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Underrated Brazilian 2021 Prospect Gian Siqueira

Brazil always WILL be a hot bed for MMA talent since the beginning. Next wave of Brazilian prospects coming to UFC, Bellator and One Championship. Gian Siqueira is next wave of Brazilian prospects to take over.

Most MMA fans never heard of Gian Siqueira but good for you. Siqueira Serbian Battle Championship Welterweight Champion at 26 years old. Winning the SBC Welterweight title big deal as SBC is one of the best European Promotions. Fighting heading to major promotions because of it.

“I see this fight as my passport to the UFC. The belt is vacant because the former champion of the category signed with the UFC. It is certainly the most important fight of my career and I know the chances of closing with an event like Ultimate if I win the title. So I will not let anyone end this dream. The expectation is very high, I am very well prepared and I have no doubts about the victory ”, said Gian.

#7th ranked Welterweight in Brazil. High level All-Around fighter. Enjoy watching his Clinch game in the center of ring and pressing forward against the cage. 26 years old but fights like a veteran. Composed inside the ring.

One of his best attributes is Gian’s quickness and cardio. Going the distance few times in his career. Split decision loss to a Russian savage Alexander Butenko 47-14-3 record.

Last fight for Gian was in 2019, Cancelled fights in M1-Challenge and Serbian Battle Championship. Hope and pray that Gian Siqueria fights for a European Promotion, Getting a few wins under his belt.

Getting comfortable fighting inside the ring against some European Welterweights. Regional Promotions are starting up now, Someone can give Gian an opportunity to fight. Winning another European Welterweight title somewhere or defending his SBC Welterweight title.

Standout win back in 2015 defeating Wellington Turman by decision at XFC International 12.

Love to see Gian Siqueira fight for Bellator. Fighting in the stacked Welterweight Division Next version of Douglas Lima. Bellator would be the perfect fight for him, Signs with UFC will just be another fighter.

Bellator would market and promote Gian Siqueira right way, Matching right fights. Mauro Ranallo commentating, Describing him as a former SBC Welterweight Champion and a top Brazilian prospect.

So many exciting fights for him with Bellator from Jason Jackson, Shamil Nikaev, Neiman Gracie, Lorenz Larkin, Yaroslav Amosov.

If I was Gian Siqueria manager I’d sign with Bellator in 2021 and have a long term successful career there.

Most Underrated MMA Fighters Part 3

Endless amount of underrated world class fighters all over the world. Champions who aren’t appreciated enough. Can make 10 parts of the most underrated MMA fighters in the world. By the way this is no specific order.

Vadim Nemkov

Vadim Nemkov, Fedor Emelianenko protege is the #1 Light Heavyweight in the world in my opinion. World class fighter. Since signing with Bellator defeated the best of the best with Phil Davis. Masterclass performance against Ryan Bader. Winning the Bellator Light Heavyweight title. Now competing in the Bellator Light Heavyweight Grand Prix. Nemkov 12-2 record.

Rafa Garcia

Rafa Garcia, Mexican version of Eddie Alvarez. Pitbull personified. Former Combate Americas Lightweight Champion, Only former because he wants to test free agency sign with UFC or Bellator. 12-0 record at 26 years old. One of the best Lightweights out there.

Juan Archuleta

Juan Archuleta signed with Bellator back in 2018, Becoming Bellator Bantamweight Champion. Training partner with TJ Dillashaw. Defending his title against Sergio Pettis. Win against Pettis will lead to Archuleta becoming one of the best Bantamweights in the world. Impressive 25-2 record. Looking forward to Juan Archuleta 2021 and 2022 season.

Sabina Mazo

Sabina Mazo former LFA Women’s Flyweight Champion, Trains at KINGS MMA is a rising UFC Women’s Flyweight. Colombian Assassin and one day will be a UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion. Extremely talented striker. Trains with Cris Cyborg. Only 23 years old, Plenty years ahead of her 9-1. Moving up to the Bantamweight division. 2021 is an important year for Sabina Mazo.

Felipe Froes

ACA Featherweight Champion, Felipe Froes about to reign the Featherweight division for couple years. Froes is a world class Featherweight, Happy he found a home in Russia. Great fights against Marat Balaev, Showing that DAWG in him like the Diaz Brothers and Jorge Masvidal. Very underrated Featherweight.

Most Underrated MMA Fighters Part 2

Talent Pool of MMA is incredible, World class fighters. Champions all over the world who can compete with the very best UFC fighters. Be blown away how many talented MMA fighters there are around the world if you take the time and discover them.

Kyoji Horiguchi

Recognize Kyoji Horiguchi name from his UFC days. Signed with the upstart Rizin MMA promotion and was a life changing move. Kyoji is one of the best fighters on the planet now. Rizin Bantamweight Champion and Bellator Bantamweight Champion before giving up because of injuries. Now the STAR of Rizin and congratulations to him for learning prizefighter first. Regaining his Rizin Bantamweight title against Kai Asakura in a masterful performance.

Bibiano Fernandes

Will never know how talented Bibiano Fernandes is, Competing against UFC Featherweight and UFC Bantamweight Champions. Bibiano Fernandes is one of the best fighters of all time whose reaching the end of his career at 40 years old. Former Dream Featherweight Champion and current One Championship Bantamweight Champion who had 8 title defenses before losing to Kevin Belingon but regained it. Bibiano is Demetrious Johnson training partner as he trains at AMC Pankration with Matt Hume.

Lance Palmer

Ohio State Wrestling hall of famer, Division One All American Lance Palmer is one of the best Featherweights in the world. Two time PFL Featherweight Tournament champion, WSOF Featherweight Champion. Absolute animal, Savage basically. Dominates everyone with his world class wrestling and ground & pound. Good luck stopping him.

Roberto Soldic

KSW WELTERWEIGHT Champion for the #1 European MMA promotion , Roberto Soldic is a world class fighter at 26 years old. Went three rounds with Yaroslav Amosov at Tech Krep FC but lost. Impressive win against Driscus Du Plessis South African #1 Welterweight prospect. Soldic five fight winning streak will see Soldic sign with the UFC.

Andres Quintana

Former Combate Americas Featherweight Champion Andres Quintana is the #1 Featherweight prospect. 29 years old 18-3 record, Defeating Alejandro Flores in the first round for the Combate Americas Featherweight tournament final. Flores is the #1 Mexican Featherweight. Will be seeing Quintana sign with UFC/ Bellator in 2021.

Igeu Kabesa

Igeu Kabesa easily #1 Fighter from Africa! Africa MMA is about to take over and Kabesa will be leading the next charge. 12-1 record at 27 years old. EFC Featherweight Champion(Five Total Title Defenses). World CLASS wrestler, Read he was a 20 time South African Wrestling Champion. Kabesa I hope signs with UFC/ Bellator in 2021 to show his world class around talents. In for a treat.

Eagles Fighting CHampionship 33 Fighters To Watch

Khabib Nurmagomedov made a Business move in buying Gorilla Fighting Championship for 1 million dollars and changing the name to Eagles Fighting Championship. Congratulations to Khabib and now creating one of the best MMA regional promotions. Scouting department for UFC, Bellator, One Championship, PFL, Rizin & Brave CF.

Fighters to watch at EFC 33 who can sign a contract in a major promotion.

Faridun Odilov

Faridun Odilov 28 year old Takijistan Middleweight prospect, EFC Middleweight Champion. Nickname is the terminator for a reason, Odliov is a grappling savage. Built like a brick from the country of Takijistan. Definitely can have a career in PFL.

