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Jason Jackson Next Fight Is… After Bellator 253

Jason Jackson STANDOUT performance fighting former UFC Lightweight Champion Benson Henderson defeating him at Bellator 253 in all together dominant performance. Benson had his moments but Jason Jackson looked a lot better.

Great spot for Jason Jackson to keep building his brand, Gaining more fans as they look forward to his next fight.

Jackson deserves top Bellator Welterweight fighters like Lorenz Larkin, Andrey Koreskov, Derek Anderson and Yaroslav Amosov. No reason to fight rising Weltereights anymore with a win against Benson Henderson.

“So taking out legend like Benson Henderson it just shows me that I can takeout the Bellator champ anyone either 155.” Jason Jackson

Not the biggest fan of calling out fighters, Prefers waiting for the next opponent.

“It doesn’t matter to me I just want to go out there and just put on a good show it doesn’t matter who when I just want to put on a good show you know I’m not out here picking and choosing because you have a lot of guys that’s ahead in the division that putting in work as well. ” Jason Jackson

Jason Jackson can fight the best of the best Bellator Welterweights since he trains with Gilbert Burns and used to train with Kamaru Usman, Vicente Luque on a daily basis.

Jason Jackson vs Andrey Koreshkov, Jackson vs Amosov, Jackson vs Larkin are all interesting fights for him.

Jackson vs Yaroslav Amosov especially. Two high high level Bellator Welterweights, I’ll be looking forward to seeing if Jackson is the toughest fight up to that point for Yaroslav Amosov.

Overall the “Ass Kicking Machine” Jason Jackson DESERVES a top Bellator Welterweight that leads to a title shot!!

Jaleel Willis Bellator First win at Bellator 253

Jaleel Willis Top Ten United States Welterweight prospect that signed with Bellator is finally making his Bellator debut against 11-2 Mark Lemminger.

Jaleel Willis is entering Bellator 253 with a 4 fight winning streak. High with confidence, Seeking a big finish in his Bellator debut as one of the Bellator welterweight prospects to watch in the future.

 “Every time I had seen Bellator come down to the South before, I was always kind of like a fly on the wall for behind the scenes stuff. Like Tito [Ortiz] came through the gym, stuff like that, got his workout in. Michael Chandler came through, King Mo. So I was always like a fly on the wall, just kind of knew that I was gonna be here. I guess the difference is, everybody was saying UFC, but me, it was more so “I told you so” — I knew it was going to be Bellator.” https://cagesidepress.com/2020/10/15/bellator-249-jaleel-willis-knew-years-ago-it-would-be-bellator-not-the-ufc-he-signed-with/

Waiting for a second Bellator offer after the fight with Patricky Pitbull was cancelled. However Bellator came calling again, Now fighting FFC Welterweight Champion Mark Lemminger.

“Standing here Bellator with a multi-fight deal in a co-main event is kind of crazy. ” Jaleel Willis

“Fighting tough competition like you know that’s what I’m here for it’s like one of my goals is to be one of the best in the world like I’m not going to get there by you know so I’m trying to pick and choose my fights and stuff like that it’s like this 2020 being the toughest year for me. ”

2020 been a tough year facing talented fighters like Vinicus De Jesus who just fought Aaron Pico. Fighting Mark Lemminger will be nothing different. End 2020 on a high note defeating a former Welterweight Champion in a stand out way. Be only the beginning for Jaleel Willis.

WILL continue to rise through the Bellator Welterweight rankings, Providing for his family with his well deserved Bellator contract.

Brendan Loughnane vs Salahdine Parnasse KSW 2021

“PFL is allowing its fighters to seek fights outside the promotion since they are on hiatus until next year, sources say. UFC and Bellator aren’t options, though,” stated the report. “Manager Malki Kawa, for example, tells me he is seeking fights for clients Brendan Loughnane and Justin Willis.”

Since PFL isn’t allowing there fighters to fight for the UFC or Bellator, KSW is one of the next best promotion options.

Malki Kawa definitely should negotiate with Martin Lewandowski(KSW Promoter) to set up a fight between Brendan Loughane vs Salahdine Parnasse (KSW Featherweight Champion) one of the best Featherweights not in the UFC or Bellator.

Loughane 2-0 with PFL after two impressive performances. Winner on the Dana White Contender Series, 19-3 record with a pressure style fighting KSW Featherweight Champion Salahdine Parnasse. 14-0 record at 22 years old who dominated European MMA Champion Ivan Buchinger.

Loughane vs Parnasse KSW 58 Headliner for the KSW Featherweight Title would be a FUN dream fight to watch for hardcore MMA fans.

Jornel Lugo Long Term Bellator Success

Jornel Lugo 24 year old 4-0 Bantamweight Prospect fought on Bellator 252 with a impressive win against Schyler Sootho. Lugo improved as the rounds went on. Third round was his best.

Earned himself a Bellator contract with his Bellator 252 win. No brainer for Scott Coker and Rich Chau to sign Jornel Lugo.

“I’m pretty sure I should be getting a contract with that performance I mean I think I deserve one I’m four, I’m five and now so I think I deserve one.”


Jornel Lugo if he signs with Bellator will have a long promising career. First fight I watched of him and I was impressed how he mixed up his wrestling and striking.

“I hope that after this fight I’ll be getting a contract,” Lugo said. “I defiantly want to win this fight and get back in. I think February would be a good time for me. In five years I defiantly want to be fighting for a world championship. I’m not sure where I want to go but I just know I do want to prosper in my sport. Wherever that takes me I’m going to keep winning.”


Jornel Lugo signs a fight deal with Bellator looking forward to him fighting Bellator Bantamweights such as Keith Lee, Eduardo Dantas, James Gallagher. Fighters he talked about going against in the future but only has 5 Professional Fights

3-5 fights to go before facing Eduardo Dantas but a fight against Keith Lee actually makes sense.

“I definitely want to keep growing I’m only 5-0 I have a lot I still have to work on but I definitely have my eyes on all of these guys. ” Jornel Lugo

Keith Lee vs Jornel Lugo definitely a fun Bellator Bantamweight Prospect to watch in the winter of 2021. See if Lugo has what it takes facing a talented prospect like Keith Lee whose Kevin Lee’s brother but making a name for himself in Bellator. Keith Lee currently has a record of 7-3.

However if Lugo doesn’t get a chance to fight Keith Lee, I’d be interested to see who Lugo faces next and in 2021. Only will improve in every fight, We can see Jornel Lugo fighting a title or being a title contender in the next 3-5 years!!

Aaron Pico Ends 2020 with a Bang!!

Aaron Pico MMA prodigy who trained with TJ Dillashaw, Juan Archuleta, Cub Swanson, Boxing advice from Freddie Roach. Talked about being a bust but decided to make a gym change.

Switching camps to Jackson Wink and now were seeing success for Aaron Pico. Back to back wins for Aaron Pico and now looking to end 2020 with a BANG against John De Jesus.

“One thing’s for sure, he’s very confident. Very good striker. I’ve seen him around here in the hotel lobby, he’s not lacking confidence. I know he’s going to come with everything he’s got, and it’s going to be a good test for me. But I feel I’m well-prepared.”


“It’s a good feeling every time you win and you get your whole paycheck – it’s a good night. I just have to be consistent, and for me, I know what it feels like to lose in the game. I don’t take winning for granted and my team and I work our ass off so we’re prepared for Thursday.”

