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Christian Lee Third Title Defense is the Toughest

Christian Lee One Championship Welterweight Champion, One Championship Prodigy is FINALLY fighting in 2020. Defending his title against Iuri Lapicus at One Championship: Inside the Matrix.

Iuri Lapicus 14-0 record wins against Marat Gafurov and Shannon Wiratchai in his One Championship career. Lapicus world class grappler with submission wins trains at Team Leone Petrosyan. Learning from one of the greatest strikers in the world in Giorgio Petrosyan.

Lapicus definitely a better striker than Christian Lee which can be a problem for Lee.

Christian Lee has his hands full fighting Iuri Lapicus, Toughest title defense to date. Christian Lee can get the win but won’t be a walk through fight for him.

“I think the only reason Iuri’s still undefeated is because he hasn’t fought me yet,” Lee said Tuesday. “So you know, he’s very talented. He’s a dangerous fighter. But no, I don’t see anything special in this guy that I can’t carry through.”

Lee will see something special in Lapicus in two days October 30th, Co Main Event for One Championship: Inside the Matrix.

Cross Promotion MMA Fights I Missed Lol

Since there’s so many talented MMA Fighters all over the world from different MMA Promotions!! More matchups to look at.

Ray Cooper vs Albert Tumenov

Ray Cooper the Third is the PFL Welterweight Champion. Wins over Jake Shields twice, Charles “Crazy” Bennett. Three Time State Wrestler in Hawaii. 20-7 record is a solid fighter.

Albert Tumenov former UFC Welterweight signed with ACB. Becoming the ACB Welterweight Champion. Tumenov has wins over Lorenz Larkin and Alan Jouban.

Emiliano Sordi vs Vadim Nemkov

Emiliano Sordi PFL Light Heavyweight Champion is making a career for himself at Professional Fighters league.

Vadim Nemkov Future Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion is a training partner for Fedor Emelianenko. Impressive winning streak over Phil Davis, Liam McGeary. Nemkov is 27 years old.

Phil De Fries vs Brandon Vera

Phil De Fries KSW Heavyweight Champion. UFC veteran. 18-6 record. I highly doubt he will ever sign with the UFC but it’s cool he built a career with KSW.

Brandon Vera former UFC Light Heavyweight moves to One Championship. Since signing with One Championship became the Heavyweight Champion. Defeated Cage Warriors Heavyweight Champion Mauro Cerilli.

Kiamrian Abbasov vs Jarrah Al-Selawe

Kiamrian Abbasov is the One Championship Welterweight Champion. Defeated Yushin Okami, Zebaztian Kadestam former One Championship Welterweight Champion. He’s one of the best Welterweights in the world.

Jarrah Al- Selawe is the Brave CF Welterweight Champion. Successful career in Brave CF. Love to see him build his profile.

Stephen Loman vs Kai Asakura

Stephen Loman Brave CF Bantamweight Champion. Main attraction for Brave CF. Loman has wins over Gary Mangat, Frans Mlambo. UFC should definitely sign him.

Kai Asakura the Rizin Bantamweight Champion. One of the best Bantamweights not fighting for the UFC. Wins over Ulka Susaki, Kyoji Horiguchi, Manel Kape.

Tofiq Musaev vs Mansour Barnaoui

Tofiq Musaev Rizin Lightweight Grand Prix Champion by defeating Patricio Pitbull. UFC has there eyes on him. Incredible 2019/2020 run with Rizin.

Mansour Barnaoui 19-4 record Road FC Lightweight Champion. Successful career for Road FC. Losses to Ivan Buchinger, Mateusz Gamrot.

ONE Championship Fights to Make When Returning?

One Championship has some crazy fights on paper to schedule because of their talented roster from each division. Fights that increase the global popularity of One Championship, Classic fights that will be watched by millions of people. Fights such as…

Bibiano Fernandes vs John Lineker

Bibiano Fernandes easily one of the best Bantamweights of all time, Seven One Championship Bantamweight title defenses, Dream Bantamweight champion. Bibiano to continue building his legacy would be fighting John Lineker.

John Lineker got released from the UFC, ONE Championship signed him him and is now 1-0 with One Championship. Lineker is one of the best Bantamweights in the world.

Bibiano Fernandes vs John Lineker would be a dream matchup. Headline a One Championship event.

Aung La Nsang vs Kiamrian Abbasov

Aung La Nsang is the star of One Championship, Beloved his people of Myanmar. One Championship Middleweight and Light Heavyweight Champion. Aung La Nsang defend his title against Kiamrian Abbasov( One Championship Welterweight Champion).

Kiamrian Abbasov wants to move up in weight, Challenge Aung La Nsang for the One Championship Middleweight Title.

Fascinating fight to watch. If Kiamrian Abbasov can defeat Aung La Nsang man that be incredible for his career but if Aung La Nsang can defeat Kiamrian Abbasov, The arena will go bananas.

Brandon Vera vs Arjan Bhullar

Brandon Vera since fighting with One Championship is 4-1. One Championship Heavyweight Champion. Arjan Bhullar 2-1 with UFC, Canada National Team wrestler.

Bhullar would give Vera a hard hard time because of his wrestling. Interesting fight to watch. Bhullar can take the throne.

Christian Lee vs Eddie Alvarez

Christian Lee is 21 years old, One Championship Lightweight Champion. That’s pretty incredible to a champion for one of the best organizations in the world. Christian Lee defeated Shinya Aoki, Saygid Arslanaliev in his career so far.

Eddie Alvarez is with One Championship for a reason to challenge for titles, Build the popularity of the promotion.

