Malcom “X” Gordon Top Flyweight Prospect

Malcom “X” Gordon is the TKO Flyweight Champion which is the top promotion in Canada. Malcom Gordon is one of the top Flyweights in the world to not compete in the UFC. The Flyweight Division needs all the help it can get, Getting MMA fans and Casual Fans interested in the Flyweight Division. Malcom would be a great addition the Flyweight Division.

Malcom “X” Gordon

  • 29 years old
  • 12-3 record
  • #26 Flyweight in the world
  • #2 best Flyweight in the U.S
  • #1 Canada Flyweight
  • TKO Flyweight Champion
  • Two time defending TKO Flyweight Champion
  • WXC Flyweight Champion
  • Havoc Flyweight Champion
  • Won a fight for Bellator
  • Prodigy MMA Bantamweight Champion

Malcom Gordon is obviously accomplished in several mma promotions by winning Three Titles for Three Promotions. Malcom Gordon will add the UFC Flyweight Title to his resume and his legacy. Hope the UFC signs him!!

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