Aaron Pico thankful for career setbacks ahead of Bellator 252: ‘I don’t take winning for granted’

John De Jesus 13-8 record impressive win against Vladyslav Parubchenko in his Bellator debut looking to steal the show and shock the world. However Aaron Pico has all the talent in the world to become a future Bellator Featherweight Champion, That’s why we were all disappointed to him lose.

“That self-belief, that work ethic, that drive, that hunger. And that’s what’s gonna really continue to carry Aaron,” Gibson said.


The drive to be the best will help Pico take him to the top of the MMA world, Being a Bellator Featherweight Champion and a superstar. Will see it tonight as he fights John De Jesus. Showing his all around skills.

“John De Jesus Won’t Be able to breathe after the first round.” Aaron Pico

Looking forward to seeing a finish, One sided butt wooping for Aaron Pico, Ends 2020 with a bang. Starting 2021 with confidence riding high on a three fight winning streak.

Bellator Must Steal Nikolas Motta

Dana White Contender Series Week 9 had some talented fighters such as Nikolas Motta CFFC Lightweight Champion who had a slug fest win against former CFFC Lightweight Champion Joseph Lowry.

Motta looked impressive in the short notice fight but still needs work, Gotta be more defensive because against high level strikers he’ll get knocked out. Leaving himself a little open for the easy shots.

On the other hand Nikolas Motta is a KILLER from Brazil. He’s a potential title contender and since Dana White didn’t offer the UFC contract, Scott Coker can offer the Bellator contract.

Be a big mistake if Bellator doesn’t sign Motta. Motta is only going to progress from here as he’s entering the prime of his career at 27 years old. No better than to sign Motta as he can face the world class Bellator Featherweights. Showing what he’s truly made of.

Imagine what Nikolas Motta can do to Bellator Lightweights with a full training camp, Being that killer that he says he is.

Motta has wins over Lowry, Juan Gonzalez, Cesar Balmaceda, Joe Solecki. I’d love to see him fight Brent Primus, Adam Piccolotti, Jaleel Willis in his beginning Bellator fights if he signs with Bellator.

Bellator definitely NEEDS to sign Nikolas Motta.

Mads Burnell Second Chance with Second Greatest Promotion

Mads Burnell former UFC fighter released signed with Cage Warriors, Eventually becoming Cage Warriors Featherweight Champion after three wins with Cage Warriors.

Since he became Cage Warriors Featherweight Champion was one of the hottest Featherweight prospects in the world. Think UFC would give Burnell another chance but Bellator would sign Mads Burnell instead.

“To be honest, I’ve been hot for Bellator for a couple of years. It was natural, and the opportunity was there. It was just natural. It was perfect,” said Burnell, who would later add that he believed Bellator to be “a super-cool promotion.”


Bellator signed no 35 year old UFC Featherweight, Instead Burnell is only 26 year old. Now aiming to be the Bellator Featherweight Champion.

Before coming Bellator Featherweight Champion has to fight some tough Featherweights. Bellator debut is against Darko Banovic.

Impressive win against Darko Banovic will help Burnell quickly to get interesting fights as he can rise through the Bellator Featherweight rankings.

Me personally looking forward to Mads Burnell Bellator career. Nothing wrong having a second chance with the second greatest promotion!!

William Meyer Top Ten MMA Prospects October 2020

Talent has never been better in MMA. High caliber athletes transferring into MMA. MMA has come a long way in a short amount of time. All over the world there’s future UFC & Bellator Champions such as…

Andres Quintana

Andres Quintana #1 Featherweight prospect in the United States was the former Combate Americas Featherweight Champion. Currently 29 years old, In the prime of his career with a 18-3 record. Accomplished everything on the regional scene. Time to get signed by the UFC or Bellator!!

Anthony Romero

Anthony Romero Lightweight Prospect fought on the Dana White Contender Series but didn’t get the contract. Even though he didn’t get the offer, Romero is one of the best Lightweight prospects in the world. Since UFC isn’t signing him time to sign with Bellator.

Romero is only 23 years old as well. He’ll have a long promising UFC or Bellator career!!

Rafa Garcia

Requested his release from his former promotion Combate Americas as he accomplished everything for them and wants to challenge himself with the best of the best!! 12-0 record at 25 years old . #1 Lightweight prospect in Latin America!! Hope he signs with the UFC!!

Melissa Martínez

Melissa Martínez Combate Americas Flyweight Strawweight Champion. One of the best strawweight prospects in the world. No doubt doesn’t she get signed by the UFC. Her time is coming as she’s highly ranked on tapology. Com!!

Roberto Soldic

A fighter I wrote about several times because of his success in one of the best MMA promotions, KSW. Soldic is 25 years old with a 17-3 record. Easily one of the best Welterweights not in the UFC. I hope the UFC, Bellator or One Championship signs him. Fighting the best of the best fighters!!

Salahdine Parnasse

French MMA prodigy, Salahdine Parnasse is one of my favorite prospects to watch. The kid is only 22 years old and masterfully defeated one of the most successful European fighters in Ivan Buchinger. KSW Featherweight Champion has a 14-0 record. Looking forward to his next couple fights with KSW against tough fighters from Europe or MMA veterans!!

Khusein Askhabov

Khusein Askhabov impressive record of 20-0 as one of the best Bantamweights in the world. Fights for #1 MMA promotion WFFC in Ukraine. Wins over successful Brazilian fighters, European fighters. Basically dominating them as he’s an all around fighter. Trains at Tiger Muay Thai and American Top Team. Why Askhabov isn’t fighting for the UFC or Bellator is beyond me.

Joanderson Brito

Joanderson Brito #1 Brazilian MMA prospect in the Lightweight division is one of the best Lightweight prospects in the world. Traveled to Val, Colorado to fight José Mariscal at LFA 65 with a high reel knock out. Will see Brito the 25 year old sign with the UFC. Next generation of Brazilians.

Mochamed Machaev

Mochamed Machaev is a very underrated MMA prospect who fights for Brave CF which is now becoming a MMA hotbed of talent. Machaev is only 20 years old with a winover Shoaib Yousaf.

Igeu Kabesa

Igeu Kabesa #1 Africa Prospect is the Extreme Fighting Championship Featherweight Champion. Multiple time wrestling champion. Successful wins over Karlo Caput, Peter Queally, Danny Henry. One day will see him have successful wins over UFC or Bellator fighters as well. 26 years old, Time is now to fight against the best Featherweights in the world!!

These fighters I listed aren’t ranked in no specific order there just my favorite mma prospects all over the world. Hope they fight for UFC, Bellator or even One Championship!!

Alex Polizzi vs Liam McGeary

Bellator stole Alex Polizzi out of the UFC’s hands and looked impressive over former Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion Rafael Carvalho in his Bellator debut.

Rare for a newly signed Bellator prospect to get matched up against a top Bellator fighter. However the former LFA Light Heavyweight Champion took advantage of the opportunity and defeated Rafael Carvalho.

“Excellent opponent, and I know we’re getting to higher elite levels,” Polizzi later added. While he said he wasn’t exactly disappointed, he knows he can do even better. “Come Monday, we’re back at it in the gym, we’re looking back at this Carvalho fight saying ‘hey, we goofed up here, hey, we should have done better here,’ and we’re just looking at building on where we’re already at.”


“I’m happy that Bellator gave me a shot to be in a match like this,” Polizzi said. “Not everybody gets the chance to use the skills they’ve developed. My skills just happen to be hurting people, and I’m glad to be able to use them.”