Christian Lee the future vs Eddie Alvarez the respected veteran. Millions of people would watch that. Maybe headlining event in Philadelphia.

Kiamrian Abbasov vs James Nakashima

James Nakashima former LFA Welterweight Champion signed with One Championship, #1 contender in the One Championship Welterweight division. Nakashima can definitely defeat Abbasov.

Becoming the second fighter from the United States to a win a title for One Championship. Major step for One Championship for signing James Nakashima once the top welterweight prospect in the United States.

Aung La Nsang vs Reinier De Ridder

Reinier De Ridder 29 years old, 3-0 with One Championship. Reinier De Ridder is the #1 One Championship Middleweight Contender. 12-0 record, Tough test for Aung La Nsang.

I won’t be shocked if Reinier De Ridder defeats Aung La Nsang.

Eddie Alvarez vs Shinya Aoki Trilogy

Eddie Alvarez been fighting since the Bodog days, Dream days when he lost to Shinya Aoki for WAMMA Lightweight title. Eddie Alvarez with Bellator in his Bellator career fought Shinya Aoki, Revenging his loss.

Shinya Aoki vs Eddie Alvarez would be a perfect fight for both fighters. Headline event in Singapore, Tokyo, Manila.

ACA Featherweight Felipe Froes Rizin or One Championship?

Felipe Froes ACA Featherweight Champion, 28 years old 19-4 record with a three fight winning streak. Trains at Brazil Powerhouse MMA Gym Nova Uniao well known for Jose Aldo and Junior Dos Santos.

Felipe Froes is one of the best Featherweights not in the UFC, Being a Featherweight Champion for ACA is impressive as ACA is one of the best MMA promotions in the world.

ACA is a top ten promotion but One Championship and Rizin are two of the best promotion in the world. More popularity.

Me personality love to see Felipe Froes fight for One Championship and continue fighting in the One Championship Featherweight Division.

One Championship Featherweight Division needs some new life and Felipe Froes will definitely help in that apartment.

Defeating top Russian. Eastern Europe Featherweights and now can fight One Championship Featherweights. Rising up the One Championship Featherweight Rankings and facing Martin Nguyen for the title.

One Future Featherweight Champion

Martin Nguyen is the current One Championship Featherweight Champion but there’s a fighter named Koyomi Matsushima who will take Martin’s Featherweight throne!!

Koyomi Matsushima

  1. 27 years old
  2. 12-4 record
  3. Pancrase Featherweight challenger

Koyomi Matsushima lost to Martin Nguyen, Challenging Nguyen for the One Championship Featherweight Title. However Koyomi looking to challenge Nguyen again and defeat him, Becoming the One Championship Featherweight Champion.

“I think I’m better than before. I want everyone to expect an even better me next time. Of course, I’ll keep assessing my striking, but I want my mixed martial arts to be even more efficient,” he said.

“Of course, the goal is to win that belt, because the person who holds the belt is the strongest,” he stated. “I want to win the belt no matter what. The time has come.”

Koyomi needs one more fight to challenge for the Featherweight Title again. Next fight can be against Edward Kelly, Thanh Lee or Gary Tonon.

Win over those three fighters he should fight Martin Nguyen in 2020 or 2021. Showing the One Championship fans his best performance yet!!

Next One Championship Welterweight Champion

Kiamrian Abbasov is the One Championship Welterweight Champion but there’s a former LFA Welterweight Champion James Nakashima who will defeat Aung La Nsang.

3-0 with One Championship defeated Yushin Okami, Next fight should be against Kiamrian Abbasov.

“Most likely the next opponent will be James Nakashima, although I don’t care who is the next,” Abbasov said. “I will hold the title until my career ends.”

Kiamrian Abbasov believes he’ll beat James Nakashima but I believe Nakashima will defeat Abbasov!!

“Learning from one of the greatest kickboxers of all time, I believed everything he was saying and I’ve committed 100 percent to everything he was showing me and everything he was saying,” he said of working with Petroysan. “Now, believing in him has made me believe in myself more and it has made my stand-up game a lot stronger.

When speaking about the influence of The MMA Lab, Nakashima said “It’s given me every tool to be successful in this game and I’m just so grateful”. In addition to head coach John Crouch, Nakashima gets to regularly work with elite fighters. Names like Henry Corrales and Benson Henderson are but some of the many fighters regularly working at the perpetually growing gym.

Nakashima will win the One Championship Welterweight Title because of his world class gym and training partners. Being a world class wrestler will be too much for Kiamrian.

Nastyukhin Next Fight against Shinya Aoki?

Timofey Nastyukhin shocked the MMA world when knocking out Eddie Alvarez but.. He would get injured and unable to move on to the semi-finals of the One Championship Lightweight Grand Prix.

“Honestly I feel 100%. I am very healthy (and) I was expecting to fight in March or April before the pandemic happened but it’s fine, I am happy training,” Nastyukhin said.

“I want to be back in there. I want to fight again. I know this will be my year. That’s why I am working really hard,” he said.

Thanks to the wonderful coronavirus Timofey goal to return in March or April won’t happen but hopefully in May or June he can return and put on a show for the fans.

Next fight should be against Shinya Aoki who faced Eddie Alvarez back in Bellator and Dream.

Fighting Aoki be fun fight to watch, Legend vs the Rising Star. Aoki vs Nastyukhin be a main card fight in June. Contender fight, Be on top of the One Championship Lightweight rankings.

“It is up to matchmakers of the league,” he said of his next fight. “I can fight anyone who gets me closer to the title, any of the top athletes in ONE Championship. I think I can get title shot with 1 or 2 wins, depending on my performances.”

