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JP Buys Earned Second Chance on Contender Series

JP Buys since losing on the Dana White Contender Series went on a 4 fight winning streak becoming Extreme Fighting Championship Bantamweight Champion. Latest win at LFA 78 earned him the right to fight on the Dana White Contender Series.

JP Buys now fighting Jacob Silva on Week 10 of the Dana White Contender Series at Flyweight. Looking forward to watch Buys return because he’s a super talented Bantamweight/Flyweight prospect with a entertaining pressure fighting style.

Fit well in the UFC Flyweight Division if rewarded the contract.

“I want to thank the UFC, I want to thank Mick, I want to thank my coach, It’s not often where you get guys you multiple chances, I mean it’s all been out of my control but yeah I’m really grateful that they keep giving me the opportunity and I’m really excited to showcase my skills set and hopefully impress them and make it worth their while. “

” I see myself winning by a finish to be honest you know.”

JP Buys dealing with adversity from visas that lead to two fight cancellations against Nate Smith but Buys believed that he’ll get the contract.

” I know my time is going to come and at the end of the day when the time is right things will fall in place for you.”

Non stop grinding at Fortis MMA & Coach Quan University waiting for the opportunity to fight on the Contender Series.

Now JP Buys is making his dream a reality, One step close for fighting for the UFC. Being a provider for his future family as him and Cheyanne Buys can both fight for the UFC.

Bellator Must Steal Nikolas Motta

Dana White Contender Series Week 9 had some talented fighters such as Nikolas Motta CFFC Lightweight Champion who had a slug fest win against former CFFC Lightweight Champion Joseph Lowry.

Motta looked impressive in the short notice fight but still needs work, Gotta be more defensive because against high level strikers he’ll get knocked out. Leaving himself a little open for the easy shots.

On the other hand Nikolas Motta is a KILLER from Brazil. He’s a potential title contender and since Dana White didn’t offer the UFC contract, Scott Coker can offer the Bellator contract.

Be a big mistake if Bellator doesn’t sign Motta. Motta is only going to progress from here as he’s entering the prime of his career at 27 years old. No better than to sign Motta as he can face the world class Bellator Featherweights. Showing what he’s truly made of.

Imagine what Nikolas Motta can do to Bellator Lightweights with a full training camp, Being that killer that he says he is.

Motta has wins over Lowry, Juan Gonzalez, Cesar Balmaceda, Joe Solecki. I’d love to see him fight Brent Primus, Adam Piccolotti, Jaleel Willis in his beginning Bellator fights if he signs with Bellator.

Bellator definitely NEEDS to sign Nikolas Motta.

Lowry vs Motta Week 9 Contender Series Fight to Watch

Joseph Lowry former CFFC Lightweight Champion, 9-1 record, Top Northeast Lightweight prospect is fighting Nikolas Motta 11-3 record, CFFC Lightweight Champion, Contestant on the Dana White Contender Series.

Obviously Dana White Contender Series doesn’t award fight of the night bonuses but Lowry vs Motta is a GREAT FIGHT to watch. Two of the best Lightweight Prospects in the world. Former CFFC Lightweight Champions fighting each other.

Joseph Lowry fighting for a second chance on the Dana White Contender Series. Looking for that UFC contract.

Nikolas Motta traveling from Brazil to New Jersey to train at Ricardo Almeida Jiu-Jitsu. Now can get awarded a UFC contract with a knock out, submission win. Living the American Dream, Next Brazilian to sign with the UFC.

Definitely will be paying attention to this fight that can be on the prelims of a UFC Fight Night or a Bellator prelims. I have no clue who wins this fight!!

Adrian Yanez Make Father Proud Tonight

Adrian Yanez miniature version of Jorge Masvidal, Dana White Contender Series alumni with one of the fastest knock outs is making his UFC debut tonight against Alaska FC Bantamweight Champion Victor Rodriguez.

Yanez looking for a first round exciting finish in his UFC debut, To impress Dana White but also Yanez father whose looking far above as his father always believed he can sign with the UFC.

“Whenever my dad would drive me to practice, on the freeway that we would take we’d see the Toyota Center in Houston and he’d tell me, ‘You’re gonna be fighting in there one day,’” recalled Yanez. “My dad had that much belief in me before I even went pro. He knew I was gonna be here.” 


Fought his way to the UFC, Never giving up on his dream to the UFC. Making his dream a reality.

“Right after the fight I had that ‘whoa’ factor that I hit my dream,” he said. “My dream was to get a UFC contract and for me to hit that goal was amazing. I was on this high. And then the next day when I woke up, I went back home and I had this switch where I said, I’m here, but my next thing I have to do is to prove that I belong. So it’s not even a glow; I’m still trying to prove my worth and October 31st, I’m gonna go in there and show everybody that I belong here.”


October 31st Yanez fighting on the prelims underneath his favorite fighter Anderson Silva. Couldn’t be a better way to make a UFC debut. 50k bonus showing a Spider Silva display of striking.

Southeast MMA Prospects to Keep An Eye on in 2020

Looked through Tapology. Com US Southeast Pound for Pound rankings, Researching prospects who have the potential to be successful fighters in UFC or Bellator. There’s some talented young fighters in the South to keep an eye on.

Said Sowma

6-1 record Said Sowma at 27 years old is the Titan FC Heavyweight Champion after recently defeating Bobby Brents with a 17-7 record. #1 Heavyweight in Florida. In the next season of the Dana White Contender Series will see Said Sowma appear or get a long term deal with Bellator. He’s one of the top Heavyweight prospects.

Shaheen Santana

Shaheen Santana 29 year old Lightweight prospect with a 6-0 record is flying under the radar as the MMA Gym he trains at MMA Masters is flying under the radar as well. Trains with Ricardo Lamas, Rafael Alves, Miguel Baeza and I believe used to train with Colby Covington as well. Talented Jiu-Jitsu game with Five Submissions.