Since Alex Polizzi defeated one of the best Bellator Light Heavyweights, No reason to give him slouches.

Face another former Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion in Liam McGeary who hasn’t fought since April of 2019. Wins over Tito Ortiz and Phil Davis.

Alex Polizzi vs Liam McGeary be a great fight for Polizzi second appearance in Bellator. Can happen this fall of 2020 at the Mohegan Sun or in Europe, Maybe in London for a future Bellator event.

Second win over a former Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion would rise Pollizi through the Bellator Light Heavyweight rankings quickly.

Even if Liam McGeary vs Alex Polizzi doesn’t work out, Polizzi will get matched up against a super talented Bellator Light Heavyweight.

Keith Lee Next Fight Options?

Younger brother of Kevin Lee, Keith Lee is making a name for himself in his own right with Bellator. Impressive back to back wins with Bellator by defeating American Kickboxing Academy veteran Shawn Bunch, Vinicius Zahi on the prelims of Bellator 245.

Keith Lee is a rising Bellator Bantamweight prospect in the stacked Bellator Bantamweight division, Looking forward to his future in 2020 and beyond with Bellator.

“I want a game opponent,” Lee told MMA Junkie at a post-fight news conference. “I want somebody that’s going to come in here and let me put on a show. I want somebody that other people think is a killer so I can come in here and do my thing.”


Keith Lee wants tougher competition, “Game” opponents in his upcoming fights. Who can he fight in his next fights that are the “Right” match ups?

Brian Moore

Brian Moore SBG Ireland prospect 12-7 record, Six fights with Bellator is the right fight for Kevin Lee. Fighter with experience, Always brings in all of his Bellator fights.

Toby Misech

Toby Misech HUGE win over former UFC fighter Erik Perez in his last fight at Bellator 215, Loss to former Bellator Bantamweight Champion Eduardo Dantas. Appeared on the Dana White Contender Series.

Misech was supposed to fight Brian Moore in the past but the fight was cancelled. Misech vs Keith Lee would be one fun fight to watch.

Yaroslav Amosov One More Fight Away to Title Shot

Yaroslav Amosov Bellator Welterweight contender with a overall record of 23-0( 5 wins with Bellator). The fighters he defeated in Bellator are Gerald Harris, Erick Silva, David Rickels and most impressively Ed Ruth.

Amosov is now looking to defeat Mark Lemminger in a catchweight fight at 175 pounds. Lemminger is 1-0 with Bellator, Top Ten United States Welterweight prospect and was former Final Fight Welterweight Champion.

“I looked at some of his fights. He’s a worthy opponent. I looked into his style and his background,” said Amosov. “I believe that he’s an opponent that I will have success with but at the same time, I’m taking him very seriously. Just like every other opponent I’ve had, I’m making sure that I’m ready.”


Mark Lemminger is no slouch with a record of 11-1 but Yaroslav Amosov is a extremely talented All-Around Welterweight, He’l get the win at Bellator 244.

Amosov with the win deserves a Bellator Welterweight Title Shot, Waiting in line as Douglas Lima fights Gegard Mousasi for the Bellator Middleweight Title.

Five fight win streak against the best of the best Bellator Welterweights, Defeated the highly looked Ed Ruth. Time for a title shot. No reason to wait anymore.

Bellator potentially has one of the best Welterweights in the world on there roster, Take advantage of his talents and bout him against Lima next!!

Valentin Moldavsky Defeats Big Country

Valentin Moldavsky 9-1 Bellator Heavyweight, 4 wins with Bellator is fighting “Big Country” Roy Nelson the man with one of the craziest chins of all time at Bellator 244. Looking forward to watching Moldavsky face a former UFC Heavyweight.

Test fight for Moldavsky as the 28 year old is one of the Bellator Heavyweight prospects who can become Bellator Heavyweight Champion.

“I don’t know if this win will get me closer to a title, or get me to a title,” Moldavsky said at the Bellator 244 media day this week. “For now, I’m just focusing on winning this fight.”


Definitely can win this fight, 2018 Combat Sambo Gold Medalist and trains with one of the greatest MMA fighters in Fedor Emelianenko at Team Fedor. Valentin is Fedor’s protege and mentor.

Valentin Moldavsky with a win over Roy Nelson on the Bellator 244 Main Card is a significant win for him right now.

Can help move up the Bellator Heavyweight rankings, Top Five Bellator Heavyweight. One more win and challenge for the title.

Jason Jackson Next Fight Options

Jason Jackson coming off a significant dominant 30-27 win against Jordan Mein. Best win of his Bellator career, Riding high on a two fight winning streak. Back to back wins against tough veteran fighters. Looking forward to the next fight for the Bellator Welterweight prospect.

“I learned so much from the Ed Ruth fight,” said Jackson, who lost a decision to the Bellator standout in his promotional debut in October 2019. “Even though I felt like I won the fight, that’s a lesson that came to me.”


What are the best fights for Jason Jackson?

Erick Silva

Jason Jackson since he’s becoming the veteran killer lately can fight another UFC veteran Erick Silva. Silva fought the whose who of fighters and Jason Jackson defeating another veteran will help his Bellator career moving forward.

Lorenz Larkin

Larkin one of the best Welterweights in the world leaving the UFC to sign with Bellator is on a 4 fight winning streak. Interesting fight between two all around welterweights. Fight that can build Jason Jackson’s name see where he’s at against the best of the best.

Ed Ruth Rematch

Jason Jackson vs Ed Ruth happened already at Bellator 231. Jason Jackson lost by split decision but some believe including Jason himself thinks he won that close three round fight. Since the win was controversial. Schedule this fight again at the fightsphere between Bellator welterweight prospects.

Ty- Wan Claxton Bellator 242 Prospect To Watch

Ty-Wan Claxton Bellator 242 Fighter to Watch, Division 2 All- American wrestler and Division One wrestler at the University of Ohio is fighting Bellator Featherweight prospect Jay Jay Wilson.

Jay Jay Wilson 5-0 record as Ty-Wan has 6-1 record. Prospect fight I’m looking forward to but Claxton will win this fight, Impress Scott Coker and the Bellator matchmakers to match him against top Bellator featherweights.

“I’m going to stop him,” he stated. “If he makes it to the second round, he’ll be done in the second. I’ll finish him in the second, maybe ground and pound most likely because I have a feeling he’s going to be trying to pull guard a lot. He says he wants to stand and bang, but I don’t think he wants to stand and bang, but I do.”


Claxton confident in skills as he trains at some of the best fighters in the world at Elevation Fight Team. Training at Elevation Fight Team and his athletic talents even complimented by Kenny Florian.

“I spent the time throughout COVID seeing where I was going to lay my roots and I decided to do that Denver,” Claxton said during the Bellator 242 media day on Wednesday. After being stuck with fellow fighter A.J. Matthews in lockdown, “I grew a lot during the quarantine,” he added. “I think that it was kind of a blessing in disguise for me to be able to slow down, not be fighting as much, and grow as a fighter. It was all positive things.”


Watch a new improved Ty-Wan Claxton Friday night, Show the new tools in the tool shed that he’s worked on since Covid-19. Show the Bellator viewes that he isn’t just a wrestler but a all around Featherweight.

Ricky Bandejas Defeats Pettis Bellator 242

Ricky Bandejas Bellator Bantamweight has the biggest fight of his life against Sergio Pettis. Headlining Bellator 242 tonight. Sergio Pettis is a world class fighter went to a decision against Henry Cejudo, Defeated Joseph Benavidez.