Win over Aoki may grant him a title shot against Christian Lee.

Lightweight Champion that will take One Championship to the Next Level

Christian Lee 21 year old One Championship Lightweight Champion is the STAR and FUTURE for One Championship. One Championship in the last couple years has grown with free agent signings and TV deals. Christian Lee will take One Championship to the next level!!

teenage star says he’s taking everything in his stride, and viewing his position as a hero and role model as a perk of the job, rather than a millstone around his neck.

”I take it as an honour that at my age, I can be a positive influence to other people. I just try my best to put out a good word and just share the positivity.”

Being a 21 year Old Lightweight Champion for the #2 or #3 MMA Organization in the world is no easy task but I truly believe Christian Lee will lead One Championship to the global stage and be competition with the UFC.

Christian Lee fighting in the stacked Lightweight division. Christian Lee can have some incredible fights with One Championship that can attract millions of viewers across the world on Bleacher Report/TNT.

“It would be a great match,” Lee said. “I mean, I give him all respect. He’s definitely earned it. But I think that our styles match up well in my favour. He’s got good boxing, good wrestling. I feel the main thing he has is championship experience.

“Man, I would love to bring ONE Championship to Hawaii,” Lee said. “But it’s always been a dream of mine to fight in Madison Square Garden. So either one is perfect for me. Let’s leave it up to ONE Championship.”

Christian Lee vs Eddie Alvarez at Madison Square Garden would be one of the biggest fights of the year. One Championship and Chatri wants to expand into the United States market, Attracting fans that love the old school way of MMA with respect and honor.

Lee vs Alvarez fighting at Eddie Alvarez hometown of Philadelphia at the Wells Fargo Center would be another option for a United States One Championship debut. Be the biggest moment of the third stage for One Championship.

The great thing about the lightweight division is that it’s full of killers,” says Lee. “Anyone that ONE wants to match up against me is going to make a great fight. I think the fans would be happy with me against anyone in the division.”

One Championship Lightweight Division is the deepest division!! Christian Lee has a long line of fights for the next decade. Trilogy fight with Eddie Alvarez, Iuri Lapicus, Rematch with Shinya Aoki. Defending his title against Timofey Nastyukhin.

Title Fights for Christian Lee will be the biggest fights for One Championship, Watching him get better and better. Exploding on the world stage after defeating Eddie Alvarez. People wondering who the hell is this 21 year old kid who beat Eddie Alvarez.

That’s Christian Lee the One Championship Lightweight Champion who will take One Championship to the next level and become one of the greatest Lightweights of all time.

One Championship Future Atomweight Star

Philippines market essential for One Championship. Talented champions like Kevin Belingnon, Eduard Folayang, and Brandon Vera. Next star champion is 23 year old Atommweight Denice Zamboanga.

  1. Wins over Mei Yamaguchi( Former Deep Featherweight Champion)
  2. Trains at Fairtex Gym
  3. 7-0
  4. 2-0 with One Championship

Denice since beating Mei Yamaguchi, Ranked as a contender for the Atommweight title against Angela Lee. One Championship star and the sibling of Christian Lee.

“I actually didn’t expect to be facing Angela Lee soon. It’s a good thing that it’s a big challenge for me,” Zamboanga says. “My strength against her will be my agility. But I want to be a surprise against her. Each fight there is a different Denice. I want to shock everyone and show a different Denice against Angela Lee. People are shocked that I’ll be fighting her so fast – two fights and a title fight. This is very special to me, and I promise I will surprise.”

Denice is a pitbull, Watch her fight a veteran like Mei Yamaguchi and not be afraid of the challenge of fighting Mei Yamaguchi.

Training with Stamp Fairtex, One Championship Atomweight Muay Thai Champion. 22 year old One Championship rising star. Stamp and Denice are training partners, Helping out with Denice striking game to defeat Angela Lee.

Denice defeats Angela Lee, Denice will become a star in Asia and a role model to the little girls in Asia who get inspired to become fighters or to pursue whatever dreams they have.

Next King of the One Bantamweight division

Troy Worthen 7-0 Former University of Central Florida College Wrestler is fighting for One Championship. 3-0 with One Championship last win was impressive after defeating Mark Albelrado.

Worthen is in the prime of his career at 27 years old, One Championship rising STAR known as “Pretty Boy.” Trains at Evolve MMA, Gym owned by Chatri Sityodtong.

Chatri and the One Championship executives are extremely high on Troy Worthen but it’s well deserved. Fighter from United States with a D-1 Wrestling background and has the look to be a star.

2020 Troy Worthen will see him fight One Championship veterans who can test his wrestling and brown belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

“I’m not the type of person that’s going to keep asking for the same thing, but I think Yusup Saadulaev would be a perfect fight for me.”

“He’s 5-0 in the division in his last five fights, and he’s a grappler, which I haven’t yet faced at that level yet. I think it could answer a lot of questions on how I would perform against Bibiano,” Worthen said.

Ask and you’ll shall receive Worthen vs Dagestan fighter Yusup Saadulaev be a great test for Troy as he continues to rise with One Championship.

Win over Sadulaev deserves top Bantamweight fights against Kevin Belingon or Leandro Issa.

Worthen vs Lineker than Fernandes

Troy Worthen gets through Belingon or Issa a sick fight would be against John Lineker in 2021. Imagine that fight. Main card fight in one of the biggest events for One Championship.

Definitely watch Lineker vs Worthen. “If” Worthen defeats Lineker he’ll be one of the best Bantamweights in the world.

