March 2022 MMA Prospects to Watch Part 4

Great fighters to watch in part 4 that are some of my favorite prospects that I hope sign with UFC or Bellator in the upcoming years. Talented fighters fighting for KSW, LFA, ACA, CFFC and a bunch of other top promotions.

Salahdine Parnasse KSW 68

One of the best fighters in the world, French superstar of MMA and the young face for KSW. Parnasse is the KSW Featherweight Champion.

Top 5 Featherweight prospects in the world. Such a great talent that the Global MMA stage needs to see.

However you can Salahdine Parnasse on FITE TV or order on there KSW website.

Definitely will appreciate Parnasse All-Around Featherweight skills.

Regained his title in his win against Daniel Torres and is now defending his Featherweight title against Daniel Rutkowski.

Rutkowski #1 Featherweight prospect in Poland. KSW debut was a dominant win against Filip Pejic.

Parnasse vs Rutkowski definitely be fun fight to watch. Rutkowski wrestled for the Polish National Team, Professional Boxing Experience.

Jordan Vucenic Cage Warriors 134

Highly anticipated fight between Jordan Vucenic vs Paul Hughes is cancelled because of Hughes neck injury. However Jordan will continue to defend his Cage Warriors Featherweight title.

Vucenic is one of the best fighters out of England right now. He’s this stocky strong Featherweight who has the good striking, Can stay in the pocket, Go the distance. Use the cage to takedown his opponents winning points on the scoreboard.

He’s a very good striker and proven it defeating Morgan Charriere and Paul Hughes. Both VERY GOOD fighters who one day will fight for UFC.

Vucenic new opponent is James Hendin a tough gritty prospect but I think Jordan gets the job done.

Wouldn’t be surprised if Jordan gets signed by the UFC with this title defense or with a win against Paul Huighes.

Yamato Nishikawa SHOOTO

Only 19 years old already has a 16-3-5 record, Fast rising prospect in Japan with a 11 fight winning streak.

Yamato definitely can put Japan MMA back on the map, Returning to the days of Pride.

I’d love to see Yamato sign with Rizin and become of the young stars.

Yamato has the leg kicks, Wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu ability. More training, Fights in the cage against Veteran MMA fighters he’ll become one of the best fighters out of Asia.

Crazy to me he’s only 19 years old and already top 5 Japanese Lightweight.

Sedriques Dumas IKON FC 2

First Round Management client managed by Abraham Kawa one day might be a UFC fighter.

All the skills to have a successful UFC career and make solid money.

All-Around Skills where he can finish you on the feet and on the ground with submissions.

Headlining the Jorge Masvidal owned IKON FC promotion.

Sedriques Dumas is only 26 years old, Win himself a IKON FC promotion, Fight for Legacy Fighting Alliance and at 28 years old will fight for the UFC.

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