Juan Adams UFC 247 begins his winning streak

Juan Adams, 28 years old lost to Greg Hardy and Arjan Bhullar in 2019 but in 2020 will see a reborn Juan Adams and become a Heavyweight prospect in 2020. Adams fight Justin Tafa in the main card of UFC 247.

Juan Adams left Paradigm Training Center and now had Jackson Wink MMA Academy one of the best Gyms in the world. One of the best decisions he’ll make in his life. Greg Jackson fix the errors in his game during training and he’ll be fighter of the night for UFC 247.

UFC is hungry for young Heavyweight Prospects and Juan Adams because of switching gyms, Different mindset see a new and improved Juan Adams.

“I feel extremely confident entering this fight. My whole outlook is I’m excited to get to practice and work with people,” Adams said. “I’m surrounded by high-level athletes that force me to be on my stuff. Always.”

“I’m either going to knock him out or get a TKO. Once he feels my power, he is going to try and do something stupid. I’m going to capitalize on that. My wrestling, my positioning, all that is superior to his,” Adams concluded. “So, when he feels my power and tries to close the distance and get into a clinch he is going to end up on the ground and on the ground, my ground and pound is game-changing.”


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