Igeu Kabesa Top African Featherweight Prospect

Igeu Kabesa is the Top Featherweight Prospect Africa has right now. Igeu besides being one of the top African Prospects is one of the top Featherweights in the world!! Igeu Kabesa without a doubt will be in the UFC, Bellator, One Championship or Professional Fighters League. Igeu is something special, The next future CHAMPION to come out of Africa!!

Igeu Kabesa

  • 12-1 record
  • 25 years old
  • 4 win streak
  • Extreme Fighting Championship Worldwide Featherweight Champion
  • Defended the EFC Featherweight belt 5 times won the belt twice
  • 5 KO’s
  • 2 submission wins
  • #1 ranked South African Featherweight Champion

“My biggest test I would say was Peter Queally. He was bigger and I think his training with Conor makes his game hard. But I love hard fights.” Igeu Kabesa

Igeu Kabesa back in 2015 beat Bellator Fighter Peter Queally and Conor’s SBG Teammate.

The Congo’s Igeu Kabesa (12-1) defended his EFC featherweight title for the sixth time at EFC 79 last night against Croatia’s Karlo Caput (8-1),Croatia’s Caput entered the bout with an impressive undefeated 8-0 record, and a sensational five second knock out at his last outing. The featherweight champion Kabesa, with only one defeat in his career, was confident throughout the build up to the bout, and backed his word inside the fight. 

Kaput began by pressuring the champion with punches.Kabesa circled, and at just over the one minute mark, connected with acalculated overhand right that crumpled Kaput to the canvas. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thefightchamber.com/mma/efc-79-kabesa-demolishes-caput/amp

Give it a couple more fights and Igeu Kabesa will be getting a call from Dana White, Telling Igeu your going to fight in the Dana White Contender Series. Maybe Scott Coker calls Igeu telling him he wants to sign him!! Igeu has so many options as he’ll have a bright future ahead of him, in the future Main Eventing an event in South Africa for UFC or Bellator.

Overall check Kabesa out on YOUTUBE because he’s going to be something special I truly believe that!! Future UFC or Bellator Featherweight Champion!!

Chris Fishgold ESPN +11 Fighter to Watch

Chris Fishgold a Cage Warriors Former Featherweight Champion is making his third fight with the UFC on ESPN +11 Gustafsson vs Smith. Fishgold will be fighting Makwan Amirkhani in the main event card.

Win against Makwan for Fishgold will be a huge win for him and a fighter to FOCUS on ,Potential to be a UFC Featherweight Champion.

Chris Fishgold beat a top 15 ranked opponent in his last fight against Daniel Teymur. If Fishgold beats Makwan than he’ll fight Darren Elkins or Calvin Kattar.

“I’m still smiling, I feel extremely confident after that win. I’ve analysed the fight and seen a few things I need to work on,” Fishgold said. “You’ll see a completely different beast inside the Octagon at UFC Stockholm.” https://www.google.com/amp/s/talksport.com/sport/mma/516940/exclusive-chris-fishgold-to-fight-makwan-amirkhani-at-ufc-stockholm-on-june-1/amp/

Fishgold looked fantastic in his second fight in the UFC against Teymur and he plans to look a lot better against Amirkhani, Impressing the UFC Matchmakers to give him Elkins or Kattar.

Chris Fishgold

  • 26 years old
  • #48 ranked Featherweight
  • 18-2 record
  • Cage Warriors Lightweight Champion
  • Defended CW Lightweight Title 3 times
  • 8 submission wins
  • 2 KO’s

Watch his next fight against Makwan, Watching a UFC Featherweight Champion in the making!!

Predict Lance Palmer vs Andre Harrison for the PFL Featherweight Title (2019)

Lance Palmer and Andre Harrison are the top Featherweights the Professional Fighters League has. Lance Palmer is last years PFL Featherweight Champion and Andre Harrison has beat Lance Palmer in the past. Palmer is the #1 PFL Featherweight and #2 is Andre Harrison. I see Palmer vs Harrison as the PFL Featherweight Title Fight, Fighting for the Million Dollar Prize again!!

“We said it a million times but it bears repeating. Wrestling is the greatest skill to have in MMA because wrestling dictates where the fight takes place. On top of that, amateur wrestling training is so unbelievably grueling that the guys who get through it are the guys who rise to the top are the elite of the elite when it comes to mental toughness. That is a huge part of fighting. Mental toughness and focus and the ability to work hard to achieve goals under exceedingly insurmountable circumstances.” Joe Rogan

Lance Palmer wrestled for Ohio State and he was a 4 Time All American while at Ohio State. Palmer has the ability to control the fight because of his world class wrestling. Lance Palmer dominates his opponents in the PFL Ring and he’ll continue to do that. By far has the best wrestling on the PFL Roster.