Mansur Malachiev vs Ruslan Sariev

Mansur Malachiev EFC Bantamweight Champion, Underrated Bantamweight prospect in the prime of his career definitely will get a call to the big show Rizin, Brave CF, Bellator with a couple more title defenses. He’s a talented grappler with underrated striking that has potential to be a real skill as time goes on.

Ruslan Sariev 12-0 24 year old Kazakhstan assassin, Fast pace fighter. Quick speed that catch opponents if there few steps behind. One of the best Kazakhstan flyweights in the world. Ruslan will have a promising future as time goes on. He needs to gain some weight, Ten pounds of muscle at best because he can be one of the best pound for pound flyweights one DAY.

Gadzhi Rabadanov

Gadzhi Rabadanov Top Ten Russian Lightweight former PFL Lightweight, Won his fight against MMA veteran Steven Siler. Dominating Siler on the ground. Now fights for EFC. Like his fighting style of standing up and mixing with grappling. Similar to Islam Makhachev, Petr Yan. Few more wins lead to signing with a promotion like Rizin, Bellator.

Andre Harrison #1 MMA Free Agent Available

Andre Harrison Former WSOF Featherweight Champion, Titan FC Featherweight Champion. One of the few fighters to defeat Lance Palmer is no longer fighting for the Professional Fighters League he’s a free agent. Many options for Andre Harrison and TAKE ADVANTAGE of the opportunity.

WSOF 35 Lance Palmer vs Andre Harrison Million views plus on YouTube. One of the most underrated MMA names to date.

One MMA promotion definitely will offer a high six figures, PPV Buys incentive contract and Andre Harrison will be more than happy to take it. Any promotion will be lucky to have him as well Andre Harrison top 40-top 50 Featherweight in the world.

Bellator & Harrison

#1 option for Andre Harrison is to sign with the second best MMA promotion in the world. Bellator is growing and growing, Featherweight division is stacked with Patricio Pitbull, AJ Mckee, Emmanuel Sanchez, Aaron Pico, Darrion Caldwell, Daniel Weichel and many more upcoming Featherweights.

Andre Harrison signing with Bellator would be one of the best Bellator signings. Long successful career with Bellator. Works both ways.

Saul Rogers Bellator underrrated Featherweight vs Andre Harrison is a fun fight to watch for a Bellator debut. Fighting Adam Borics as well. So many fight options for Andre Harrison if he signed with Bellator and they offer sweet deals. Addition to sponsorships.

Andre Harrison & One Championship

One Championship Featherweights division is for strikers, Grappling is there biggest weakness for most of them and if Andre Harrison wants to win Featherweight title for one of the best MMA organizations in the world I’d definitely sign with One Championship.

Andre Harrison striking has gotten better but with Harrison’s college wrestling background it would be easy pickens for him. Plus One Championship offered Eddie Alvarez multi-million dollar deal, Harrison would get a nice pay cheque.

Sick fights against Martin Nguyen, Thanh Le One Championship Featherweight Champion, Gary Tonon. Dominating that division for a while and making a lot more money than fighting for PFL.

KSW & Andre Harrison

KSW #1 European MMA promotion signing Andre Harrison would dramatically help KSW. KSW is underrated promotion as it become a feeder league for UFC with Mateusz Gamrot, Jan Blachowicz, Alexander Gustafsson signing there. Now it’s time for KSW to sign a big time free agent.

KSW Featherweight division has three killers, Salahdine Parnasse former KSW Featherweight Champion, Daniel Torres KSW Featherweight Champion, Max Coga who fought for PFL.

Me personally be a dream fight for Andre Harrison vs Salahdine Parnasse. Sign me up please!! Parnasse world class Featherweight who can beat most UFC Featherweights. Got hit with a lucky shot by Daniel Torres.

Brave CF & Andre Harrison

Middle East #1 promotion, Owned by Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa and the Bahrain Royal Family. Brave CF is a rapid growing MMA promotion with Khamzat Chimaev, Amir Albazi, Ottaman Azaitar and many others would be signing with BRAVE CF.

Andre Harrison signing with BRAVE CF would be life changing money, Fighting in front of sold out crowds. Earning millions of dollars.

Good fights against Lucas Martins, Akhmed Magomedov, Erick Da Silva. Brave CF continues to sign world class prospects around the world, Harrison if he wants competition will have many Featherweights to choose from.

Andre Harrison can be the face of Brave CF for the foreseeable future. Dream come true for Andre Harrison.

Timur Valiev Next Fight After Martin Day

Timur Valiev Russian Bantamweight prospect, Successful career with Professional Fighters League and Gorilla Fighting Championship. Valiev second UFC fight was a dominant grappling performance with barely any damage taken.

Looking forward to Valiev’s next fight which could be scheduled in the next month if ready for a quick turn around but the Russian Frankie Edgar is ready for it.

Valiev physically looked great, Gained more muscle lost some love handles. Valiev 17-2 record definitely needs tougher competition as he’s good for it.

Cancelled fight with Julio Arce was the RIGHT fight for Valiev, Possibly reschedule Valiev vs Arce in March…

Fight options such as Darren Elkins, Herbert Burns, Alex Caceres. Top 25 Featherweights. Timur Valiev fighting lesser level opponents won’t show what he’s truly made of. Valiev was one of the best Bantamweights in the world before moving up to the Featherweight division.

Mirsad Bektic vs Timur Valiev would be a sick fight to watch, Bektic is on a losing streak but he always brings his best and we all remember Bektic for putting that whooping on Darren Elkins until Elkins brought out the DAWG in him.

Russian Frankie Edgar Timur Valiev trains with some of the best fighters in the world such as Frankie Edgar, Corey Anderson, Lance Palmer and coached by underrated head coach Nick Catone. Formely trained at Ricardo Almeida Jiu Jitsu with Eddie Alvarez, Marlon Moraes. Learning from coaching genius Mark Henry whose highly respected for his striking knowledge.

Knowledge amongst some of the best fighters, best coaches in the world.

Curious to see what Timur Valiev next fight is because in the next year and a half we can see him climb up the Featherweight rankings. Top 5-8 Featherweight in the world.

“I want to fight before Ramadan, 145, 135 lets go… Island, Alaska I don’t care. Julio Arce would be best for this.”

“Ready for big show, I want to fight as much as I can.” Timur Valiev

Felipe Froes Most Underrated Featherweight Champion

ACA Featherweight division is stacked with future ACA champions, UFC, Bellator fighters. Top 5 Featherweight division some of the ACA Featherweights can compete with UFC, Bellator, PFL and One Championship featherweights such as … Felipe Froes

Felipe Froes ACA Career

Felipe Froes Shooto Brasil Featherweight signed with WFCA than found a home in ACA. Now ACA Featherweight Champion and one of the best featherweights non UFC. Froes winning the ACA Featherweight title in his third ACA fight and defending it once against Marat Balaev.

Fight against Balaev was impressive as Froes was getting dominated with takedowns but because of his mental strength and pure will had a comeback victory. Ending the fight with beautiful combinations against Balaev that lead to a ref stoppage.

Felipe Froes found a home in ACA, One of the best promotions in the world. See how talented he is in cross promotions like Bellator, Rizin, KSW, PFL, Combate Americas.

Froes showing the Major Promotions he’s one of the best Featherweights in the world just fights ACA.

Froes title winning performance against Salman Zhamaldaev was impressive at it went the full five rounds. Exciting high pressure FIGHT it was. Salman the better grappler but Fores has a very good tank and solid takedown defense that lead to hitting Salman Zhamaldaev with accurate volume striking.

