Sean Brady Loss is Learning Experience Guarantee Bounce Back

Sean Brady earned his first loss in UFC career, Losing to Belal Muhammad. Predicted Brady to remain victorious but Belal Muhammad surprised me with pace, striking, defending takedowns.

Watching Belal Muhammad vs Brady seems Muhammad step ahead on everything, Second gear while Brady most likely felt the pressure of fighting in Dubai, Facing top five welterweight. Wasn’t Sean Brady’s night but congratulations to Muhammad for winning.

Losses might devastate a fighter, Never return the same but Brady truly believe will strongly return. Words of Friedrich Nietzsche “what does not kill me makes me stronger.”

Guarantee Brady returns quickly to Marquez MMA, Watching film with Daniel Gracie, Easy recovery workouts and humbly improve his All-Around sills. Taking his talent to next level.

“This pain I’m feeling in my heart is horrible it burns but at the end of the day I’m healthy and my family is healthy and I know I will come back better than ever. I have to make some changes and get out of my comfort zone. “

Tweak his boxing combinations with Jarron Ennis and father Derrick “Bozy” Ennis on weekly basis, Improve overall striking game, Improve takedown style and will watch IMPROVED Sean Brady.

Absorbing advice from Eddie Alvarez, Take advantage of Pennsylvania wrestling programs from Penn State, Pittsburgh, Penn University to make those minor wrestling adjustments to control his upcoming opponent. Great wrestling added with his submission grappling ability he’ll become a monster.

Fix the small fundamental errors that will make Brady future title contender, Not about completely changing everything.

Potential Matchups

Welterweight division is booked right now with upcoming fights. Expect Brady to fight in Winter of 2023, Physically and mentally relax.

Potential matchup idea #1 is facing Vicente Luque. Both fighters recently lost to Belal Muhammad, Both fighters need a win. Brady test his boxing ability against one of the best boxers in the welterweight division. Luque win against similar opponent Michael Chiesa. Coming from great gym in Kill Cliff FC sparring partners with Usman, Burns.

Defeating Luque boost in confidence #9th ranked Welterweight while Brady placement ahead.

Potential matchup idea #2– Kevin Holland or Geoff Neal. Holland fighting Wonderboy Thompson in insanely tough matchup. Holland weakness is grappling and Brady can take advantage. Become the Hammer instead of the nail, Will see what Holland is made of. Geoff Neal has the first round KO power but believe Brady can dominate.

Strong bounce back fight and Brady will regain that confidence, Earning title contender spot in 2023.

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