Lance Palmer has won the PFL Featherweight Twice and he’ll be looking to make it a third!!! However Andre Harrison is no joke, Harrison beat Palmer on WSOF 35 in 2017.

“In my mind, anyone that knows me in the sense that, anyone that’s trained with me or fought me or whatever the case may be that’s been there throughout the course of my career, they know that I am one of the best featherweights on the planet,” Harrison said. “That’s just hands down. There’s no way you can tell me if you turn up the rankings that there’s gonna be 20 other guys that can beat me. There’s no way you can tell me that. In my mind, I’m the best featherweight on the planet hands down. I don’t care which fight league you’re talking about, I am the best featherweight, period. Every time I go out there I show that.” Andre Harrison

Andre Harrison was the Titan FC Featherweight Champion, Defended the Titan FC Featherweight Belt 4 times for two years before signing with the WSOF/PFL. Harrison is the toughest fight for Palmer by far. Harrison is ranked #35 Featherweight in the world by https://www.tapology.com/rankings/current-top-ten-featherweight-mma-fighters-145-pounds

Harrison beat two future UFC Fighters in Desmond Green and Kurt Holobaugh and Harrison’s only loss of his career was against Lance Palmer.

Lance Palmer vs Andre Harrison I believe will be the PFL Featherweight Title Fight, Two of the best Featherweights on the planet fighting, Great for the fighters to showcase there talents and skills on ESPN and great for the PFL to have TWO of there best fighters going at it for the million dollar prize.

Malcom “X” Gordon Top Flyweight Prospect

Malcom “X” Gordon is the TKO Flyweight Champion which is the top promotion in Canada. Malcom Gordon is one of the top Flyweights in the world to not compete in the UFC. The Flyweight Division needs all the help it can get, Getting MMA fans and Casual Fans interested in the Flyweight Division. Malcom would be a great addition the Flyweight Division.

Malcom “X” Gordon

  • 29 years old
  • 12-3 record
  • #26 Flyweight in the world
  • #2 best Flyweight in the U.S
  • #1 Canada Flyweight
  • TKO Flyweight Champion
  • Two time defending TKO Flyweight Champion
  • WXC Flyweight Champion
  • Havoc Flyweight Champion
  • Won a fight for Bellator
  • Prodigy MMA Bantamweight Champion

Malcom Gordon is obviously accomplished in several mma promotions by winning Three Titles for Three Promotions. Malcom Gordon will add the UFC Flyweight Title to his resume and his legacy. Hope the UFC signs him!!

Matt “Magic” Dixon Future UFC or Bellator Welterweight Champion

Matt “Magic” Dixon is the #17th ranked Welterweight in the United States but is ONLY 23 years old!! Magic Dixon has a bright future ahead of him, Dana White or Scott Coker will be calling his manager soon because he’s going to be a future Welterweight Champion.

Matt “Magic”Dixon

  • 8-0 record
  • 23 year old
  • Xtreme Fight Night Welterweight Champion
  • #3 southwest Welterweight
  • 5 KO’s
  • 3 first round KO’s

Matt Dixon will be something special, Excited to see his next fight, Probably will be on the Dana White Contender Series and has a chance to win a contract with the UFC!!

Heavyweight Prospects 2019 UFC should Sign NOW!!

The UFC Heavyweight division is the worse UFC weight class right now, The legendary heavyweights of Junior Dos Santos, Stipe Miocic, Cain Velasquez, Andrei Arlovski, Allistair Overeem are getting old and on there last runs. It’s an old weight class with a lack of young hungry talented heavyweights, Yes there’s Ngannou, Curtis Blaydes, Augusto Sakai but that’s it!! The Heavyweight Division is in trouble and they need to sign world class Heavyweights Immediately!!


  • 28 years old
  • 6-0 record
  • Trains with the Blackzilians
  • #84 best heavyweight
  • 4 KO’s
  • Division 2 Wrestling champ

Bellator signed UFC heavyweights so it’s time for UFC to do the same and get Tyrell Fortune.

