Juan Archuleta Next fight after Bellator 238?

Juan Archuleta won his fight against Henry Corrales at Bellator 238, Back and forth fight. Archuleta is one of the best Featherweights in the world comeback win after getting destroyed by Patricio Pitbull. Archuleta returns on his journey, Who should Archuleta fight next?

Juan Archuleta can fight the losers of the Featherweight Grand Prix, Archuleta with no significant injuries sits and WAIT for the Featherweight Grand Prix fights.

Juan Archuleta vs Michael Chandler

Archuleta underrated fighter vs Michael Chandler Former Bellator Lightweight Champion. Michael Chandler is Five Foot Eight and Juan Archuleta is Five Foot Six. Interesting Bellator Main Event Fight to watch.

Juan Archuleta vs Bellator Featherweight Grand Prix Fighters

Archuleta vs Derek Campos can be a upcoming fight in a main card or co main event. Doubt Adam Borics will fight Juan Archuleta as Adam Borics takes a step back and adjust. Many fight options for Juan Archuleta!

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