Lineker if he isn’t the One Championship Bantamweight Champion and Bibiano Fernandes is the CHAMPION and didn’t retire. Worthen vs Bibiano Fernandes should be his next fight.

Worthen vs Bibiano Fernandes be one of the biggest Bantamweight Fights of 2021 or 2022. Worthen working on his striking after every training camp he can defeat Bibiano. Becoming the One Championship Bantamweight Champion.

King of the Division

Passing the torch of the Bantamweight Division we can see Troy Worthen at age 29 begin his reign. Second fights against John Lineker, Title defense against Bibiano Fernandes, Kevin Belingnon.

Worthen because of his superb wrestling can have the One Championship Bantamweight Title for a long time. Defending his title several times.

Fighting former UFC Bantamweights in his dominance of the division.

Troy Worthen in his One Championship career being TOP 5 Bantamweight in the world.

First One Championship Title Winner from Africa

Bokang Masunyane fighter from South Africa was a successful fighter for Extreme Fighting Championship, Fought on Pancrase and now signed with One Championship.

Bokang One Championship debut fought Ryuto Sawada. Dominated Ryuto with his world class wrestling!!

Since I didn’t mention before Bokang won the Bronze Medal at the Commonwealth Games. Explains everything when he took down Ryuto several times in the three rounds.


Bokang has a bright future with One Championship in 2020, Fighting Strawweight veterans who can test his wrestling ability.

Since he defeated Ryuto Sawada a One Championship Top Strawweight he can fight the TOP 5 Strawweights and by the end of the year can challenge for the title.

Becoming the future for the One Championship Strawweight division.

Arjan Bhullar Beats Brandon Vera for the One Championship Heavyweight Title

Arjan Bhullar contract expired with the UFC. Ending with the UFC a record of 3-1. Defeating Juan Adams and Luis Henrique. Bhullar took advantage of free agency and signed with One Championship.

Bhullar 1-0 with One Championship by defeating former Cage Warriors Heavyweight Champion Mauro Cerilli. Upcoming fight for Arjan Bhullar is against Brandon Vera. Toughest fight in his career so far.

“I have a lot of respect for Brandon Vera as a fighter and as the champion,” Bhullar said.

“He’s been the champion over at ONE in the heavyweight division forever, and he’s done a great job for himself, for his family, for the fans, for the Philippines, and for the Filipino people. That’s everything I want to do in my career.”

Capturing the gold is part of Bhullar’s 2020 masterplan.

Bhullar in his second fight with One Championship can become the Heavyweight Champion. Bhullar having the world class wrestling advantage.

2009 Arjan Bhullar was the Canada Wrestler of the Year!!! 2008 and 2009 was the NAIA Wrestling Champion for his weight class.

Gold Medal Winner at the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Member of the Canada National Team.

Bhullar trains with Daniel Cormier, Tai Tuivasa at American Kickboxing Academy.

Bhullar vs Vera will be a exciting fight that I’m excited to watch in the Spring of 2020. Passing to the torch moment for Arjan Bhullar become the One Championship Heavyweight Champion.

John Lineker vs Adriano Moraes One Championship

John Lineker shockingly released from the UFC and One Championship quickly signed him. Lineker 1-0 with One Championship defeating Muin Gafurov. Lineker fighting in the Bantamweight Division chasing Bibiano Fernandes for the title.

During his journey to the title can fight Adriano Moraes, Moraes moving up to the One Championship Bantamweight Division.

John Lineker vs Adriano Moraes would be hell of a fight that can headline a One Championship Main Event.

One Championship signed Lineker for a reason, Creating spectacle fights with him.

Lineker one of the best Bantamweights in the world against one of the best Flyweights in the world if Adriano Moraes wants to move up one weight class.

One of the biggest Bantamweight Fights in 2020.

Light Heavyweights One Championship Should Sign in 2020

Aung La Nsang and Vitor Belfort. Only two talented fighters in the Light Heavyweight division for One Championship. Good job Chatri. Aung La Nsang is one of the most underrated fighters in the world, Defending the Light Heavyweight Title. Needs tougher competition.

Tomasz Narkun

Tomasz Narkun fights for KSW(#1 European MMA Promotion) is the KSW Light Heavyweight Champion. Two wins over Mamed Khalidov one of the best European Fighters. Took a chance by fighting Phil De Fries(KSW Heavyweight Champion). One of the hottest Light Heavyweights in the world. Sign Narkun before UFC does.

Vinny Magalhaes

BJJ Blackbelt, PFL Light Heavyweight Title Contender. Light Heavyweight veteran be fun fight for One Championship fans. Aung La Nsang vs Vinny Magalhaes in Myanmar!!

Simon Biyong

Biyong signed a multi fight deal with Rizin. Simon Biyong is from Cameroon, Africa becoming a hot bed for MMA Talent.. Biyong potential to win the Rizin Light Heavyweight Title. UFC has there eyes on him and Chatri should steal and sign him to a long term deal. He’s a special talent.

Fabio Maldonado

Fought Fedor and “Lost” in Russia but that’s okay. Fabio is getting up their in age but he can challenge Aung La Nsang for the Light Heavyweight Title. Former UFC Fighter.

Oleg Olenichev

Russia hot bed of talent since the beginning. Always good to have Russians on your roster and Oleg Olenichev is the #1 Russia Light Heavyweight Prospect.

Kiamrian Abbasov Fights in 2020

One Championship new Welterweight Champion is Kiamrian Abbasov, 26 years old dominating Zebaztian Kadestam in his last fight. Abbasov part of the future for One Championship and will have some exciting fights in 2020 to continue building up his brand and “Legacy”.