“King Kong” Alexander Romanov

  • 28 years old
  • 11-1 record
  • Eagles Fighting Championship Heavyweight Champion
  • 6 submission wins
  • 4 KO’s
  • #102 Best Heavyweight

Domingos Barros

  • 27 years old
  • 6-0 record
  • #161 best heavyweight

Kevin Szaflarski

  • 24 years old
  • 6-1 record
  • Vacant PLMMA Heavyweight champion
  • 4 submission wins
  • #266 heavyweight
  • European Eastern #19 Heavyweight

Marcos Brigagao

  • 11-0 record
  • 23 years old
  • #1 Brazil Heavyweight
  • 4 Recorded KO’s

The Heavyweight’s I listed are all world class prospects that can be UFC champions.

Costello Van Steenis Bellator Star

Costello Van Steenis has his fight coming up against Mike Shipman on June 22. Mike Shipman has a 13-1 record and it’s Costello toughest fight YET. Costello has a 11-1 record and has a bright future ahead of him!!! Costello fights for Bellator and is a star in the making!!

Costello Van Steenis

  • 11-1 record
  • 5 wins
  • 26 years old
  • 3 triangle chokes
  • 2 knock outs
  • #55 Middleweight fighter

Van Steenis (11-1-0) is a protege of Bellator middleweight champion Gegard Mousasi. He is currently 3-0 under the Bellator banner. He scored a first round submission win in his debut at Bellator 185 against Steve Skrzat. He stopped Kevin Fryer with strikes in the first round of their Bellator 200 clash and most recently, he banked a split decision win over Chris Honeycutt

One Championship: Saygid Guseyn Arslanaliev

Saygid Arslanaliev is a One Championship Fighter, 24 Years Old who just beat Amir Khan on May 17th Enter the Dragon. Saygid has a bright future in One Championship and One Championship should lock him up to an extension!! Saygid can be a huge star in ASIA!!

Saygid Guseyn Arslanaliev

  • 24 years old
  • 8-1 record
  • 5 KO’s
  • 1 Submission
  • 7 first round wins

Saygid win against Amir Khan was super impressive. Khan fought for the Vacant Welterweight Championship but lost, However he’s a really good fighter and Saygid knocked out Khan in the first round!!

Saygid is a beast, A young hungry lion and One Championship is extremely lucky to have him!! Watch out for this kid, He will be one of the best welterweights in couple years!!

LFA 68: Stots vs Acosta

Legacy Fighting Alliance is best MMA promotion for young fighters to showcase there talents and be scouted by UFC or Bellator. LFA is putting on another WORLD CLASS card with Rauefon Stots vs Gustavo Erak.

“I am excited to return to Minnesota with one of the best bantamweight match-ups of the year,” stated Soares. “Raufeon Stots and Gustavo Erak have both headlined LFA events. They have also proven to be two of the most exciting prospects in one of the deepest divisions in the world. Mystic Lake is a fantastic venue and regular destination for LFA. Stots vs. Erak will give our loyal fight fans in the Upper Midwest a main event that they deserve at LFA 68.” https://www.fightbookmma.com/lfa-68-set-for-raufeon-stots-vs-gustavo-erak-in-a-bantamweight-main-event/

Raufeon Stots

  • 30 years old
  • 11-1 record
  • 3 fight Win streak
  • #75 bantamweight fighter in the world
  • #1 Ranked Midwest Bantamweight
  • #4 United States Bantamweight
  • Victory FC Bantamweight Champion
  • 3 Rear Naked Chokes

Stots should be signed by the UFC or Bellator!!

Truly excited for this Bantamweight Clash it’s going to be something special !! It will be on AXS TV.

Kailan Hill Middleweight Prospect

Kailan Hill is a young hungry Middleweight Prospect who appeared on Dana White Looking for a fight, Dana was really high on Hill and so was Matt Serra as they should be. Hill is 24 years old and fights for the Legacy Fighting Alliance.

Kailan Hill

  • 24 years old
  • 5-0
  • 8 win streak
  • 4 Wins for LFA
  • #50 Middleweight in the United States
  • #4 ranked Middleweight in California
  • 3 KO’s

Watch out for Kailan Hill he has a bright future in MMA, Hill will definitely win the LFA Middleweight Title and then get signed by the UFC or Bellator!!!!

Iuri Lapicus One Championship Future Star

Iuri Lapicus, Had his One Championship Debut against Shannon Wiratchai. Iuri is a welterweight fighter with a bright future ahead of him !! Iuri will be perfect for One Championship, Be a rising star for them at only 23 YEARS OLD.

Iuri Lapicus

  • 13-0
  • 23 year old

  • 4 rear naked chokes

One Championship is looking to beat the UFC and Bellator, Need all the talent they can get and Iuri Lapicus can be one of them. Iuri can be the greatest welterweight champion One Championship has!!

