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Christian Lee Third Title Defense is the Toughest

Christian Lee One Championship Welterweight Champion, One Championship Prodigy is FINALLY fighting in 2020. Defending his title against Iuri Lapicus at One Championship: Inside the Matrix.

Iuri Lapicus 14-0 record wins against Marat Gafurov and Shannon Wiratchai in his One Championship career. Lapicus world class grappler with submission wins trains at Team Leone Petrosyan. Learning from one of the greatest strikers in the world in Giorgio Petrosyan.

Lapicus definitely a better striker than Christian Lee which can be a problem for Lee.

Christian Lee has his hands full fighting Iuri Lapicus, Toughest title defense to date. Christian Lee can get the win but won’t be a walk through fight for him.

“I think the only reason Iuri’s still undefeated is because he hasn’t fought me yet,” Lee said Tuesday. “So you know, he’s very talented. He’s a dangerous fighter. But no, I don’t see anything special in this guy that I can’t carry through.”

Lee will see something special in Lapicus in two days October 30th, Co Main Event for One Championship: Inside the Matrix.

One Championship Future Signing?

One Championship aggressive signings such as Eddie Alvarez, Ben Askren, Bibiano Fernandes. Chatri Sityodtong looking to compete with UFC and Bellator, The free agent signings definitely helps grow One Championship. Chatri signing 2019 PFL Light Heavyweight Champion Emiliano Sordi.

Sordi won the PFL Light Heavyweight Tournament, Defeating Jordan Johnson in the PFL Light Heavyweight Final. In the 2019 PFL season defeating his opponents by first round.

Since he’s the former PFL Light Heavyweight Champion, Emiliano Sordi is one of the hottest Light Heavyweights on the market. The 2020 PFL season is suspended maybe Emiliano Sordi can take his talents to ONE Championship.

One Championship has few Light Heavyweights such as Aung La Nsang, Vitor Belfort, Alexandre Machado and few others. Aung La Nsang is the One Championship Light Heavyweight Champion needs to defend his titles, Building his legacy at One Championship.

Chatri signing Emiliano Sordi and getting a title shot. Sordi vs Aung La Nsang be a great fight to watch!!

Next King of the One Bantamweight division

Troy Worthen 7-0 Former University of Central Florida College Wrestler is fighting for One Championship. 3-0 with One Championship last win was impressive after defeating Mark Albelrado.

Worthen is in the prime of his career at 27 years old, One Championship rising STAR known as “Pretty Boy.” Trains at Evolve MMA, Gym owned by Chatri Sityodtong.

Chatri and the One Championship executives are extremely high on Troy Worthen but it’s well deserved. Fighter from United States with a D-1 Wrestling background and has the look to be a star.

2020 Troy Worthen will see him fight One Championship veterans who can test his wrestling and brown belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

“I’m not the type of person that’s going to keep asking for the same thing, but I think Yusup Saadulaev would be a perfect fight for me.”

“He’s 5-0 in the division in his last five fights, and he’s a grappler, which I haven’t yet faced at that level yet. I think it could answer a lot of questions on how I would perform against Bibiano,” Worthen said.

Ask and you’ll shall receive Worthen vs Dagestan fighter Yusup Saadulaev be a great test for Troy as he continues to rise with One Championship.

Win over Sadulaev deserves top Bantamweight fights against Kevin Belingon or Leandro Issa.

Worthen vs Lineker than Fernandes

Troy Worthen gets through Belingon or Issa a sick fight would be against John Lineker in 2021. Imagine that fight. Main card fight in one of the biggest events for One Championship.

Definitely watch Lineker vs Worthen. “If” Worthen defeats Lineker he’ll be one of the best Bantamweights in the world.

Lineker if he isn’t the One Championship Bantamweight Champion and Bibiano Fernandes is the CHAMPION and didn’t retire. Worthen vs Bibiano Fernandes should be his next fight.

Worthen vs Bibiano Fernandes be one of the biggest Bantamweight Fights of 2021 or 2022. Worthen working on his striking after every training camp he can defeat Bibiano. Becoming the One Championship Bantamweight Champion.

King of the Division

Passing the torch of the Bantamweight Division we can see Troy Worthen at age 29 begin his reign. Second fights against John Lineker, Title defense against Bibiano Fernandes, Kevin Belingnon.

Worthen because of his superb wrestling can have the One Championship Bantamweight Title for a long time. Defending his title several times.

Fighting former UFC Bantamweights in his dominance of the division.

Troy Worthen in his One Championship career being TOP 5 Bantamweight in the world.

First One Championship Title Winner from Africa

Bokang Masunyane fighter from South Africa was a successful fighter for Extreme Fighting Championship, Fought on Pancrase and now signed with One Championship.