AJ Fletcher

AJ Fletcher 23 year old Welterweight Prospect with a 5-0 career. Rising prospect because of his success in the regional scene, Last win was against Christopher Anthony 10-9 record. Fletcher is part of the future for Louisiana MMA as he becomes one of the best Southeast MMA prospects.

Justin Vazquez

Justin Vazquez 5-1 record at 28 years old top 20 Featherweight in Florida, Top 200 Featherweight in the United States. Born and raised in New York City but trains in Miami, Florida at Freedom Fighters with some talented prospects as well. Definitely a rising MMA Gym in Florida.

William Meyer Top Ten MMA Prospects October 2020

Talent has never been better in MMA. High caliber athletes transferring into MMA. MMA has come a long way in a short amount of time. All over the world there’s future UFC & Bellator Champions such as…

Andres Quintana

Andres Quintana #1 Featherweight prospect in the United States was the former Combate Americas Featherweight Champion. Currently 29 years old, In the prime of his career with a 18-3 record. Accomplished everything on the regional scene. Time to get signed by the UFC or Bellator!!

Anthony Romero

Anthony Romero Lightweight Prospect fought on the Dana White Contender Series but didn’t get the contract. Even though he didn’t get the offer, Romero is one of the best Lightweight prospects in the world. Since UFC isn’t signing him time to sign with Bellator.

Romero is only 23 years old as well. He’ll have a long promising UFC or Bellator career!!

Rafa Garcia

Requested his release from his former promotion Combate Americas as he accomplished everything for them and wants to challenge himself with the best of the best!! 12-0 record at 25 years old . #1 Lightweight prospect in Latin America!! Hope he signs with the UFC!!

Melissa Martínez

Melissa Martínez Combate Americas Flyweight Strawweight Champion. One of the best strawweight prospects in the world. No doubt doesn’t she get signed by the UFC. Her time is coming as she’s highly ranked on tapology. Com!!

Roberto Soldic

A fighter I wrote about several times because of his success in one of the best MMA promotions, KSW. Soldic is 25 years old with a 17-3 record. Easily one of the best Welterweights not in the UFC. I hope the UFC, Bellator or One Championship signs him. Fighting the best of the best fighters!!

Salahdine Parnasse

French MMA prodigy, Salahdine Parnasse is one of my favorite prospects to watch. The kid is only 22 years old and masterfully defeated one of the most successful European fighters in Ivan Buchinger. KSW Featherweight Champion has a 14-0 record. Looking forward to his next couple fights with KSW against tough fighters from Europe or MMA veterans!!

Khusein Askhabov

Khusein Askhabov impressive record of 20-0 as one of the best Bantamweights in the world. Fights for #1 MMA promotion WFFC in Ukraine. Wins over successful Brazilian fighters, European fighters. Basically dominating them as he’s an all around fighter. Trains at Tiger Muay Thai and American Top Team. Why Askhabov isn’t fighting for the UFC or Bellator is beyond me.

Joanderson Brito

Joanderson Brito #1 Brazilian MMA prospect in the Lightweight division is one of the best Lightweight prospects in the world. Traveled to Val, Colorado to fight José Mariscal at LFA 65 with a high reel knock out. Will see Brito the 25 year old sign with the UFC. Next generation of Brazilians.

Mochamed Machaev

Mochamed Machaev is a very underrated MMA prospect who fights for Brave CF which is now becoming a MMA hotbed of talent. Machaev is only 20 years old with a winover Shoaib Yousaf.

Igeu Kabesa

Igeu Kabesa #1 Africa Prospect is the Extreme Fighting Championship Featherweight Champion. Multiple time wrestling champion. Successful wins over Karlo Caput, Peter Queally, Danny Henry. One day will see him have successful wins over UFC or Bellator fighters as well. 26 years old, Time is now to fight against the best Featherweights in the world!!

These fighters I listed aren’t ranked in no specific order there just my favorite mma prospects all over the world. Hope they fight for UFC, Bellator or even One Championship!!

Ludovit Klein Future UFC Featherweight Title Contender

Ludovit Klein underrated Slovakian MMA featherweight prospect, Similar to Calvin Kattar defeated Shane Young in the first round of his UFC debut.

Impressive UFC debut for Ludovit Klein as HE DOMINATED Shane Young with his boxing skills as Klein was a Amateur Boxing Champion in his native land Slovakia. That’s why I say Klein is very similar to Calvin Kattar as both are talented boxers.

The 25 year old Slovakian is the newest Featherweight prospect to keep an eye on, One day I guarantee you will become a UFC Featherweight Title Contender.

Like Jon Anik said “Ludovit Klein puts Slovakia on the map.” I couldn’t agree more as Klein shows there MMA prospects to sign from Slovakia.

“This is everything for me. My dream (was) to be the first Slovakian to go in the UFC and I am here now. All of Slovakia will watch me because this is a big, big moment for my country and for me.”


Ludovit Klein will pave the way for future Slovakian MMA fighters as he rises for the remaining year of 2020. Looking forward to his next fights in the UFC because he blown me away in his UFC debut.

Friday Night’s MMA Prospects to Watch September 25th

Everyone is excited for UFC 253 Adesanya vs Costa, The fight is finally here and I’m looking forward to it tomorrow night but there’s regional promotions with top prospects from all over the world fighting Friday night.

Said Sowma

Said Sowma top Heavyweight prospect from Florida is fighting Bobby Brents at Titan FC 64 in the Main Event. Said Sowma looking to be the future Titan FC Heavyweight Champion by beating Bobby Brents a Heavyweight with a record of 17-7.

Said Sowma is only 27 years old, Winning the Titan FC Heavyweight Title will help him go to the Dana White Contender Series when it returns.