Iuri has a bright future ahead of him, Excited to see what five years down the road looks like for him.

Fighters perfect for One Championship

One Championship is trying to compete and be the #1 MMA Organization in the world instead of the UFC. One of the ways One Championship is able to be the best MMA promotion in the world is to sign the best talent in the world, Started doing that already with signing Demetrious Johnson and Eddie Alvarez. What are some PERFECT fighters for ONE Championship?

Alexander Gustafsson

I don’t think until Jon Jones moves up to light heavyweight, He’ll never be UFC light heavyweight champion. Perfect for him to head to One Championship and become the One Championship Light Heavyweight Champion.

Gustafsson vs Aung Lang Sang !!!

Lance Palmer

Lance Palmer is the Professional Fighters League Featherweight Champion, Dominated the PFL since he started their!! Lance isn’t much of a trash talker and he’s a real excellent world class fighter, The fans in Asia will appreciate his talents!!

Anthony Pettis

Anthony Pettis is a true legend of the sport since the days of WEC and he hasn’t stopped continuing his legacy of being a LEGEND. Pettis last victory was against Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson. Pettis has a lot left in the tank and one of the greatest fighters of all time. Love to see him sign with One Championship and give it everything he has !!!Set Pettis UP for generational wealth.

Junior Dos Santos

Junior Dos Santos is one of the best Heavyweight Fighters of all time!! I believe Junior has one or two runs left in him and I’d love to see him fight with One Championship.

Dos Santos vs Vera

Dos Santos vs Belfort

Edson Barboza

Edson Barboza best days are behind him, Edson will never be a lightweight champion but he can be a lightweight champion for One Championship. The lightweight division for One is the best division in my opinion.

Barboza vs Christian Lee

Barboza vs Eddie Alvarez

Barboza vs Aoki

Barboza vs Folayang

Michael Chandler

Michael Chandler is one of the best LIGHTWEIGHT fighters in the world, Probably can beat Tony Ferguson, Al Iaquinta. Chandler most impressive victory in his record was when he beat Eddie Alvarez, Alvarez is now with One Championship. Love to see Chandler vs Alvarez 3 !!

Chandler vs Alvarez

Chandler vs Aoki

Chandler vs Lee

Chandler vs Folayang

Chandler vs Amir Khan

Daniel Zellhuber 19 Year OLD Star Combate Americas: 38 (May 31st)

Daniel Zellhuber, 19 year old Future Star of Combate America’s has a 7-0 record. Daniel is the main event of Combate 38:Peru, Promoting Daniel as the future star of Combate Americas and his RAW talent. Combate America’s is one of the best MMA Promotions today and their lucky to have Daniel Zellhuber.

Daniel Zellhuber

  • 19 years old
  • 7-0 record
  • 3 KO’s
  • 1 Submission Win
  • 2 Fights for Combate
  • #17th ranked Latin America Lightweight
  • Nickname is the Golden Boy

Lock this kid up to a ten year contract he’s going to be a star in the making !!!

Zellhuber Full FIGHT

Zellhuber Full Fight Combate

Nathan Maness TKO 48

Nathan Maness is fighting Taylor Lapilus, Nathan defending his TKO Bantamweight Title on May 24th, Main Event for TKO 48. TKO is the best MMA Promotion in Canada!! Maness is one of the best Canada Prospects and one day he’ll go to the big show.

Nathan Maness

  • 10-0
  • 27 years old
  • #85 Current Bantamweight
  • #10 U.S Bantamweight
  • #3 ranked Canada Bantamweight

  • TKO Bantamweight Champion
  • WARRIOR FC Bantamweight Champion
  • 3 KO’s
  • 2 Submission Wins

UFC or BELLATOR will SIGN Maness one day there’s a bright future ahead of him!!

Roberto Soldic :Best European Prospect

Roberto Soldic is the star of the Polish Promotion, KSW. Soldic is fighting Krystian Kaszubowski as Soldic is defending his KSW Welterweight Title. Probably be one of his has last title defenses as he’ll probably get signed by the UFC or Bellator !!

The world’s arguably most entertaining MMA promotion returns for KSW 49 on Saturday night from Ergo Arena in Gdansk, Poland. It will be the company’s third show so far this year and the card features recognisable names from top to bottom. A capacity crowd will be in attendance for the famous KSW live show experience that includes stunning visuals, memorable entrances and entertaining fights. In the evening’s co-main event, KSW Welterweight champion, Roberto Soldic (15-3), looks to defend his title against the undefeated, Krystian Kaszubowski (7-0). https://whoatv.com/roberto-soldic-talks-ksw-title-defence-du-plessis-and-training-with-

“Soldic is a mirror image of Cro Cop but a far more finely-tuned and well-conditioned athlete in my opinion.”