Bokang One Championship debut fought Ryuto Sawada. Dominated Ryuto with his world class wrestling!!

Since I didn’t mention before Bokang won the Bronze Medal at the Commonwealth Games. Explains everything when he took down Ryuto several times in the three rounds.


Bokang has a bright future with One Championship in 2020, Fighting Strawweight veterans who can test his wrestling ability.

Since he defeated Ryuto Sawada a One Championship Top Strawweight he can fight the TOP 5 Strawweights and by the end of the year can challenge for the title.

Becoming the future for the One Championship Strawweight division.

Aoki vs Barnaoui One Championship Fight

Whose Mansour Barnaoui? Barnaoui 19-4 record at 27 years old. Road FC Main Star as in his last victory won the Road FC Lightweight title. Since Mansour has successfully dominated his opponents with a 6-0 record, Time for a change and no better change than to sign with One Championship.

Aoki vs Barnaoui

Mansour Barnaoui debut should be against the legend Shinya Aoki. Former Dream, One Championship Lightweight Champion. Aoki one of the biggest names for One Championship and in Asia.

Barnaoui being one of the top Lightweight prospects in the world. Road FC Lightweight Champion.

Aoki vs Barnaoui be one of the best fights for the One Championship Lightweight division.

Win over Aoki places Mansour as a contender for the One Championship Lightweight Title but Mansour Barnaoui signs with a long term fight deal with One Championship to rise through the rankings.

The fight will be a world class grappling match, Both fighters are submission specialist as Mansour Barnaoui has a vicious rear naked choke.

Mansour at 27 years old defeats Shinya Aoki in his One Championship debut, He’ll become one of the hottest Lightweights when he becomes a free agent.

Edson Barboza & One Championship

Edson Barboza requested a release from the UFC. UFC releases Edson Barboza and he’ll be a free agent. Wish for me and MMA fans is to sign with One Championship, Become the One Championship Featherweight Champion or the One Championship Lightweight Champion without cutting weight.

“I’m very thankful for these almost 10 years that I have been working for the company! I gave my best every single fight to put on a show for the fans, but I think it’s time to move on. I don’t have more time to wait. Please let me go. @ufc@seanshelby@danawhite

Barboza 1-4 with the UFC, Struggling lately with disappointing losses. Dominated by Khabib, Kevin Lee, Paul Felder, Justin Gaethje it’s time to go!!

Edson Barboza is a highlight machine, Remains top UFC Featherweight and UFC Lightweight. Barboza has the craziest KO kicks of all time, One of the best MMA kickboxers and at 34 years old couple years left in the tank. Barboza should transition, Sign with One Championship.

Edson Barboza One Championship

Edson Barboza signing with One Championship would be another MMA Free Agency game changer. Barboza won’t be fighting slouches in the One Championship Lightweight Division there just unheard of.

Timofey Nastyukhin, Eduard Folayang, Shinya Aoki, Iuri Lapicus and Christian Lee.

Barboza would have several fights with One Championship, Maybe becoming rejuvenated and go on a winning streak. Fighting on the One Championship Main Events, Be a “Partner” with One Championship similar to Eddie Alvarez.

Christian Lee vs Edson Barboza for the One Championship Lightweight Title( Main Event Lightweight Title) be a dream fight. Moment MMA fans will never forget, Amazing fight on paper that will be part of MMA history.

Chatri Sityodtong( One Championship President) wants his fighters to become heroes and Edson Barboza coming from Brazil. 28 weeks born premature, 50/50 chance to live is a inspiring story. Now 34 years later is a successful MMA Fighter. Barboza and Chatri will be a great partnership telling his story to One Championship fans.

One Championship wants to expand GLOBABLLY and Brazil is the perfect market. Edson Barboza can headline their first One Championship Brazil event.

Best decision Edson Barboza can make is fighting for One Championship. I hope it happens.

Future Stars for One Championship

One Championship growing rapidly since 2011 signing future champions Aung La Nsang, Bibiano Fernandes, Brandon Vera to build the brand of One Championship. One Championship continues to sign fighters across the world, Some are the future for One Championship as there the ones to expand the brand of One Championship.

Christian Lee

Christian Lee is the One Championship Lightweight Champion, 21 Years Old!! #1 Future Star for One Championship when One Championship begins to expand to Europe, Africa, North America, South America. He’ll be the main event headliner defending the Lightweight Title.

Christian Lee has beaten Shinya Aoki, Legend of Rizin, Bellator and Dream!! Incredible at a young age he defeated Shinya Aoki and is a champion for a top 3 MMA Promotion.

Watch out for Christian Lee in the next five years when One Championship continues to sign the top available Lightweight free agents!!

