Dana White Contender Series Week 6 Fighters to Watch

Carlos Hernandez

Former IMMAF Flyweight Champion is now fighting on the Dana White Contender Series. Former HOOSIER FC Flyweight Champion before fighting for Legacy Fighting Alliance.

Hernandez is a gritty DAWG flyweight like Brandon Moreno and I love Hernandez fighting style. Addition to being a dawg he’s a very talented fighter.

Nasty submission game, Good cardio where he can push the pace and continue to move forward.

  • 6-1 record
  • 27 years old
  • IMMAF Tournament Champion 2014
  • Hoosier FC Flyweight champion
  • Trains with Yair Rodriguez, Alejandro Flores, Ignacio Bahamondes at VFS Academy

Fernie Garcia

Fortis MMA product. Straight dawg like the Diaz brothers. Standup and bang, To be or be killed. Made his name on the Legacy Fighting Alliance promotion.

Throws volume striking, Several punch combinations. Mexican cardio in his blood. Straight up killer, He’ll be a fan favorite in a short amount of time as the casual fans will love to watch him fight.

Garcia quit his Wells Fargo job to completely focus on his MMA career full time. Now will see an ever better Fernie Garcia as he trains with Uriah Hall, Miles Johns, Austin Lingo, Damon Jackson on a daily basis.

Contender Series fight is against Joshua Weems.

JP Buys Earned Second Chance on Contender Series

JP Buys since losing on the Dana White Contender Series went on a 4 fight winning streak becoming Extreme Fighting Championship Bantamweight Champion. Latest win at LFA 78 earned him the right to fight on the Dana White Contender Series.

JP Buys now fighting Jacob Silva on Week 10 of the Dana White Contender Series at Flyweight. Looking forward to watch Buys return because he’s a super talented Bantamweight/Flyweight prospect with a entertaining pressure fighting style.

Fit well in the UFC Flyweight Division if rewarded the contract.

“I want to thank the UFC, I want to thank Mick, I want to thank my coach, It’s not often where you get guys you multiple chances, I mean it’s all been out of my control but yeah I’m really grateful that they keep giving me the opportunity and I’m really excited to showcase my skills set and hopefully impress them and make it worth their while. “

” I see myself winning by a finish to be honest you know.”

JP Buys dealing with adversity from visas that lead to two fight cancellations against Nate Smith but Buys believed that he’ll get the contract.

” I know my time is going to come and at the end of the day when the time is right things will fall in place for you.”

Non stop grinding at Fortis MMA & Coach Quan University waiting for the opportunity to fight on the Contender Series.

Now JP Buys is making his dream a reality, One step close for fighting for the UFC. Being a provider for his future family as him and Cheyanne Buys can both fight for the UFC.

Lowry vs Motta Week 9 Contender Series Fight to Watch

Joseph Lowry former CFFC Lightweight Champion, 9-1 record, Top Northeast Lightweight prospect is fighting Nikolas Motta 11-3 record, CFFC Lightweight Champion, Contestant on the Dana White Contender Series.

Obviously Dana White Contender Series doesn’t award fight of the night bonuses but Lowry vs Motta is a GREAT FIGHT to watch. Two of the best Lightweight Prospects in the world. Former CFFC Lightweight Champions fighting each other.

Joseph Lowry fighting for a second chance on the Dana White Contender Series. Looking for that UFC contract.

Nikolas Motta traveling from Brazil to New Jersey to train at Ricardo Almeida Jiu-Jitsu. Now can get awarded a UFC contract with a knock out, submission win. Living the American Dream, Next Brazilian to sign with the UFC.

Definitely will be paying attention to this fight that can be on the prelims of a UFC Fight Night or a Bellator prelims. I have no clue who wins this fight!!

CFFC 85 Ramazan Kuramagomedov 7-0 record

Ramazan Kuramagomedov Russian Middleweight prospect, Appeared on the Dana White Contender Series is fighting in the co-main event of Cage Fury Fighting Championship 85.