Definitely watch the fight on youtube because you’re in for a treat. Both fighters are dawgs, Fighter with more mental toughness won that fight. Leading to the comeback win in his first title defense against Balaev which really SHOWED how much of a savage Froes is!

Felipe Froes 2021

2021 is a new year ACA 117 and 118 events are scheduled in February, ACA 119 we can see Froes defend his ACA Featherweight title for a second time against Magomerasul Khasbulaev #1 contender or Apti Bimarzaev #5 Featherweight. Froes obvious favorite in both fights but a fight against Bimarzaev.

Cross promotions are new with Bellator vs Rizin. Man I’d love to see Felipe Froes fight KSW Featherweights like Daniel Torres(KSW Featherweight Champion) and former champion Salahdine Parnasse. Felipe Froes traveling to Warsaw, Poland for a GREAT Featherweight clash of champions.

Second cross promotion option is Felipe Froes moving up to 155 pounds and fighting Tofiq Musaev Rizin Lightweight Champion. One of the best Lightweight fighters in the world.

Froes vs Musaev would be a sick technical fight mostly stand up with some beautiful sprawls that MMA fans will appreciate.

Cross promotion Title fights less likely to happen but one man can dream right!!

Smart way for the underrated Major promotions to build there promotions brand globally amongst MMA fans with better ratings and the ACA promoter should really bring Felipe Froes around the world. Same way NWA wrestling built up Ric Flair.

2021 is a important year for Felipe Froes 29 years old, Peak years ahead of him. Genuinely curious to see what happens with Froes in 2021.

Manel Kape Long Awaited Debut

Manel Kape former Rizin Bantamweight CHAMPION after defeating Kai Asakura for the Bantamweight title at Rizin 20 in a masterful performance knocking Asakura in the second round, Leading to signing with the UFC.

Kape dropping down to the flyweight division and first opponent is Alexandre Pantoja #5th flyweight. Obvious step up in competition since his loss to Kyoji Horiguchi but Kape is up to the challenge as he’s highly respected amongst his training partners at AKA Thailand.

“I’m looking for a great battle. I know Pantoja’s a tough guy,” he stated. “But I see some limitations in his game that I can take good advantage of.” As to what those limitations are, Kape explained that he is a smarter, more complete fighter, while Pantoja is limited by being a slower fighter than the competition Kape has previously faced. “He has nothing that I’ve never seen before in his game,” said Kape. “But always, I never underestimate nobody. Never. But I’m sure that I’m better than him, 100%.”

Manel Kape calling out Cody Garbrandt, Deiveson Figueiredo in MMA interviews. Making his name heard across social media platforms, MMA interviews. Building his name with the casual fans, Understanding he’s one of the best Non-UFC fighters.

Spotlight is on Manel Kape fighting in the Main Card, UFC promoting Manel Kape as one of the best fighters in the world. Champion from another organization as he’s coming here to prove that the best fighters don’t have to fight for the UFC.

“This year will be a blessed year for me,” said Kape. “Hopefully, by the end of the year, I have the belt. This is what I see, this is my goal, and this is what I’ve been working towards for such a long time.”

Definitely has what it takes to become a UFC Flyweight Champion creating a legacy for himself. Training at AKA Thailand with Mike Swick now AKA San Jose with Javier Mendez. Some of the best fighters in the world. Iron sharpens iron.

“I will keep my training there at AKA Thailand, but for camps, I will be here in America,” explained Kape, who carries a three-fight winning streak and 15-4 record into his debut on Saturday night. “I found an amazing coach and amazing sparring partners here.

“We have more intensity,” he said of the difference between his two training situations. “I have better partners, better coaches because the coaches here have been in the fight business a long time and they show me new things. The little details make all the difference — in the intensity of the sparring, in the training — and what I have here is a bunch of training partners that all compete at a high level.”

High level training hopefully helps because there’s no easy fights in the UFC but Kape is ready for the challenge!!

Kape confident in his skills that we should expect a dominant performance… Masterclass.

“Fans can expect a master class, and a smart game,” he said when asked what those getting their introduction to his skills and abilities will see on Saturday night. “I want to show and I want to prove that I’m the best fighter in the world.

I’m truly excited for this fight and Manel Kape’s long awaited debut.

Stamp Fairtex Step up in competition

Stamp Fairtex #5 ranked Women’s Atomweight for One Championship is the main event fighter for One Championship: Unbreakable 3.

Step up in competition as Stamp Fairtex faces Alyona Rassohyna 12-4 record one of the best Women’s European prospects. WWFC Atomweight Champion before signing with One Championship.

Chatri Sityodtong believes in Stamp Fairtex as she’s part of the future for One Championship. Test fight for her, See if Fairtex has what it takes to become a Atomweight Champion.

Fairtex wins this fight against Alyona she’ll fight the top five atomweights such as Mei Yamaguchi and Lin Hiquin.

Definitely capable of winning this fight as Stamp Fairtex easily one of the best strikers or the BEST women’s striker in the world, Not even One Championship. One Championship Muay Thai and Kickboxing Atomweight Champion.

Motivated more than ever because of losing her One Championship Muay Thai title. Looking to return gain more confidence defeating one of the best Atomweight prospects in the WORLD.

Stamp Fairtex is an assassin and one of the next MMA stars, Definitely will be watching One Championship Unbreakable 3 especially for her. Step up in competition but I’m sure she accepts the challenge.

Keep An Eye On Sung Bin Jo PFL Newly Signed

Professional Fighters League fast rising MMA promotion 2020 season was stalled because of Covid-19, 2021 is a new year and PFL returns. Peter Murray PFL Chief Executive Officer and Ray Sefo PFL Promoter. PFL signed new fighters to add to the 2021 roster such as Fabricio Werdum, Cezar Ferreira and Anthony Pettis.

Underrated PFL signing is South Korean MMA star Sung Bin Jo. 9-1 record at 28 years old, Released after one fight in the UFC. Confusing to me because he’s a world class Featherweight, Competing in a stacked PFL Featherweight division.

Sung Bin Jo is one of the best Asian prospects pound for pound and this a great signing for PFL to build long term. Picture seeing Sung Bin Jo build the brand of the Professional Fighters League in Asia.

“I understand that the PFL is broadcast not only in English, but also in Spanish in the United States, so I plan to show everyone that Asians can compete at this level as well,” Jo said. “I will try to make Asian-Americans interested in the PFL after they see my performance there.”

“I am the first Korean to sign a contract with the PFL. I will set a good precedent by succeeding in the PFL, so that other Korean fighters can also dream and aspire to be on this stage and say ‘I want to be on big events like Sung Bin Jo’,” he concluded.

South Korean successful fighters like Korean Zombie, Dong Hyun Kim, Doo Ho Choi and now Sung Bin Jo.

Sung Bin Jo definitely capable of having a successful 2021 PFL season with wins against Alex Gilpin, Sheymon Moraes but defeating the elite wrestlers like Lance Palmer and Bubba Jenkins. Reaching into the PFL Featherweight semi-finals.

Top striker out of the PFL Featherweights and the entire PFL roster.

Will see what happens possibly can challenge for the PFL Featherweight Title because of his athleticism, Powerful punching power. Overall PFL signed a star and in the next couple years can be argued as one of the best Featherweights non UFC.

KSW 58 Musaev vs Jurisic Welterweight Contender Fight

Third Fight on the KSW 58 Main Card is a GREAT Welterweight fight, Shamil Musaev(KSW Welterweight Contender) vs Uros Jurisic(Former Titan FC Welterweight Champion). Definitely a Welterweight fight to stay tuned that can be a fight on a UFC card, Main Card fight on Bellator but it’s on the Main Card of KSW 58.

