Bellator Returns to Milan with Exciting Bellator Headlining Debut

Bellator signed one of their biggest free agents Summer of 2022, Surprising signing say the least didn’t expect one of the best Lightweight fighters outside of the UFC to sign with Bellator. However I was begging Bellator to sign Mansour Barnoui as he’d make impact right away, Great addition to Bellator Lightweight roster.

“I loved the respect they had for their fighters. I felt a lot of power and respect. This was also the reason why I chose Bellator, because there is respect for the fighters.”

Former BAMMA Lightweight Champion, ROAD FC $1 Million Lightweight Tournament Winner defeated Shamil Zavurov in the final. Fought for the biggest promotions in the world but finally after all these years getting opportunity to showcase his talents.

Bellator debut matchup against Bellator veteran Adam Piccolotti with split decision losses to Benson Henderson, Sidney Outlaw but strong wins against Carrington Banks & Georgi Karakhanyan.

“I got to fight against a good high level opponent in Georgi,” Piccolotti told “I got to put on a good performance and get my feet wet again.

Piccolotti best win Georgi Karakhanyan at Bellator 274, Fall of 2022. Adam more active fighter, Mansour LAST FIGHT 2019. Three year difference of not fighting inside the cage, Long lay off can be “Potential loss” for Mansour Barnaoui.

Addition to three year layoff, Piccolotti comes from California High School wrestling background winning league titles. Barnoui struggled against Zavurov’s wrestling, Multiple takedowns with ease. Piccolotti can control pace of the Bellator Main Event fight, Fighting gritty for three rounds.

“I think all my skills are going to be a little better than his obviously, but I think wrestling is going to be something super important,” Piccolotti said. “I’ll be able to dictate where this fight happens better than he will.”

Piccolotti struggled in the past with win/loss streak but can end 2022 right way with biggest win of his life against Top 5 Lightweight outside of UFC/Bellator.. Everyone thinks but Piccolotti can pull off the upset and earn himself life changing victory.

“It’s a main event for Bellator MMA, so it’s going to be a big fight, so I know they won’t put a chump in front of me,” Piccolotti said. “Mansour is a big name in Europe, people may not know him here, but he’s got a resume, he’s got experience. A fight like this really gets me up, gets me excited, and ready to go.

Mansour Barnaoui talented striker, Strong Jiu-Jitsu known using his giggler sweep used against multiple opponents. Strong off his back triangle choke attempts against Zavurov. Solid job using his long reach & height but training at world class gym you’ll see it radically improve.

Finally get to see French-Tunisian fighter on the global stage, Win over Piccolotti would help launch his Bellator career. Chasing the Lightweight Grand Prix and the million dollar prize.

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