Ramazan if he defeats Trevor Ollison tonight can make one step closer to returning to the Dana White Contender Series. Getting a second chance opportunity to get a contract from the UFC.

Ramazan won his Contender Series fight but never kept the fight standing, Dana White was disappointed as Ramazan kept on shooting for takedowns.

However with a impressive performance tonight can lead to a return on the Dana White Contender Series. Looking forward to watching Ramazan’s fight tonight.

Kenny Cross vs Kevin Syler Contender Series Fight to Watch

Kenny Cross vs Kevin Syler is the first fight on week 3 of the Dana White Contender Series. If the Contender Series gave out rewards for Fight of the Night this be my prediction for fight of the night.

Two talented Lightweight prospects, Syler top 5 Latin America Lightweight prospect while Kenny Cross is the former Lights Out Champion with wins over former PFL Lightweight Robert Hale.

Really looking forward to this fight it’s going to be interesting to watch.

Kevin Syler was here before defeating Lance Lawrence on last years Dana White Contender Series. Since he didn’t have a impressive win in his fight wasn’t rewarded the UFC contract. However looking to prove to Dana White he’ll look better than ever.

Kenny Cross one of the most underrated, Overlooked Lightweight prospects is getting his opportunity to fight on the Dana White Contender Series. Confident in this fight fight as he defeated two tough Lightweights in Robert Hale and Jonas Flok.

“I think I have the tools, I know I have the tools and skillset to take this guy out and to keep putting one foot in front of the other and climb the ladder to the top,” Cross said.


Second Chance for Anthony Adams

Anthony Adams rewarded a second chance on the Dana White Contender Series but because of a impressive first round knock out against Josh Cavan at Legacy Fighting Alliance.

32 year old MMA prospects rare to get offered an opportunity to fight on the Dana White Contender Series, However Anthony Adams is one talented Middleweight prospect. Anthony Adams is the former Sparta Combat League Middleweight Champion, Defeating tough Middleweight prospects.

Trains at Elevation Fight Team with Justin Gaethje, Drew Dober, Allistair Overeem, Neil Magny, Cory Sandhagen on a daily basis. Helps a lot when your training with some of the best fighters in the world, Advantage fighting another top Middleweight prospect.

What would it mean for you to fight in the UFC? I have been dreaming and manifesting that moment since the day I first punched someone in the face in the cage. So, basically, it means everything.


Anthony Adams I believe he’ll get the win and the finish tonight, Impressing Dana White, Sean Shelby and Mick Maynard enough to get a UFC contract.

Ty Flores Defeats Jacoby Tonight

Ty Flores Elevation Fight Team prospect fighting on week 1 of the Dana White Contender. Ty Flores is one of the best Midwest Light Heavyweight prospects, Main attraction for Midwest MMA promotion Shamrock FC.

Exciting finish against Dustin Jacoby Glory Kickboxer will get signed by the UFC.

“It’s a wrestler vs striker kind of thing. I’m just going to go out there and take the center. I don’t think he’s going to be able to defend my takedowns. I watched his last MMA fight and it was just kind of boring. He fought Cody East who didn’t really look that athletic and he just stood there. That is not going to be me. I can go hard now for five whole rounds. I can wrestle for five rounds. I don’t think he is going to be able to put up with my pressure. I know I hit hard especially when we get on the ground. The last guy I fought I broke his jaw. He’s old, he’s had a lot of battles. All the respect to him but when it comes to that contract I am going to have to break him.”


Impressing Dana White, Sean Shelby and Mick Maynard. Becoming the next fighter from Elevation Fight Team to get signed by the UFC.

Advantage in the wrestling department, Coached by Elliot Marshall and Christian Allen. Training with UFC title contenders on a daily basis will get him the win the UFC contract tonight.

I’m also not scared to strike with either, I’ve fought tough strikers and I train with Alistair [Overeem], Curtis [Blaydes] and those guys hit so hard. I am not worried to strike with him either and we are gonna fight at my pace. I am going to dictate that, he is always going to have to be worried about the takedown.”