Hardy describes the 22-year-old as “a big, powerful welterweight” and draws another comparison to current UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.

In Croatia, they think they have found the second coming of Mirko Cro Cop, but despite the great respect Soldic has for the Pride legend, he wants to forge his own path in the sport.

“Now, more people talk,” he explained.

“In Poland, now they talk about me. In USA, in England and in my country, in the Balkans and Croatia, I see my name in the papers. They say I am young Cro Cop but I don’t like this; I do like Mirko Cro Cop a lot, but I want to be myself.

Roberto Soldic

  • 15-3
  • 24 years old
  • KSW Welterweight Champion
  • Superior FC welterweight champion
  • Final Fight Welterweight Champion
  • #1 Polish Fighter
  • #1 UK&Ireland Pro Middleweight
  • 11 KO’S

Brett Martin MMA Heavyweight Prospect

UFC Heavyweight Division is not how it used to be with Cain Velasquez, Junior Dos Santos, Fabrício Werdum, Randy Couture, Brock Lesnar and Tim Sylvia. Don’t get me wrong there’s great heavyweights like Stipe Miocic and Francis Ngannou but not like the good ole days. Brett Martin a 25 Year old, Top 10 Heavyweight Prospect!!

Brett Martin

  • 25 years old
  • 7-1 record
  • Lights Out Championship Heavyweight
  • Total Warrior Combat Heavyweight Championship
  • 2 KO’s
  • #1 Michigan Heavyweight
  • #15 U.S Heavyweight

Brett Martin made an impression when he beat former Contender Series winner and TUF 28 competitor, Josh Parisian. Martin stopped Parisian in the first-round by submission. He is first and foremost a wrestler and has displayed his strength by being able to lift guys and slam them to the mat. Once on top, he is staying there as he knows how to use his weight but avoids lay and pray. Martin has very good ground-and-pound, and on the feet, he does have knockout power but relies on his wrestling

Miranda Granger CFFC 75

Miranda Granger is fighting for the Cage Fury Fighting Strawweight Championship on May 25th against Heloisa Azevedo. Cage Fury Fighting Championship is one of the best regional promotions in the world. Miranda Granger is one of the best women prospects in the United States.

Miranda Granger

  • 5-0 record
  • 27 years old
  • 5 straight finishes
  • 4 submission wins
  • 1 KO
  • #35 Strawweight

“As CFFC continues to cement its place as the industry’s leading developmental MMA organization, we’re thrilled to bring one of the sport’s fastest rising stars in Miranda Granger to Spotlight 29 with a historic title on the line,” said Rob Haydak, President of CFFC. “Miranda has the potential to be a breakout star and her tenacity and aggression make her a can’t-miss fighter. Heloisa is equally dangerous and wants to show the world that she is one of the top 115-pound athletes. This is a great fight with history at stake and Spotlight 29 is the perfect venue for a bout of this caliber.”

Nate Andrews PFL DEBUT on May 23rd PFL#2

Nate Andrews, CES MMA Lightweight Champion making his PFL Debut on the second event for The Professional Fighters League. Nate Andrews has been in the fight game for a long time, Fighting for regional promotions but never got his big show fights until NOW!!

“Dana White, UFC: Give me my contract,” Andrews said. “I earned it. I’m 15-1 with 15 finishes. Nobody on your roster has that. Give me my shot. Give me my chance at the 155 division. And I promise you I will continue to keep doing the same thing I do in the CES cage. And that’s come out, perform, finish fights, and hype the crowd up.”

Sadly Dana White never gave Andrews the title shot but Andrews has the chance to win the million dollar prize. Nate Andrews is my pick to win the PFL Lightweight Title. He’s the best lightweight fighter PFL has.

Nate Andrews

  • 35 years old
  • 15-1 record
  • CES Lightweight Champion
  • 9 submission wins
  • 4 KO’s

Andrews is the co-main event for PFL #2. He’ll definitely put on a show!!

AJ McKee the Future Star of Bellator

AJ McKee Jr won his 14th fight against Pat Curran on Bellator 221.

The 24-year-old phenom improved to 14-0 with a shutout decision over former champion Pat Curran on the main card of Bellator 221 in Rosemont, Illinois. It was hardly a scintillating performance in terms of action, but it was a composed, complete showing from McKee as he landed the better strikes and did more damage on the ground. Curran was busted up from elbows from the bottom in round two, and just didn’t have answers for McKee’s control of range and ability to cover distance so quickly.


