Open FC 11 Fighters to Watch

Open FC is a rising Russian Promotion signing Eastern Europe, Caucuses MMA prospects to build there names. Giving them a platform to show there skills to a bigger audience. Signing with better Russian Promotions like ACA, EFC, Eagles Fighting Championship, M1-Global.

Every card there’s very high level fighters that have the potential to be future UFC, Bellator, One FC fighters. Open FC 11 has some to watch and keep an eye on.

Uran Satybaldiev

Only has 4 fights in his career but this 25 year old is one talented fighter. That whole caucuses region is going to take over MMA for the next 20 years because of their technical skills overmatch everyone else.

Uran Satybaldiev wrestling and grappling is his best skills but needs to work on his striking defense because when he moves up to the better leagues gonna get cracked.

Upcoming fight against Ilya Bochkov is his toughest fight yet. Looking forward to seeing the improvements in his game.

Winning the Open FC Light Heavyweight Title is a step in the right direction.

Alexander Soldatkin

Another time period this man would be storming into villages murdering families. Viking Warrior, Recruited by Alexander the Great.

This man is an MMA fighter, Top Ten Russian Heavyweight prospect and a first round finish artist by striking or submissions.

Running through fighters in his 7 fight winning streak mostly by finish.

Facing a Jackson Goncalves 10-3 fighter, Alexander making a run for the Open FC Heavyweight title.

Attract many buyers who’d 100% want this Russian KO artist to become a rising Heavyweight contender for them as Heavyweights right now are very scarce. Belllator definitely needs a new breed of Heavyweights.

Right now Alexander is a 10-3 at 28 years old, Prime of his MMA career and Heavyweights can have longer careers than the lower weight classes.

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