Looking forward to watching his rise!!

Jonathan Martinez Continues to Impress

Jonathan Martinez accepted a short notice fight against Thomas Almeida. Obviously a decision he doesn’t regret as he displayed his best performance.

Continues to impress me as I became a huge fan of his once he fought Frankie Saenz. Loving his Taekwondo fighting style, Mixing up the striking exchanges as he learns from the great coach Al Montoya at Factory X Muay Thai.

Definitely trains hard on a daily basis as it was shown last night fighting Almeida, Whose no slouch as a couple years ago was the hot Bantamweight prospect.

“Yeah like I want people to know who I am you know like all these every time I fight like no one even knows who I am you know I just go in there and win and it’s just like another win for me I just want people to know who I am like you know hopefully tonight.” Jonathan Martinez

Martinez having one of the best performances of the night definitely increase his social media followers, More fans and another fight against a top 25- 35 Bantamweight such as Eddie Wineland, Bryan Caraway or Jack Shore will help in that department.

However Martinez has a great team around him, His management will select the best fight options for him.

Looking forward to Martinez next couple fights as he continues to rise through the Bantamweight rankings.

Jonathan Martinez Biggest Win Tonight

Jonathan Martinez was extremely impressive in his last fight against Frankie Saenz. Developed his striking at his recent home Factory X Muay Thai.

Even though had his best win, Missed weight and now will take a short notice Featherweight fight to battle against Thomas Almeida who couple years ago was the “NEXT BIG Thing” in the Bantamweight Division.

Toughest test for Martinez yet but he’s ready for the task at hand as underrated Head Coach Al Montoya will have Martinez be more than ready.

Take advantage of the short notice opportunity and get the BIGGEST win of his career so far. Not regretting accepting a fight.

“I’m really excited to go in there and stuff it was difficult I mean I just said short notice.” Jonathan Martinez

“I’m always training all the time so it’s not a big deal honestly so I’m always in the gym even if I have a fight and stuff I’m always in there all the time so to me it’s not a short notice fight.”

Martinez looking to engage in a street fight rather than a MMA fight against Almeida, Looking for a significant finish to steal the show. Be one of the stars of the NIGHT.

Win against Thomas Almeida will radically rise Jonathan Martinez through the Bantamweight rankings.

Mateusz Gamrot UFC Debut Finally

Mateusz Gamrot KSW Lightweight Champion signed with the UFC on September 16th, Long awaited UFC signing for MMA hardcore fans because all of us know how talented Gamrot is. Making our dream become a reality tonight.

No longer creating dream matchups as Gamrot fights on the prelims against Guram Kutateladze. Gamrot can steal the show and show the casual fans, He’s one of the biggest UFC signings in the last decade.

“We’ve got some really interesting fights on this card and the one I’m watching out for the most is Mateusz Gamrot because he’s an undefeated fighter, 17-0, and making his UFC debut,” Hardy told Insider this week.

Gamrot former KSW Lightweight Champion will impress the viewers tonight, Make easy work of Guram as he puts the UFC Lightweight division on notice.

“The lightweight division in the UFC is the most dangerous,” Gamrot said. “A lot of dangerous guys. Two times more than other categories but I am ready.”

Looking for all challenges, Defeating these challenges and becoming a title contender one day.

“My dream is No. 1 the world championship,” Gamrot stated. “This is my goal. Of course, money is very important but for me, I need to become champion.”

Gamrot is highly capable of becoming the third Polish UFC champion following the likes of Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Jan Blachowicz.

We are excited about him. We are excited to get him in here and see what he can do. Yeah, very excited.” Jan Blachowicz

Mateusz Gamrot, All- Around Polish talent definitely can reach the top of the UFC Lightweight Division and he can prove it tonight.

Steve Mowry Bellator’s Version of Stipe

Steve Mowry Bellator Heavyweight prospect, Sanford MMA prospect increased his record to 8 wins last night on the Main Card at Bellator 249 by defeating Shawn Teed.

First round Ground & Pound finish, My opinion was his best performance yet as his boxing was very crisp. Fluid striking beginning to end in the first round.