AJ McKee on the main card for Bellator 221, Scott Coker build this young hungry lion as AJ is arguably #1 Contender for the Bellator Featherweight Title!! AJ McKee has beat everybody he’s been put up against and it’s definitely time to match him up against Patricio Pitbull!!

“I’ve been calling out [Freire’s] belt since day one,” McKee said during the Bellator 221 media call last week. “I don’t know why Patricio is fighting Chandler. That don’t really make sense.”

Pitbull beat Michael Chandler, Knocking him out in the first round in the main event at Bellator 221. AJ McKee is next in line I believe and the Bellator Commentators believe as well.

McKee vs Pitbull will be a fantastic main event for Bellator in 2019!! Make McKee a HUGE STAR!! Bellator Definitely needs them right now!!

In the fall of 2019 this fight can happen!!

AJ McKee

  • 24 years old
  • 14-0 record
  • 19 win streak counting amateur fights
  • 5 KO’s
  • 4 submission wins

The sky is the limit for McKee, Already at 24 years old he’s a number one contender for Bellator and has 14 wins with Bellator. Scott Coker knows he‘ll be a star and McKee knows as well. McKee WILL BRING new viewers to Bellator, Casual fans and even hardcore mma fans who aren’t that interested in Bellator.

Watch out for AJ McKee!!

“Super” Sage Northcutt One Championship:Enter the Dragon Debut

Sage Northcutt was this STAR in the making in the UFC, First Fighter signed on Dana White Looking for a fight. The first episode got a million views and Dana probably visualized a UFC Title wrapped around his waist. Sage instead of UFC Title a ONE Champion Title will be wrapped around his waist. The climb to the title starts now against Cosmo Alexandre!!!

“I’m always looking to go for the finish. I love striking, and Cosmo Alexandre is a great striker, so it will be fun getting to strike with a great striker. I know ONE Championship will love that, and I’m looking forward to putting on a great show doing that. I’m going to fight smart, too,” said Northcutt. “I’m so excited, and it’s going to be so much fun. I can’t wait to get out there.”

The fight against Cosmo Alexandre is a decent fight for him as Alexandre is a world class Muay Thai Fighter!! Fight to watch to see how far Sage has progressed since his last fight in the UFC. See if Sage has the potential, The Skills and the Talent to be a One Championship Welterweight Champion.

I hope Sage maximizes his potential with One Championship as they have a real star in there hands!! Be sick to see that happen and GREAT for One Championship.

Underrated Main of Event for May, Aoki vs Lee One Championship !!

Shinya Aoki a world class veteran fighter, A legend from the days of Dream and Pride is fighting Christian Lee, A 20 year old welterweight fighter for the One Championship Main Event. Aoki is defending his title against Christian Lee.

One Championship:Enter the Dragon is on 5-17-2019 as Aoki vs Lee is the main event. Aoki is on a 4 Fight Winning Streak as Lee is trying to make a name for himself in the MMA World!! Aoki has faced Eddie Alvarez, Fedor Emelianenko, Gilbert Melendez and now will face a future Champion Christian Lee.

Aoki is defending his Lightweight Title against Christian Lee.

Both fighters are world class and it’s definitely going to be a fight to watch on Bleacher Report or on TNT!!

“I called out Christian [Lee]because I think he is the best, not only in Asia, but also in the world. He is a hungry young lion and very dangerous,” said Aoki.

“Now is the best time to hunt the lion down. I’ve trained with him in the past and we know each other well. He’s very strong, fast and explosive. Our styles match up quite well and I think this is going to be a good challenge for me.”

PFL Newcomer Jeremy Kennedy Debut on PFL#2 May 23rd

Jeremy Kennedy had a 3-1 record with the UFC before being cut, Losing to Alexander Volkanovski. However Jeremy is 26 years old with a lot of potential and The PFL snatched him away from Bellator or One Championship!!

Jeremy Kennedy is a fighter who loves to stay active. The Canadian competed twice for Brave in 2018, picking up two knockout wins; his incredible one-punch knockout over Marat Magomedov in December highlights his ability to finish a fight. He opened up about his decision to sign with the PFL over re-signing with the middle eastern organization.


Jeremy Kennedy

  • 26 years old
  • 13-1 record
  • 2 win streak
  • Former ufc fighter
  • Brave CF fighter
  • #38 ranked Featherweight
  • 3 KO’s
  • 2 submission wins

Mike Triziano vs Grant Dawson UFC Rochester, Underrated fight!!

