Aaron Pico Shows Featherweight Greatness at Bellator 286

Pico’s Resurgence

Aaron Pico since the switch to JacksonWink Academy radically changed from prospect bust to next generation of Bellator fighters.

Six fight winning fight streak proved the doubters wrong by dominating quality prospects. Pico was on another level compared to his opponents. Sending John De Jesus to next dimension,

Pico biggest win up to this point was killer dominating against former LFA Featherweight Champion Justin Gonzales. Proving there’s many levels to this game.

Pico vs Kennedy Bellator 286

Bellator gradually building Pico’s career in this dominant winning streak. However time to test Pico against top ten Bellator Featherweights. Bellator 286 matchup against #7th Jeremy Kennedy (Former UFC, PFL Fighter) riding high by defeating Emmanuel Sanchez.

Pico ready for the challenge but expect domination, Beating Kennedy in every skill category. No disrespect to Kennedy but Aaron is incredible All-Around fighter with championship potential.

“We’re not looking past Jeremy Kennedy, but we get through this fight and perfect scenario- I think I’m ready to fight for a world championship,” Pico told Cageside Press


Kennedy is a real good fighter, Fought in biggest promotions, Fought current champion Alexander Volkanovski, Former CES Featherweight Champion. Strong performance win against Emmanuel Sanchez, To win must take this a three round scrap, Keeping this fight standing.

“Tough guy, for sure—a veteran,” Pico said. “He’s fought in the PFL, UFC, obviously Bellator, but I believe we’re on a different level. I’m evolving, I’m getting better, and I think my pressure, pace, my power is going to be a little too much for him—but make no mistake, this guy is a great fighter and we’ve got our work cut out for us, but we’re excited.”


Everyone raves about his work ethic in practice, Top of the food chain conditioned fighter training like the Diaz Brothers & Colby Covington. Competing in Half Marathon races to stay in shape.

“I do my job and go as hard as I possibly can for every single fight, and this is no different. I have my good days and I have my bad days, but all of it makes sense because I feel amazing right now. All of those guys who can’t keep up with me, that’s their problem, not mine. I can’t apologize for winning. I can’t apologize for eating the way I do or that I get the proper rest, proper nutrition. It’s very expensive being the best, with money and with time.” Aaron Pico


Train hard down in Albuquerque, New Mexico in phenomenal shape, Kennedy will have his hands full against Pico.

“He’s a Ferrari that drives like a Ferrari,” Greg Jackson

“We just have to keep him going like he wants to drive all the time. We’re going to put it in the garage sometimes and say, ‘Listen, turn off the engine,’” Jackson said. “He’s an animal, this guy.”

Aaron Pico Title Shot Next

Training like Featherweight Champion, Visualizing being Featherweight Champion and his dreams may become reality one more fight away. Watching Bellator 286 Main Event: Pitbull vs Borics, Awaiting the winner.

Pico defeats Kennedy, No question Scott Coker gives him the title shot. Well deserved with the dominant seven fight winning streak.

I’m at that stage in my life, physically and mentally to take on the challenge of being a world champion. I don’t want to be a good champion, I want to be a great champion.


One more fight or more Pico will become Featherweight Champion.

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