Reinier de Ridder

Dutch Middleweight 12-0 record at 29 years old, Prime of his career. 3-0 with One Championship is fighting Aung La Nsang next and has a very high possibility to beat Aung La Nsang. Reinier can fight on main events in Europe.

James Nakashima

James Nakashima former LFA Welterweight Champion is 3-0 with One Championship at 31 years old. Potential to be One Welterweight Champion and become a star. Fighting the top welterweights One Championship has to offer.

Iuri Lapicus

Romanian Lightweight 14-0 record (2-0) with One Championship. 24 years old is a rising star and was supposed to fight Christian Lee for the Lightweight Title.

Iuri before fighting for One Championship was one of the best Welterweight prospects in the world.

Angela Lee

Angela Lee 23 years old is Christian Lee’s sibling. Angela is extremely talented as the One’s Women Atomweight Champion. Next decade will see One Championship sign the top Women free agents in the years to come and Angela Lee will fight them.

One Championship Welterweight James Nakashima 2020 Next Fights

James Nakashima LFA Welterweight Champion is NOW 3-0 with One Championship. Nakashima is one of the One Championship Prospects that’s going to have an exciting 2020 season potential becoming a One Championship Welterweight Champion!! What fight will take James Nakashima to the One Championship Welterweight Title Shot?

James Nakashima vs Agilan Thani

Aglian Thani Malaysia Prospect is 10-4 with One Championship. 24 years old. Top 3 One Championship Welterweight Prospect. Prospect vs Prospect!! Agilan Thani potential Welterweight Champion fighting James Nakashima would be a very exciting fight to watch.

Zebaztian Kadestam vs James Nakashima

Zebaztian Kadestam former One Championship Welterweight Champion be a tough but interesting fight for James Nakashima. Veteran of One Championship. Contender fight for the One Championship Welterweight Title.

One Championship Rising Star Troy Worthen

Troy Worthen United States Featherweight Prospect unlike most prospects didn’t sign with UFC or Bellator instead signed with One Championship. NOW 3-0 with One Championship, Last win was his biggest by defeating Mark Abelrado at One Championship: King of the Jungle.

Troy Worthen 26 years old 7-0 record fights in the One Championship Featherweight Division.

Part of the wave of Americans signing with One Championship. Worthen started out as a teenager, Top 5 Wrestler in his weight class at the state of Florida. All- American Wrestler while at the University of Central Florida.

Now trains at the powerhouse ASIA MMA Gym Evolve Fight Team with Shinya Aoki, Rafael Dos Anjos, Christian Lee. Worthen is an all around fighter now who continues to progress and has shown lately fighting for One Championship.

Worthen One Championship 2020 season is going to be very exciting. Most likely see two more fights of Troy Worthen in 2020, Moving up the One Championship Featherweight Rankings… Eventually offered a One Championship Featherweight Title Shot!!

Giorgio Petrosyan vs Marat Grigorian One Championship Lightweight Title Fight

Kickboxing is a very underrated combat sport that doesn’t get a lot of recognition. One Championship Lightweight Title Fight between Giorgio Petrosyan and Glory Kickboxing Lightweight Champion be a cross promotion fight for the AGES. Two of the best Kickboxers in the world fighting each other.

ASIA particularly appreciates Combat Sports. One Championship the second best MMA organization in the world has Kickboxing Events. Signing some of the best Kickboxers in the world including Giorgio Petrosyan and signing Marat Griogrian the Glory Kickboxing Lightweight Champion would be the biggest signing in Kickboxing history.

Giorgio Petrosyan vs Marat Grigorian would be a Kickboxing Main Event with millions of views all across the world. Joe Rogan promoting the fight on his podcast. One Championship Promoting the fight on the Ariel Helwani Show. Marketing the One Championship Lightweight Title Fight of the Year on social media.

Petrosyan vs Grigorian Main Event in Singapore, Tokyo, Manila.

Christian Lee 2020 One Championship fights

Christian Lee One Championship Lightweight Champion. Future Star of One Championship is a incredible talent and a prodigy. Christian Lee 21 year old isn’t retiring anytime soon, 2020 is here what’s next for the PRODIGY?

Eddie Alvarez

Christian Lee vs Eddie Alvarez be one of the biggest fights of the year! Lee the prodigy vs Alvarez the Legend. Main Event fight in the United States, Singapore. Fight will sell out anywhere. Lee defending his One Championship Lightweight Title.

Eduard Folayang

Eduard Folayang former One Championship Lightweight Champion. Never fought Lee before and that would be an interesting fight to watch!!

Timofey Nastyukhin

Timofey Nastyukhin defeated Eddie Alvarez shocking the world in his One Championship debut. Nastyukhin is a world class Lightweight future Lightweight Champion and definitely be a great fight to watch.