Pettis favorite against Ricky Bandejas but I believe Bandejas surprises the odd makers with a knockout against Sergio Pettis. Bandejas is confident in himself as well.

“I’m excited,” Bandejas said. “He’s been in there with the best and mixed up with the best guys at bantamweight and at 125, so I get to test myself against him. It’s going to be exciting.”


Looking to continue to his two fight winning streak as he transferred gyms over to American Top Team. Finally seeing the success come along, The hard work training at powerhouse gym American Top Team.

“The biggest misconception is I don’t want people thinking I left because I lost twice in a row. This is something I was always thinking about and I think this is going to help. I just needed some change, you know, I was stuck in a rut and that’s it. I’ve come here (to ATT) and I can start fresh. Let’s hope I can rattle off a kill streak.”


Training with some of the best fighters in the world at American Top Team will help Bandejas tremendously against Sergio Pettis. Knockout or a decision win in the biggest fight of his life.

Cross Promotion MMA Fights I Missed Lol

Since there’s so many talented MMA Fighters all over the world from different MMA Promotions!! More matchups to look at.

Ray Cooper vs Albert Tumenov

Ray Cooper the Third is the PFL Welterweight Champion. Wins over Jake Shields twice, Charles “Crazy” Bennett. Three Time State Wrestler in Hawaii. 20-7 record is a solid fighter.

Albert Tumenov former UFC Welterweight signed with ACB. Becoming the ACB Welterweight Champion. Tumenov has wins over Lorenz Larkin and Alan Jouban.

Emiliano Sordi vs Vadim Nemkov

Emiliano Sordi PFL Light Heavyweight Champion is making a career for himself at Professional Fighters league.

Vadim Nemkov Future Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion is a training partner for Fedor Emelianenko. Impressive winning streak over Phil Davis, Liam McGeary. Nemkov is 27 years old.

Phil De Fries vs Brandon Vera

Phil De Fries KSW Heavyweight Champion. UFC veteran. 18-6 record. I highly doubt he will ever sign with the UFC but it’s cool he built a career with KSW.

Brandon Vera former UFC Light Heavyweight moves to One Championship. Since signing with One Championship became the Heavyweight Champion. Defeated Cage Warriors Heavyweight Champion Mauro Cerilli.

Kiamrian Abbasov vs Jarrah Al-Selawe

Kiamrian Abbasov is the One Championship Welterweight Champion. Defeated Yushin Okami, Zebaztian Kadestam former One Championship Welterweight Champion. He’s one of the best Welterweights in the world.

Jarrah Al- Selawe is the Brave CF Welterweight Champion. Successful career in Brave CF. Love to see him build his profile.

Stephen Loman vs Kai Asakura

Stephen Loman Brave CF Bantamweight Champion. Main attraction for Brave CF. Loman has wins over Gary Mangat, Frans Mlambo. UFC should definitely sign him.

Kai Asakura the Rizin Bantamweight Champion. One of the best Bantamweights not fighting for the UFC. Wins over Ulka Susaki, Kyoji Horiguchi, Manel Kape.

Tofiq Musaev vs Mansour Barnaoui

Tofiq Musaev Rizin Lightweight Grand Prix Champion by defeating Patricio Pitbull. UFC has there eyes on him. Incredible 2019/2020 run with Rizin.

Mansour Barnaoui 19-4 record Road FC Lightweight Champion. Successful career for Road FC. Losses to Ivan Buchinger, Mateusz Gamrot.

MMA Cross Promotions Dream Fights 2020 ?

Hardcore fans like myself have these dream fights with champions from UFC, Bellator, One Championship, PFL, KSW, Brave CF, Combate Americas, ACB, EFC, M1- Global.

Time to create these dream fights in 2020!!

Kamaru Usman vs Douglas Lima

Douglas Lima arguably the #1 Welterweight in the world. Lima defeated Rory MacDonald for the Bellator Welterweight Grand Prix and the Bellator Welterweight Title.

Douglas Lima has wins over Rory MacDonald, Lorenz Larkin(Former UFC Welterweight, Paul Daley(Former Kickboxing Champion, Strikeforce, UFC Fighter)and Andrey Koreshkov.(Top Bellator Welterweight)

Usman vs Lima would be one of the best Welterweight Fights.

Gegard Mousasi vs Israel Adesanya

Gegard Mousasi Bellator Middleweight Champion is one of the best Middleweights in the world, Mousasi is a pioneer from Dream, Strikeforce, Pride.

Mousasi without a doubt in my mind will be a tough test for the next star in the UFC Israel Adesanya.

Michael Chandler vs Khabib Nurmagomedov

Michael Chandler former Bellator Lightweight Champion has wins over Eddie Alvarez in a memorable fight, Rivalry with Patricio Pitbull, Benson Henderson.

Michael Chandler is one of the best Lightweights in the world and he’s been desiring that fight with Khabib. Believes he can defeat him.

Kyoji Horiguchi vs Petr Yan or Jose Aldo

Kyoji Horiguchi since signing with Rizin radically changed his career from winning the Rizin Bantamweight Title, Defeating Darrion Caldwell for the Bellator Bantamweight Title.

Horiguchi is one of the best Bantamweights in the world!!

Kyoji Horiguchi vs Bibiano Fernandes

Bibiano Fernandes is one of the greatest Bantamweights of All Time. 40 years old. Fights for One Championship and is their Bantamweight Champion. Seven title defenses in a row.

Bibiano Fernandes was the former Dream Featherweight and Bantamweight Champion. He trains with one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time in Demetrious Johnson.

Kyoji Horiguchi vs Bibiano Fernandes would be a great fight. Debate whose the best Bantamweight Champion in the best Asia Promotions.

Tofiq Musaev vs Nathan Schulte

Tofiq Musaev won the Rizin Lightweight Grand Prix. Defeated Patricio Pitbull in the final. Shocked the world with that win. During his win streak defeated Johnny Case, Daron Cruikshank. He has vicious leg kicks.

Nathan Schulte is the 2 time PFL Lightweight Champion. Wins over Rashid Magomedov, Chris Wade. Schulte easily one of the best Lightweights not in the UFC but one day will see him fight for the UFC.

Schulte vs Musaev would be one interesting fight for the hardcore fans.

Lance Palmer vs Alexander Volkanovski

Lance Palmer two time PFL Featherweight Champion, WSOF Featherweight Champion. Former Ohio State 4 time All-American. Palmer dominates his opponents and it would be interesting to see him fight Alexander Volkanovski.

Alexander Volkanovski building his legacy facing Lance Palmer one of the best featherweights on the planet.

AJ McKee vs Salahdine Parnasse

AJ McKee is the favorite to win the Bellator Featherweight Grand Prix because he’s a world class fighter. AJ McKee 16-0 record with wins over Bellator Vets Derek Campos, Pat Curran.

AJ McKee is the future for Bellator.

Salahdine Parnasse is the future for France MMA. Parnasse is the KSW Interim Featherweight Champion at 22 years old, Impressively defeating former Cage Warriors Featherweight Champion Ivan Buchinger. The win over Buchinger was a masterful performance!!

Aj McKee vs Salahdine Parnasse would be a fight I’d be watching for sure. Bellator vs KSW on DAZN.

Roberto Soldic vs Andres Koreshkov

Roberto Soldic easily one of the BEST Welterweights not fighting for the UFC. I hope on everything he gets signed by the UFC. Soldic is the KSW Welterweight Champion.