Jack Cartwright

Jack Cartwright 25 year old #1 United Kingdom Bantamweight prospect is defending his Cage Warriors Bantamweight title against Gerardo Fanny. Fanny has a 9-1 record at 26 years old.

Cartwright with a impressive win tonight, He’ll be no longer defending his Cage Warriors Bantamweight Title as he gets signed by the UFC or Bellator.

Nariman Abbasov

Nariman Abbasov record of 24-3 top Ten Russian Lightweight prospect is defending his Fight Nights Global Lightweight Title against Mikhail Gogitidze. Fighter with a record of 14-8. Nariman Abbasov is only 26 years old with a bright future around him.

Definitely on the UFC radar.

Jose Torres At Brave CF 42 Will Show Why He’s One of the Best Flyweights

Jose Torres former UFC Flyweight, Former Titan FC Flyweight Champion is competing in the first ever Brave CF Flyweight Tournament and looking to be the Brave CF Flyweight Champion.

“Shorty” Torres is fighting CFFC Flyweight Champion Sean Santella. Toughest fight to date for Jose Torres but he’ll be more than ready to fight Sean Santella.

‘’This fight would be the typical striker vs grappler fight, but I can do it all. I’m excited to knock him out on the feet, in the first round. I am here to make a statement. Especially since it’s been like 16 or 17 months since my last fight, it is also a statement for myself. I’m going to push the pace, I’m going to be relentless on all three round, but I think it will be a first-round TKO all day’’.


Torres defeating the CFFC Flyweight Champion would be a significant win in his MMA career period. Gaining confidence as he moves on to the Semi-Final of the Brave CF Flyweight Tournament.

Kenny Cross vs Kevin Syler Contender Series Fight to Watch

Kenny Cross vs Kevin Syler is the first fight on week 3 of the Dana White Contender Series. If the Contender Series gave out rewards for Fight of the Night this be my prediction for fight of the night.

Two talented Lightweight prospects, Syler top 5 Latin America Lightweight prospect while Kenny Cross is the former Lights Out Champion with wins over former PFL Lightweight Robert Hale.

Really looking forward to this fight it’s going to be interesting to watch.

Kevin Syler was here before defeating Lance Lawrence on last years Dana White Contender Series. Since he didn’t have a impressive win in his fight wasn’t rewarded the UFC contract. However looking to prove to Dana White he’ll look better than ever.

Kenny Cross one of the most underrated, Overlooked Lightweight prospects is getting his opportunity to fight on the Dana White Contender Series. Confident in this fight fight as he defeated two tough Lightweights in Robert Hale and Jonas Flok.

“I think I have the tools, I know I have the tools and skillset to take this guy out and to keep putting one foot in front of the other and climb the ladder to the top,” Cross said.


Brave CF Future Champions 2020 & Beyond

Brave Combat Federation becoming one of the best MMA promotions in the world, Signing top prospects like Khamzat Chimaev, Illia Topuria, Amir Albazi that move on to the UFC. Brave CF continues to sign top prospects that have potential to become Brave CF Champions such as…

Muhammad Mokaev

Muhammad Mokaev two time IMMAF Junior World Champion, Amateur record of 23-0 is 1-0 with Brave CF in the Bantamweight Division at 20 years old. Be couple years before Mokaev challenges for the Brave CF Bantamweight Title. However Brave CF have there hands on one of the best Bantamweight prospects in the world even with a 1-0 record.

Jose Torres

Former UFC Flyweight Jose Torres released from the UFC is now 1-0 with Brave CF. Torres is no 36 year old Flyweight he’s a hungry 28 year old Flyweight looking for a new start with Brave Combat Federation. Become the first Brave CF Flyweight Champion.

Abdul Hussein

7-1 record 3 fight winning streak with Brave CF in the Bantamweight division. Back to back wins by Ninja Choke. Future Brave Bantamweight Champion as he’s one of the top Nordic MMA prospects right now.

Mochamed Machaev

Mochamed Machaev 9-0 record at 20 years old is 3-0 in the Brave CF Featherweight Division. Seriously surprised most MMA fans don’t know about this kid because he’s one of the best Featherweight prospects in the world who will become Brave CF Featherweight Champion.

Alex Martinez

Alex Martinez 6-0 record at 26 years old is 2-0-1 with Brave CF. One of the best Canada Lightweight prospects even though he was born in Paraguay but moved to Canada to train at Champion Gym.

Phillipines Prospect Mark Striegl signs with UFC

Mark Striegl former One Championship Bantamweight, Current URCC Featherweight Champion and Combat Sambo Gold Medalist at the South East Asia Games.

32 year old’s UFC Newcomer debut is against another newcomer in Timur Valiev former PFL Fight who had a 8-1 record. MMA prospect that I’ve been looking forward to watching compete in the UFC.

Both fighters are making there MMA dreams a reality as they fight on UFC Fight Night: Munhoz vs Edgar prelims.

Even though Timur Valiev is the more exciting, Interesting prospect with more notoriety don’t count out Mark Striegl. Understand Valiev comes from the MMA hotbed of Russia where Russia grows and prospers savages.

However Phillipines is a underrated country for growing fighters such as Brandon Vera, Stephen Loman(Brave CF Bantamweight Champion),

“Everyone knows that when I go out there it’s never boring so they can expect an action-packed fight. This is an explosive Russian fighter from the mountains of Dagistan and I’m from the mountains of Baguio so it’s gonna be a wild fight,” said Striegl.


Agree with Mark Striegl that this fight will be wild but I believe he’ll get the win on August 22nd. He’s a talented Philippines prospect with a win win over Kai Kara France which says a lot because we all know how talented Kai is.

Wins in the third best MMA promotion, One Championship help as well. Accomplished everything on the Asia Scene now it’s time for Striegl to show what he’s made of in a short notice fight against Timur Valiev.