Middleweight Prospects One Championship should sign in 2020

One Championship Middleweight division lacks depth besides Aung La Nsang, Reinier de Ridder. One Championship is a growing promotion and should grow there Middleweight Division to compete with the UFC and Bellator Middleweight division. Middleweight Prospects all over the world that One Championship can sign. Who are they…

Driscus Du Plessis

Driscus Du Plessis is a fighter from South Africa fought for KSW in the pass and now fights for Extreme Fighting Championship. Driscus one of the top Middleweights to not fight for UFC and One Championship needs to grab him before they do.

Du Plessis is 26 Years Old future is bright for him and will look even brighter fighting for One Championship.

Vladimir Mineev

Vladimir Mineev 29 years old 13-1 record is another top Middleweight and is from the talented MMA country Russia. Incredible talent fought for several mma promotions and it’s time for people to know Vladimir Mineev.

Ramazan Kurmagomedov

Ramazan Kurmagomedov fought Jordan Williams on the Dana White Contender Series season 2. Ramazan is 7-0, 22 years old. Fought in the Professional Fighter League once. Ramazan from Dagestan, Russia. Hot Bed of talent comes out of their and Ramazan is a fighter you can build with.

Andrezej Grzebyk

Andrezjej Grzebyk Polish Fighter 29 Years old 16-3 record is the Fight Night Exclusive Middleweight Champion. One of the top European Middleweight Prospects.

Eddie Alvarez return fight against Shinya Aoki One Championship

Eddie Alvarez injured post Eduard Folayang Fight, Supposed to face Saygid Arslaniev for the One Championship Lightweight Grand Prix Alvarez now is 100% healthy able to fight in the next several months. Perfect fight for the Eddie Alvarez return would be against Shinya Aoki!!

Eddie Alvarez vs Shinya Aoki happened twice and a trilogy fight for One Championship would be interesting fight to watch. Hardcore fans from the 2000’s would watch this fight on Bleacher Report and TNT.

Alvarez vs Aoki be a Main Event fight for One Championship. One Championship Reign of Dynasties is on April 10th. Main Event fight is Demetrious Johnson vs Adriano Moraes and the Co-Main Event SHOULD be Eddie Alvarez vs Shinya Aoki.

Story behind Alvarez and Aoki with the two fights in the past, Two Pioneers of the second wave Lightweight Division. One Championship talk about their fighters as HEROES and you have two heroes in Alvarez and Aoki.

Two heroes that should fight each other in the Spring of 2020.

Iuri Lapicus vs Timofey Nastyukhin ONE CHAMPIONSHIP 2020

Iuri Lapicus rising in the One Championship Lightweight Division defeated Marat Gafurov at One Championship: Warrior’s Code showing the One Championship fans his potential!! What’s next for Iuri Lapicus is a fight against Timofey Nastyukhin, Fight that will be scheduled in several months in 2020.

Iuri Lapicus part of the future for One Championship 14-0 with two wins with One Championship. Lapicus before One Championship was a top Welterweight Prospect.

Nastyukhin jumped on the scene when KO over Eddie Alvarez at Eddie Alvarez debut, Shocking the world. Timofey Nastyukhin is no joke and proved every one wrong. Timofey hasn’t fought since Eddie Alvarez and needs to fight soon to build his value and stock again!!

Timofey fighting a young hungry One Championship Lightweight definitely a fight everybody wants to see. Timofey a potential One Championship Lightweight Champion and he’s in the prime of his career. Win over Iuri Lapicus will put Timofey in conversation for a Lightweight Title Shot.

Iuri Lapicus defeats Timofey Nastyukhin be an incredible win and move Lapicus up the One Championship Lightweight Rankings!

Stephen Loman One Championship signing in 2020?

Stephen Loman Brave Combat Federation Bantamweight Champion is a top Bantamweight Prospect in the world. Defeated top Bantamweight Prospects in Gary Mangat(One Championship Fighter), Frans Mlambo, Louie Sanoudakis. Time for Loman to sign with One Championship and become the One Bantamweight Champion.

Stephen Loman from the Philippines and trains at the Lakay Central Gym( #1 Gym in the Philippines) . One Championship has events in the Philippines all the time, One of their main cities!!

Stephen Loman fit well in the One Championship Bantamweight division fighting against Bibiano Fernandes, John Lineker, Kevin Belingon. Fighting some of the best bantamweights in the world, Better competition compared to Brave CF.

Top 10 MMA Prospects 2020 UFC, Bellator or One Championship signs

MMA talent keeps on growing since MMA exploded in 2005. The young talent now is insane with Edmen Shabazyan, Maycee Barber, Christian Lee, AJ McKee JR, Zabit Magomedsharipov. All over the world is prospects that can be potential UFC/ Bellator/ One Championship champions.