Not to go overboard but Mowry looked like Stipe Miocic in there last night because Miocic has that world class boxing. Mowry is Bellator’s version of Stipe Miocic just watch and see.

Couple more Bellator wins, Depending what happens with the Bellator Heavyweight Division, Mowry with injuries, Mowry can fight for the Bellator Heavyweight Title.

“No I’m not a name guy I don’t say names, I don’t bully, I don’t name call everybody, Everybody that I put in the cage with I’m gonna try to take out. ” Steve Mowry

“Getting on the main card I really feel like if there was gonna be time to do it it was today, You know Shawn Teed was a champion in promotion before this.” Steve Mowry

Mowry continuing to stack up wins against Heavyweight prospects like Shawn Teed he’ll rise through the Bellator rankings. Watch and see Bellator’s version of Stipe Miocic become the Bellator #1 Contender in 2021!!

Christian Rodriguez Next Gen of Roufusport MMA Academy

Duke Roufus one of the BEST MMA Head Coaches, Coaching Anthony Pettis, Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren to becoming world champions. Next UFC Champion is Christian Rodriguez.

Christian Rodriguez 3-0 record at 22 years old is looking to increase his win record to 4 wins tonight on the prelims of LFA 93. Looking for a big finish against 2-0 John Pham.

Rodriguez not scared of the spotlight in his professional debut fought on the prelims of Bellator 221. Dominating his opponent looking like his teammate Anthony Pettis with his striking.

All wins coming by first round finishes and will continue that first round finish streak by defeating Pham. Stealing the show at LFA 93 as Pat Miletich talks about how talented he is, Next Generation of Roufusport MMA Academy. Next Anthony Pettis!!

Ricky Bandejas At Bellator 249 Starts a Hot Streak

Ricky Bandejas former CFFC Bantamweight Champion, Bellator record of 3-3 looking to bounce back start a hot streak against Leandro Higo, Bellator record of 1-4. Former Ultimate Fighter contestant.

“I’m hoping Thursday we can get the win, we come full circle and we redeem all of those losses.”

Bandejas the hot Bantamweight prospect has struggled since signing with Bellator but looking to change everything, Prove the haters wrong with a significant exciting finish against Leandro Higo.

Reporter asked question “Since we last spoke to you there’s obviously been a champion crown in your division did you watch that fight what did you think of it were you surprised with who won?

“Having been in there with both men it’s kind of like, Man you know that guys got gold around his waist, We had a close fight like you know I’m not that far away from being able to have that be me.” Ricky Bandejas Bellator 249 Media Day

“Yeah absolutely you know um both those guys are lost to but uh you know just shows that we’re that close.” Ricky Bandejas

Couple wins Ricky Bandejas first defeating Leandro Higo in impressive fashion can help lead Bandejas down that path. Doing whatever it takes to get that Bellator Bantamweight title shot in 2021 or 2022.

Azamat Kerefov Russian Flyweight To Keep an Eye On

Russian the MMA hotbed of talent for a while will continue to breed UFC, Bellator or One Championship champions and Azamat Kerefov is one of them.

Azamat Kerefov Top Ten Russian Flyweight on Tapology. Com but I believe he’s the best Russian flyweight prospect now since Tagir Ulanbekov signed with UFC.

Kerefov has a undefeated record of 13-0 at 26 years old, All- around fighter besides the stellar grappling has above average striking. Aggressive style of fighting that’s exciting to watch.

Azamat Kerefov is in his 13-0 career has defeated some guys like Takeshi Kasugai who had a 22-4-1 record at the time while Kerefov only had 8 fights in his career.

Kerefov is ranked as the #29 Flyweight in the world and will continue to move up the rankings as he continues to fight the best flyweights available that ACA offers.

Kerefov is a flyweight prospect to keep an eye on!! Watch out for him because he’s going to get signed by the UFC, Bellator or One Championship.

Jackson Loureiro Brazil Next Generation

Jackson Loureiro Brazil Top Ten Lightweight prospect is one talented fighter at 25 years old with a 11-1 record. Jackson Loureiro Lightweight prospect to keep an eye on.