Uros Jurisic

Uros Jurisic European Middleweight undefeated prospect, Trains out of American Top Team with a bunch of killers.

“I can’t wait to make that walk to the KSW cage,” Jurisic said in a prepared statement. “I have worked hard all my career to become a champion from a huge organization like KSW. I feel like I can make KSW my true home, and I will ensure to deliver for the KSW fans!”

Training with those killers hopefully helps with defeating his tough opponent Shamil Musaev. Jurisic with a impressive win against Shamil Musaev will lead to a KSW Welterweight Title and facing off against Roberto Soldic.

 “I believe I am the very best welterweight on the KSW roster!” Jurisic said.

Latest win was against Walter Gahadza(18-5) record at Bellator 247. In a masterclass performance that lead to a rear naked choke in the first round.

Smart decision for Uros Jurisic to sign a multi-fight deal with KSW, Fighting in front of his Eastern Europe fans and fighting against a world class European Welterweight prospect.

Shamil Musaev

Shamil Musaev European Lightweight and Welterweight prospect at 27 years old is undefeated 14-0. Rising KSW prospect with the oppurtunity to face Roberto Soldic. Facing off against Former Titan FC Welterweight Champion.

Born and raised in Russia trains at Golden Team against Russian savages Aliyar Sarkerov, Magomed Ismailov.

The talented Shamil Musaev at KSW 54 was scheduled to fight Mateusz Gamrot but because of Musaev knee injury that fight wouldn’t happen. Shows how much KSW believes in Musaev that he can challenge Gamrot for the KSW Lightweight Title.

LFA 98 fighters To Watch

Lucas Clay

Lucas Clay 6-1 record, Midwest Welterweight prospect trains at growing Missouri gym St. Charles MMA with Julius Anglickas. Lucas Clay is fighting America Kickboxing Academy prospect JJ Okanovich. Okanovich won his fight on the Dana White Contender Series but no UFC contract.

Clay’s last fight was against Craig Fruth at Hoosier Fight Championship 41, In a grappling battle till the last round as triangle choked Fruth for the win.

Clay is the underdog but with a upset win can help out his career tremendously.

Richard Palencia

Richard Palencia one of the most underrated flyweight prospects at 30 years old. 8-0 record, Wins at LFA and Combate Americas. Trains at underrated powerhouse gym MMA Lab.

Joshua Silveira

Joshua Silveira 3-0 Light Heavyweight prospect, Top Light Heavyweight prospect in Arizona, Florida. Second appearance under the LFA banner. 2021 important year for him as Joshua can get signed by UFC, Bellator or PFL. Instead of fighting in the regional scene.

Chen Rui Unbreakable 2 Fighter to Watch

One Championship Unreakable 2 Main Event is Mauri Cerilli vs Abdulbasir Vagabov. In the Main Card of Unbreakable 2 is Rui Chen vs Won Il Kwon.

Rui Chen

Rui Chen is a One Championship rising superstar 9-1 record at 24 years old. Only loss was to Troy Worthen(All-American Wrestler at Univerity of Central Florida), Ending his fights with knockouts in the early rounds. One of the best One Championship prospects in any division. Future One Championship Bantamweight Title Contender.

Most impressive win was Ali Motamed at One Championship: Big Bang 2. Watching his hand speed that lead to the first round knockout. Labeling Rui Chen as the Chinese Striking sensation.

Hopefully with a win against Won Il Kwon South Korean Bantamweight prospect will lead to tough fights. Start of an important 2021.

Rui Chen fight opportunities like Muin Gafurov (17-3), Zhao Zhi Kang(12-4), Bruno Picci(7-5) in 2021.

Bibiano Fernandes nearing retirement means the One Championship Bantamweight Division is here for the taking and Chen Rui can be the next Bantamweight Champion.

Underrated North America and South America MMA Gyms

Tristar Gym, American Top Team, Sanford MMA, Team Alpha Male, City Kickboxing are some of the top MMA gyms in the world. Besides the Top 10-20 MMA Gyms in the world there’s underrated growing MMA gyms all over the place that are coaching future Champions. Discovered rising MMA gyms from North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

North America

Fortis MMA

Financed by former NBA All-Star Deron Williams. Williams built his own MMA gym Fortis MMA. Head coach of Fortis MMA is underrated coach Sayif Saud. Stable of talent lead by Geoff Neal, Ryan Spann, Diego Ferriera, Miles Johns, JP Buys, Austin Lingo. Prospects like Fernie Garcia, Elijah Johns and Mohammed Usman.

Fortis MMA is building something special in Dallas, Texas. Future title contenders like Geoff Neal. Diego Ferriera. Prospects like Garcia, Johns and Usman will be signing with a major promotion shortly.

Couple years will be seeing many young hungry aspiring transfers travel down to Fortis MMA.

Glory MMA & Fitness

UFC Veteran James Krause found his next passion being a MMA coach. Runs Glory MMA & Fitness in Missouri. Coaching future UFC Featherweight contender Grant Dawson, Megan Anderson, Jeff Molina(Former Dana White Contender Series alumni), David Onama Top Ten US Featherweight prospect. Onama will fight for the Dana White Contender Series.

Fight Ready MMA

Santino De Franco Head Coach at Fight Ready MMA with Frankie Saenz. Santino helps coaching the greatest combat athlete Henry Cejudo, Next Brazilian superstar Paulo Costa. Leandro Higo, Korean Zombie who can beat most Featherweights in the world. Coaching Tracy Cortez rising UFC women’s prospect who will have a significant 2021 that will skyrocket her recognition and moving up the rankings.

Renzo Gracie Philly

Part of the Renzo Gracie Academy branch is rising MMA gym in Philadelphia. Owner of Renzo Gracie Philly is Daniel Gracie. Crop of talent with Sean Brady, Pat Sabatini and Jeremiah Wells. Sean Brady underrated UFC Welterweight prospect 3-0 with the UFC. Next fight is at UFC 259. Pat Sabatini one of the best Featherweight prospects in the United States, CFFC Featherweight Champion. Jeremiah Wells Top Ten US Welterweight prospect CES Welterweight Champion.

South America

Astra Fight Team

Astra Fight Team located in Brazil is one of the rising MMA gyms. Head Coach Marcelo Brigadeiro and Marcelo Zulu. Lead by Julio Cesar Neves 35-1, Impressive record as Neves is one of the best Featherweight prospects, Rafael Silva Former Pancrase Bantamweight Champion, Victor Silva 20-4 Featherweight at 28 years old. Gian Siqueria easily one of the best Welterweight prospects in the world. Gian is the Serbian Battle Championship Welterweight Champion. Taila Santos rising UFC Flyweight at 27 years old, Expect big things in 2021.

Constrictor Team

Constrictor Team located in Brazil, Ran by Ataide Junior. Stable of talent from Francisco Trinaldo, Rani Yahya, Adriano Moraes (One Championship Flyweight Champion), Herbeth Sousa(15-1 Bantamweight prospect)UFC Veteran Renato Moicano.

Los Perros Sarnosos

Rising MMA gym in Peru with a stable of Latin American prospects from Daniel Marcos(Top 5 Bantamweight Latin America), Sergio Giglio 12-0 record 24 years old, John Jairo Quinones 7-2 record Peru Flyweight prospect. Lastly Yuneisy Duben 4-0 Women’s Flyweight prospect.