Andrey Koreshkov is a top Bellator Welterweight.

Soldic vs Koreshkov is a hardcore fan Welterweight fight. Place Soldic on the global map with a win over Andrey Koreshkov!!

Rory MacDonald vs Roberto Soldic

Rory MacDonald sign a long term fight deal with the Professional Fighters League, Remains one of the best welterweights in the world.

Roberto Soldic is one of the best Welterweights in the world, Needs opponents that will place Soldic on the map.

Tomasz Narkun vs Simon Biyong

Tomasz Narkun is the KSW Light Heavyweight Champion. Definitely will get signed by the UFC one day. Narkun has two significant wins over European legend Mamed Khalidov and former UFC fighter Rameau Sokoudjou.

Simon Biyong was the former EFC Light Heavyweight Champion, 1-0 with Rizin after defeating Vitaly Shemetov. Biyong is one of the best Light Heavyweight Prospects in the world. Future Rizin Light Heavyweight Champion and future UFC fighter from Africa.

Narkun vs Biyong is a sick fight for two Light Heavyweight prospects.

Igeu Kabesa vs Andres Quintana

Igeu Kabesa is the EFC Featherweight Champion, EFC is the #1 MMA Promotion in Africa. Kabesa is 26 years old, 12-1 has wins over Karlo Caput and SBG Ireland Prospect Peter Queally. Decorated wrestler from Africa.

Andres Quintana is the #1 Featherweight Prospect from the United States. Quintana was the former Combate Americas Featherweight Champion. He’s 28 years old, All-Around fighter whose bound to sign with the UFC one day.

Rafa Garcia vs Mateusz Gamrot

Rafa Garcia is 12-0 at 25 years old. Reminds me of Eddie Alvarez. Rafa Garcia is the Combate Americas Lightweight Champion, One of the best Lightweights not fighting for the UFC.

Mateusz Gamrot is 15-0 at 29 years old. Literally in the prime of his career. Gamrot is the KSW Featherweight Champion. #1 European Featherweight to not fight for the UFC. Gamrot has wins over former UFC fighter Norman Parke, Road FC Lightweight Champion Mansour Barnaoui and Marif Piraev.

What a fight this would be Rafa Garcia vs Mateusz Gamrot.

Adam Borics Keep Moving Forward

Adam Borics the dark horse of the Bellator Featherweight Division had a tough loss to Darrion Caldwell. After the fight was upset. Self defeated but Darrion Caldwell like the champion he is gave him heartfelt advice. Seen the talent that everyone else sees in him.

Borics loss to Caldwell was his first loss of his MMA, Kickboxing, Boxing. Took the loss hard as you can see post fight. However Borics came from tough beginnings. Born and raised in a small village in Hungary. Borics should never forget where he came from because that what got him to fighting for the #2 MMA organization in the world.

Trains at one of the best MMA Gyms in the world, Sanford MMA( Formely Hardknocks 365). Coached by Henri Hooft, Trains with Kamaru Usman, Vicente Luque, Michael Johnson, Martin Nguyen. Learning from these talented fighters, Current Champions and future champions in different MMA organizations.

Listening to their advice about dealing with losses and adversity. He’ll be back looking better than ever. Fighting against tough fighters like Henry Corrales, Daniel Straus and Leandro Higo.

Adam Borics was labeled as the dark horse of the Bellator Featherweight Grand Prix for a reason but got outclassed by a former Bellator Bantamweight Champion.

Borics still has the potential to become a Bellator Featherweight Champion, Maybe the loss is what he needed to not be over confident in himself because he trains like a savage. Sacrifice everything in his life to train for his upcoming fights.

The loss can be a win as well, Borics can now make a run for the Bellator Featherweight Title. Winning streak against top Bellator Featherweights and challenge for the title in the next couple years!!

Bellator Future Welterweight Contender

Bellator Welterweight Division is stacked with Douglas Lima, Yaroslav Amosov, Ed Ruth, Andrey Koreshkov. Scott Coker loves signing All American Wrestlers and Logan Storley is All-American Wrestler from Minnesota.

Logan Storley signed with Bellator in 2017 and is now 6-0 with Bellator. Impressive wins over Ion Pascu and AJ Matthews.

27 years old bright future ahead of him with Bellator going into the 2020 Bellator season. Rising up the Bellator Welterweight Rankings.

Logan Storley 2020 Two Fights

Logan Storley defeating two tough Bellator Welterweights in his career, Deserves to fight tougher Bellator Welterweights that can test Storley with striking and compete against his D-1 Wrestling ability.

Storley begin the 2020 season against Jason Jackson who gave Ed Ruth a really tough fight. Storley vs Jackson be a intriguing test for Logan Storley.

Grappling MMA Fan’s Dream Fight would be Logan Storley vs Neiman Gracie. Storley vs Gracie be a Bellator Welterweight Contender Fight. Main Card Fight.

Adding two more significant wins to Logan’s Bellator Career will help him become a contender entering into the Bellator 2021 Season.

Lorenz Larkin, Andrey Koreshkov 2021

Facing Lorenz Larkin former UFC Welterweight, Top Bellator Welterweight will be the toughest fight in his career. Storley vs Larkin will be a Bellator Main Event as Scott Coker can promote and build the 28/29 year old Welterweight.

Other option for Logan Storley is facing one of the best Welterweights to not fight in the UFC, Andrey Koreshkov. Another fight that can make Storley a top five Welterweight.

Depending what happens with Storley, If he wins against Larkin or Koreshkov he can be a contender in 2021. The Logan Storley contract, Scheduling his next fight.

Storley can fight Douglas Lima or Yaroslav Amosov for the Bellator Welterweight Title by 2021 or 2022.

Bellator Future Bantamweight Champion

Raufeon Stots LFA fighter and Victory FC Bantamweight Champion signed a long term deal with Bellator instead of the UFC. Stots was one of the top prospects in the United States before signing with Bellator.

“I’m ready. Fought vets of other top organizations. I’ve fought champions and I feel like I’m really well prepared.”


“I’m happy with Bellator and I’m hoping to fight up the ranks and work toward a Bellator title. As far as the UFC, they are the last thing on my mind. I feel like my task at hand right now is to, like, win this fight and build the ranks where I’m at.”


Bellator Career

Since Stots believes he can fight the best Bantamweights in the world he can challenge the top Bellator Bantamweights.

Don’t expect Stots to have any tune up fights.

Frans Mlambo, Shawn Bunch, Ricky Bandejas. in his second fight with Bellator when the coronavirus is over and Bellator returns to action.

One or two more fights in 2020 will be perfect for Stots First round knockout win that trends on MMA social media or showing his Division two All- American wrestling. Dominating Mlambo or Bandejas.

Win over Bandejas be tremendous for his career, Moving up the Bellator Bantamweight rankings.

Stots fighting KOTC former Bantamweight Champion Patchy Mix be one of the best Bantamweight fights. Fight showing whose the better rising Bellator Bantamweight. MMA fans and myself would love to watch that fight.

“This is my coming out party,” Stots said. “I put a lot into this camp. I’m looking to be exciting and be a finisher in the Bellator ranks. I don’t feel there’s any fight in the Bellator ranks that scares me. I feel like there’s a lot of tough people and I can beat them all. It’s just time for me to cement my legacy and start chasing gold.”