Loureiro all around fighter with sneak & crafty Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Nasty leg kicks as you watch in his Serbian Battle Championship Fight against Slobodan Maksimovic.

Instead of having most of his success, Fighting for Serbian Battle Championship. Becoming SBC Lightweight Champion, Defeating some guys with winning records. Showing his best skills in my opinion when fighting for Serbian Battle Championship.

Jackson Loureiro is now fighting for the vacant Future MMA Featherweight Title against Elismar Lima #1 Brazilian Featherweight Prospect.

Win against Lima at Future MMA 12 in the Main Event Featherweight Title Fight will help Jackson Loureiro fight on the Dana White Contender Series: Brazil because he’s super talented!!

Looking forward to watching Future MMA 12 in some way, Shape or form.

Dricuss Du Plessis UFC Newest Middleweight Prospect

Drisuss Du Plessis South African Middleweight prospect is the newest addition to the UFC Middleweight division and made his UFC debut last night by having a unusual left knockout against Markus Perez.

What a way to start your UFC career with a first round knock out.

Dricuss Du Plessis was well known to hardcore fans because of win against Roberto Soldic KSW 43 and former EFC Middleweight Champion. Time was soon for Du Plessis to get signed by the UFC.

“The stakes stay the same for me it’s every fight is the most important part of my life when I go out there whether it’s for about what I’m defending about where I’m making a debut it’s all the same for me and of course the nerves of winning whether it’s in the UFC whether it’s in the EFC whether it’s KSW it doesn’t matter.” Dricus Du Plessis

Go big or go home, Last fight is the most important and his last fight was impressive.

Dricuss Du Plessis is that South African gangster who doesn’t care at all. Built like a brick, Barely any body fat. He’s an absolute savage that will be a problem for the Middleweight division.

“Right now I’m in chasing that top 20 and whoever the UFC gives me next I’ll go through them and I’ll go through wherever I need you to get that belt as soon as possible.” Dricuss Du Plessis

Plessis won’t be one of those hot prospects the UFC signs that becomes a bust but more of a success story as he rises to the top of the UFC Middleweight division.

Youseff Zalal vs Ilia Topuria What a Great Fight to Watch Tonight

Youssef Zalal vs Ilia Topuria is the first fight on the Main Card of Moraes vs Sandhagen. Zalal vs Topuria is a fight that’s truly flying on the radar but fans will be aware who these two are after the fight is over!!

Youssef Zalal

Youssef Zalal UFC STAR in the making is only 24 years old, Consistently improving fight by fight as he’s very similar to the way Dominick Cruz fought with his quick movement. When Zalal is scheduled to fight I’m always watching.

Zalal is Al Montoya’s protégé as Zalal trains at the underrated gym FactoryX Muay Thai with Anthony Smith, Brandon Royval, Devonte Smith, Ian Heinisch. Learning from all different type of fighters and styles. Zalal is the next great fighter to come out of FactoryX Muay Thai.

Ilia Topuria

Ilia Topuria #1 Georgian Prospect 8-0 record, Former Cage Warriors Bantamweight Champion. Successful wins in the Brave Combat Federation. Topuria is only 23 years old. One of the best European Featherweight prospects.

Tom Aspinall Next Great UFC Heavyweight

Tom Aspinall UFC Heavyweight is making his second UFC appearance against Alan Baudot. Looking forward to watching Tyson Fury sparring partner second UFC appearance.

Guarantee you Aspinall is the next great UFC Heavyweight and the UFC Heavyweight division desperately needs him.

On the UFC heavyweight division…
I don’t think there are very many good heavyweights out there right now to be honest. I feel confident that I’ll work my way up the ranks, but at the right pace. I’m not trying to rush into anything, but I don’t see anything out there that makes me second guess myself or anything like that.

Tom Aspinall Frank Mir look alike had a impressive performance against Jake Collier, No doubt Aspinall will have a second great performance as teammate Darren Till will be cheering from the far.

“He is such a fast guy for a heavyweight, you’ll hear everyone who trains with him or sees him saying it. He is so fast for a heavyweight and he dances around like nothing I’ve seen before.” Darren Till

Aspinall praised by his teammate Darren Till says a lot, Complimented by Brendan Schaub as a prospect to watch on the Whittaker vs Till card.