UK 5 Prospects to Watch 2021

Jake Hadley

Jake Hadley Cage Warriors Flyweight Champion after defeating Luke Shanks is one of the best Flyweight prospects in the world. Important win over SBG Ireland Flyweight prospect Blaine O’ Driscoll. Only 24 years old with many years ahead. Winning a Cage Warriors title is one of the best accomplishments for a MMA prospect. Without a doubt will be signing with UFC.

Sam Patterson

Sam Patterson Brave CF Lightweight prospect at 24 years old. Signed a five fight deal before his fight with Felipe Silva at Brave CF 41. Under the radar United Kingdom prospect but will rise through the UK rankings. Putting on incredible performances like he did against Felipe Silva. Knocking him out in the 1st round.

“I’m fighting for one of the biggest organizations in the world in BRAVE Combat Federation. I can’t thank enough for what they’ve done for my career. I can’t wait for my next fight! See you soon, BRAVE Nation”, exclaimed the happy Patterson in an online video to announce his signing.

2021 watch Sam Patterson challenge for the Brave CF Lightweight title, Defeat some tough opponents like Ronaldo Dy, Anas Siraj Mounir.

Adam Bramhald

Adam Bramhald 9-2 record at 26 years old. Underrated English Bantamweight prospect. Watch him grow in 2021, Fighting for Cage Warriors, BAMMA, Brave CF in 2021.

Jordan Vucenic

Jordan Vucenic 7-1 record at 24 years old. Talented grappler for a English fighter. Solid clinch game against the cage. Successful Cage Warriors career that lead to him challenging Cage Warriors Featherweight Champion Morgan Charriere at Cage Warriors 122. Upset win over Charriere will be a LIFE CHANGING WIN.

Mike Ekundayo

Mike Ekundayo Cage Warriors 8-1 record at 27 years old, #3 UK England Bantamweight prospect. Former Rise of Champions Bantamweight Champion, Fighting for Cage Warriors right now. Looking to become Cage Warriors Bantamweight champion in 2021. Training at Great Britain Top Team with Nathaniel Wood. Mike needs some work defensively but with his athletic skills he can compete with the best of the BEST UFC Bantamweights or Bellator Bantamweights.

Curious to watch Ekundayo 2021 season to see the improvements in his game because he’ll get a UFC or Bellator contract no doubt. Make or break year for him.

Muay Thai Fighters One Championship Should Sign 2021

One Championship and Chatri Sityodtong putting a lot of focus on Muay Thai making it more of a popular sport, Appreciated globally. Signed some of the most talented Muay Thai fighters Phetmorakot Petchyindee, Rodtang Jitmuangnon, Jonathan Haggerty.

Many Muay Thai fighters around the world that One Championship should sign to build there Muay Thai brand.

Spencer Brown Next Muay Thai Superstar, WBC Super-Lightweight European Champion. Main Event attraction for fast rising Muay Thai Promotion, Yokkao but Spencer Brown would be a even bigger star fighting for One Championship. 23 years old, Next Pound for pound great Muay Thai fighter who can take Muay Thai to the next level.

Akram Hamidi 21-3 WBC International Bantamweight Champion only 21 years old can be part of the future for One Championship defeating some world class Muay Thai fighters only at 21 years old.

Lara Fernandez WBC Muay Thai Flyweight Champion by far #1 Women’s Muay Thai fighter not fighting for One Championship. Lara Fernandez would easily be a top 5 Flyweight right off the gate defeating high level Muay Thai fighters such as Grace Spicer in her last fight.

Isaac Araya WBC Muay Thai European Featherweight Champion

Jan Szajko ISKA European Champion,WKN Super Bantamweight Champion 45-8-2

Jacob Smith England’s #1 Featherweight prospect and future star similar to Spencer Brown. United Kingdom #1 Featherweight prospect wants to be #1 Featherweight in the WBC Muay Thai Rankings. Aiming to fight for One Championship and make the big money ASAP.

Tagir Khalilov WMC International Featherweight Champion

Daniel McGowan 2016 Muay Thai Grand Prix Champion, ISKA World Muay Thai Bantamweight Champion. 24 years old, UK #1 Junior Featherweight. 2 time Bantamweight Champion.

Mathieu Guevara 2 Time WMC European Champion, One of the most exciting Muay Thai fighters today. 31 years old still have couple more prime years left in him.

Prince Junior WBC Muay Thai International Lightweight Champion, WKU Junior Welterweight Muay Thai Champion at 28 years old. Entertaining fighting style, High level athlete.

Next Generation of Russian MMA fighters

Russia breeds some of the best MMA fighters in the world from Khabib, Islam Makhachev, Fedor Emelianenko, Zabit Magomedsharipov and many more world class fighters. Russia will continue to breed UFC champions such as…

Rustam Kerimov

Rustam Kerimov former ACA Bantamweight Champion, Only former ACA Bantamweight Champion because he want to test free agency. Kerimov 14-0 record at 29 years old, Born and breed from Dagestan. One of the best Bantamweights non UFC. Background in Combat Sambo, Absolute pitbull of a fighter. Constant pressure from takedowns to first round knockouts against successful MMA fighters such as Takeya Mizugaki.

Best performance was against Abdul-Rakhman Dudaev, Masterclass dominant win that lead to Kerimov winning the ACA Bantamweight Title. Kerimov will enter the UFC with lots of rise and don’t be surprised if he has a quick rise to the UFC Bantamweight title.

Yusuf Raisov

Yusuf Raisov easily one of the best Lightweights in the world, Future ACA Lightweight Champion 17-2 record. Top skills are his boxing, Technical volume striking like Max Holloway, Jorge Masvidal to name a few. Underrated grappling game. I’d love to watch see him in the UFC and face some of the best Lightweights in the world.

Alexander Shabily

Alexander Shabily world class Lightweight from Rostov, Russia. Stellar boxer with first round knockout power. Counter striker who takes his chances with openings. 19-3 record 27 years old, Man I’d love to see him fight for the UFC as he defeated some talented Lightweight prospects from Russian, Brazilian Lightweights. Entertaining skillful talented Lightweight fighter to watch.

Akhmed Shervaniev

Akhmed Shervaniev Lightweight assassin prospect personified, 15-1 record. Underrated Lightweight prospect but now fights for Brave CF, Looking to one day be a Brave CF Lightweight Champion. All-Around talent with #1 skill being his grappling. His grappling is beautiful to watch, Levels to everything and he’s world class. .

Kirill Kornilov

Kirill Kornilov Russia’s #1 Heavyweight prospect, World class Kickboxer 7-0 record. Fought the best of the best kickboxers from Jahfarr Wilnis. A lot of room to grow as a fighter but the raw talent Kirill has he can be a UFC Heavyweight title contender in five years. UFC is desperate for young Heavyweights and Kirill can be part of the next generation UFC Heavyweights.

Eldar Eldarov Next Brave CF Fighter to UFC?

Eldar Eldarov BRAVE CF Super Lightweight Champion accomplished everything on the regional scene from his successful wins in Russia and defeating world class fighters like Mounir Lazzez. Time for the next step in his MMA career and sign with UFC like Khamzat Chimaev, Mounir Lazzez, Ottman Azaitar.

Eldarov born and raised in the savage city of Dagestan, Russia. Learning the Russian fighting style tradition of Combat Sambo. Winning the Silver Medal in Combat Sambo and success in the Combat Sambo Euro Cup. Coached by Khabib’s late father and respected Dagestan Head Coach Abdulmunap Nurmagomedov.