“I’m just taking advantage of the opportunity. You have to keep trying if this is your passion. I fought everywhere but the UFC is the promotion that has eluded me in my career. And now I’m trying to make this happen,” he said.


Kai Kamaka UFC 252 Debut

Kai Kamaka, Zane Kamaka’s little brother is making his UFC debut at UFC 252. Hawaii continues to grow talented MMA fighters such as Max Holloway, Brad Tavares, Ray Cooper, Zane Kamaka and Kai Kamaka now.

Now making his dream a reality by signing with the UFC. Taking advantage of the 11 day notice fight, Making the most of it with a impressive performance. Showing Dana White and Sean Shelby they made the right decision.

“There are a lot of people that’s proud back home and they see how hard I work Max I’m just glad that I can be the one to do it right now,” Kamaka told KHON2 Sports Director Rob DeMello. “That’s the way I look at it. I’m just the guy, I’m just the one representing on Saturday and it could be any one of us. Anyone of us from Hawaii, anyone of us from especially my family and so I’m just glad I got the opportunity.”


Looking forward to Kai Kamaka’s debut he’s a talented underrated MMA prospect, Part of the next generation of Hawaiian born MMA fighters.

Rhys McKee Wins against Chimaev

Rhys Mckee Northern Ireland top prospect Cage Warriors Welterweight and former BAMMA Lightweight Champion signed with the UFC. Dream has become a reality, UFC debut is against Khamzat Chimaev. Grapple heavy fighter.

Khamzat Chimaev is the favorite in this fight as he dominated John Phillips in his UFC debut. Even though Chimaev is a talented wrestler I believe that Rhys Mckee will get the win on July 25th.

See a third round finish for Rhys Mckee by a numerous amount of punches. McKee nickname is the skeleton because of his skinny frame but don’t judge a book by it’s cover, He’s a Northern Ireland savage.

Last win was against Hakon Fross in Cage Warriors was a impressive performance, First round knock out but the fight before that against Perry Andre Goodwin. Three round spectacle where you seen no quit in the Skeletor. Really watched his heart and desire in that fight.

Fight was a grinder, Bloody fight but Rhys Mckee was mentally stronger to get the win.

Since Rhys Mckee has been in some wars, Title fights for the best feeder league promotion in Europe I believe Rhys Mckee shocks people and defeats Khamzat Chimaev.

UFC Signs Top Australian Prospect This summer ?

Australia and New Zealand rapidly growing with MMA talent from Israel Adesanya, Robert Whittaker, Dan Hooker, Alexander Volkanovski, George Sotiropoulos.

Now there’s Theo Christakos #1 top Australia/New Zealand prospect is the Australia FC Welterweight Champion and former Brace Welterweight Champion.

Since Dana White and Sean Shelby is desperate for talent, Some fighters having trouble flying I’m sure Theo Christakos will do anything he can to become a UFC fighter.

This summer Theo Christakos can sign with the UFC making his dream become a reality. Debut on the prelims, Built up as the next great fighter for Australia.

United States Prospects UFC can sign ASAP !!

UFC is desperate for talent at the MOMENT in the United States as traveling is difficult for foreign fighters. Time for the UFC to sign the best fighters in the world such as..

Kyle Daukaus

#1 Middleweight Prospect in the United States, CFFC Middleweight Champion. Won his fight on the Dana White Contender Series but Dana think he needs more time. However his time is right now to sign with the UFC.

Fighting on the prelims against UFC Middleweight veterans. Tough match up for most Middleweights because of his grappling ability.

27 years old, Time for him to finally fight for the UFC.

Andres Quintana

Combate Americas former Featherweight Champion is one of the best Featherweight Prospects in the world. Featherweight I’m extremely high on has all the makings to become a UFC Featherweight Champion.

Prime of his career at 28 years old. Quintana can fill in for a summer fight in 2020. UFC commentating team telling the viewers he was a Combate Americas Featherweight Champion, Main Event attraction.

Trains at Luttrell’s MMA with Steve Garcia Jr and Jordan Espinosa.

Andres Quintana is a challenge to the Featherweight division.

Rafa Garcia

I call him Eddie Alvarez because he’s a Mexican Pitbull. Watch his fights and you’ll understand why. Rafa is the Combate Americas Lightweight Champion, Might have to drop to Featherweight because of his height similar to Chad Mendes.

However Rafa Garcia is a very good fighter and the UFC will be lucky to have him.

Rafa Garcia is 12-0 at 25 years old.

Matt Dixon

Matt Dixon is a fighter I’m really high on. 9-0 record at 24 years old is one of the best Welterweight Prospects in the United States. Xtreme Fight Night Welterweight Champion and is 1-0 with LFA.

Matt Dixon is an all around talent, Kamaru Usman and Leon Edwards type of talent. Dixon can grow and prosper in the UFC Welterweight Division this summer fighting tough welterweights.

Mike Graves

American Top Team is one of the best MMA Gyms in the world for a reason. Training some of the best fighters in the world, Future UFC or Bellator Champions.

With Mike Graves it’s nothing different. Mike Graves is the Titan FC Welterweight Champion, #1 Southeast MMA Promotion.

Mike Graves is 29 years old, Prime of his career with a 9-1 record. Graves was a former UFC Welterweight who had wins over Randy Brown and Vicente Luque.

Reason why he’s not in the UFC anymore is because of a domestic violence arrest in 2016.

Beautiful comeback story where Mike Graves made mistakes but now is a different man. Never loss his second opportunity to fight for the UFC.

Latin America MMA Prospects to watch in 2020

Latin America since the beginning has created some of the best fighters in the world and will continue. Coronavirus has postponed regional events but once everything is over, Regional MMA will be back and these fighters will be hungry to FIGHT. Which fighters are they?

