March 2022 Prospects to Watch Part 1

March is a deep list of MMA Talent, Extremely talented fighters all over world that I don’t wanna miss out on.

Don’t want to make some insane deep list of 30 fighters so most likely do 4 parts for March maximum.

Promotions I usually research on are LFA, Cage Warriors, CFFC, ACA, Titan FC, Brave CF, UAE Warriors, Fury FC, Combate Americas, Rizin.

Victor Dias Titan FC 74

Victor Dias Titan FC Flyweight Champion defending his title for the second time against Gaston Manzur. Dias defeated tough fighters Ibraimov 19-8 record, Wascar Cruz 11-6.

31 years old good size to Dias as a Flyweight, Staying in front of you the entire time. Making sure the opponent has no pace to move.

Last fight against Ibraimov really showed his strength on the ground. Sticking to Ibraimov like glue.

In addition to having a nasty Jiu-Jitsu game that lead to submissions he can be real sweet addition to the UFC Flyweight Roster.

  • 10-2 record
  • 31 years old
  • Titan FC Flyweight Champion
  • One of the best flyweight prospects

Asa Ten Pow Titan FC 74

Israel Adesanya, Mirko Cro Cop, Allistair Overeem, Germaine de Randamie are some successful kickboxers to transfer over to MMA.

Asa Ten Pow fought for Glory Kickboxing. Record of 6-1. Winning ISKA Tournament in 2013. Competitive in American Muay Thai scene.

Now looking to have a successful MMA career, Earning way more than he would than kickboxing.

Making his second fight against Ryan Kuse.

Kyle Driscoll Cage Warriors 133

Part of American Kickboxing Academy riding high on a 7 fight winning streak, Fights against Dinis Paiva on the Dana White Contender Series.

Two-time state champ wrestler out of Oklahoma. Driscoll part of the next wave of AKA fighters to fight for UFC or Bellator.

Dominated Rey Trujillo in wrestling in his Combate Americas 48 Fight.

Kyle Driscoll 28 years old, About that time to get signed by a major promotion. Bellator would be the perfect place to call home. Gradually build himself up.

Jackie Cataline PFL Challenger Series 3

Former multiple time US National Champion Wrestler in the Junior and Cadet division. Cataline learns to box above average she’ll rapidly develop and sign with UFC or Bellator.

Fighting in the Lightweight division, Looking to win a PFL contract.

Michelle Montague PFL Challenger Series 3

IMMAF Oceania Open Championship Lightweight Champion is a very talented fighter Amateur 11-2 record.

Making her professional debut against 4-2 Olivia Parker.

See if Michelle has what it takes to compete in the big leagues.

Muslim Magomedov ACA 137

Muslim Magomedov ACA Light Heavyweight Champion is one of the best Light Heavyweight prospects in the world.

Muslim Magomedov born and raised in Dagestan. Absolute beast of MMA fighter. Dominated wrestler, Beautiful sweeps, Incredible strength.

Pretty decent striker.

Muslim should move up to Heavyweight, Less weight cutting. Definitely can become a top ten UFC or Bellator Heavyweight. Having more success.

Felipe Froes ACA 137

One of the best Featherweights in the world besides UFC or Bellator Featherweights. One of my favorite prospects in the world.

Top of the class for Brazilian MMA prospects. Reminds me of Jose Aldo, Similar fighting style and skills.

Former ACA Featherweight Champion defeated Marat Balaev, Salman Zhamaldaev. Both very good performances.

30 years old wouldn’t be surprised if Felipe Froes gets signed by UFC in 2022.

Anthony Romero Fury FC 59

Anthony Romero bound to have a UFC career in 2022 only a matter of time. Winning Dana White Contender Series dominated the fight but didn’t get the contract he deserved.

However won’t stop his motivation. He’s a dawg with a fun taekwondo fighting style, Accurate striking mixed with volume. Good cardio. All-Around talented fighter.

Loss to JJ Okanovich in a split decision but was a great fight to watch in his first fight with Fury FC.

Ewelina Woźniak vs Maria Silva ARES FC 4

Wozniak 6-0 Polish Woman’s Strawweight prospect. Signed by one of the best European Promotions ARES FC. Part of the next batch of strawweight prospects to get signed.

Wozniak has some good muscle and size to her. Needs to work on her takedown defense but her Jiu-Jitu game is good. Prevents her from getting dominated with ground and pound.

Wozniak fight against Magdalena Sormova 10-2 record got taken down bunch of times. High caliber strawweight wrestler like Tatiana Suarez she’ll get dominated big time. No chance of winning.

Maria Silva won her fight on the Dana White Contender Series but unfortunately didn’t sign, Time to make a statement finish with her high level kickboxing. Winning the Prime Kickboxing title.

Silva’s striking definitely can get the job done against Wozniak. Silva winning this fight definitely lead to another opportunity fighting on the Dana White Contender Series or a UFC prelims fight.

Maria Silva can definitely be part of the next group of women’s strawweight’s to sign with UFC.

Abdisalam uulu Kubanychbek Brave CF 57

Fighting for the interim Brave CF Lightweight Champion against Cleiton Silva, He’s a great all around fighter to watch, One of the best prospects from Kyrgyzstan.

10 fight winning streak with Brave Combat Federation and Berkut Young Eagles.

Facing former UFC Fighter Rolando Dy 14-11 record. Rolando Dy definitely will have a tough time against a 27 year old hungry fighter.

Asu Almabaev Brave CF 57

Asu Almabaev 14-2 record at 28 years old, #1 Kazakhstan Flyweight prospect is one very talented flyweight.

Best attribute is high level grappling ability. Dominated opponents with takedown after takedown, Wearing them out after three rounds. Ground and pound over and over again.

Asu in addition has a nasty jiu-jitsu game.

Before Brave CF was the interim M1-Challenge Flyweight Champion. Now aiming to be the Brave CF Flyweight Champion before signing with UFC or One Championship.

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