“When I was 14-years old, my older brother introduced me to my coach Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov, who was the national coach for combat sambo. Until now, he’s the best martial arts coach in Dagestan, in Russia, and I could say in the world. He’s in my corner in all of my fights”.

Now the coaching success is leading to Eldar Eldarov being one of the best fighters in the world.

Eldarov is the King of Bahrain MMA even though he’s born and raised in Dagestan. Head Coach of KHK MMA Team(Bahrain MMA Gym). Brave Combat Federation treating him like a KING but fighting for the UFC is life changing. Winning fights in the prime of his career at 29 years old, Khabib will do Eldarov a favor and persuade Dana White to sign his Dagestan brother. Since Khabib owes a favor.

We signed the contract immediately, but he (Abdulmanap) constantly reminded me to read it. He frequently asked questions like ‘What will they do in case of injury?’ or ‘Will there be medical insurance?’ Things like that. He just wanted Khabib to be safe,” Eldarov recalled.

Eldar writing a email to the UFC about signing Khabib, Showing his fight videos. Wasn’t for Eldar Eldarov, Khabib and the UFC wouldn’t be a thing.

Time for Eldar Eldarov to sign with UFC and fight in the STACKED UFC Welterweight Division. Next Brave CF fighter to transfer over to the UFC.

2021 Top Ten North American Prospects to Watch

MMA talent consistently improving on a yearly basis, Fighters showcasing there talents on the regional scene, Dana White Contender Series. Made a list of MMA prospects from North America that under the radar instead of the Matt Dixon’s, Andre Quintana’s of the world. Really is so many under the radar prospects from here that will sign with a Top 3 Promotion in 2021.

Evan Elder

Evan Elder, Sanford MMA prospect. Elder 4-0 record at 23 years old. Three wins with Shamrock FC and latest win was at LFA 88. 2021 will be a significant year, Displaying impressive performances at whatever promotion he fights at. Coming from a wrestling and grappling background, Training his jiu jitsu at Nick Diaz Academy in Stockton. Evan Elder transition striking really improved in his LFA 88 fight.

2021 will be a breakout year for Evan Elder. Fights for Dana White Contender Series or signs with Bellator!!

Whether it be Shamrock or another organization, I’m going to conquer whoever they put in front of me until I get seen.”

Mo Miller

Mo Miller Strong Style Fight Team(Stipe Miocic Gym) Bantamweight prospect with 5-0 record at 28 years old. Division 2 All American wrestler at Notre Dame College. Dominant wrestling performances that lead to a viral slam knockout at LFA 96. Picture seeing the Bantamweight prospect fighting in the Dana White Contender Series or awarded a UFC contract.

Christian Rodriguez

Roufusport MMA Academy one of the best MMA Gyms in the world. Christian Rodriguez only 23 years old, 4-0 record. Two back to back wins with Legacy Fighting Alliance. Early finishes. Watch Rodriguez latest LFA 93 fight on Rodriguez in his fight against John Pham looks like a seasoned veteran in there as he displayed an impressive performance.

2021 will see Christian Rodriguez hopefully fight on the Legacy Fighting Alliance Main Cards or any top regional promotion. This kid is really talented and will only improve from here. Breakout year in 2021.

Daniel Zellhuber

If you don’t know now you know Daniel Zellhuber is the next Mexican Superstar. Ryan Garcia of MMA. Everyone pays attention to top prospects from United States but pay attention to Mexico because of one name Daniel Zellhuber. Zellhuber 10-0 record at 21 years old built his recognition at Combate Americas. Muay Thai fighting style but incredibly raw just needs to train at a TOP MMA GYM like Sanford MMA, Kings MMA, Tristar Gym. Zellhuber is bound for greatness.

Zellhuber takes that next step in 2021 training at a top gym, Fighting for UFC/Bellator.

Kyran Cameron

Kyran Cameron All-Around Welterweight Canada prospect at 27 years old. One of the upcoming Welterweight prospects in CANADA. Fighting for BTC Fight Promotion(Ontario Promotion). Trains at rising Canada gym, Parabellum MMA with Anthony Romero, Aaron Jeffery.

Troy Green

Troy Green 4-0 Welterweight Northeast prospect, All wins fighting for Ring of Combat promotion. Leading to Troy Green becoming the ROC Welterweight Champion at ROC 71 after defeating John Ramirez. Even though Troy Green is the ROC Welterweight champ, He’s not ranked highly on / However in 2021 with big ROC wins against Northeast Welterweight prospects we can see him get recognition, Opportunity to fight for Dana White Contender Series.

Andre Bargquero Morera

Andre Barquero Morera Bantamweight prospect from Costa Rica is under the radar but watch out for him in 2021. Became aware of him when he fought Sean Santella(21-7 flyweight) for the CFFC Flyweight Title. Morera got dominated but showed me how courageous he was to accept that fight against a veteran. Morera now fights for Combate Americas but moved up to the Bantamweight weight class.

Morera in 2021 hopefully fights couple times, Rising up the Combate Americas Bantamweight division and wins the Bantamweight gold. 25 year old Costa Rican Bantamweight prospect keeps getting better as time goes on, No doubt in my mind will see Morera sign with the UFC or Bellator in the next couple years.

Carlos Matos

Carlos Matos #1 Caribbean Welterweight Prospect 8-0 record at 24 years old. One of the most underrated Welterweight prospects in North America. Long lengthy welterweight similar to Randy Brown and Michael Chiesa. Matos manager should do his best to schedule him fights with Combate Americas or a regional promotion like CFFC, LFA, ROC, Titan Fights, XFN to build his reputation more.

Elijah Johns

Elijah Johns, Miles Johns little brother is slowly making a name for himself. 5 fight winning streak with Legacy Fighting Alliance. Elijah is a Featherweight PITBULL, Leading to finishes under the LFA promotion. Right now has a 7-1 record but record will improve in 2021. Maybe winning a LFA Featherweight title by the end of 2021 or beginning of 2022.

Elijah Johns will be getting the call to the Dana White Contender Series for sure it’s just a matter of time but love to see him fight for LFA once or twice.

Jamie Siraj

One of the most under the radar North America prospects is Jamie Siraj who fights out of Canada. Yes trains at Tristar Gym with the Phil Jackson of MMA coaching…. Firas Zahabi. Fights for Rise FC promotion, Last time Siraj fought was in 2019. Cancelled fight with Chad Anheliger, Top Canada Featherweight prospect. Hopefully at Rise FC 6 we can see Siraj return and fight Chad Anheliger.

Genaro Valdez

Mexico always producing talented fighters and Genaro Valdez, 28 Year old Genaro Valdez is a rising Mexican Lightweight with a 6-0 record. Submission & grappling specialist that lead to rear naked choke wins. Valdez in his last two fights fought for Mexican promotion Lux Fight League. LFL you can watch on UFC Fight Pass. Valdez will be winning the Lux Fight League Lightweight Title in 2021.

#1 MMA Free Agent on the Market 2020

Remember the name Rustam Kerimov? Who is he? Rustam Kerimov former ACA Bantamweight Champion 14-0 record at 28 years old. ONLY reason he’s the former champion is because his ACA contract expired and interested in testing free agency.

My opinion Rustam Kerimov is the #1 free agent on the market right now. Yes that’s my opinion, He’s a world class fighter in the prime of his career.

Displaying masterful performances against talented Bantamweights like Abdul-Rakhman Dudaev. Best performance of his career. First round finishes against respected Bantamweight Takeya Mizugaki.

Defeating Russian savages like Oleg Borisov, Tural Ragimov, Alexander Peduson. International fighters like Francisco Maciel and Takeya Mizugaki.

