Logan Storley Bellator 281 Upset Win?

Four Time All-American Minnesota Wrestler is having a real successful MMA career 13-1 record dominating opponents with the wrestling and continuing to progress with his striking.

Watching the improvements of his striking in the split decision LOSS to Yaroslav Amosov. He lost by Storley showed he can become a world champion.

Watched the Amosov vs Storley fight several times. Appreciate the pace and grappling exchanges. Some fans thought Storley won the fight.

Fight against Neiman Gracie was a stand up striking battle 119 strikes. Swarming Gracie with the later rounds.

Throwing couple combinations than stepping back.

Way to Win

Storley got to be patient wait for the takedown, Take it easy. Once he gets the first takedown, Earning that confidence against MVP.

“Maybe I don’t get to my takedown. Maybe I don’t really land much and not a lot happens. You have to stay calm. You have to stay focused. So I don’t know if the first three minutes really tell everything. It’s a long fight and things can change really quickly.”


Several more takedowns after that. Storley must control the pace and distance of the fight.

Sometimes pressure Michael “Venom” Page with strikes. Throwing 1 & 2 punch combinations.

However MVP is one of the best strikers in the MMA world, Some of the sickest knockouts. Winning the WAKO World Championships in 2007.

Henri Hooft former Kickboxer himself, Head Coach for Sanford MMA better do his work. Find the small holes in MVP game. Coaching Logan Storley to a win.

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