Andres Quintana

Andres Quintana top Featherweight Prospect from the United States is the Combate Americas Featherweight Champion. 28 years old, Time for Quintana to get the call from UFC/ Bellator. World class fighter with tremendous potential.

Salahdine Parnasse

Wrote about Parnasse couple times he’s a special talent and shows what’s possible. Future of MMA. Parnasse all around fighter at 22 years old. Latest win most impressive defeating Ivan Buchinger. Buchinger was one of the best European MMA Fighters, Decorated European fighter champion in multiple European MMA organizations.

Roberto Soldic

Roberto Soldic the next Mirko Cro Cop is the KSW Welterweight Champion. #1 Welterweight Prospect in the World. Beaten the top European MMA prospects in dramatic fashion. Next step for Roberto Soldic is to fight for a top 3 MMA Organization.

Diego Lopes

Diego Lopes 25 year old Featherweight. Lux Fight League Featherweight Champion. Lopes part of the next wave of Brazilian UFC fighters. Definitely see Lopes fight on the Dana White Contender Series.

Brett Martin

UFC desperate for the youth in the Heavyweight division and Brett Martin 25 years old is the #1 Heavyweight Prospect. Watch out for Brett Martin in 2020. Won the LFA Heavyweight Tournament. Fighting for the Legacy Fighting Alliance.

Rafa Garcia

Rafa Garcia Combate Americas Lightweight Champion, 25 years old reminds me of Eddie Alvarez that gritty and tough fighter. #1 Lightweight Prospect.

Mariya Agapova

Mariya Agapova #1 Women Flyweight Prospect definitely will be signed in 2020. Bellator, UFC needs more Women Flyweights and it will be a competition to sign her.

Simon Biyong

Africa is becoming a hot wave for talent. Simon Biyong 28 years old is the Extreme Fighting Championship Light Heavyweight Champion. Beat Vitaly Shemetov in his Rizin debut watch out for Biyong in 2020.

Kyle Daukaus

Kyle Daukaus in 2019 fought on the Dana White Contender Series but didn’t get signed by the UFC. Top Middleweight Prospect at 26 years old. CFFC Middleweight Champion.

Igeu Kabesa

Africa becoming the Russia of MMA with champions such as Israel Adesanya, Kamaru Usman and potential champion Francis Ngannou. Igeu Kabesa Extreme Fighting Championship Featherweight Champ, Record of 12-1. Kabesa extremely talented fighter!!

Eddie Alvarez One Championship Fight Options 2020

Eddie Alvarez 1-1 with One Championship lost to Timofey Nastyukhin and second fight beat Eduard Folayang. Sadly injured was unable to fight the prodigy Christian Lee for the One Championship Lightweight Title. However announced on the Ariel Helwani show he’s fully healthy and ready to go, What’s next for Eddie Alvarez?

Shinya Aoki

Shinya Aoki former Dream Lightweight Champion and former One Championship Lightweight Champion lost to Eddie Alvarez at Bellator 66. and defeated Eddie Alvarez at Fields Dynamite. Shinya Aoki is 36 years old same age as Eddie Alvarez.

Timofey Nastyukhin

Timofey Nastyukhin defeated Eddie Alvarez in his One Championship return knocking out Alvarez. One of the best Lightweights not in the UFC.

Bibiano Fernandes

Bibiano Fernandes One Championship Bantamweight Champion, Dream Featherweight Champion. 24-4 record. One of the BANTAMWEIGHTS in the world.

Christian Lee

MMA prodigy, One Championship Lightweight Champion. 21 years old beat Shinya Aoki. He’s a special talent and the future for MMA. Love to see a Lightweight Title Fight Main Event Eddie Alvarez vs Christian Lee. First fight in the United States. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Ovince Saint Preux One Championship 2020

Ovince Saint Preux UFC Light Heavyweight since 2013. Saint Preux record of 24-13, Fought Jon Jones in five rounds, Beat Shogun Rua and Corey Anderson. 36 years old former Top Ten Light Heavyweight definitely should sign with One Championship!!

Saint Preux fighting for One Championship would be the best decision of his life!! Provide for his family, Respected as a MMA Fighter and be a One Championship Headliner.

Saint Preux right away can fight Aung La Nsang for the One Championship Light Heavyweight Title or fight Brandon Vera for the One Championship Heavyweight Title!!

Eddie Alvarez talks about MMA Free Agency being under valued.

Ovince Saint Preux seriously consider testing free agency and sign with One Championship.

Aung La Nsang vs Reinier De Ridder One Championship 2020 Middleweight Title Fight

Aung La Nsang Hero of Myanmar is the Champ Champ, Middleweight and Light Heavyweight Champion for One Championship. Beat Brandon Vera, Vitaly Bigdash, Ken Hasegawa. What’s next for the One Championship Star?