Mads Burnell Second Chance with Second Greatest Promotion

Mads Burnell former UFC fighter released signed with Cage Warriors, Eventually becoming Cage Warriors Featherweight Champion after three wins with Cage Warriors.

Since he became Cage Warriors Featherweight Champion was one of the hottest Featherweight prospects in the world. Think UFC would give Burnell another chance but Bellator would sign Mads Burnell instead.

“To be honest, I’ve been hot for Bellator for a couple of years. It was natural, and the opportunity was there. It was just natural. It was perfect,” said Burnell, who would later add that he believed Bellator to be “a super-cool promotion.”

Bellator signed no 35 year old UFC Featherweight, Instead Burnell is only 26 year old. Now aiming to be the Bellator Featherweight Champion.

Before coming Bellator Featherweight Champion has to fight some tough Featherweights. Bellator debut is against Darko Banovic.

Impressive win against Darko Banovic will help Burnell quickly to get interesting fights as he can rise through the Bellator Featherweight rankings.

Me personally looking forward to Mads Burnell Bellator career. Nothing wrong having a second chance with the second greatest promotion!!

UFC Newly Signed Alexandr Shabily

Alexander Shabily 19-3 record at 27 years old, Fighting for top Russian Promotions ACA, Fight Nights Global, Pro FC, WFCA has signed with the UFC. Fighting in the UFC Lightweight Division.

Excited to see this Russian technical fighter assassin fight for the UFC. 19-3 record is impressive no matter what. Defeating a Brazilian fighter Gleristone Santos 33-7 record, Adriano Martins 28-9 record.

Entering the UFC on a 4 fight winning streak. Last win was at ACA 113 November 6th 2020.

Shabily is a fun fighter to watch if you love techincal fighters like Cory Sandhagen, Dominick Cruz but is that big time finisher with 16 first round finishes. The dude’s a stud and UFC is lucky to have him, Best Russian Lightweight.

Will see if Shabily can have first round finishes against high level UFC Lightweights in 2020 or 2021. Watch Shabily rise through the UFC Lightweight division, Entering the UFC at the perfect time 27 years old.

Casey O’ Neil UFC’s Women’s Flyweight Problem

Casey O Neil #1 Australia Women’s prospect at 23 years old, Fights in the flyweight division signed with the UFC on October 19th. Casey dominated on the Australia regional scene becoming Eternal MMA women’s strawweight champion than would travel to the UAE on September 25th to fight Christina Stelliou.

Remains undefeated with a 5-0 record as Casey trains at one of the best gyms in the WORLD at Tiger Muay Thai, Valentina Shevchenko, Petr Yan, Timofey Nastyukhin and many more talented fighters.

“I gave everything up. I did have a job [as a barista] until August last year, and I just decided [to go] all-in. I took everything I owned and moved to Thailand with one suitcase. Obviously I don’t have very much money at the moment, but that doesn’t really matter to me. All that matters to me is making it. I believe in myself 100 percent.

“This is it. I put everything into [MMA]. I don’t have the time, or mental capacity for anything else. Where you’re here at Thailand, training at Tiger, you’re training 2-3 times a day. The only other thing I do is sleep. When you want to make it…”

Training like a savage helps in the long term, Achieving your dream to becoming a UFC Fighter which is one of the hardest goals to ever pursue. A lot more to achieve but fighting for the UFC is a stepping stone.

Being a UFC Flyweight Champion is the ultimate goal as she’s a super talented fighter, Scrappy fight. Talented grappling artist. Continues to train hard everyday at Tiger Muay Thai and she’s gonna be a real problem.

Talent is their but furbishing her striking, Defensive game she’ll be a tough matchup.

2020 might get lucky and see Casey O’Neill fight but if not, 2021 will be one of the UFC prospects to watch as she RISES through the UFC women’s flyweight division.

