5 ways MMA fighters can build their brand

MMA fighters for the most part have a tough time building a brand besides the rare few like Conor McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Jon Jones. MMA fighters risking their lives every time they enter the octagon to provide for their family but impossible to provide when making average salary. Average salary pay CAN CHANGE just have to build a brand and there’s 5 ways to do it.

1. Social Media Marketing

Social Media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat all free!! Take advantage of them to help build your following, Posting about your upcoming fights, Training, Life outside the cage. Posting photos, Clips, Tweets on a daily basis. Continue to be consistent and the results will show.

Thousands of people all over have benefited from social media and you can too just takes patience. One day you’ll see 500k followers and that helps you with sponsors. Changes everything for you.

2. Create a YouTube Vlog

Max Holloway, Anatomy of a Fighter, Daniel Cormier, Jorge Masvidal, Israel Adesanya have their own vlogs showing their lives before and after fights. Showing people a world outside the cage. Telling stories about who they truly are besides being a fighter.

Show your hobbies for example such as comic books, watching movies and cooking. People want to root for fighters who are similar and can relate to. Build personal relationships.

3. Go on Podcast

Thousands of podcast all over the world, In your city and all it takes is asking to go on their podcast. Talk about your professional career as a MMA fighter, Struggles of fighting and life outside the cage. Gain a fan following that way by going on a comic book podcast in your home city. Add 50 new fans who root for your fights.

Message podcast host who have thousands of followers, Asking them to go on because you have an interesting moving story about your life and your fans definitely will love to hear it. Those fans will become your fans as well because they relate and care about you.

Podcast are definitely underrated to build a following on and after a year or two you’ll be on the Luke Thomas Show, Below the Belt and many other top PODCAST.

4. Answer Social Media Messages & Comments

See messages from fans who congratulate you on your win don’t ignore them or give them one word answers. Actually talk to them for a bit and build a long term relationship with them. Definitely times where you left fans text on read but because you think your cool you leave them on read. Answer every text watch what happens be life changing.

Answer every comment as well on Social Media. Long term benefits for messages and comments.

5. Be entertaining and authentic

What I mean by this is MMA fighters are entertainers besides being athletes. Career is in your hands and make the most of it. Create an authentic character that people can’t read through.

Fans love Jorge Masvidal because he’s a Miami Gangster, People love Conor McGregor because of his hilarious trash talk, Fans love the Diaz Brothers because there scrappy. Israel Adesanya is a star because he found a way to be entertaining and be himself, Smooth answers and trash talk.

What is cool about you, Interesting about you and mix that with be entertaining you’ll be a Main Card PPV fighter every time you fight.!

Be entertaining and authentic

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