Alejandro Flores

Born and Raised in Mexico, Alejandro Flores is the #1 Featherweight Prospect from Mexico with a 17-2 record at 28 years old. Fights for the top Latin America Promotion Combate Americas. All of his fights go the distance with the impressive cardio.

Flores is one of the main attractions for Combate Americas.

Rafa Garcia

Rafa Garcia Combate Americas Lightweight Champion, Reminds me of Eddie Alvarez because of his small height and being stocky. Fighting style as well just a PITBULL.

12-0 record at 25 years old. Wins by armbar, rear naked choke and knockout.

Diego Lopes

Diego Lopes 18-3 record, #1 Lightweight Prospect from Brazil fights for the newly created MMA promotion Lux Fight League that you can watch on UFC Fight Pass.

Diego Lopes is 25 years old. Lopes has the talent, The Look to become a star for the UFC.

Leonardo Limberger

Leonardo Limberger is a top Featherweight Prospect from Brazil at 25 years old. Limberger is the Shooto Brasil Featherweight Champion.

Bound to fight for the UFC in 2020 or 2021. Fight on the Dana White Contender Series Brazil.

Joanderson Brito

Joanderson Brito became popular with the mma world when he debut on Legacy Fighting Alliance. Knocking out Jose “Chepe” Mariscal in the first round beginning with a beautiful leg kick.

Joanderson has a 11-2 record at 25 years old.One of the best Latin America Featherweights.

Daniel Marcos

Daniel Marcos born and raised in Peru is the 300 Sparta Bantamweight Champion. #1 Peru Prospect. 12-0 record at 27 years old.

Love to see Daniel Marcos sign with Combate Americas to build more exposure for himself.

Daniel Zellhuber

Born and raised in Mexico. Daniel Zellhuber is the Ryan Garcia of MMA for Mexico. Only 20 years old with a 8-0 record. Zellhuber fights for Combate Americas, Next couple years will become the Lightweight Champion.

He’s the future for Mexico MMA!!

Melissa Martinez

Melisa Martinez #1 female Latin America prospect. Fights for Combate Americas in the strawweight division. 20 years old. 7-0 record. One day will see Melissa fight for the UFC. No doubt about it.

Andre Barquero Morera

Andre Barquero Morera is from Costa Rica. Morera has a 7-2 record at 24 years old. Fought for Cage Fury Fighting Championship 1-1 record for CFFC. Going the distance but losing to Sean Santella.

Morera now fights for Combate Americas. He can put Costa Rica MMA on the map with being the Combate Americas Featherweight Champion.

#1 Russian Bantamweight 2020

Rustam Kerimov fights for ACA the number one Russian MMA Organization. Kerimov is the ACA Bantamweight Champion at 28 years Old. Number one Russian Bantamweight Prospect, 2020 will see Rustam Kerimov get signed by UFC, Bellator or Rizin.

Kerimov 14-0 record, Defeating Russian, Eastern Europe and Brazilian Bantamweights. Kerimov last win defeating Francisco Maciel. Maciel had a 15-3 record but Kerimov made Maciel look like a fighter making his MMA debut. Taking down Maciel several times, Dominating Maciel in the 1st round.

Important wins over Takeya Mizugaki, Oleg Borisov.

Kerimov is the Khabib of the Bantamweights, World class grappling that’s basically became a tradition for Russia. Trains at DagFighter with Zabit Magomedsharipov, Omari Akmedov, Marat Gafurov.

Training with UFC and One Championship fighters, Defeating Takeya Mizugaki time for Kerimov to be signed by the UFC, Bellator or Rizin while he’s in the prime of his career.

Belarus Featherweight Prospect

Apti Bimarzaev 16-3 Featherweight record at 27 years old from Belarus as of this moment fights for ACA( Russian MMA Promotion) is 3-0 for ACA. Next fight I’m taking a slamming guess will fight Felipe Froes for the ACA Featherweight Title.

Bimarzaev is one of the best Eastern Europe, Balkans prospects in all weight divisions. Bound to be signed by UFC, One Championship or Bellator. No need to fight for ACA anymore even though they’re a world class organization.

  1. Win over Luis Palomino( Former PFL Featherweight)
  2. 6 knockout wins by punching

Bimarzaev is a savage, Built like a brick and hopefully isn’t on the juice!! If he is fight, Please fight for Rizin!!

Fight that can place Bimarzaev on the map as well is fighting Diego Brandao whose currently fighting for ACA. Brandao vs Bimarzaev could headline a ACA event in 2020. Whoever wins that fight can fight for the ACA Featherweight Title.

Scott Coker, Dana White and Chatri Sityodtong need to sign this dude right away. He’ll become the Eastern Europe Fighter to become a champion.

Nikolas Motta CFFC Lightweight Champion UFC or Bellator

Nikolas Motta is the Lightweight Champion for Cage Fury Fighting Championship, One of the best regional promotions in the United States. Motta at 27 years old will get signed by the UFC or Bellator.

Nikolas Motta trains at Ricardo Almeida Jiu Jitsu, Fighters who train their are Frankie Edgar, Sidney Outlaw, Sean Santella, Eddie Alvarez and Corey Anderson.

  1. Shooto Brasil record of 6-2
  2. Trains with Eddie Alvarez, Frankie Edgar, Sidney Outlaw
  3. Cage Fury Fighting Championships Lightweight Champion
  4. Contestant on the Ultimate Fighter Season 4 Brazil

Motta most impressive win in his career so far is defeating Northeast Prospect Cesar Balmaceda in 54 seconds. Win that can impress UFC and Bellator matchmakers.

“That performance was great,” Motta said. “My first fight for CFFC was only 54 seconds, and it was against a big prospect. That kid was undefeated until not that long ago, and he was the champ. He was a good wrestler and a good striker. He puts pressure on his opponents and knocked some guys out, but I went in and did what I said what I would do.”