Reinier De Ridder undefeated 11-0 fighter from the Netherlands is 2-0 with One Championship. Upcoming fight for Ridder is against Leandro Ataides. Leandro has a 11-3 record( 5-3 One Championship). Definitely a fight Ridder can win!!

Win over Leandro Ataides sets up Reinier De Ridder for the One Championship Middleweight Title fight against Aung La Nsang. Believe this will be Aung La Nsang toughest fight over his career.

Five round Title Fight!!

“I think I’m hungrier than most contenders. I’m not scared to lose. I’m not scared to lose my championship belt. I’m hungry so that I’m very focused. I’m going to work hard to make sure 2020 is a better year.”

Following his big victory over Vera, “The Burmese Python” announced his intention of moving back down a weight class to defend his middleweight belt next.

Aung La N Sang has paid attention to the latest happenings in the middleweight division, and three athletes, in particular, have caught his eye.

“There is a Dutch guy who is undefeated at 11-0 [named] Reinier de Ridder. He has two fights in ONE Championship — two quick wins. That would be a good fight for me,” the Myanmar sports icon offers.

Aung La Nsang is aware of the challenge Reinier de Ridder, Definitely a fight that’s going to happen in 2020 and a fight I’ll be watching.

Reinier de Ridder is the DARK HORSE of the One Championship Middleweight Division!!

Benson Henderson & One Championship 2020 Signing?

Benson Henderson decorated Lightweight fighter as the former UFC Lightweight Champion and the WEC Lightweight Champion. Henderson signed with Bellator in 2016 having a 5-3 Bellator record but has a four fight winning streak at the moment. Henderson top of his game be perfect for One Championship!!

Henderson withdrew from his fight against Michael Chandler at Rizin 20 fight for the #1 Lightweight Title because of a Benson Henderson injury. Assume when Benson Henderson is fully healthy, Henderson will fight Michael Chandler in 2020 for Bellator. Interesting fight for Benson Henderson!!

Benson Henderson fighting for Bellator since 2016, No news of Henderson contract extension with Bellator and assume in 2020 that his contract expires with Bellator. Henderson will be the HOTTEST MMA Free Agent since Eddie Alvarez, Earning MILLIONS of dollars.

Benson Henderson and One Championship would be the perfect partnership!! Henderson fights in the stacked One Championship Lightweight Division fighting Christian Lee, Shinya Aoki, Eduard Folayang. Benson Henderson can be the main event

Frankie Edgar & One Championship 2020

Frankie Edgar one fight left on his UFC contract has the opportunity to test free agency and earn millions of dollars because of his legacy as the UFC Lightweight Champion. Frankie Edgar 38 years old has three to four fights left in him and should take advantage of free agency.

”Money talks,” he said Tuesday on the JRE MMA Show. “But honestly, if I’m being straight up, where do I want to finish my career? I do want to finish in the UFC. I got in the UFC (at) 5-0, and pretty much grew up here. It’d be nice to finish, but everything has to make sense.”

One Championship continuing grow their stable of talent and their exposure as a MMA promotion, Frankie Edgar signing with One Championship will build their exposure and the dream matchups that can happen with Frankie. Frankie still is a top 10 Featherweight and top 10 Bantamweight.

Frankie Edgar be the main event for several fights in the Bantamweight division or Featherweight division. Frankie Edgar vs Bibiano Fernandes, Frankie Edgar vs John Lineker, Frankie Edgar vs Christian Lee.

One Championship looking to expand into North America/ United States and One Championship event should be held in Atlantic City. Eddie Alvarez vs Shinya Aoki & Frankie Edgar vs Bibiano Fernandes!

Iuri Lapicus One Championship:Warriors Code

Iuri Lapicus 24 year old Welterweight making his second One Championship appearance fighting Marat Gafurov in the main card of One Championship: Warrior’s Code.

Iuri Lapicus before signing with One Championship was one of the best European Prospects!! Now represents the future for One Championship , Future One Championship Welterweight Champion.

2020 for Iuri Lapicus is going to be an exciting year!! Move up the Welterweight Ranks for One Championship.

Demetrious Johnson vs John Lineker One Championship title fight

Demetrious Johnson vs John Lineker both fighters are signed with One Championship, Demetrious Johnson won the Flyweight Grand Prix next fight is against Flyweight Champion Adriano Moraes. After that love to see Johnson vs Lineker for the One Championship Flyweight Title.

