MMA Prospects to Watch in 2022

Fastest growing sport Mix Martial Arts continues to get better talent wise with so many ideas on training, Winning fighting styles. Sport is only getting better with so many talented fighters looking to pursue there dreams by signing with UFC or Bellator.

Andres Quintana

2018 Copa Combate Featherweight Champion. #1 United States Featherweight prospect returned to the ring at Fury FC 53 in a masterful performance against Edwin Chavez.

Two year layoff because of Covid surprised UFC or Bellator didn’t sign him but he’s a VERY GOOD Featherweight mini version of Max Holloway.

Quintana right now can come in on a short notice fight or fight on the UFC prelims against a top 30 UFC Featherweight.

All the experience in the world fighting for the biggest Latin American MMA Promotion Combate Americas, Fought on the Ultimate Fighter.

18-3 record at 30 years old.

Salahdine Parnasse

Number one European Featherweight prospect is part of the Golden Age of French MMA. One of the biggest stars in European MMA is a world class KSW Featherweight Champion.

Regained his title against Daniel Torres in a dominant performance.

Parnasse right now has a 16-1-1 record fighting for the biggest European MMA promotion KSW.

“With KSW we’re at the top of the mountain and they really want to create a star,” Parnasse said. “With the UFC I would probably be just another fighter.”

UFC wants to hit the biggest markets in the world and Paris is definitely one of them. MMA is legal in France. Ciryl Gane Interim UFC Heavyweight Champion is born and raised in France and the next great fighter out of France is Salahdine Parnasse.

Right deal offered no better place than fighting for UFC, Building your brand on the biggest stage. Becoming a UFC Featherweight Title Challenger or maybe continue to get better staying put at KSW fighting the best featherweights in Europe.

Rustam Kerimov

Former ACA Bantamweight Champion, Petr Yan is the best Bantamweight in the world one of my favorite fighters right now. Magomed Magomedov former ACB Bantamweight Champion is currently fighting for Bellator.

Rustam Kerimov can be next to sign with UFC or Bellator. Former ACA Bantamweight Champion tested free agency but bad luck because of Covid was having trouble but hopefully regaining his title against current ACA Bantamweight Champion Magomed Bibulatov that will attract suitors.

Kerimov is just too good to pass up, Great wrestling, Good striker, Nasty ground game. No brainer for Dana or Scott Coker to sign him.

Yusuf Raisov

Remember the name Yusuf “Wolf” Raisov he’s a world class fighter recently moving up to welterweight formerly fought in the ACA Lightweight division.

One of the best Welterweights in the world right now. UFC or Bellator welterweight division is in a rude awakening.

Raisov is an absolute monster, Reminds me of Robert Whittaker and Matt Hughes.

Last fought Alexey Makhno at AMC 103 as the headliner in the summer of 2021. Looking forward to Raisov next fight maybe for ACA as he makes a run for the ACA Welterweight title.

One more fight for Raisov with ACA just to get used to fighting in Welterweight than I’d love to see him sign with UFC

UFC Welterweight division is always the best and Raisov can add to the division’s consistency of greatness.

  • 18-2 record
  • 26 years old
  • 9 finishes
  • Win against Luis Palomino
  • Win against former Ultimate Fighter Andre Winner
  • Former ACA Featherweight Champion DEFEATED Marat Balaev

Roberto Soldic

Face of KSW and the new age of Croatian MMA. Outside of the UFC & Bellator is one of the best fighters in the world.

Current KSW Welterweight Champion, Special All-Around talent coming off the biggest win by defeating the Polish legend Mamed Khalidov by a second round knockout. Winning the KSW Middleweight Title.

Accomplished everything you can outside of the UFC big wins against very talented fighters.

Time to sign with UFC and fight the best Welterweights in the world.

Needs to happen as Fedor, Bibiano Fernandes, Igor Vovchanchyn, Mamed Khalidov never fought in the UFC and it would be a heartbreaker for MMA fans to not see Soldic face Colby Covington, Chimaev.

Anthony Romero

Former King of the Cage star, Former Ohio Combat League Lightweight Champion. Fought on the Contender Series back in 2020.

Currently fighting for Fury FC looking to get another opportunity fighting for the Contender Series.

Calculated taekwondo/kickboxing fighting style similar to the way Peter Yan, Umar Nurmagomedov, Conor McGregor.

Smooth crisp striker that I appreciate watching. He belongs in the UFC right now or either fight for Bellator. Scott Coker will gradually build up one of the best Lightweight prospects.

