September 2022 Top MMA Prospects to Watch 2022

Bunch talented prospects fighting on regional promotions all over the world. Fighting on UFC Fight Pass contracted promotions.

Mitch Raposo

Former Ultimate Fight contestant lit up viewers eyes with his all-around skills and star quality. Lost against Jake Hadley on the Dana White Contender Series.

Now fighting for CES MMA, Competing for the CES Flyweight Title. Looking to get another on the Dana White Contender Series with a title winning performance.

Raposo Flyweight Title win and title defense help so much with a second chance.

Looking forward to his CES 69 fight, Solid ability to win this fight on the feet. Pressing Israel Galvan

All about having right mindset, Fighting IQ and he can maximize his MMA potential.

  • 23 years old
  • Fought on Ultimate Fighter Team Volkanovski
  • Trains at Regiment Training Center
  • Fighting for CES Flyweight Title

Haris Talundzic

Fast rising United States Welterweight prospect is making his first headlining event, Headlining LFA 141 in front of his hometown crowd as he trains out of Factory X Muay Thai.

Haris Talundzic has been on my radar for few years now since he’s been training at Tristar MMA but decided to switch camps. Helped out tremendously with the undefeated record & continuing to improve with every fight.

Toughest challenge yet is against JacksonWink MMA Academy product Chris Brown.

All-Around talent but key is the grappling ability, Superb strength to hold onto his opponent against the cage. Beautiful timed takedowns in addition to solid jabs to mix up the wrestling.

Haris has all the makings of having a long term UFC career. Capable of defeating high quality fighters.

Win against Brown lead to UFC contract or opportunity on the Dana White Contender Series.

  • 5-0
  • 28 years old
  • Trains at Factory X Muay Thai

Jaqueline Amorim LFA 142

American Top Team prospect is razor close to receiving a opportunity on the Dana White Contender Series or UFC prelim fight.

UFC matchmaker desperate for talented women’s strawweight fighters, Jacqueline Amorim is potentially next big star for Women’s MMA.

Training in all aspects of Martials Arts with wrestling, judo. Competing in the Brazilian National Cadet Squad than started obsessing over Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions.

Two IBJJF Open tournaments in 2017, Competing in Purple Belt Tournaments in Abu Dhabi. Now a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt.

All of the BJJ success lead to Amorim becoming LFA Strawweight Champion.

27 year old undefeated strawweight is facing 4-3 Ashley Nichols, Glory Kickboxer & Muay Thai Champion. Dominant win 100% LEAD TO UFC offer.

“All the qualities of becoming strawweight star, Looks and Skills “

  • LFA Strawweight Champion
  • LFA Female Fighter of the Year
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt
  • Trains at American Top Team
  • IBJFF Purple Belt Winner No-Gi Champion

Alexandra Tekenah ARES FC

French MMA prospect, Wushu Sanda competitor. Strong Flyweight prospect built like Amanda Nunes with RAW talent to go with.

Only two professional fights but has lengthy Wushu Sanda background.

  • French National Sanda Champion
  • Undefeated Sanda season
  • Kicboxing Fights

France in few years will become hot bed for MMA talent transferring from soccer to Mix Martial Artist.

Alexandra Tekenah potential to become ARES FC Women’s Flyweight Champion and defend her title several times. Building up her MMA career much as possible than Sean Shelby, Mick Maynard offers UFC contract.

Fine tune her boxing, Defending takedowns, Improve Fighter IQ and join world class gym.

Sofiia Bagishvili KSW

#1 Caucuses Women’s MMA prospect born and raised in Georgia. Fighting for Georgian Fighting Championship and Oktagon.

Master of Sport in Sambo competing in the Ukraine National Youth Championships,

Sofiia coming from a hard part of the world in Georgia, Growing up there is whole different life perspective I’ll never understand.

Poorest countries, People living in hard conditions build the best MMA fighters and boxers. Eastern Europe will emerge and dominate the Combat Sport scene.

Bagishvil will be future KSW strawweight champion as the girl is only 22 years old. Winning that future title would help her reputation and exposure so much.

Before becoming strawweight champion must make KSW debut and grab a few wins.

Justin van Heerden

Alexander Volkonvski training partner is #1 Australian Featherweight prospect. One of the best Oceanian prospects was born in South Africa but flew over to Australia when he was 14 years old.

Training at Freestyle MMA was one of the best decisions ever. Sparring with Volkanovski the pound for pound king is such a learning school and confidence booster.

Spar with him, Land punches, Give Volk trouble you can spar with the best Featherweights in the world.

“Joe and Alex were away for my first few fights under Freestyle and that makes a difference. I’m pretty experienced, I’ve been around the game for a bit now, but to not have your coaches with you giving those adjustments (and) identifying the things in the heat of the moment during the fight, that’s a bit of an adjustment you have to make yourself.”

Van Heerden fighting for the vacant Eternal MMA Featherweight Title. Winning the Eternal MMA Featherweight title is a step in the right direction.

Coming off a win against Mohammad Alavi former Iranian wrestler and Judoka fighter, Confidence is real high. Putting blemish on his undefeated record.

Now fighting Turkish fighter Kaan Ofli, 9-2 record Bushido Featherweight Champion, Fought for UAE Warriors and Brave CF.

  • 10-5 record
  • 28 years old
  • Trains with Alexander Volkanovski
  • 3 fight winning streak
  • Started wrestling in South Africa

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