Aung La Nsang

Right off the bat with a dream fight scenario is fighting the STAR Aung La Nsang One Championship Middleweight and Light Heavyweight Champion. Kiamrian Abbsasov believe it or not is actually bigger than Aung at six foot two. Won’t be a height disadvantage for Kiamrian Abbasov.

“Of course I want to fight with Aung La N Sang, but he will have to defend the title against my friend Vitaly Bigdash [first],” Abbasov said. “Let’s see what happens in that battle. We will see [if I fight N Sang] later.”

Kiamrian would be the underdog but I’d bet Kiamrian to win the fight.

James Nakashima

#1 Contender for the One Championship Welterweight Title is James Nakashima. 12-0 record with wins over Luis Santos and Yushin Okami!! Nakshima vs Kiamrian Abbasov will be one of the best Welterweight fights of 2020.

Definititely will be watching this fight on Bleacher Report or TNT. Once this fight gets uploaded on YouTube will get close to a million views on YouTube.

Reinier De Ridder

One Championship Middleweight Prospect is Netherlands own Reinier De Ridder. 3-0 with One Championship. 29 years old. Reinier is the #1 One Championship Middleweight, Contending for the title. He can fight for the title in 2020 and may defeat Aung La Nsang.

Reinier de Ridder vs Kiamrian Abbasov will be a sick fight.

Aung La Nsang vs Kiamrian Abbasov Future of 2020

Aung La Nsang One Championship STAR, Middleweight and Light Heavyweight Champion next fight may be against One Championship new welterweight champion after defeating Zebaztian Kadestam.

“Of course I want to fight with Aung La N Sang, but he will have to defend the title against my friend Vitaly Bigdash [first],” Abbasov said. “Let’s see what happens in that battle. We will see [if I fight N Sang] later.”

Kiamrian Abbasov 26 year old fresh face for One Championship be part of the future for One Championship. Newest star. Aung La Nsang vs Kiamrian Abbasov will be hell of a fight in 2020.

Aung La Nsang vs Vitaly Bigdash or Reinier de Ridder expect to be the fight options for Aung La Nsang. Defending his One Championship Middleweight Title. After defending his title he can fight Abbasov in a One Championship dream fight.

Abbasov needs to defend his One Championship Title against #1 contender James Nakashima. Former LFA Middleweight Champion. If Abbasov defeats Nakashima than we got ourselves a dream fight.

Gutsy move on Abbasov part by moving up in weight to fight one of the best fighters in the world. Hopefully in 2020 we see this fight. I’ll definitely watch it.

Xie Bin One Championship’s Future Featherweight Champion

China becoming a hotbed for MMA talent, Zhang Weili, Song Yadong, Li Jingliang are some of the best fighters from China and One Championship has Xie Bin. 22 Year Old Featherweight Prospect with a 8-2 record at 22 years old.

Xie Bin fights at the Featherweight Division and in the future will see Xie Bin win the One Championship Featherweight Title.

Most impressive win was his last by defeating Edward Kelly. One Championship Featherweight veteran with a 12-6 record. Big win for Xie Bin in his young career.

Talented ground game loves the D’Arce choke to death, Submitting his opponents three times.

2020 believe will be a breakout year for Xie Bing by beating “Tougher” Featherweights that are veterans or potential Featherweight champions.

Xie Bing aims to be the First Male from China to win a World Championship and with his talents, Drive he can definitely win the Featherweight Title in 2021 or 2022.

Looking forward to the 2020 season for Xie Bing.

Egypt’s First Pro MMA Champion Ahmed Faress

MMA Growing all over the world including Egypt. Egypt’s Top Prospect their is Ahmed Faress. Faress is 28 years old with a 16-3 record. Faress competed for Brave Combat Federation 1-2 record. Latest win was at the One Championship Warrior Series by defeating Alan Philpott with a rear naked choke.

Ahmed Faress One Championship

One Championship growing rapidly in ASIA signing prospects, Free Agents and A

hmed Faress will be the perfect fighter for One Championship. Faress competing in the stacked One Championship Lightweight division.

Faress can become a hero, Role model to the youth in Egypt as they get inspired to train Mix Martial Arts.

Ahmed Faress is a very good fighter and if he wins 3-5 times with One Championship he can challenge for the One Championship Lightweight Title.

Imagine if he wins the One Championship Lightweight Title it will be insane!!

Fights with Eddie Alvarez, Christian Lee, Eduard Folayang. Headlining One Championship Events in Africa, Singapore, Jakarta.

Right move for Ahmed Faress is to sign with One Championship.

ONE Championship Best Division is the Lightweight Division

One Championship, UFC of Asia rapidly growing as a MMA promotion signing top talent from Asia, Russia and around the world. Top talent such as Christian Lee, One Championship Lightweight champ at 21 years old. My opinion the Lightweight Division is the best division for One Championship and here’s why…

Christian Lee

Christian Lee FUTURE star for One Championship top ten Lightweight in the world, Defeated Shinya Aoki and Saygid Arslanaliev recently. 21 year old MMA fighters are training in the gym for their amateur debut but Christian Lee is the Lightweight Champion.

In the future Christian Lee will be ranked top 5 Lightweight in the world.

Eddie Alvarez

Eddie Alvarez took advantage of free agency, Signed with One Championship. Alvarez 36 years old has a couple years left in the tank before deciding to retire. Eddie Alvarez remains as a top ten Lightweight, Former UFC and Bellator Lightweight Champion. Focusing on winning the One Championship Lightweight Title to his collection.

