Ian Garry UFC 268 MSG Oppurtunity

No better debut than fighting at the World’s Greatest Arena, One of the best fighters coming out of Ireland and the United Kingdom. Everyone is hyped for Paddy the Baddy but Ian Garry is one talented fighter.

Ian Garry is a crafty stocky Welterweight reminds me of Darren Till as he coming up for BAMMA.

Cage Warriors Welterweight Champion by defeating Jack Grant.

Only has seven fights and undefeated but looks like a seasoned veteran out there. Very good striker that will be his best skills for wins moving forward.

Trains at Sanford MMA, ONE OF THE BEST MMA GYMS right now with Gilbert Burns, Michael Chandler, Vicente Luque, Aung La Sang to name a few high level fighters.

“The guys I am surrounded by here are the elite of the elite, so it’s only going to benefit myself to throw myself in the fire with the best guys in the UFC and the best guys in Bellator, just some of the best fighters on the planet.


Henri has already put a lot of time into me and things he wants me to improve” is how he describes his relationship with esteemed kickboxing coach Henri Hooft. “He’s helped me fix a couple of things that I didn’t think were wrong and you really can start to see the benefits already,” he tells GIVEMESPORT.


Coached by amazing coaches from Hooft, Greg Jones one of the best college wrestlers ever. Great training prospects from title contenders to MMA prospects.

In addition to being a skillful crafty Welterweight with a a lot of potential. He’s so high level.

Definitely expect this 23 year old to make a run to the top of the Welterweight Division one day.

“I’m pretty confident with my current skills I could walk into the UFC today and beat 80 percent of the UFC welterweight roster,” Garry said. “I’m hungry. I want to go in and prove how good I am. And I’m not stupid. I fight. I fight smart. I don’t fight stupid. … Even if you put me in there with Kamaru Usman right now. Do I think I’d win the fight? Probably not. Am I going to make it hard for him? Yeah.” https://finance.yahoo.com/news/future-now-cage-warriors-champion-211545237.html

Confidence is KEY to having a great career in the UFC but not be ignorant that you think fine way you are. Continue to improve every time you train by being a future title contender.

Inspired by Conor McGregor to become an MMA fighter years ago and now it’s Ian Garry time to inspire a generation of young men and girls to become MMA fighters as well.

He’s the reason I’m in MMA. His rise was why MMA got huge in Dublin and Ireland. If I can bring eyes to the UFC, and I can put people in gyms because they see me enjoy it and put on a show, it’s all you can ask for,”


Expect EARLY finish by Ian Garry hopefully earns a 50k bonus.

“Personally, I don’t see the fight going out of the first round. I think it ends in the middle to late first round. He won’t be able to take me down. Meaning, he will have to stand with me and that won’t go well,” Garry said. “Look, I want the highlight-reel KO like I want him stiff, that is the plan


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