Chasing the gold is a reality for a Raufeon Stots by 2021 he can contend and challenge for the Bellator Bantamweight Title by facing James Gallagher for the title.

Bellator Future Flyweight Champion

Under the radar Women’s prospect Mandy Bohm signed with Bellator, Trains out of SBG Ireland. Mandy is 30 years old was the former TKO Flyweight Champion and is the perfect addition to the Bellator stable.

Mandy is a flyweight from Germany winning 5 fights for GMC.

Advantage for Mandy fighting in the Flyweight division is her standup striking. Watched her fight Jade- Masson Wong for the TKO Flyweight Title and did a great job with her jab. She’s really slick with it.

Second advantage is being five foot seven and being lengthy similar to Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Giving smaller Bellator women’s flyweights trouble.

Main focuses for Mandy is working on her striking creativity.

Bohm at 30 years old who defeat Jade- Masson Wong for the TKO Flyweight title is one of the best women’s prospects.

Bohm Bellator

Mandy’s Bellator debut will come against former UFC fighter Liz Carmouche is the toughest life of her life. Must train like a psychopath for her next fight against Carmouche when the coronavirus is over.

However but training at SBG Ireland, One of the best MMA Gyms in the world she can shock the MMA world by defeating Liz Carmouche.

In her debut and a win against Carmouche she can be ranked top 5 Bellator women’s flyweight.

Second fight for her Mandy can be against Alejandra Lara, Bec Rawlings.

By 2021 she can challenge for the Bellator Women’s Flyweight title.

Next King of the Bellator Middleweight Division

Gegard Mousasi passing the torch to fellow Netherlands Middleweight Costello Van Steenis. 27 year old Middleweight with a 12-2 record. Last fight he lost against John Salter but will be the next KING of the Bellator Middleweight division.

Costello 4-1 with Bellator wins over Mike Shipman and Chris Honeycutt. Two knockout wins and a rear naked choke in his wins for Bellator.

Costello Van Steenis vs Fabian Edwards is the upcoming bout when Bellator decides to return. Two Future Bellator Middleweight Champions but Costello has the upper hand.

Clash of the two rising Bellator Middleweights, Be one of the most underrated Middleweight Fights but when Costello defeats Fabian Edwards he can rematch John Salter.

John Salter vs Costello Van Steenis, Bellator Europe Main Card fight. Can be a bounce back win for Costello, Moving up the Bellator Middleweight Rankings.

By 2020 he can be a contender for the Bellator Middleweight rankings.

Fighting Bellator Middleweight Champion by the fall of 2021. Possibly fighting Gegard Mousasi or Douglas Lima for the Bellator Middleweight Title.

Challenging for the Bellator Middleweight Title against Anatoly Tokov.

Lima vs Costello Van Steenis will be one of the best fights for Bellator. If he defeats Douglas Lima he’ll the Anderson Silva of title defenses. Challenging his

One of the few young talented Bellator Middleweights as he defends his title against Fabian Edwards, Austin Vanderford, Anatoly Tokov and future rising stars like Norbert Novenyi Jr.

Bellator Anatoly Tokov #1 Middleweight contender

Anatoly Tokov under the radar Middleweight wins over Gerald Harris that was a impressive comeback win. Alexander Shlemenko in a unanimous decision win. Tokov is 5-0 with Bellator and is the #1 Contender for the Bellator Middleweight division.

Alexander Nevsky is a Russian MMA Gym Powerhouse with Fedor, Vadim Nemkov and Anatoly Tokov!! Training with one of the greatest fighters of all time.

Fabio Aguiar vs Anatoly Tokov is the next fight but coronavirus thank you so much is postponed until further notice. Fabio Aguiar is a underrated Middleweight as well from Brazil.

Choose Tokov to win his fight against Fabio. Tokov is just too talented.

Anatoly Tokov defeated the best of the best Middleweights Bellator has. Understand he’s a under the radar fighter MMA fans have no clue who he is but I do.

Tokov vs Lyoto Machida be a fight to make post coronavirus if Machida doesn’t retire and not afraid to fight the 30 year old Russian Middleweight.

Fight against Lyoto Machida be a significant win for his career, MMA webstites will write about the impressive win. More people recognize who he is and Tokov is the #1 Bellator Middleweight to challenge Douglas Lima or Gegard Mousasi for the Bellator Middleweight Title.

2020 can be the best year in Anatoly Tokov’s career by challenging and winning the Bellator Middleweight Title. Defending the belt once than move on to 2021.

Top Young Featherweights in the world 2020

Max Holloway, Brian Ortega, Yair Rodriguez, Patricio Pitbull, Martin Nguyen some of the best Featherweights in the world. In the world there’s next group of Featherweights motivated to become UFC, One Championship and Bellator Champions!!

Arnold Allen

Arnold Allen one of my favorite UFC prospects is 16-1. 7-0 with the UFC. Trains at Tristar Gym coached by Firas Zahabi. Arnold Allen has all the potential to become the UFC Featherweight Champion by 2021.

Part of the next wave of talent to come from England. Arnold Allen is 26 years old. Wins over Gilbert Melendez, Jordan Rinaldi, Makwan Amirkhani. Arnold Allen vs Josh Emmett is next when Covid- 19 is over.

Sodiq Yusuff

Next Nigeria UFC Champion is Sodiq Yusuff. Alumni of the Dana White Contender Series. Impressively defeated Andre Fili in his last fight. 11-1 (4-0) with the UFC. Trains at Team Loyd Irvin with James Vick. Can’t wait when Yusuff fights Top Ten UFC Featherweights.

AJ Mckee JR

AJ Mckee Jr is the Hottest Featherweight prospect since Max Holloway. Competing in the Bellator Featherweight Grand Prix and defeated Derek Campo so far in the first round. Will fight Darrion Caldwell next in the semi- final. AJ Mckee Jr is predicted to win the Bellator Featherweight Grand Prix.

Once AJ Mckee Jr wins the Grand Prix nobody will be beating him for a while. He’s a special talent.

Bryce Mitchell

Bryce “Thug Nasty” Mitchell is part of the Ultimate Fighter 27 season. 12-0 record. Upcoming UFC Featherweight prospect by the end of 2020 can be ranked in the top 15. Bryce Mitchell is also a potential fan favorite, He’s hilarious with post fight interviews.

Grant Dawson

Dana White Contender Series alumni is 3-0 with UFC. Trains at Glory MMA & Fitness coached by James Krause as he grows his MMA gym. Impressive grappler at 26 years old has some time before he can becomes a UFC Featherweight Title Challenger.

Adam Borics

Sadly lost to Darrion Caldwell in the 1st round of the Bellator Featherweight Grand Prix but one loss won’t hurt you. Jumped on the scene when he viciously knocked out Aaron Pico. Borics is 26 years old with so much potential it’s crazy!! Borics vs Mckee JR will be a three fight trilogy similar to Lima vs Koreshkov.

Salahdine Parnasse

Guys whoever is reading this please look up Salahdine Parnasse on YouTube or watch KSW on DAZN. Parnasse is a prodigy at 22 Years OLD. #1 European Prospect as Salahdine is the KSW Featherweight Champion. He’s a incredible fighter to watch. Hope and pray that UFC or Bellator signs this kid.

Chase Hooper

Ben Askren’s son Chase Hooper is only 20 years old is fighting for the UFC. Chase Hooper is yell of a grappler but has a long way to go before anything happens. His journey to the Featherweight Title is going to be something special to watch.