Timofey Nastyukhin

Shocked the world by knocking out Eddie Alvarez in the 1st round. 30 years old with a 13-4 record potential One Championship Lightweight Champion!!

Shinya Aoki

Former One Championship Lightweight Champion, Dream Lightweight Champion. 36 years old, Aoki has time to compete and challenge for the One Championship Lightweight once again in the 2020 decade.

Iuri Lapicus

Rising Lightweight Prospect with a 14-0 record “challenging” Christian Lee for the One Championship Lightweight Title. Iuri is 24 years old, Defeated One Championship veteran Marat Gafurov. Trains at Team Leone Petrosyan( Giorgio Petrosyan gym).

Lee vs Lapicus is a exciting fight to watch and I hope it continues this summer or fall. Watch two of the Lightweight Prospects for One Championship..

Saygid Arslanaliev

Turkish 8-2 record defeated Timofey Nastyukhin, Ev Ting and Amir Khan. 25 Years Old upcoming fight is against Eddie Alvarez. Toughest fight of his life.

Top Division for One Championship

Lightweight division has several Lightweight veterans such as Eddie Alvarez, Shinya Aoki, Eduard Folayang and has future stars Christian Lee, Iuri Lapicus.

Can’t wait for the future fights in the One Championship Lightweight division.

Bibiano Fernandes Most Underrated Bantamweight

Bibiano Fernandes pioneer, Legendary Bantamweight from Brazil is one of the best Bantamweights in the world at 40 years old winning the Dream Featherweight Title, Dream Bantamweight Title and now the One Championship Bantamweight Title. Sadly unappreciated for his success as a Bantamweight.

One Championship Bantamweight success for Bibiano Fernandes is extremely underrated. 12-1 record( 8 total Bantamweight Title defenses) Four fights with Kevin Belingon. Understand the caliber of talent between One Championship and UFC is no comparison but Bibiano defeated the top fighters One Championship has to offer.

One Championship is the second or third best promotion in the world and Bibiano Fernandes is top 5 Bantamweight on the planet. Potential fights between Henry Cejudo, Kyoji Horiguchi, Darrion Caldwell, Jose Aldo will never happen because of his age.

Zero chance of Bibiano Fernandes becoming a free agent, Sign a three fight deal with Bellator, UFC will never happen but what MMA fans can appreciate is the tremendous CAREER of Bibiano Fernandes from Dream and One Championship.

ONE Championship 2020 Signings Wishlist

One Championship since signing Ben Asken, Eddie Alvarez, Demetrious Johnson One Championship has been a attractive destination for free agents and prospects. Exciting to see One Championship has a viable option for free agents and prospects at a high level!! Wishlist I have for One Championship to sign TOP free agents and prospects, Underrated fighters!!

Roberto Soldic

Roberto Soldic, World Class welterweight at 25 years old. KSW Welterweight, TOP 5 Welterweight not fighting for the UFC. One Championship signs Soldic they’re signing a STAR, One Championship Welterweight Champion.

Soldic sells out arenas in Poland and will sell out arenas in ASIA.

Stephen Loman

Stephen Loman Brave Combat Federation Bantamweight Champion #1 Brave CF fighter of all time. Loman is from the Philippines, Makes perfect sense for One Championship to sign Stephen Loman.

Loman wins over Frans Mlambo, Gary Mangat, Elias Boudegzdame and Louie Sanoudakis. Defeating 4 talented Bantamweight prospects.

Loman vs Bibiano Fernandes, Loman vs Lineker, Loman vs Belingon.

Mateusz Gamrot

Mateusz Gamrot 29 yeas old 15-0 record KSW Featherweight Champion, Defeated Norman Parke. Gamrot is 29 years old, Prime of his career. Time to sign with One Championship, Fight Martin Nguyen for the One Championship Featherweight Title.

Rafa Garcia

25 year old Combate Americas Lightweight Champion. #1 Lightweight Prospect in Latin America and the United States. In the future One Championship wants to have events in the Americas and no perfect fighter would it be to sign Rafa Garcia.

Tomasz Narkun

Narkun KSW Light Heavyweight Champion at 30 years old, Prime age for fighters. Narkun defeated top Europe prospects, Brazilians, Former UFC Fighters in his KSW Career. Potential fight Narkun vs Aung La Nsang if Tomasz Narkun decides to sign with One Championship.

Hottest Light Heavyweight prospect on the market.

Luan Santiago

Pride was well known for there Brazilian fighters and the tradition of Brazilian fighters in Asia can transition to One Championship. Luan Santiago 25 year old Lightweight who fights for Brave CF, Former Brave CF Lightweight Champion is the next wave of talent in Brazil.

Luan Santiago hottest Brazilian prospect. Imagine him fighting in the stacked One Championship Lightweight division.

Luan Santiago vs Eddie Alvarez. Luan Santiago vs Christian Lee.

One Championship Women’s Division Future

Miesha Tate pioneer of Women’s MMA transitioned to executive role at One Championship, Goal and focus building up the One Championship Women’s roster to compete with UFC and Bellator. Angela Lee is leading the charge for One Championship but in my opinion lack talent.

One Championship, Chatri Sityodtong( President of One Championship) wants to compete with UFC and Bellator they desperately need to build the women’s roster!! They have the capital to sign UFC, Bellator women free agents and have them become stars, Winning titles.

Sign the top FEMALE prospects in the world, Present the future and are heroes(role models) to the female fans in Asia and the Middle East.

