SBG Ireland Showcase Bellator 285

Craziest Combat Sport fans are located in Dublin, Hearing the die hard Irish fans roaring from the nosebleeds to last row.

Bellator loves returning to Dublin because of the amazing atmosphere, 3 Arena will be rockin as they cheer on there Irish fighters.

Peter Queally

Bellator 285 Main Event is Co-Headlined by SBG Ireland fighter Peter Queally. SBG Ireland is well represented Thursday Night as the next generation of Irish fighters looking to put there names on the map.

Irish fans giving Peter Queally the ultimate adrenaline rush as he faces Benson Henderson, Toughest fight of his life.

Returning to Bellator ring after Eleven month layoff. Treating this like any other fight.

“I’m not going to treat him any differently, He’s not gonna be Henderson he’s just going to be some guy in front of me.” Peter Queally

“I’m gonna fight like I always do I’m just going to try and kill him basically. ”

Training hard like never before pushing the pace in sparring sessions with Pedro Carvalho. Ready to face the difficult fighting style of Benson Henderson, Cracking him with right hand to the jaw. Putting Benson Henderson to sleep.

Ciaran Clarke

Undefeated Ireland Featherweight prospect has three impressive wins in a row. Pushing the pace against fighters like Jordan Barton, Forcing Barton against the cage. Grappling on top and throwing easy volume punches.

Additional standout wins include Jean N’Doye & Abou Tounkara. Defeating French Featherweight prospects, Showing off his top ten Lightweight potential with these impressive wins.

Clarke will continue to stack up impressive wins in the future, Building his Bellator resume but must face Rafael Hudson first.

“It’s going to be a tough fight. I’m prepared well, healthy, strong, and fit, so I’m coming into this one the best version of myself. As always I’m going to put on my opponent and go out there and get the win.”

No better feeling fighting in front of his hometown crowd, Ultimate adrenaline rush that Clarke can earn himself first round KO.

“I don’t want to be going in too confident, but it’s a massive bonus for me having the fight in the 3Arena because I feel the energy of the crowd and the 300-strong Drogheda supporters.

Looking forward to watching Ciaran Clarke upcoming fight, Earning himself a standout win & plenty more to come.

Darragh Kelly

Fighting like Ten Year UFC Veteran but has one professional MMA fight, Watched his Amateur fights under Clan Wars promotion and was extremely impressed.

Truly believe 24 year old Irish fighter can be Bellator Lightweight Champion if Kelly trains hard under SBG Ireland, Taking advantage of the sparring partners and Bellator opportunity.

1-0 record under Bellator easily defeating Junior Morgan and now facing Kye Stevens (3-1 record).

“I think he’s going to be a tough fight, but I don’t see him lasting. I make them an enemy in my own head. I don’t see this as just another day in the office, you’ve got to go in and damage people. There’s nothing personal to him, but all of my opponents are my enemy. You’re coming to take half my money.” Darragh Kelly

Darragh Kelly is a local Irish prospect but Scott Coker and Bellator executives will watch and see the Irish crowd reaction when he’s fighting.

“There’s 200 coming down here so it’s a long four hours, They’re paying a few hundred to stay down here in the hotel so I want do them proud. ” Darragh Kelly

Displaying an Irish working class fight, Pushing the pace for 15 minutes if needed. Breaking Stevens down with his incredible cardio & all-around offensive skills.

Impressing Scott Coker to reward Kelly more fights, Earning more money fast!

” I just need to keep showing up, Good performances and I’m sure the activity will come I’m sure they’ll give me the opportunities.” Darragh Kelly

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