Mateusz Gamrot KSW Top Fighter 2020 Fighter to watch #20

KSW, Top Polish and European MMA promotion has several great fighters under their stable and Mateusz Gamrot is one of them. Top 5 Featherweight and Lightweight not in the UFC. Gamrot is a double champ, KSW Featherweight and Lightweight champion. Mateusz Gamrot in 2020 should sign with the UFC!!

Mateusz Gamrot 15-0 record, 29 years old in his career has beaten world class fighters such as Norman Parke(Former UFC fighter), Mansour Barnaoui(Former M1- Challenge Lightweight Champ, former BAMMA Lightweight Champion and now ROAD FC Lightweight Champion) and Marif Piraev(Russian Welterweight Prospect).

Gamrot has a decorated MMA career, Fighters dream of. Gamrot will continue his dream in 2020. What’s next?

Mateusz Gamrot 2020

Mateusz Gamrot is the Featherweight Title was vacated and the rising star in Europe Salahdine Parnasse is the interim KSW Featherweight Champion, Gamrot vs Parnasse be one of the biggest fights in 2020. Gamrot can win back his KSW Featherweight Title.

Gamrot if he wins against Parnasse what will be next for Gamrot? Fight against Ivan Buchinger who recently lost to Parnasse.

TRILOGY Fight against Norman Parke, Cross promotion with another regional promotion such as Cage Warriors, M1- Global or Brave Combat Federation.

Does Mateusz Gamrot stop fighting for KSW and test the free agency market fight for UFC, Bellator, One Championship or Professional Fighters League.

Fighter in the prime of his career at 29 years old UFC would love to have, Match Gamrot against a top 20 Featherweight or top 20 Lightweight. Bellator signs Gamrot and he fights Patricio Pitbull, One Championship has Gamrot fight Eddie Alvarez. Professional Fighters League has Gamrot fight Lance Palmer and in the Featherweight Tournament. 1 Million Dollar Prize.

Mateusz Gamrot in 2020 if I was him should test free agency and sign with a top 4 MMA promotion.

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