Issa Isakov Brave CF Fighter to Watch

Brave Combat Federation becoming one of the best promotions to build your name before signing with the UFC or Bellator. We seen Khamzat Chimaev, Ottaman Azaitar, Bubba Jenkins, Amir Albazi and many more to come.

One of the fighters to sign with UFC in the future is 30 year old Issa Isakov, 6-1 record (1-1 record Brave CF). Issa fights in the Brave CF Welterweight division is a rising contender. Watch him get a Brave CF Title Shot in 2021.

Defeating a tough fighter in Rami Hamed who had a 8-2 record at the time in his Brave CF debut.

Was able to take shots from Hamed, Cardio was never an issue in this three round high pace fight. All around fighter but shoots for the takedown couple times throughout this fight.

Yeah he’s 30 years old but if he signs with the UFC definitely will stay there for a while. Maybe not becoming a UFC Welterweight Champion but remains in the top 15-20 in the prime of his career.

Bounced back after a tough loss to 23 year old Levan Chokeli, Defeating Djamil Chan at Brave CF 38.

Looking forward to Asakov next fight maybe the end of 2020 or beginning of 2021.

Rhys McKee Looking for Big Finish

Rhys McKee former Cage Warriors fighter, Highly regarded amongst the MMA community fought Khamzat Chimaev and got dominated in the first round. Obviously not the best matchup for a UFC debut but Rhys Mckee is no slouch.

Hungry for a a big finish, Prove the haters wrong that he belongs in the UFC.

“This is Rhys’ proper UFC debut. You can’t read anything into the Chimaev fight,” he told Belfast Live

“I just can’t see what I am bringing to the table being way more than enough. But again, I’m coming for a bonus, I’m coming for two bonuses if that’s an option!

“I’m just after a really good night on Saturday.”

Looking for a big finish, Getting even more support from Uncle Bobby Dana!! Rhys McKee is a skeleton savage who will have a promising career in the UFC, We all will see it tonight as he faces UFC Vet Alex Morono.

“We have been training ever since that fight, just ticking over. We have been working over the past 12-14 weeks, gradually building up and then tapering off again.

“This will be good, Rhys will show his skills and beat his opponent up when he gets in there.”

Former BAMMA Lightweight Champion Rhys McKee definitely will show all his skills get his first win of many in the UFC!!

Aaron Pico Year 2021 Be Something To Remember

Aaron Pico ended 2020 on a high note with a dominant impressive performance against John De Jesus. Finishing De Jesus with a overhand right knock out that continues his three fight winning streak.

Watching Aaron Pico be the Aaron Pico we all envisioned as!! The first MMA prodigy and next coming of George St Pierre. Switched camps to Jackson Wink and now coached by Greg Jackson who used to coach George St Pierre before moving to Tristar Gym.

Everything changed once we moved to Albuquerque, Training at Jackson Wink. Now seeing him on a three fight winning streak, Winning in impressive fashion.

“I’m very happy with the team that I have now,” Pico said. “Win, lose or draw, honestly, Albuquerque’s a great home for me.”

“I’m really young in the game. I’ve got skills, but I need to slow it down a little bit and really learn a lot. I’m very fortunate (Greg) spends a lot of time with me, as do all of the coaches, so I feel really good being in Albuquerque, for sure.”

Learning from either the best or one of the best coaches in the game, Greg Jackson definitely will help Aaron Pico moving forward. Happy he found a home in Jackson Wink where Pico can prosper, Maximizing his potential. Becoming his favorite fighter of all time in George St Pierre, Modeling the way he carried himself in the ring and outside.

Looking forward to seeing more of that George St Pierre potential potential as he faces tougher Bellator featherweights or Featherweight prospects that Bellator signs to face Aaron Pico in 2021. Rematch between Aaron Pico vs Adam Borics in Mid 2021 doesn’t sound like a bad idea!!

However we all know that Aaron Pico will only get better from here, ONLY 24 years old fighting for the second best promotion in the world. Beaten some high level fighters like Solo Hatley Jr and Leandro Higo.

Interested in seeing who Pico fights in 2021. Have a feeling 2021 will be a special year for Aaron Pico as he ends 2021 as a top ten Bellator Featherweight.

Fighting is in our DNA