  • 10-1 record 24 years old
  • #1 New York Lightweight

Azamat Kerefov

Azamat Kerefov #1 Flyweight prospect is the ACA Flyweight Champion. One of the best Russian prospects in recent years.

Twice defended his flyweight title twice, Deserves to sign with the UFC as for ACA. ACB fighters would sign with the UFC, Bellator, PFL such as Petr Yan, Askar Askarov, Magomed Magomedov, Brendan Loughane, Bubba Jenkins.

Kerefov is a tank of a flyweight, Fighting for the UFC flyweight division he’d have one of the biggest punches. Taking advantage of his strength against flyweights, Putting pressure on flyweights that aren’t able to deal with his pace and strength.

Time is now for Kerefov at 30 years old ACA Flyweight Champion to fight for UFC, Bellator or One Championship. Accepting the deal best possible but have the world appreciate his high level skills.

Jordan Vucenic

Cage Warriors Featherweight Champion coming off the best win and one of the best fights of the year against Morgan Charriere. Must Watch fight to watch!!

Vucenic reminds me of a Dan Hooker, Kelvin Gastelum, Daniel Weichel.

Vucenic is one of the best Featherweight prospects in the world right now because of the high level opponents he has beaten. Memorable fights to watch in 2021.

Being a Cage Warriors Champion is an accomplishment in itself as many European prospects want to become CW champion as it will help attract the UFC.

Next fight for Jordan is against former opponent Paul Hughes at Cage Warriors 134. Wins this fight and will get signed by the UFC.

Solomon Renfro

Athletes who would’ve been became high school football star are transferring over to MMA. Solomon Renfro is a high level athlete in the later year of 2021 became a rising prospect.

Fighting for one of the best regional promotions in the world in Cage Fury Fighting Championship. Fought on the Dana White Contender Series losing in a split decision.

Raw talent as he’s only 24 years old and is only getting better. Wait for Renfro to win the Cage Fury Fighting Championship, Fight on the Dana White Contender Series.

“I just feel like I’m getting better every single day – I’m leveling up – and so do my coaches and teammates. Everything is just starting to come together. I’m finishing guys more and more in the gym. I’m finishing guys more and more in everything. I’m winning every competition I’m competing in, whether it be sprints, strength and conditioning, anything. Just focusing on being a winner and finishing – and finishing the right way.”

Apti Bimarzaev

I love this fighter to death, Sambo fighting style. Number one prospect coming out of Belarus.

Making a run for the ACA Featherweight title, Reminds me of Yaroslav Amosov a lot.

Everytime Apti Bimarzaev fights I’m always tuning in because he’s a high level all around talent that UFC and Bellator fans need to watch. He’s so good.

Doesn’t really have finishes but more about drowning his opponent to exhaustion.

Major wins against Luis Palomino, Elismar Lima, Tural Ragimov.

#1 Russian Featherweight prospect on says a lot and he trains with killers at Akhmat Fight Club. Training with the best Russian prospects on a daily basis.

Mehdi Dakaev

Friendship circle of Khabib Nurmagomedov, Born and raised in Chechen is one of the Russian Lightweights right now.

Extremely talented fighter fights similar to Umar Nurmagomedov and Usman Nurmagomedov. Focused more on leg kicks and accurate striking. Leading to a KO.

Current Eagles Fighting Championship Lightweight Champion, Defending his title twice.

  • 14-2
  • 26 years old
  • EFC Lightweight Champion

Phumi Nkuta

Accomplishment to become a CFFC Champion as Cage Fury Fighting Championship is one of the best regional promotions.

Phumi Nkuta is the next version of Aljamain Sterling as he currently trains with him at Serra Longo. Bunch of sparring partners he trains with besides ALJO on a daily basis.

Nkuta is quietly flying under the radar as there’s so many high level flyweights in Russia, Chechen, Europe but Nkuta can be a bunch of flyweights right now.

Expect a few more CFFC Flyweight title defenses and by fall of 2022 we can see Nkuta sign with UFC as they gladly will take him. They know he comes from a great champ in Long Island.

26 years old only has 4 fights, No need to rush right now. Defend your CFFC Flyweight title and keep training. UFC is definitely aware who you are.

“I want to compete against the best guys in the world to prove I’m the best in the world right now,” Nkuta said. “Jason Eastman is the best 125er we can find outside of the UFC. He’s got a couple of finishes underneath his belt, couple of good wins. Tough guy. He’s a scrapper. He can grapple. He can strike. But come on, man. At the end of the day, man, I’m ‘Turbo’ Phumi Nkuta. I’m one of the best in the world, and I’m champion for a reason.

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