Even though Nikolas Motta already had an opportunity to compete for a shot for the UFC he can still fight for the UFC because he never gave up, Continued to train and fight.

Motta can fight on the Dana White Contender Series, Offered a fight prelim Bellator fight.

Parnasse vs Kabesa KSW 2020 Featherweight Title Fight

Salahdine Parnasse impressively defeated Ivan Buchinger in his last fight which was the toughest fight in his life. However it was a masterclass performance for the 22 year old KSW Featherweight. Parnasse needs tougher competition and a fight against Igeu Kabesa(Extreme Fighting Championship Featherweight Champion) would be a fight to make.

Salahdine Parnasse

Parnasse #1 European Prospect in all weight divisions is 22 years old. 14-0 record. Wins over Artur Sowinski, Marcin Wrzosek and Ivan Bucinger. Fighting for the Top European MMA Promotion KSW.

Parnasse is currently 5-0 in the organization and serves as KSW’s interim featherweight champion. I was fortunate enough to talk to the French phenom in May 2018 when he was just 2-0 in the organization- he hoped to one day become champion. Parnasse’s vision came true when he took an unanimous decision over veteran Ivan Buchinger in December 2019. Parnasse told MMA Sucka, “I feel good in this organization! It really is great and I see myself staying in this magnificent organization of KSW,” Parnasse stated.

Parnasse wants to stay and build his legacy with KSW, Fighting former UFC fighters or top Featherweight prospects such as Igeu Kabesa.

Igeu Kabesa

12-1 record EFC Featherweight Champion. Africa #1 Prospect. Electric knockout over Karlo Caput in his last fight. Spinning elbow knockout in the second round fighting Paulo Bananada. Igeu has a smooth striking game, Entertaining fight style for fans in South Africa.

Kabesa is 26 years old. Kabesa is a under the radar prospect and needs big fights on the biggest stage possible for people to acknowledge who he is. Fighting for the KSW Featherweight Title against the hottest European Prospect is a fight that makes sense for both sides.

Kabesa reminds me of TJ Dillashaw because his stand up movement. Addition to the success of being a free style wrestler, Decorated Free Style Wrestler winning national titles in Africa.

Parnasse vs Kabesa

KSW because of it’s popularity and expansion Parnasse vs Kabesa can headline a KSW event in London, Croatia, Berlin because of the two best Featherweight Prospects in the world. Parnasse defending his title against #1 Africa Prospect. Kabesa coming to Europe as the EFC Featherweight Champion.

Combate Americas Featherweight Division

Combate Americas #1 Latin America Promotion has a group of talented prospects that can sign with UFC or Bellator. Three fighters from the Featherweight division.

Andres Quintana

Andres Quintana arguably the #1 Featherweight Prospect who right now can beat UFC Featherweights won the Combate Americas Featherweight title and hundred thousand dollars. 8-1 with Combate Americas.

  1. Wins over Bruno Cannetti, Rey Trujillo, Erick Gonzalez and most impressive win over Alejandro Flores
  2. 18-3 record
  3. 28 years old
  4. Trains at Luttrell’s MMA

Alejandro Flores

#1 Latin America Featherweight from Mexico has a 17-2 record at 28 years old. Defeating the top Latin America Featherweights mostly by decision. Flores can compete with the best Featherweight prospects in the world.

Alejandro Flores vs Andres Quintana should be the #1 Contender Fight for the Featherweight Title.

Bruno Cannetti

Argentinian prospect Bruno Cannetti shocked everyone when defeating Andres Quintana for the Combate Americas Featherweight Title. 9-6 record. 30 years old is 1-1 with Andres Quintana. Big win over Joey Ruquet.

Bruno I don’t see him becoming a UFC or Bellator champion but there’s nothing wrong with winning and defending titles for Combate Americas.

KOTC Johnny Munoz Bantamweight Prospect

King of the Cage is one of the best regional promotions in the world. Founded in 1998 had the best fighters in the world once fighting before UFC or Bellator. Jon Jones, Daniel Cormier, Juan Archuleta, Patchy Mix, Rory MacDonald and many more!! Next GREAT fighter to sign with UFC or Bellator is Johnny Munoz KOTC Bantamweight Champion.

King of the Cage

Johnny Munoz is 10-0 with King of the Cage. Fighting regional veteran fights or regional prospects in the United States. Six wins by submission and two wins by knockout.

Two fights were supposed to happen in 2019. Drako Rodriguez vs Johnny Munoz for the KOTC Bantamweight Title but Drako was offered a fight against Sean O’ Malley. Terry Trebilcock( KOTC Promoter) blocked the fight from happening, Terry has a four fight deal with Drako. The fight would be cancelled.

In 2020 Johnny Munoz vs Drako Rodriguez would be a great fight to watch. Both fighters under contract with King of the Cage. UFC & Bellator scouts will be watching this fight!!

Couple more fights left for Johnny Munoz and I expect for UFC or Bellator to make the call.

UFC or Bellator 2020

Scott Coker or Dana White will be offering a fight on a Bellator prelim fight, Dana White Contender Series fight or short notice fight for a UFC Event.

No doubt Johnny Munoz in 2020 doesn’t get signed by the UFC or Bellator. Being a KOTC champion is an accomplishment for a MMA Fighter.

Xie Bin One Championship’s Future Featherweight Champion

China becoming a hotbed for MMA talent, Zhang Weili, Song Yadong, Li Jingliang are some of the best fighters from China and One Championship has Xie Bin. 22 Year Old Featherweight Prospect with a 8-2 record at 22 years old.

Xie Bin fights at the Featherweight Division and in the future will see Xie Bin win the One Championship Featherweight Title.

Most impressive win was his last by defeating Edward Kelly. One Championship Featherweight veteran with a 12-6 record. Big win for Xie Bin in his young career.

Talented ground game loves the D’Arce choke to death, Submitting his opponents three times.