One reached a three-year broadcast deal with Turner last year, and is broadcast around the world on over-the-air television channels. Sityodtong sees an opportunity to increase his company’s prominence in the U.S., where the UFC has put much of its fight content on ESPN+ this year in its lucrative new deal

Filling out One’s ambitious new schedule will require more fighters, more staff and more events in the promotion’s core markets such as Singapore, Jakarta, Beijing, Bangkok and various venues in the Philippines. Sityodtong expects to stage four fight cards per year in those main markets, but his ambition remains global — and the Harvard Business School graduate wants to plant a flag in North America.

One Championship expansion in 2020 need to BIG TIME fights to draw fans to the events. Fans from Singapore, Jakarta, Hong Kong and one day the United States. Johnson vs Lineker be one of the best fight matchups of 2020 of all MMA.

Be one of the most fascinating fights to watch, Headline an event that will be on a main time slot for TNT!!

One Championship Fighters to Watch 2020

Eddie Alvarez

Reading this and you can think to yourself “Obviously.” However Alvarez star potential is tremendous!! Eddie Alvarez fully healthy in 2020. Return fight against Christian Lee, Fights against Shinya Aoki, Dream fight against Bibiano Fernandes. Alvarez headlines One Championship event in Philadelphia vs Christian Lee in 2020. Watch out for Alvarez!!

John Lineker

Lineker was a former UFC top ten Bantamweight. Rising Bantamweight but lost to Cory Sandhagen. Lineker got released and signed with One Championship. Lineker 1-0 with One Championship and 2020 is going to be fascinating year. Lineker by the end of the year will fight Bibiano Fernandes for the One Championship Bantamweight Title.

Iuri Lapicus

Iuri Lapicus Romanian Welterweight 13-0 record at 24 years old is dangerous and hungry. Welterweight(Lightweight division for ONE) fight options are Christian Lee, Shinya Aoki, Eddie Alvarez, Timofey Nastyukhin and Eduard Folayang.

James Nakashima

LFA former Welterweight Champion, 31 years old is a prospect for One Championship. Defeating Yushin Okami in his last fight. 2020 will be a title shot and Welterweight Title year for Nakashima.

Reinier De Ridder

Dutch Knight, One Championship Middleweight is a dangerous fighter and 2020 will fight Aung La Nsang for the Middleweight Title. Be the toughest fight for Aung’s One Championship career.

Watch out for these fighters in 2020!! Excited for One Championship’s 2020 season with TNT and Bleacher Report. The expansion into Asia, Middle East and…. North America.

Rory MacDonald vs Aung La Nsang 2020 ONE championship vs Professional Fighters League

Rory MacDonald signed with the Professional Fighters League after becoming a free agent. Cross Promotions are now a trend with Bellator and Rizin. Rory is still one of the best Welterweights and fights for a top 4 MMA promotion. Aung La Nsang is a STAR for One Championship and lacks a serious challenger. PFL and One should cross promote and this should be a headline fight.

MacDonald vs Aung La Nsang be a magical moment for MMA. Two promotion collaborating together for a special event in Toronto or Singapore. Both sides benefit tremendously, Stack the card top to bottom and make it a PPV event.

Right marketing get millions of views all over the world. Promote on Ariel Helwani Show, Joe Rogan Podcast, ESPN, NBA on TNT Half Time Show, AEW wrestling.

Who wouldn’t love to see this fight? The spectacle of an event and a event will never forget.

Aung La Nsang Fight Options 2020

Aung La Nsang One Championship Champ Champ, Middleweight and Light Heavyweight Star defeated Brandon Vera, Toughest opponent of his career so far. Aung should fight tougher competition to continue to grow as one of the best Light Heavyweights NOT in the UFC. Who should he fight?

Emiliano Sordi

PFL Light Heavyweight Champion, 28 years old. Talented Light Heavyweight making a name for himself for the Professional Fighters League. Sordi vs Nsang would be one entertaining fight to watch, One Championship vs Professional Fighters League.

Tomasz Narkun

Tomasz Narkun future UFC Light Heavyweight Champion fights for KSW Top Polish Promotion. Narkun has beat fighters like Mamed Khalidov and Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou. Narkun vs Aung La Nsang be a FASCINATING fight to watch.

Vitor Belfort

Vitor Belfort Legend himself fighting since UFC 12. Be sick to see Vitor vs Aung face each other in Brazil. One Championship first event in Brazil 2020. The countdown to Belfort vs Nsang be so sick!! Middleweight or Light Heavyweight fight.

Reinier de Ridder

Netherlands One Championship Middleweight 11-0 record one of the best young Middleweights. Prime of his career at 29. Love to see Reinier fight Aung La Nsang for the ONE Championship Middleweight Title.

Scott Askham

Current KSW Middleweight Champion former UFC fighter. Talented underrated Middleweight on a tear since fighting for KSW. KSW vs One Championship two TOP 5 MMA promotion.

