Ian Garry Quick Turnaround to Miami

Ireland might have another future UFC champion in few years as Ian Garry continues to hone his skills gaining experience inside the cage.

UFC 285 fight against Song Kenan was a win in the direction for many reasons, first round got clipped but like all great fighters stayed composed.

“I know the chin that I have, and he caught me with a beautiful shot. Fair play to him. Congratulations. But you’re going to have to do a hell of a lot more to put me out. ” Ian Garry said on mmajunkie.usatoday.com

2nd and 3rd round started putting it on him. Levels of striking shown. Nasty boxing combinations that was beautiful to watch, lead to 3rd round finish.

Young & hungry 24 year old wants a quick turnaround fight in Miami UFC 287 April 8th. Quick travel destination up to Miami as he basically lives at Kill Cliff FC, fighting in front of his great teammates and family.

“Hey Sean, Dana, there’s a card in Miami in five weeks I’m uninjured, I’m unscathed let’s get somebody and let’s play on that card.” Ian Garry post fight interview with Joe Rogan.

Few week training camp before cutting back on training definitely don’t need top 15 welterweight, ruining his rising star buildup. Match ups against veteran respectable fighters that will be Ian Garry’s toughest test to date.

Several days ago Ian Garry did a great interview with Ariel Helwani, Replied to questions about potential UFC 287 matchups.

” I wanted to fight Bryan Barberena, Alex Moreno he got a four fight win streak it be nice to kind of go in and take on someone of his caliber and I know I’ve seen people online tag me with Niko Price.” Garry replying to Ariel Helwani

“There’s a lot of options there’s a lot of people that offer different skill set, different stylistic matchups.” Ian Garry replied to Ariel Helwani

Love all the callout matchups for the Irish rising star, filling in a prelim fight slot, showing impressive performance against his toughest welterweight challenger. Earning 50k bonus going straight to the savings account as he continues to build a great life for his new family.

50k in his savings account in 2023 and several years later Ian Garry will see one million euros/pounds in his savings account. 2025 or 2026 Ian Garry potentially will be UFC Welterweight Title Challenger or champion.

“I’m telling you now, I’m on my way to be a world champion,” said Garry in the post-fight interview. “I’m learning, I’m growing, I’m taking everybody out on the way and I’m telling you now: in the next couple of years, I’m having a belt strapped around my waist.” Ian Garry said on UFC 285 post fight interview

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