2020 believe will be a breakout year for Xie Bing by beating “Tougher” Featherweights that are veterans or potential Featherweight champions.

Xie Bing aims to be the First Male from China to win a World Championship and with his talents, Drive he can definitely win the Featherweight Title in 2021 or 2022.

Looking forward to the 2020 season for Xie Bing.

ONE Championship 2020 Signings Wishlist

One Championship since signing Ben Asken, Eddie Alvarez, Demetrious Johnson One Championship has been a attractive destination for free agents and prospects. Exciting to see One Championship has a viable option for free agents and prospects at a high level!! Wishlist I have for One Championship to sign TOP free agents and prospects, Underrated fighters!!

Roberto Soldic

Roberto Soldic, World Class welterweight at 25 years old. KSW Welterweight, TOP 5 Welterweight not fighting for the UFC. One Championship signs Soldic they’re signing a STAR, One Championship Welterweight Champion.

Soldic sells out arenas in Poland and will sell out arenas in ASIA.

Stephen Loman

Stephen Loman Brave Combat Federation Bantamweight Champion #1 Brave CF fighter of all time. Loman is from the Philippines, Makes perfect sense for One Championship to sign Stephen Loman.

Loman wins over Frans Mlambo, Gary Mangat, Elias Boudegzdame and Louie Sanoudakis. Defeating 4 talented Bantamweight prospects.

Loman vs Bibiano Fernandes, Loman vs Lineker, Loman vs Belingon.

Mateusz Gamrot

Mateusz Gamrot 29 yeas old 15-0 record KSW Featherweight Champion, Defeated Norman Parke. Gamrot is 29 years old, Prime of his career. Time to sign with One Championship, Fight Martin Nguyen for the One Championship Featherweight Title.

Rafa Garcia

25 year old Combate Americas Lightweight Champion. #1 Lightweight Prospect in Latin America and the United States. In the future One Championship wants to have events in the Americas and no perfect fighter would it be to sign Rafa Garcia.

Tomasz Narkun

Narkun KSW Light Heavyweight Champion at 30 years old, Prime age for fighters. Narkun defeated top Europe prospects, Brazilians, Former UFC Fighters in his KSW Career. Potential fight Narkun vs Aung La Nsang if Tomasz Narkun decides to sign with One Championship.

Hottest Light Heavyweight prospect on the market.

Luan Santiago

Pride was well known for there Brazilian fighters and the tradition of Brazilian fighters in Asia can transition to One Championship. Luan Santiago 25 year old Lightweight who fights for Brave CF, Former Brave CF Lightweight Champion is the next wave of talent in Brazil.

Luan Santiago hottest Brazilian prospect. Imagine him fighting in the stacked One Championship Lightweight division.

Luan Santiago vs Eddie Alvarez. Luan Santiago vs Christian Lee.

Canada Hottest Prospect Taylor Lapilus

Canada well known for their MMA talent from George St Pierre, Rory MacDonald to name a few. Now there’s a new fighter emerging Taylor Lapilus(Former UFC Fighter) a 27 year old Bantamweight who defeated Nathan Maness(Top Canada Bantamweight) for the TKO Bantamweight Title. Lapilus is the #1 Canada Prospect and deserves to fight for a top MMA Organization.

Taylor Lapilus stand out wins are Ulka Sasaki, Josh Hill(Bellator Fighter and Fight Night Fighter) and Nathan Maness.

Lapilus currently signed with ARES FC, Rising MMA promotion in Africa and Lapilus planned to be one of their main attractions. Lapilus potential ARES FC Bantamweight Champion, Main Event three or four cards as his name becomes hotter and hotter.

“For 2020, I hope to make a return to the UFC,” Lapilus told MMA Junkie. “I want to fight the best guys in the world, and I think the majority of them are in UFC. I’m confident that I can go far once I come back. I don’t have specific opponents in mind, but I know I lost a bit of time, and I’d like to fight the best guys on the roster.”


UFC #1 MMA Organization but there’s Bellator and One Championship who’d be incredibly grateful to sign #1 Canada Prospect. Future UFC, Bellator or One Championship Bantamweight Champion. Main Event cards in Canada!!

Brazil Future UFC Champion Herbeth Sousa

Herbeth Sousa Brazilian Bantamweight Prospect world class fighter 25 years old. Prospect to keep an eye on in the next couple years. CFFC 81 won the CFFC Bantamweight Title against Alexander Keshtov impressive win for his fighting career.

Victory over Alexander Keshtov was able to be seen on UFC Fight Pass, UFC fans were watching a future UFC Bantamweight Champion. Matter of time before Herbeth Sousa signs with the UFC.

Sousa in Brazil fought for Future FC, Winning the Future FC Bantamweight Title against Taigro Costa.

Sousa in 2020 will see fight in the regional scene fighting for Cage Fury Fighting Championship, Legacy Fighting Alliance and top Brazilian MMA promotions.

Moving up the ranks win after win against other top Bantamweight Prospects. Eventually getting a call from Dana White asking to fight on the Dana White Contender Series. Opportunity to win a UFC Contract.

Definitely certain in 2020 or 2021 Herbeth Sousa will fight for the UFC and go on his journey to win the UFC Bantamweight Title. Continuing the tradition of Brazil MMA dominance.

5 ways MMA fighters can build their brand

MMA fighters for the most part have a tough time building a brand besides the rare few like Conor McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Jon Jones. MMA fighters risking their lives every time they enter the octagon to provide for their family but impossible to provide when making average salary. Average salary pay CAN CHANGE just have to build a brand and there’s 5 ways to do it.

1. Social Media Marketing

Social Media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat all free!! Take advantage of them to help build your following, Posting about your upcoming fights, Training, Life outside the cage. Posting photos, Clips, Tweets on a daily basis. Continue to be consistent and the results will show.