Now time to fight against the best of the best Bantamweights in the world from the UFC, Bellator or One Championship. Best offer possible. Major promotions are lucky to have him as he can become there promotions champion. Argued one day as one of the best Bantamweights in the world.

A + fighter, All around skills with volume striking, Strong right hand. Addition to his outstanding grappling that impressed me the most against Dudaev.

Love to see him face guys like Jimmie Riviera, Patchy Mix, John Lineker. Show the world he can compete against the BEST Bantamweights in the top promotions.

2021 curious to see where #1 Bantamweight free agent signs than prospers to the top of the Bantamweight division.

Anton Turkalj Next Alexander Gustafsson

Anton Turkalj the next Alexander Gustafsson, King of Sweden MMA is fighting for the #1 Midde East Promotion, Brave Combat Federation. Turkallj is 24 years old, Nominated as the Brave CF Breakout Fighter of the year.

Turkalj looking to be the Brave CF Light Heavyweight Champion, Won both of his Brave CF Light Heavyweight fights and calling out Brave CF Middleweight world champion Mohammad Fakhreddine for the BRAVE CF Vacant Light Heavyweight Title.

Brave CF Light Heavyweight Title Fight is between Fakhreddine vs Maalem but Anton Turkalj can fight for the title next.

Mean time Anton Turkalj fights Todd Stoute for the Brave CF Light Heavyweight #1 contender spot. Fun, Intriguing fight between two high level Light Heavyweight prospects.

Makes sense since Anton already called out Todd Stoute after his Brave CF 40 impressive win.

Start 2021 Stoute vs Turkalj than the winner faces the winner of Fakhreddine vs Maalem for the Brave CF Light Heavyweight Title.

2021 is a BIG YEAR for Anton Turkalj as the Swedes are rooting for him to be the next Alexander Gustafsson. Future Brave CF Light Heavyweight Champion and future UFC fighter.

Who signs Maycon Mendonca After Winning LFA Welterweight Title?

Maycon Mendonca LFA Welterweight Veteran since LFA 11, Headlined LFA 96 fighting Batsumberel Dagvadorj for the LFA Welterweight Title. Five round battle that ended up with a unanimous decision for Maycon Mendonca.

Mendonca won the striking exchanges, Watching technical striking at it’s finest from a very good Brazilian fighter whose the knew LFA Welterweight Champion. Dagvadorj won the grappling but Mendonca looked like the better fighter.

Since he won the LFA Welterweight Title, Time to sign with the TOP promotions from UFC, Bellator, One Championship, KSW, Rizin. Fighting the best of the best Welterweights. Mendoca prime of his career at 28 years old, Love to see him fight former LFA Welterweight Champion Jason Jackson in a Bellator fight. Roberto Soldic for the KSW Welterweight Title. James Nakashima in a One Championship fight.

I believe he can compete and defeat some talented Welterweights, Since he defeated tough Welterweights from Bobby Lee, Devin Smyth in his LFA career.

MMA fighters are prize fighters at the end of the day, Accept the best offer possible.

Me personally KSW is the place for him, Fun fight against Roberto Soldic for the KSW Welterweight Title. Fight against MMA veteran Marius Zaromskis. Quick rise to the KSW Welterweight Title but fighting in front of 20k-50k attendance.

Fighting some tough European fighters as KSW continues to grow there Welterweight division.

However Maycon Mendonca should do what’s best for him and sign who offers the MOST AMOUNT of MONEY.

Makoto Takahashi Rizin Future Champion & Japanese Superstar

The days of Kazushi Sakuraba, Takanori Gomi, Shinya Aoki being world champions. Kings of the MMA World, Representing Japan are long gone but maybe a rebirth of Japanese MMA is right around the corner with Tenshin Nasukawa and Makoto Takahashi.

Hardcore MMA fans of course know who Tenshin Nasukawa, MMA Prodigy who fought Floyd Mayweather.

Makoto Takahashi 11-1 record 20 years old is a rising Japanese Flyweight prospect who currently for RIZIN. Incredibly raw talent beating Flyweights with lot more experience.

Takahashi becoming Interim Deep Flyweight Champion, Defeating Yuya Shibata at 2018.

Takahashi only 20 years old has lots of room to grow but becoming Rizin Bantamweight Champion if deciding to move up in weight or become Rizin Flyweight Champion if Rizin creates a flyweight division.

20 year old MMA fighter wouldn’t be a top flyweight prospect in Japan, Records of 2-0 fighting on the regional promotion prelims..

Sight to see watching Takahashi watch his rise from Flyweight prospect to Rizin Superstar. Becoming Rizin Flyweight or Rizin Bantamweight Champion needs to go a top MMA Gym in Asia like Evolve MMA in Singapore or Tiger Muay Thai.

Training at a world class GYM with some of the best fighters in the world like Petr Yan, Valentina Shevchenko, Christian Lee, Khusein Askhabov. Coached by a world class head coach like George Hickman.

He’ll only improve with the right training partners, Coaches around him. Furbishing the raw talent he has to becoming one of the best Flyweights in the world, In the next several years.

Rustam Kerimov Dagfighter Next Champion

Rustam Kerimov MOST Successful Russian Bantamweight prospect, ACA Bantamweight Champion is the next UFC, Bellator or One Championship title holder from DagFighter. Following the footsteps of Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Kerimov 14-0 record, ACA Bantamweight Champion with win over Takeya Mizugaki that was a first round dominant performance. Most impressive win of his MMA career. Unanimous decision win over Abdul-Rakhman Dudaev, Former WFCA Bantamweight Champion. At the time had a 22-4 record when Dudaev lost to Kerimov.

Kerimov comes from the Russian tradition of Combat Sambo as he’s a world class grappler with underrated kicking game. Aggressive, Push the pace type of fighter. Not gonna see knockouts but more dominant three or five round victories.

Watch his fight against Dudaev and that’s the best version of Rustam Kerimov that you’ll see. Rustam Kerimov is a pitbull and a world class fighter. Makes sense why’s he a top 50 Bantamweight in the world.

Kerimov in 2020, 2021 signs with UFC, Bellator or One Championship facing the best Bantamweights in the world. Bantamweight Champion in the making!!

Christian Rodriguez Next Gen of Roufusport MMA Academy

Duke Roufus one of the BEST MMA Head Coaches, Coaching Anthony Pettis, Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren to becoming world champions. Next UFC Champion is Christian Rodriguez.

Christian Rodriguez 3-0 record at 22 years old is looking to increase his win record to 4 wins tonight on the prelims of LFA 93. Looking for a big finish against 2-0 John Pham.

Rodriguez not scared of the spotlight in his professional debut fought on the prelims of Bellator 221. Dominating his opponent looking like his teammate Anthony Pettis with his striking.

All wins coming by first round finishes and will continue that first round finish streak by defeating Pham. Stealing the show at LFA 93 as Pat Miletich talks about how talented he is, Next Generation of Roufusport MMA Academy. Next Anthony Pettis!!

Azamat Kerefov Russian Flyweight To Keep an Eye On

Russian the MMA hotbed of talent for a while will continue to breed UFC, Bellator or One Championship champions and Azamat Kerefov is one of them.

Azamat Kerefov Top Ten Russian Flyweight on Tapology. Com but I believe he’s the best Russian flyweight prospect now since Tagir Ulanbekov signed with UFC.

Kerefov has a undefeated record of 13-0 at 26 years old, All- around fighter besides the stellar grappling has above average striking. Aggressive style of fighting that’s exciting to watch.