Be really amazing to see One Championship spend millions of dollars signing free agents and prospects, Having the argument about having the best women’s stable of talent in the world. Can go neck and neck with UFC/ Bellator in the future, Years to come.

Building the women’s roster will only help, Increase the brand of One Championship for the 2020 decade. NEEDS to be a goal for Chatri and his team to expand the women’s divisions.

Future Stars for One Championship

One Championship growing rapidly since 2011 signing future champions Aung La Nsang, Bibiano Fernandes, Brandon Vera to build the brand of One Championship. One Championship continues to sign fighters across the world, Some are the future for One Championship as there the ones to expand the brand of One Championship.

Christian Lee

Christian Lee is the One Championship Lightweight Champion, 21 Years Old!! #1 Future Star for One Championship when One Championship begins to expand to Europe, Africa, North America, South America. He’ll be the main event headliner defending the Lightweight Title.

Christian Lee has beaten Shinya Aoki, Legend of Rizin, Bellator and Dream!! Incredible at a young age he defeated Shinya Aoki and is a champion for a top 3 MMA Promotion.

Watch out for Christian Lee in the next five years when One Championship continues to sign the top available Lightweight free agents!!

Reinier de Ridder

Dutch Middleweight 12-0 record at 29 years old, Prime of his career. 3-0 with One Championship is fighting Aung La Nsang next and has a very high possibility to beat Aung La Nsang. Reinier can fight on main events in Europe.

James Nakashima

James Nakashima former LFA Welterweight Champion is 3-0 with One Championship at 31 years old. Potential to be One Welterweight Champion and become a star. Fighting the top welterweights One Championship has to offer.

Iuri Lapicus

Romanian Lightweight 14-0 record (2-0) with One Championship. 24 years old is a rising star and was supposed to fight Christian Lee for the Lightweight Title.

Iuri before fighting for One Championship was one of the best Welterweight prospects in the world.

Angela Lee

Angela Lee 23 years old is Christian Lee’s sibling. Angela is extremely talented as the One’s Women Atomweight Champion. Next decade will see One Championship sign the top Women free agents in the years to come and Angela Lee will fight them.

One Championship Welterweight James Nakashima 2020 Next Fights

James Nakashima LFA Welterweight Champion is NOW 3-0 with One Championship. Nakashima is one of the One Championship Prospects that’s going to have an exciting 2020 season potential becoming a One Championship Welterweight Champion!! What fight will take James Nakashima to the One Championship Welterweight Title Shot?

James Nakashima vs Agilan Thani

Aglian Thani Malaysia Prospect is 10-4 with One Championship. 24 years old. Top 3 One Championship Welterweight Prospect. Prospect vs Prospect!! Agilan Thani potential Welterweight Champion fighting James Nakashima would be a very exciting fight to watch.

Zebaztian Kadestam vs James Nakashima

Zebaztian Kadestam former One Championship Welterweight Champion be a tough but interesting fight for James Nakashima. Veteran of One Championship. Contender fight for the One Championship Welterweight Title.

Giorgio Petrosyan vs Marat Grigorian One Championship Lightweight Title Fight

Kickboxing is a very underrated combat sport that doesn’t get a lot of recognition. One Championship Lightweight Title Fight between Giorgio Petrosyan and Glory Kickboxing Lightweight Champion be a cross promotion fight for the AGES. Two of the best Kickboxers in the world fighting each other.

ASIA particularly appreciates Combat Sports. One Championship the second best MMA organization in the world has Kickboxing Events. Signing some of the best Kickboxers in the world including Giorgio Petrosyan and signing Marat Griogrian the Glory Kickboxing Lightweight Champion would be the biggest signing in Kickboxing history.

Giorgio Petrosyan vs Marat Grigorian would be a Kickboxing Main Event with millions of views all across the world. Joe Rogan promoting the fight on his podcast. One Championship Promoting the fight on the Ariel Helwani Show. Marketing the One Championship Lightweight Title Fight of the Year on social media.

Petrosyan vs Grigorian Main Event in Singapore, Tokyo, Manila.

Eddie Alvarez return fight against Shinya Aoki One Championship

Eddie Alvarez injured post Eduard Folayang Fight, Supposed to face Saygid Arslaniev for the One Championship Lightweight Grand Prix Alvarez now is 100% healthy able to fight in the next several months. Perfect fight for the Eddie Alvarez return would be against Shinya Aoki!!

Eddie Alvarez vs Shinya Aoki happened twice and a trilogy fight for One Championship would be interesting fight to watch. Hardcore fans from the 2000’s would watch this fight on Bleacher Report and TNT.

Alvarez vs Aoki be a Main Event fight for One Championship. One Championship Reign of Dynasties is on April 10th. Main Event fight is Demetrious Johnson vs Adriano Moraes and the Co-Main Event SHOULD be Eddie Alvarez vs Shinya Aoki.

Story behind Alvarez and Aoki with the two fights in the past, Two Pioneers of the second wave Lightweight Division. One Championship talk about their fighters as HEROES and you have two heroes in Alvarez and Aoki.

Two heroes that should fight each other in the Spring of 2020.

Iuri Lapicus vs Timofey Nastyukhin ONE CHAMPIONSHIP 2020

Iuri Lapicus rising in the One Championship Lightweight Division defeated Marat Gafurov at One Championship: Warrior’s Code showing the One Championship fans his potential!! What’s next for Iuri Lapicus is a fight against Timofey Nastyukhin, Fight that will be scheduled in several months in 2020.