Pedro Carvalho

Sleeper of the Bellator Featherweight Grand Prix trains out of SBG Ireland. Pedro is 24 years old and is fighting Patricio Pitbull in the 1st round. Pedro has wins over Sam Sicilia and Derek Campos.

Aaron Pico

Might think I’m retarded but I still believe that Aaron Pico has all the makings to become a Bellator Featherweight Champion. Pico looked great in his last fight. Coached by the Phil Jackson of MMA in Greg Jackson will look better than ever in 2020. Pico is a prodigy, All- Around Fighter with wrestling, boxing and jiu jitsu.

Be a sin to the MMA world if he doesn’t win the Bellator Featherweight Title.

Fabian Edwards Future Bellator Middleweight Champion

Fabian Edwards is Leon Edwards little brother at 27 years old. Fabian is a great fighter as well fighting for Bellator currently with a 9-0 record. Defeating Bellator veterans. Fabian Edwards was scheduled a fight against Bellator Middleweight Prospect Costello Van Steenis but Covid-19 preventing this fight to happen.

“So I knew I needed a day to day routine just in life in general. I also have my brother as well.

“We’ve got a little mat space, so we can do cage work and pad work, that’s two good minds to exchange information, my brother is top of the world right now.”

“I defo feel we will be coming out of this improved. I feel blessed but I also feel this is showing what fighters want it the most.” https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/mma/11361432/fabian-edwards-trains-ufc-brother-leon/

Bellator returns back to events please resume the fight between Costello Van Steenis and Fabian Edwards. Two of the best young Bellator Middleweights.

Fabian Edwards 2020

Fabian defeats Costello Van Steenis he’ll be ranked a top 5 Bellator Middleweight. Fabian Edwards fights after Costello Van Steenis he can fight Austin Vanderford, Anatoly Tokov and Rafael Carvalho.

By the end of 2020 Fabian will be #1 Contender for the Bellator Middleweight title.

Top Ten Young Bantamweights 2020

Young talent in the Bantamweight division is better than it’s ever been!! Pioneers like Urjah Faber, Dominick Cruz, Renan Barao, TJ Dillashaw but there’s plenty of world class Bantamweights under 26 years old from UFC, Bellator, One Championship and other MMA Promotions.

“Sugar” Sean O’ Malley

Sean O’ Malley the future star, Current pothead is 25 years old. Jumped on the scene fighting on the Dana White Contender Series and never looked back. 3-0 with the UFC because of a broken foot, Stupid USADA and Covid- 19. Sean O’ Malley is a future UFC Bantamweight Champion!!

Sergio Pettis

Anthony Pettis little brother switched from UFC to Bellator which will be the best decision he’s ever made. Future Bellator Bantamweight Champion. Makes the cusp at 26 years old. Sergio 1-0 with Bellator can go on a long winning streak because he’s a world class fighter. The Bellator Bantamweights never faced a talented fighter like Sergio before.

Sergio Pettis vs James Gallagher Bellator Bantamweight Title

James Gallagher

James Gallagher Conor McGregor’s Protégé is 23 years old, Rising star for Bellator at 23 years old. 2020 will be a exciting year for James Gallagher most likely fighting for the Bellator Bantamweight Title. Exciting fight vs Sergio Pettis. Rematch against Ricky Bandejas.

Nathaniel Wood

Brad Pickett’s Pride and Joy Nathaniel Wood is a future UFC Bantamweight Champion. One of my favorite UFC prospects. 16-4 record at 26 years old. Lost to John Dodson but he’ll be back better than ever when Dana’s Private Island is completed.

Manel Kape

Rizin Bantamweight Champion Manel Kape at 26 Years Old defeated Kai Asakura, Takeya Mizugaki, Ian McCall and now signed with the UFC. Super excited for his UFC Debut.

Kai Asakura

Shocked the world by defeating Kyoji Horiguchi at Rizin 18. Defeated Manel Kape at Rizin 10. Can’t wait for the rematch between Kai vs Kyoji in 2020 when Kyoji is fully healed. Future Rizin Bantamweight Champion in 2020.

Patchy Mix

Patchy Mix when Bellator signed him I was extremely excited because he was the King of the Cage Bantamweight Champion. Mix is 13-0 definitely a future Bellator Bantamweight Champion. Fights against Gallagher, Sergio Pettis, Eduardo Dantas in the future.

Jack Shore

12-0 at 25 Years Old Cage Warriors Bantamweight Champion is 1-0 with the UFC. Success with Cage Warriors will translate with the UFC. 2020 Shore can be ranked in the top 15 if he decides to take tough fights. Can be Wales First UFC Champion.

Miles Johns

Fortis MMA Prospect Miles Johns is 26 years old 10-1(1-1 UFC) was the LFA Bantamweight Champion. Explosive Bantamweight with a high motor. When UFC begins looking forward for his third fight with the UFC.

Umar Nurmagomedov

Khabib’s cousin 12-0 with the UFC is the next monster from Dagestan. Winning Bantamweight Titles in Russia. 26 years old. Headlined Gorilla Fighting Championship events.

Bellator Hot Prospect signing Cage Warriors Ross Houston

Belllator continues to sign prospects from wrestlers, Amateurs and regional MMA champions. Ross Houston is a regional champion fighting for Cage Warriors and winning the Cage Warriors Welterweight Title by defeating current Bellator fighter Stefano Paterno.

Ross Houston Cage Warriors

Ross Houston trains at SBG Ireland, Coached by John Kavanagh. Houston is 8-0 currently with 5 of those wins are from Cage Warriors. Impressive wins over Stefano Paterno and Nathan Jones. Becoming a Cage Warriors champion is a tremendous accomplishment because it’s the best Regional MMA Promotion in Europe. Similar to Legacy Fighting Alliance in United States.

Cage Warriors Welterweight Champion was a top ten Welterweight Prospect and was only a matter of time until UFC or Bellator signs him.

Congratulations to Bellator for signing Ross Houston.

“So one of the agreements I have with Bellator was that if I sign for them, they will put me on the big shows and get me some of the elite match-ups on the whole planet. The big shows happen in the US and that is where we are looking to make our stamp.”

“They are going to give me the opportunity to fight big names, which is going to fast track my status even more on the international level,” he said. “Whereas if I went to the UFC, I would go right at the bottom and have to work my way back, which could be a long process. It is just a different way round of doing things.


Ross Houston Bellator Future

Ask and you’ll shall receive Ross Houston. Ross “Hitman” Houston fully confident in his talents and having a strong mindset believes he can compete against the best Bellator Welterweights.

Bellator Welterweight division is growing with Douglas Lima, Yaroslav Amosov, Ed Ruth, Jason Jackson, Neiman Gracie, Andrey Koreshkov, Joey Davis, Logan Storley. Ross has limitless amount of great match up fights in the future but their’s no need to rush this kid RIGHT AWAY.

First two fights Ross should fight Welterweights with 6-3 records to build up his profile with Bellator than… Match Ross against top 10- top 15 Bellator Welterweights.

Jason Jackson, Rematch against Stefano Paterno, Rematch against Nicholas Dalby. Three great main card or feature prelims to watch in 2020 or 2021.

After fights against Paterno and Dalby have him headline a Glasgow Bellator Event fighting Jordan Mein, Erick Silva or Lorenz Larkin in 2021.

Maybe Ross Houston represents Bellator and fights a Rizin Welterweight in a Cross Promotion Event.