Azamat Kerefov is in his 13-0 career has defeated some guys like Takeshi Kasugai who had a 22-4-1 record at the time while Kerefov only had 8 fights in his career.

Kerefov is ranked as the #29 Flyweight in the world and will continue to move up the rankings as he continues to fight the best flyweights available that ACA offers.

Kerefov is a flyweight prospect to keep an eye on!! Watch out for him because he’s going to get signed by the UFC, Bellator or One Championship.

Vugar Kyaramov #1 Azerbaijan Prospect

Something in the water in Russia, Caucuses because there’s so many talented fighters who can become KILLERS in the UFC or Bellator. Vugar Kyaramov is fighting out Azerbaijan and he’s one of those killers.

Vugar Kyaramov top 150 Featherweight in the world, #1 Ukraine Featherweight with a 15-3 record at 28 years old.

All around talent as Vugar was a successful Wushu fighter, Four time World Champion, Three Time European Champion. Silver Medalist at the 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games for Wushu.

Currently fighting for top ten MMA Organization in Rizin as he last fought at Rizin 21 against Kyle Aguon.

If Rizin in the future creates a Featherweight division put Vugar on the top of your list for becoming a Rizin Featherweight Grand Prix Champion.

However Vugar can be signed to UFC, Bellator, One Championship or the Professional Fighters League. Vugar is a fighter to watch for 2020 & 2021.

Southeast MMA Prospects to Keep An Eye on in 2020

Looked through Tapology. Com US Southeast Pound for Pound rankings, Researching prospects who have the potential to be successful fighters in UFC or Bellator. There’s some talented young fighters in the South to keep an eye on.

Said Sowma

6-1 record Said Sowma at 27 years old is the Titan FC Heavyweight Champion after recently defeating Bobby Brents with a 17-7 record. #1 Heavyweight in Florida. In the next season of the Dana White Contender Series will see Said Sowma appear or get a long term deal with Bellator. He’s one of the top Heavyweight prospects.

Shaheen Santana

Shaheen Santana 29 year old Lightweight prospect with a 6-0 record is flying under the radar as the MMA Gym he trains at MMA Masters is flying under the radar as well. Trains with Ricardo Lamas, Rafael Alves, Miguel Baeza and I believe used to train with Colby Covington as well. Talented Jiu-Jitsu game with Five Submissions.

AJ Fletcher

AJ Fletcher 23 year old Welterweight Prospect with a 5-0 career. Rising prospect because of his success in the regional scene, Last win was against Christopher Anthony 10-9 record. Fletcher is part of the future for Louisiana MMA as he becomes one of the best Southeast MMA prospects.

Justin Vazquez

Justin Vazquez 5-1 record at 28 years old top 20 Featherweight in Florida, Top 200 Featherweight in the United States. Born and raised in New York City but trains in Miami, Florida at Freedom Fighters with some talented prospects as well. Definitely a rising MMA Gym in Florida.

William Meyer Top Ten MMA Prospects October 2020

Talent has never been better in MMA. High caliber athletes transferring into MMA. MMA has come a long way in a short amount of time. All over the world there’s future UFC & Bellator Champions such as…

Andres Quintana

Andres Quintana #1 Featherweight prospect in the United States was the former Combate Americas Featherweight Champion. Currently 29 years old, In the prime of his career with a 18-3 record. Accomplished everything on the regional scene. Time to get signed by the UFC or Bellator!!

Anthony Romero

Anthony Romero Lightweight Prospect fought on the Dana White Contender Series but didn’t get the contract. Even though he didn’t get the offer, Romero is one of the best Lightweight prospects in the world. Since UFC isn’t signing him time to sign with Bellator.

Romero is only 23 years old as well. He’ll have a long promising UFC or Bellator career!!

Rafa Garcia

Requested his release from his former promotion Combate Americas as he accomplished everything for them and wants to challenge himself with the best of the best!! 12-0 record at 25 years old . #1 Lightweight prospect in Latin America!! Hope he signs with the UFC!!

Melissa Martínez

Melissa Martínez Combate Americas Flyweight Strawweight Champion. One of the best strawweight prospects in the world. No doubt doesn’t she get signed by the UFC. Her time is coming as she’s highly ranked on tapology. Com!!

Roberto Soldic

A fighter I wrote about several times because of his success in one of the best MMA promotions, KSW. Soldic is 25 years old with a 17-3 record. Easily one of the best Welterweights not in the UFC. I hope the UFC, Bellator or One Championship signs him. Fighting the best of the best fighters!!

Salahdine Parnasse

French MMA prodigy, Salahdine Parnasse is one of my favorite prospects to watch. The kid is only 22 years old and masterfully defeated one of the most successful European fighters in Ivan Buchinger. KSW Featherweight Champion has a 14-0 record. Looking forward to his next couple fights with KSW against tough fighters from Europe or MMA veterans!!

Khusein Askhabov

Khusein Askhabov impressive record of 20-0 as one of the best Bantamweights in the world. Fights for #1 MMA promotion WFFC in Ukraine. Wins over successful Brazilian fighters, European fighters. Basically dominating them as he’s an all around fighter. Trains at Tiger Muay Thai and American Top Team. Why Askhabov isn’t fighting for the UFC or Bellator is beyond me.

Joanderson Brito

Joanderson Brito #1 Brazilian MMA prospect in the Lightweight division is one of the best Lightweight prospects in the world. Traveled to Val, Colorado to fight José Mariscal at LFA 65 with a high reel knock out. Will see Brito the 25 year old sign with the UFC. Next generation of Brazilians.

Mochamed Machaev

Mochamed Machaev is a very underrated MMA prospect who fights for Brave CF which is now becoming a MMA hotbed of talent. Machaev is only 20 years old with a winover Shoaib Yousaf.

Igeu Kabesa

Igeu Kabesa #1 Africa Prospect is the Extreme Fighting Championship Featherweight Champion. Multiple time wrestling champion. Successful wins over Karlo Caput, Peter Queally, Danny Henry. One day will see him have successful wins over UFC or Bellator fighters as well. 26 years old, Time is now to fight against the best Featherweights in the world!!

These fighters I listed aren’t ranked in no specific order there just my favorite mma prospects all over the world. Hope they fight for UFC, Bellator or even One Championship!!

Friday Night’s MMA Prospects to Watch September 25th

Everyone is excited for UFC 253 Adesanya vs Costa, The fight is finally here and I’m looking forward to it tomorrow night but there’s regional promotions with top prospects from all over the world fighting Friday night.

Said Sowma

Said Sowma top Heavyweight prospect from Florida is fighting Bobby Brents at Titan FC 64 in the Main Event. Said Sowma looking to be the future Titan FC Heavyweight Champion by beating Bobby Brents a Heavyweight with a record of 17-7.

Said Sowma is only 27 years old, Winning the Titan FC Heavyweight Title will help him go to the Dana White Contender Series when it returns.

Jack Cartwright

Jack Cartwright 25 year old #1 United Kingdom Bantamweight prospect is defending his Cage Warriors Bantamweight title against Gerardo Fanny. Fanny has a 9-1 record at 26 years old.

Cartwright with a impressive win tonight, He’ll be no longer defending his Cage Warriors Bantamweight Title as he gets signed by the UFC or Bellator.

Nariman Abbasov

Nariman Abbasov record of 24-3 top Ten Russian Lightweight prospect is defending his Fight Nights Global Lightweight Title against Mikhail Gogitidze. Fighter with a record of 14-8. Nariman Abbasov is only 26 years old with a bright future around him.

Definitely on the UFC radar.