Mike Triziano and Grant Dawson are fighting on MAY 18th on UFC Rochester ESPN +10. Mike Triziano is a Ultimate Fighter 27 Lightweight Winner and Grant Dawson won a UFC Contract at the Dana White Contender Series. Triziano VS Dawson looks to be a fun fight to watch!!

Both fighters are looking to make a name for themselves as two young HUNGRY LIONS in the lightweight division. Dawson’s 10 out of 12 fights was won by submission or knockout. His fights never need to go the judges!! Triziano 5 out of 7 fights was won by KO or Submission.

In other words this fight will be exciting to watch, Be a three round war for the ages as the fans stand up and applaud!!

Austin Hubbard Top US Lightweight Prospect , UFC Debut ESPN +10 Rochester

Austin Hubbard making his UFC Debut against Davi Ramos on May 18th. Hubbard is a top ten Lightweight Prospect in the United States. Legacy Fighting Alliance Interim Lightweight Champion!!

Austin Hubbard

  • 10-2 record
  • 3 fight win streak
  • 27 years old
  • LFA lightweight champion
  • Caged Agression Welterweight Champion
  • Hoosier Fight Club Lightweight Champion
  • Sparta Combat League lightweight champion

Austin one day will add the UFC Lightweight Title to his collection as well !!!

PFL Magomedkerimov, One of the best fighters not in UFC or Bellator !!!

Magomed Magomedkerimov on PFL 2019#1 beat John Howard a veteran mma fighter. Magomed not only beat Howard but dominated him since the beginning!! Submitting Howard with a guillotine choke!!

Magomed Magomedkerimov is last years PFL Welterweight winner and winning the million dollar prize!!


  • 24-5
  • 29 years old
  • Beat Ray Cooper!!!
  • 10 win streak
  • PFL welterweight winner
  • 9 KO’s
  • 7 Submission Wins

CFFC 74 Balmaceda vs Outlaw

Cesar Balmaceda vs Sidney Outlaw two of the top prospects in the United States and in the Northeast are fighting on May 17th for Cage Fury Fighting Championship. Cage Fury Fighting Championship is one of the best regional mma promotions in the United States, You can watch CFFC on UFC Fight Pass!!

Sidney Outlaw having his CFFC debut against Cesar Balmaceda, The CFFC Lightweight Champion. Sidney has been a welterweight champion for other MMA promotions.

Sidney Outlaw

  • 27 years old
  • 12-3 record
  • Ring of Combat Welterweight Champion
  • Won his fight on the Dana White Contender Series
  • Titan FC Lightweight Champion
  • 6 submission wins
  • 7 fight winning streak

Cesar Balmaceda

  • 24 years old
  • 6-0 record
  • CFFC Lightweight Champ
  • 3 KO’s

Balmaceda vs Outlaw is the co main event for CFFC 74, This fight is going to be one of the best regional mma title fights IN A LONG TIME. Two world class fighters going at it, Probably to impress UFC or Bellator Scouts. Without a doubt they’re watching this fight!!

Askar Askar Top Prospect fighting for Bellator

Askar Askar is one of the top bantamweight prospects in the United States. Askar hasn’t even reached his prime yet at ONLY 24 Years OLD. Congratulations for Bellator signing him he’s a world class fighter with serious potential. Askar’s debut is on May 11th, Bellator 221. Same card as Chandler vs Pitbull.

Askar Askar

  • 24 years old
  • 9-0
  • #1 bantamweight from Indiana
  • 5 KO’s

PFL 2019#1 Today !! Starts at 6:30 pm

Professional Fighters League starts there second season today at 6:30 pm!! PFL signed a two year contract with ESPN, As PFL is trying to be another World Class MMA promotion. Excited to watch these fights as this card looks really good from the start. 6:30 -9:00 pm fights are on ESPN PLUS and the main card fights are on ESPN 2.

Fights and Fighters to Watch

  • Chris Curtis CES Welterweight Champion 20-5

  • Handesson Ferreira vs Bojan Velickovic

    Ray Cooper vs Zane Kamaka

    Magomed Magomedkerimov

    Kayla Harrison the Star of PFL

Handesson Ferreira

  • 13-2
  • 31 years old
  • Beat ufc fighter rick story in PFL last year

Ray Cooper

  • 17-6 record
  • 26 years old
  • Beat Jake Shields twice last year in PFL

Zane Kamaka

  • 13-3 record
  • 29 years old
  • #1 Hawaii welterweight

Magomed Magomedkerimov

  • 29 years old
  • 23-5 record
  • PFL season 1 Welterweight winner
  • Beat Ray Cooper to win the title
  • #67 best welterweight

Kayla Harrison

  • Two Time Olympic gold medalist in Judo
  • 3-0 record
  • 28 years old
  • Star of PFL

Tony Ferguson vs Conor Mcgregor fall of 2019?