Eddie Alvarez vs Christian Lee One Championship Lightweight Title Fight 2020

Eddie Alvarez top Lightweights on the planet fights for One Championship since signing has a record of 1-1. Injuries prevented Eddie Alvarez to fight Christian Lee the 21 year old Lightweight Champ. Christian Lee is a MMA prodigy. Alvarez the legend vs Lee the future.

Eddie Alvarez on the Ariel Helwani show talked about being a 100% healthy and the fight to make for Eddie is against the Lightweight Champion Christian Lee.

Signed Eddie Alvarez for a reason to bring exposure to One Championship and have fans be aware of the One Championship top fighters. MMA websites, Ariel Helwani, Brendan Schaub will be talking about this fight. One of the biggest fights for 2020.

Perfect to build up a prodigy like Christian Lee fighting Eddie Alvarez. Long term vision for Lee being the Superstar for One Championship is the next decade.

“Man, I would love to bring ONE Championship to Hawaii,” Lee said. “But it’s always been a dream of mine to fight in Madison Square Garden. So either one is perfect for me. Let’s leave it up to ONE Championship.”

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the Wells Fargo Center is where Eddie Alvarez vs Christian Lee should be held. Eddie’s hometown. One Championship goal is to build a fanbase and a market in the United States.

Guarantee the Wells Fargo Center would be sold out and a ratings success for TNT and Bleacher Report.

Fight will definitely happen in 2020 if Alvarez wins and remains healthy, First event in the United States.

Eddie Alvarez vs Bibiano Fernandes One Championship 2020

Eddie Alvarez 36 years old still a world class fighter, 2020 fully healthy look to get what he deserves the One Championship Lightweight Title by fighting Christian Lee. Fight he can win. Win over Christian Lee, Fight that be awesome to watch is defend his title against Bibiano Fernandes. Bibiano One Championship Bantamweight Champion, Dream Bantamweight and Featherweight Champion.

Bibiano Fernandes is 39 years old, Next couple years will retire but before retirement love to see Bibiano fight Eddie Alvarez to see how talented Bibiano is. Shame Bibiano never signed with the UFC.

Alvarez vs Fernandes Event

Eddie Alvarez vs Bibiano Fernandes would be one of the biggest fights in MMA of 2020. One Championship Lightweight Title Fight in Philadelphia, Manila, New York. Stack up the card with three title fights including Demetrious Johnson, Shinya Aoki, Christian Lee.

Alvarez vs Fernandes can create a lot of new fans in the United States who want to watch something besides UFC because there tired of the trash talk rather than respect and honor.

Love to see this fight happen in 2020 when both fighters still have talent in them.

Kyoji Horiguchi Rizin Bantamweight Champion Signs with One Championship 2020

Kyoji Horiguchi one of the best Best Bantamweights in the world, Defeated Darrion Caldwell twice, Ben Ngyuen, Ian McCall for Rizin. Star of the Rizin Promotion. Rizin is growing with the Bellator cross promotion but the fastest growing MMA promotion is One Championship. Love to see Kyoji take advantage of free agency and sign with One Championship.

Horiguchi has relinquished his Bellator title due to injury, Bellator announced Wednesday. Rizin had announced last week that Horiguchi was out of the Rizin 20 main event on Dec. 31 following surgery to repair a torn ACL and a damaged meniscus. Horiguchi also gave up his Rizin belt.

Horiguchi has relinquished his Bellator title due to injury, Bellator announced Wednesday. Rizin had announced last week that Horiguchi was out of the Rizin 20 main event on Dec. 31 following surgery to repair a torn ACL and a damaged meniscus. Horiguchi also gave up his Rizin belt.

Fully healthy Kyoji is a dangerous fighter, Regain his titles fighting Manel Kape(Rizin Bantamweight Champion) Fighting the Bellator Bantamweight Champion.

After two fights with Rizin in 2020 I can see Kyoji switching over to One Championship and fighting Demetrious Johnson in the biggest fight for One Championship.

Aung LA Nsang vs Volkan Oezdemir One Championship Title Fight 2020

Aung La Nsang I believe is the best Light Heavyweight not in the UFC since Jiri Prochazka signed with the UFC. Love to see Aung fight tougher competition, Volkan Ozdemir is a world class Light Heavyweight and I don’t see him winning a UFC Title anytime soon.

MMA Free Agency is real and Volkan should take advantage of it. Volkan when his deal with the UFC is done should sign with One Championship #2 MMA Promotion.

One Championship debut fight for Volkan should be right for the One Light Heavyweight Title fighting Aung La Nsang the STAR of One Championship.

Main Event Fight in a event in the Chase Center(Golden State Warriors new arena).

Who wouldn’t love to see this fight?