Thousands of people all over have benefited from social media and you can too just takes patience. One day you’ll see 500k followers and that helps you with sponsors. Changes everything for you.

2. Create a YouTube Vlog

Max Holloway, Anatomy of a Fighter, Daniel Cormier, Jorge Masvidal, Israel Adesanya have their own vlogs showing their lives before and after fights. Showing people a world outside the cage. Telling stories about who they truly are besides being a fighter.

Show your hobbies for example such as comic books, watching movies and cooking. People want to root for fighters who are similar and can relate to. Build personal relationships.

3. Go on Podcast

Thousands of podcast all over the world, In your city and all it takes is asking to go on their podcast. Talk about your professional career as a MMA fighter, Struggles of fighting and life outside the cage. Gain a fan following that way by going on a comic book podcast in your home city. Add 50 new fans who root for your fights.

Message podcast host who have thousands of followers, Asking them to go on because you have an interesting moving story about your life and your fans definitely will love to hear it. Those fans will become your fans as well because they relate and care about you.

Podcast are definitely underrated to build a following on and after a year or two you’ll be on the Luke Thomas Show, Below the Belt and many other top PODCAST.

4. Answer Social Media Messages & Comments

See messages from fans who congratulate you on your win don’t ignore them or give them one word answers. Actually talk to them for a bit and build a long term relationship with them. Definitely times where you left fans text on read but because you think your cool you leave them on read. Answer every text watch what happens be life changing.

Answer every comment as well on Social Media. Long term benefits for messages and comments.

5. Be entertaining and authentic

What I mean by this is MMA fighters are entertainers besides being athletes. Career is in your hands and make the most of it. Create an authentic character that people can’t read through.

Fans love Jorge Masvidal because he’s a Miami Gangster, People love Conor McGregor because of his hilarious trash talk, Fans love the Diaz Brothers because there scrappy. Israel Adesanya is a star because he found a way to be entertaining and be himself, Smooth answers and trash talk.

What is cool about you, Interesting about you and mix that with be entertaining you’ll be a Main Card PPV fighter every time you fight.!

Be entertaining and authentic

Top 10 MMA Prospects 2020 UFC, Bellator or One Championship signs

MMA talent keeps on growing since MMA exploded in 2005. The young talent now is insane with Edmen Shabazyan, Maycee Barber, Christian Lee, AJ McKee JR, Zabit Magomedsharipov. All over the world is prospects that can be potential UFC/ Bellator/ One Championship champions.

Andres Quintana

Andres Quintana top Featherweight Prospect from the United States is the Combate Americas Featherweight Champion. 28 years old, Time for Quintana to get the call from UFC/ Bellator. World class fighter with tremendous potential.

Salahdine Parnasse

Wrote about Parnasse couple times he’s a special talent and shows what’s possible. Future of MMA. Parnasse all around fighter at 22 years old. Latest win most impressive defeating Ivan Buchinger. Buchinger was one of the best European MMA Fighters, Decorated European fighter champion in multiple European MMA organizations.

Roberto Soldic

Roberto Soldic the next Mirko Cro Cop is the KSW Welterweight Champion. #1 Welterweight Prospect in the World. Beaten the top European MMA prospects in dramatic fashion. Next step for Roberto Soldic is to fight for a top 3 MMA Organization.

Diego Lopes

Diego Lopes 25 year old Featherweight. Lux Fight League Featherweight Champion. Lopes part of the next wave of Brazilian UFC fighters. Definitely see Lopes fight on the Dana White Contender Series.

Brett Martin

UFC desperate for the youth in the Heavyweight division and Brett Martin 25 years old is the #1 Heavyweight Prospect. Watch out for Brett Martin in 2020. Won the LFA Heavyweight Tournament. Fighting for the Legacy Fighting Alliance.

Rafa Garcia

Rafa Garcia Combate Americas Lightweight Champion, 25 years old reminds me of Eddie Alvarez that gritty and tough fighter. #1 Lightweight Prospect.

Mariya Agapova

Mariya Agapova #1 Women Flyweight Prospect definitely will be signed in 2020. Bellator, UFC needs more Women Flyweights and it will be a competition to sign her.

Simon Biyong

Africa is becoming a hot wave for talent. Simon Biyong 28 years old is the Extreme Fighting Championship Light Heavyweight Champion. Beat Vitaly Shemetov in his Rizin debut watch out for Biyong in 2020.

Kyle Daukaus

Kyle Daukaus in 2019 fought on the Dana White Contender Series but didn’t get signed by the UFC. Top Middleweight Prospect at 26 years old. CFFC Middleweight Champion.

Igeu Kabesa

Africa becoming the Russia of MMA with champions such as Israel Adesanya, Kamaru Usman and potential champion Francis Ngannou. Igeu Kabesa Extreme Fighting Championship Featherweight Champ, Record of 12-1. Kabesa extremely talented fighter!!

Mochamed Machaev 20 year old European Prospect UFC signs in 2020 or 2021

Mochamed Machaev 20 YEAR OLD Lightweight 8-0 record recently fought on the Brave Combat Federation 34 event by defeating Matjaz Vicar. Machaev is one of the top European Eastern Lightweight Prospects at 20 years old. Machaev should remain at Brave CF and rise up the ranks to win the Brave CF Lightweight Title. Win the Title and he’ll be one of the hottest MMA prospects of 2020 or 2021.

Machaev wins the Brave CF Lightweight Title than signs with UFC under a development contract or be patient and fight for KSW the best European MMA promotion. Win the KSW Lightweight Title or be one of the best KSW fighters. Last option is fighting for Cage Warriors by defeating the best European Lightweight Prospects than signs with the UFC.

Guarantee for Machaev is he’s fighting for the UFC no way he isn’t. He’s 20 years old with a 8-0 record. Fighting for Brave Combat Federation.