Tony Ferguson hasn’t been fighting since UFC 229 because of mental issues. His wife filed a restraining order on him because she was worried for his safety.

“Tony Ferguson is a good husband and good father to our son. The current legal proceedings are part of a process to ensure that Tony will receive the help necessary to continue being the best possible husband and father, as well as to pursue his passion and career as a UFC champion fighter.”

Tony Ferguson recently had a meeting with Dana White and he’s medically cleared to fight. Dana White recently had a meeting with Conor McGregor in Las Vegas. Wondering if Conor vs Tony is a fight that will happen, Dana setting this up for a huge main event in Las Vegas.

Fight makes sense as Conor hasn’t fought since UFC 229 as well because of suspensions, Getting arrested and running his proper whiskey business. Both Conor and Tony occasionally trash talk to each other on twitter, Tony calling ConorMcNugget.”

Khabib vs Poirier is happening in September, UFC 242 in Dubai. In October that’s when Conor Vs Tony will happen or maybe will happen. Gives Conor and Tony enough time to promote the fight and train. The winner of Conor vs Tony faces the winner of Khabib vs Poirier. It’s a 4 fighter tournament without being declared one.

Helps the Lightweight Division out as it’s in chaos right now and maybe these 4 fights will help the Lightweight Division. Understanding where Conor is at right now, How many fights does he TRULY have and is Tony medically healthy!!

Overall hope Tony vs Conor will happen because it’s a fight lots of mma fans have been waiting for and without a doubt will be a fun fight to watch.

Khabib Nurmagomedov next three fights ?

According to Khabib’s manager Ali Abdelaziz, he’s been tasked with setting up a very busy bout schedule with the UFC for his client.

Khabib Nurmagomedov’s agent said the star fighter wants to defend his UFC lightweight title three times in the next 11 months, reports ESPN. 

Khabib Nurmagomedov is a star now after beating Conor McGregor. Khabib is one of the few stars in the UFC and the UFC needs to be active, Luckily he wants to be. In Seventh Months he’ll fight three times. Who Should Khabib Fight ?

Khabib vs Tony Ferguson

Khabib vs Tony is a fight that needs to happen. Fans want to see it as Tony will be a incredibly tough fight for Khabib. Tony is actually a college wrestler and has the cardio to compete against Khabib. However Tony Ferguson is going through mental issues right now, He needs to be cleared to fight.

Khabib vs Cerrone

Khabib vs Donald Cerrone will be a fun fight to watch as Cerrone is a killer. Cerrone on a nice three win streak beating “Raging” Al Iaquinta. Top 5 opponent.

“My name’s in the hat for [Nurmagomedov or Poirier] for sure if one of them fall out. But like I said, I left here [ranked No. 2 at lightweight] and I didn’t go anywhere,” Cerrone said. “So people ask me where should I be ranked, I don’t care about ranking. I should beat these guys, I feel like I’m the best in the world. I feel like that’s where I belong and for the UFC not to give me a title shot, I would step back and I would be thoroughly disappointed. Like, wow, a guy who’s done all this for the sport, I don’t trash talk, I go in there and I deliver every time and you’re going to overlook me for somebody else. I’d be really upset like, wow, that’s the company work for?

Khabib vs George St Pierre

“He said he wants to fight Sept. 7, and again in December. And if Georges St-Pierre can figure things out with the UFC by April, that’s the deal. He would like that fight in April.”

Khabib vs GSP is a dream fight. Watch Khabib fight GSP arguably the greatest mma fighter of all time. See how good Khabib truly is. Hope this fight really happens. Without will be a box office success.

Khabib vs Justin Gaethje

Khabib vs Justin Gaethje isn’t a easy fight for Khabib. Justin has a high motor and a NCAA All American Wrestler. Justin enters that Octagon to put on a war for the fans and kill. This is a incredibly tough fight for Khabib I don’t know what the end result will be. Khabib can lose against Justin!!

“My ability to stop takedowns (would make me a bad matchup),” Gaethje said. “I am a Division 1 wrestler. I was a Division 1 All-American, I placed seventh in 2010 and my ability to scramble and avoid takedowns is something he’s never faced. And the power. He’s faced the power, but never with the ability to stop takedowns and scramble. The combination of the two.