End of 2021 have Ross Houston if everything goes well… Fights Koreshkov, Ed Ruth, Paul Daley for the #1 Bellator Welterweight Contender. Schedule him on the main card of one of those stacked LA Forum cards.

2022 Ross Houston can become a Bellator Welterweight Title Challenger and be one of the best Welterweights in the world.

Pettis vs Gallagher Bellator Bantamweight Title Fight

Bellator Bantamweight Title is vacant since Kyoji Horiguchi torn his ACL. Life must go on and their should be a Bantamweight Title Fight. No better opponents than James Gallagher vs Sergio Pettis for the Bellator Bantamweight Title.

Cal Ellenor was James Gallagher next fight. However Cal dropped out of the Bellator London fight and now James has no clue who he’s fighting next. Gallagher talked about fighting Sergio Pettis for a major fight on MMAFighting.Com

If Sergio Pettis is fighting anyone it’s like, ‘Cool, he’s fighting,’ but if he fights me it’s massive. The Cal fight, no one gives a bollocks who-the-f*ck he is; no one gives a f*ck about him, but if he fights me it’s a big fight. That’s just what I’m thinking about, so no matter what I do it’s going to be a big moment and I’m going to be ready for it.”


Agree with Mr. Gallagher Pettis vs Gallagher will be one of the biggest fights in the Bantamweight division that can headline Bellator London or a summer Bellator card.

Gallagher has fought “Lesser” Known opponents and seriously it’s time to fight the best of the best. Sergio Pettis signing with Bellator and moving up to Bantamweight is a smart decision as he looks great!!

Makes tons of business sense two Bigger names even if you love or hate James Gallagher vs Sergio Pettis as Pettis is one of the most popular MMA Last Names. Well recognized!!

Scott Coker please set this fight up, Headline Gallagher vs Pettis in the Summer of 2020 at London, San Jose, Los Angeles or some small city.

Bellator Young Light Heavyweight Division

Ryan Bader Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion, Phil Davis, Melvin Manhoef are all “Older” Light Heavyweights in their 30’s and probably will retire soon. You’d believe that division is done for but Scott Coker signed a group of Light Heavyweight Prospects that all have potential to be Bellator Light Heavyweight Champions. Who are they?

Julius Anglickas

Anglickas 28 Years Old was the former Legacy Fighting Alliance Light Heavyweight Champion by defeating Clayton York. Attracted Dana White enough to offer him a fight on the Dana White Contender Series. Beat Karl Reed in the 3rd round but didn’t get signed.

However Scott Coker stole him from UFC and in Julius Anglickas Bellator debut defeated Jordan Young!!

Vadim Nemkov

Vadim Nemkov part of the Russian wave of talent. Nemkov at 27 years old has defeated Philipe Lins(PFL Heavyweight Champion)Liam McGeary, Phil Davis and Rafael Carvalho. Nemkov challenging Ryan Bader for the Light Heavyweight Title, Fight I’m definitely looking forward when the virus is over and done with.

Nemkov is a future Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion.

Alex Polizzi

Alex Polizzi in his second fight with LFA defeated Jamal Pogues for the LFA Light Heavyweight Title. Polizzi would get signed by Bellator after a impressive win against a top Light Heavyweight Prospect. 5-0 record at 28 years old, Best decision was signing with Bellator.

Scott Coker will build up Polizzi in 2020.

Arunas Andriuskevicus

Arunas has a 15-4 record(8 Fight Win Streak) Bellator win over James Mulheron. Next fight was against SBG Ireland Light Heavyweight Prospect Karl Moore.

Karl Albrektsson

Swedish Light Heavyweight Prospect, Former Rizin Light Heavyweight lost to Jiri Prochazka, Valentin Moldavsky earlier in his career. In Karl’s Bellator debut had to fight Phil Davis. Bad choice for Karl but it was a learning experience.

Time is on Karl’s side at 26 years old, Change gyms and go to SBG Ireland, American Kickboxing Academy or Tristar Gym. Train with the best of the best and he’ll impressively improve!!

OVERALL Scott Coker did a great job in my opinion for signing Light Heavyweight prospects from around the world!!

Bellator Future looks Bright

Bellator second best MMA promotion in the world since Scott Coker became the new Bellator promoter in 2014. Bellator continues to rise because of Scott Coker and 2018-2019 showed true promise for Bellator with Douglas Lima defeating Rory MacDonald, Rizin partnership, Future stars such as AJ McKee and James Gallagher. Future looks bright for Bellator.

Bellator’s Next Decade Stars

Bellator 2020 decade looks very exciting with Scott Coker signing future stars and Bellator champions such as AJ Mckee, 24 Year Old Future Bellator Featherweight Champion, Aaron Pico 23 Year old Featherweight who has potential!!

James Gallagher future Bellator Bantamweight Champion ( Conor McGregor’s protégé), Yaroslav Amosov( 23-0 Welterweight), Juan Archuleta( TJ Dillashaw sparring partner) Ed Ruth (Penn State All American Wrestler).

Bellator’s stable of young talent has never been better. 10-20 more Bellator fighters I didn’t list who have serious potential to be challengers or winner for Bellator titles, Ranked top 5 in their weight class.

Watch Douglas Lima pass the torch to Amosov, Patricio Friere loses to AJ Mckee, Juan Archuleta defeating Patrico Friere. Bellator veterans losing to Bellator prospects.

Scott Coker in the 2020 decade WILL continue to sign top prospects from around the world, Becoming future champions and build the brand of Bellator.

Bellator 2020 Decade Vision

Bellator and Rizin cross promotion partnership is a partnership I hope continues. Scheduling dream fights!! Kyoji Horiguchi defeating Darrion Caldwell, Tofiq Musaev defeating Patricio Pitbull. Lorenz Larkin defeating Keita Nakamura. Bellator partnering with Rizin is a great business decision.

Bellator/ Rizin cross prromotions should be a consistent event with Kyoji Horiguchi defending the Rizin Bantamweight Title, Simon Biyong ( Light Heavyweight Prospect) fights Ryan Bader, Tofiq Musaev fights the Bellator Lightweight Champion. The cross promotion maybe has a crazy FIGHT that attracts millions of new viewers.

Since signing former UFC Fighters, Top Prospects Bellator is considerably popular since the start. Bellator can have events in Los Angeles, London, Dallas, Atlanta, Dubai, Chicago, Seattle instead of “small cities”. Selling out arenas because of the rising Bellator stars and new Bellator free agent signings.

What I hope to see is more respect towards Bellator!! Bellator has GREAT champions who can beat UFC champions, Since Bellator is second place there’s a overall lack of respect.

Douglas Lima potentially can beat Kamaru Usman, Patricio Friere can beat Alexander Volkanovski. AJ Mckee TOP TEN Featherweight in the world. Best way to earn respect is Pitbull, Lima, Michael Chandler is expire their contracts, Become free agents and sign with UFC. UFC vs Bellator and see who the winner is!!

Lima beats Usman or UFC Welterweight Champion millions of new fans for Bellator!!


Overall I believe Bellator is heading to the right place, Scott Coker 2nd best Promoter in the world is doing a excellent job running Bellator with attracting free agents and signing world class prospects. Bellator vs Rizin is a smart idea and hope it continues .

AJ Mckee, Ed Ruth, Yaroslav Amosov, Aaron Pico, James Gallagher, Adam Borics future BELLATOR champions and the future stars for Bellator in the next decade.

Cheering for Bellator’s success!!