Aaron Pico Shows He’s a Future Champion at Bellator 271

Bellator headliner is Cyborg vs Sinead Kavangh, Looking forward to this fight seeing if Kavanagh gives a challenge to the Bellator Women’s Featherweight Champion.

Bellator 271 has a future Bellator Men’s Featherweight Champion named Aaron Pico whose coming into his own ever since moving over to JacksonWink.

Life changing move has he’s 4-1 with Jackon Wink MMA. Defeating talented fighters like Solo Hatley Jr, John De Jesus and Aiden Lee. Dominating opponents winning all finishes.

Coaching Aaron Pico during fights is like playing a video game.” Greg Jackson

One of his toughest test in my opinion is against upcoming opponent Justin Gonzales a gritty talented undefeated Top Ten Bellator Featherweight

See if former Colorado State University of Pueblo wrestler can shock the world and defeat Aaron Pico.

“This win can skyrocket my career,” Gonzales told reporters including MMA Junkie on Wednesday. “I think this puts me legit in title contention. It puts me in a No. 1 contender spot, steal some hype from him, just skyrockets me. … I knew he’s tough. I know he’s a gamer (and) puts it all on the line. He either puts people out or gets put out. Without a doubt, we thought this was a winnable fight. It’s a great fight and has a lot of reward behind it. We’re on board right away.”


However Aaron Pico is on another level right now, Top Six Bellator Featherweight for a reason. Few fights away from a title shot. Winning against Gonzales helps climb the ladder.

“I understand there’s a lot of risk. But if I’m looking at his skillset, there’s nothing that’s standing out as, ‘Wow.’ He’s good everywhere, a strong guy, but I think I’m better. So we go prove it Friday night.


Featherweight version of George St Pierre as he’s a very good wrestler, underrated Jiu-Jitsu, Former California Golden Gloves Boxer. GSP used to train at Tristar Gym, Pico as he gets into his physical prime will have a similar body to GSP as well.

Continuing to improve every training class, Can only imagine how much better Pico looks right now.

“I feel that we’ve gotten a lot better since the last fight. Coach Greg and I know there were some things that he addressed and nipped in the bud right away after my last fight,” Pico said. “That guy got up like five or six times and Greg was not happy about that at all. Those are the things that we fixed, but I’m excited to take on this challenge. I’m really just excited to go out there and show my skills.”


Pico fixes the mistakes he made in his last fight against Aiden Lee, Won’t be surprised if you expect another dominant performance proving to everyone he’s a future champion.

Definitely wants that title shot even more since being a father, Wanting to provide for his family. His close friend and former training partner AJ McKee moves up to Lightweight.

“When the time comes and the contract is given to me to fight for the world title, then I’ll start working on being a world champion. But right now, I feel I’m just climbing the ladder. I’m taking it one fight at a time, and we’ll go. I’m staying not too low – right in the middle, and just trying to improve as a fighter. That’s all I’m focused on: cage time and being the best I could possibly be.”



Sole focus as of right now is Justin Gonzales but soon Pico and Ali Abdelaziz will be talking to Scott Coker about a new contract and a upcoming a title shot in 2022.

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