Francis Marshall Season 6 MVP

Dana White Contender Series Season 6 was talent rich filled with future title contenders, Potential champions, UFC stars and fighters with long term UFC careers.

Fighter stood out to me throughout Season 6 was Francis Marshall. Blown away by this 23 year old kids’ performance.

Odds are you’ll get signed with impressive KO but no, Won by unanimous decision. Feared never getting signed but impressed Dana White lot to get signed.

“There’s four other finishes on the card. I was the only decision. But I think the performance overall spoke for itself, so I think he saw that and realized what could come in the future.”” Francis Marshall

Dana White called it a war on the backstage interview with Laura Sanko.

“Everyone thinks that I’m looking for unbelievable spectacular finishes which I am but this was an absolute war this was a UFC prelim fight. Both guys were such a high level. Marshall absolutely dominated this fight. ” Dana White

Francis Marshall displayed offensive pressure style fight from the standup & ground attack. Accurate jabs & hooks throughout three rounds. Sticking to Matthews like glue, Nasty elbows to the face in second & third round.

Stood out to me was the cardio, Barely breathing hard fighting hard till the last minute.

“I think the three rounds just showed I had a good gas tank – I could push for three full rounds and get the 15 minutes in,” Marshall said. “So I was happy with my performance.”

Credit awarded to Kurt Pellegrino, and his team creating well conditioned fighter. Francis Marshall representing New Jersey mental toughness with his fighting style. Following lead of Frankie Edgar, Jim Miller becoming the next great New Jersey fighter.

“I think a lot of it was coming up under Kurt Pellegrino, having him coach me, and then me kind of following the same path that he took,” Marshall said.

UFC Debut Vs Rojo

Continue to watch upcoming New Jersey greatness with UFC debut fight against Marcelo Rojo (Brunson vs Hermansson UFC Orlando) on the UFC prelims.

Perfect UFC debut fight, Marshall can display his Colby Covington fighting style for three rounds.

“I can see a little bit of a Colby Covington comparison just because of the grappling and being able to hold guys down,” Marshall said.

Adding thousands of more followers fighting in front of Orlando crowd, Putting on fast paced fight. Becoming victorious as there plenty more to come.

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