Mirsad Bektic UFC 247 Return of the Future UFC Featherweight Champion

Mirsad Bektic former top 15 UFC Featherweight returns to the Octagon against Dan Ige at UFC 247, Bektic lost to Josh Emmett in the first round at ESPN +13. Since 2017 Bektic has been streaky but he’s a incredible talent with UFC Featherweight Champion potential.

Mirsad Bektic talent is there, May doubt his ability to become a champion but trains with the best MMA coach Firas Zihabi. 8-2 record with the UFC.

Injuries, Struggles, Bad Mindset prevented Mirsad Bektic to fulfill his potential.

“I was scheduled to fight Moicano in December, but I suffered a pretty bad laceration and my coaches and doctor agreed it would be best to step away, take some time and heal up before getting back in there,” said Bektic. “Once I started training again, I had a freak accident at the gym that ended up giving me a fracture that required surgery.


“The result itself was a surprise,” he said of the bout with Emmett. “I was going in there to win, but with my preparation and how it was going, I wasn’t surprised. I was readjusting a lot of things since that Moicano fight where I got scratched off that card due to injuries. I had a toe injury and then had toe surgery, which was more extensive than the ACL surgery I had. It was a lot to come back from and it was a difficult time.


Tough times make strong men, Tested during those difficult times when you want to give up but because of his past, Immigrant from Bosnia he’ll never give up. 2014 was the #1 MMA prospect, Doesn’t want to be labeled as a bust. Labeled as a champion and that’s what will see at UFC 247.

Win over Dan Ige will reborn the UFC Featherweight Potential Champion, Gaining confidence and a journey to the Featherweight Title Shot.

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