Kenny Cross vs Kevin Syler Contender Series Fight to Watch

Kenny Cross vs Kevin Syler is the first fight on week 3 of the Dana White Contender Series. If the Contender Series gave out rewards for Fight of the Night this be my prediction for fight of the night.

Two talented Lightweight prospects, Syler top 5 Latin America Lightweight prospect while Kenny Cross is the former Lights Out Champion with wins over former PFL Lightweight Robert Hale.

Really looking forward to this fight it’s going to be interesting to watch.

Kevin Syler was here before defeating Lance Lawrence on last years Dana White Contender Series. Since he didn’t have a impressive win in his fight wasn’t rewarded the UFC contract. However looking to prove to Dana White he’ll look better than ever.

Kenny Cross one of the most underrated, Overlooked Lightweight prospects is getting his opportunity to fight on the Dana White Contender Series. Confident in this fight fight as he defeated two tough Lightweights in Robert Hale and Jonas Flok.

“I think I have the tools, I know I have the tools and skillset to take this guy out and to keep putting one foot in front of the other and climb the ladder to the top,” Cross said.

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