MMA Prospects to Watch in 2022

Fastest growing sport Mix Martial Arts continues to get better talent wise with so many ideas on training, Winning fighting styles. Sport is only getting better with so many talented fighters looking to pursue there dreams by signing with UFC or Bellator. Andres Quintana 2018 Copa Combate Featherweight Champion. #1 United States Featherweight prospect returned … Continue reading MMA Prospects to Watch in 2022

Remember the Name Ian Garry

Extremely hyped for Ian Garry UFC debut and getting a sweet late round KO as he was dealing with adversity for the first round. "Were not here to take part were here to take over." Ian Garry Remember the name Ian Garry as he's one talented well rounded Welterweight, Best Irish MMA prospect since … Continue reading Remember the Name Ian Garry

Billy Meyer Week 3 of October Prospects to Watch

Francesco Patron Manzo Mexico born and raised, Straight killer fighting on October 15th, Lux Fight League 17 Main Event fight against current Lux Fight League Bantamweight Champion Marco Beltran (Former UFC fighter and Ultimate Fighter). Defeating former UFC fighter Beltran would be a awesome win that can help Manzo fight on the Dana White Contender … Continue reading Billy Meyer Week 3 of October Prospects to Watch