Iuri Lapicus part of the future for One Championship 14-0 with two wins with One Championship. Lapicus before One Championship was a top Welterweight Prospect.

Nastyukhin jumped on the scene when KO over Eddie Alvarez at Eddie Alvarez debut, Shocking the world. Timofey Nastyukhin is no joke and proved every one wrong. Timofey hasn’t fought since Eddie Alvarez and needs to fight soon to build his value and stock again!!

Timofey fighting a young hungry One Championship Lightweight definitely a fight everybody wants to see. Timofey a potential One Championship Lightweight Champion and he’s in the prime of his career. Win over Iuri Lapicus will put Timofey in conversation for a Lightweight Title Shot.

Iuri Lapicus defeats Timofey Nastyukhin be an incredible win and move Lapicus up the One Championship Lightweight Rankings!

Stephen Loman One Championship signing in 2020?

Stephen Loman Brave Combat Federation Bantamweight Champion is a top Bantamweight Prospect in the world. Defeated top Bantamweight Prospects in Gary Mangat(One Championship Fighter), Frans Mlambo, Louie Sanoudakis. Time for Loman to sign with One Championship and become the One Bantamweight Champion.

Stephen Loman from the Philippines and trains at the Lakay Central Gym( #1 Gym in the Philippines) . One Championship has events in the Philippines all the time, One of their main cities!!

Stephen Loman fit well in the One Championship Bantamweight division fighting against Bibiano Fernandes, John Lineker, Kevin Belingon. Fighting some of the best bantamweights in the world, Better competition compared to Brave CF.

Top 10 MMA Prospects 2020 UFC, Bellator or One Championship signs

MMA talent keeps on growing since MMA exploded in 2005. The young talent now is insane with Edmen Shabazyan, Maycee Barber, Christian Lee, AJ McKee JR, Zabit Magomedsharipov. All over the world is prospects that can be potential UFC/ Bellator/ One Championship champions.

Andres Quintana

Andres Quintana top Featherweight Prospect from the United States is the Combate Americas Featherweight Champion. 28 years old, Time for Quintana to get the call from UFC/ Bellator. World class fighter with tremendous potential.

Salahdine Parnasse

Wrote about Parnasse couple times he’s a special talent and shows what’s possible. Future of MMA. Parnasse all around fighter at 22 years old. Latest win most impressive defeating Ivan Buchinger. Buchinger was one of the best European MMA Fighters, Decorated European fighter champion in multiple European MMA organizations.

Roberto Soldic

Roberto Soldic the next Mirko Cro Cop is the KSW Welterweight Champion. #1 Welterweight Prospect in the World. Beaten the top European MMA prospects in dramatic fashion. Next step for Roberto Soldic is to fight for a top 3 MMA Organization.

Diego Lopes

Diego Lopes 25 year old Featherweight. Lux Fight League Featherweight Champion. Lopes part of the next wave of Brazilian UFC fighters. Definitely see Lopes fight on the Dana White Contender Series.

Brett Martin

UFC desperate for the youth in the Heavyweight division and Brett Martin 25 years old is the #1 Heavyweight Prospect. Watch out for Brett Martin in 2020. Won the LFA Heavyweight Tournament. Fighting for the Legacy Fighting Alliance.

Rafa Garcia

Rafa Garcia Combate Americas Lightweight Champion, 25 years old reminds me of Eddie Alvarez that gritty and tough fighter. #1 Lightweight Prospect.

Mariya Agapova

Mariya Agapova #1 Women Flyweight Prospect definitely will be signed in 2020. Bellator, UFC needs more Women Flyweights and it will be a competition to sign her.

Simon Biyong

Africa is becoming a hot wave for talent. Simon Biyong 28 years old is the Extreme Fighting Championship Light Heavyweight Champion. Beat Vitaly Shemetov in his Rizin debut watch out for Biyong in 2020.

Kyle Daukaus

Kyle Daukaus in 2019 fought on the Dana White Contender Series but didn’t get signed by the UFC. Top Middleweight Prospect at 26 years old. CFFC Middleweight Champion.

Igeu Kabesa

Africa becoming the Russia of MMA with champions such as Israel Adesanya, Kamaru Usman and potential champion Francis Ngannou. Igeu Kabesa Extreme Fighting Championship Featherweight Champ, Record of 12-1. Kabesa extremely talented fighter!!

Eddie Alvarez One Championship Fight Options 2020

Eddie Alvarez 1-1 with One Championship lost to Timofey Nastyukhin and second fight beat Eduard Folayang. Sadly injured was unable to fight the prodigy Christian Lee for the One Championship Lightweight Title. However announced on the Ariel Helwani show he’s fully healthy and ready to go, What’s next for Eddie Alvarez?

Shinya Aoki

Shinya Aoki former Dream Lightweight Champion and former One Championship Lightweight Champion lost to Eddie Alvarez at Bellator 66. and defeated Eddie Alvarez at Fields Dynamite. Shinya Aoki is 36 years old same age as Eddie Alvarez.

Timofey Nastyukhin

Timofey Nastyukhin defeated Eddie Alvarez in his One Championship return knocking out Alvarez. One of the best Lightweights not in the UFC.

Bibiano Fernandes

Bibiano Fernandes One Championship Bantamweight Champion, Dream Featherweight Champion. 24-4 record. One of the BANTAMWEIGHTS in the world.

Christian Lee

MMA prodigy, One Championship Lightweight Champion. 21 years old beat Shinya Aoki. He’s a special talent and the future for MMA. Love to see a Lightweight Title Fight Main Event Eddie Alvarez vs Christian Lee. First fight in the United States. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.