One Championship 158 Fights to Watch

One Championship 158 card mixed with Kickboxing, MMA. Rising prospects or future title challengers. Fun card to watch for a hard CORE MMA fan.

Kwon Won Il vs Fabricio Andrade Co Main Event

One Championship Bantamweight #1 Contender Fight will be a high level stand up fight. Both fighters are killers, Whose the better striker wins this fight.

Three Round Battle I’ll definitely be watching.

Kwon Won Il

One of the best fighters out of South Korea is on a three fight winning streak defeating good fighters like Kevin Belingon (Former One Championship Bantamweight Champ).

“I just want to land a punch on his mouth so that he can stop talking. By scoring a knockout, I think I can expect not just the usual bonus, but a triple bonus. That’s what I think.”


  • Striking combinations
  • Taking advantage of his long reach
  • Nasty upper cuts, Jabs
  • Ability to brawl inside the pocket
  • Solid grappler

Fabricio Andrade

Rising Brazilian Bantamweight is a high level Muay Thai fighter. Red hot winning streak including wins over former No.2 Bantamweight Shoko Sato, Extremely impressed with his talents,

One day will be a future One Championship Bantamweight Champion one or two fights away from that title shot opportunity.

Andrade speed and better striker might be the advantage.

“I’m on a different level, and I’ve been proving that with every fight. Everyone knows I deserve to be ahead of them in the rankings.”


  • Very Good Muay Thai skills
  • Controlling distance and pace
  • Nasty knees in the clinch
  • Solid wrestling and grappling defense
  • Strong output

Reece McLaren vs Xie Wei

Fun fast pace fight between two Flyweights. One Championship veteran Reece McLaren vs the rising star Xei Wei.

Reece McLaren

One Championship veteran with a 7-5 record and 15-8 record overall is a tough customer for anyone. Split decision loss with Bibiano Fernandes and Danny Kingad. Appreciate his grit and fighting style.

Only 30 years old only started training 10 years with no experience in anything else if he fine tune his skills, Enhance his striking he can make a run for the title.

Curious to see how he looks after not fighting since April 2021.

“I can definitely, confidently say that I’m bringing something new,” he said. “I’m just bringing a whole new set of tools to the table this time around.”

Smart business decision that can help his striking is being coached by Jon Wayne Parr (Former 10 time Kickboxing Champion) at his new place Boonchu Gym.

Reece Mclaren Strengths

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blackbelt
  • High level grappler
  • Conditioning/ Cardio
  • Jiu-Jitsu defense

McLaren works on the kickboxing, Boxing with John Wayne Parr and his team Improve the wrestling and he’ll be a problem.

Xie Wei

Former Monk no I’m not joking and former China Kickboxing Champion hunting for top five flyweight spot.

Winning the One Warrior Series that lead to a One Championship contract. Impressive first round KO wins in the tournament.

Biggest test up to this point is against Danny Kingad (One Championship) Xie Wei showed a real good striking performance. Pin point strikes to the body, Improving on the grappling exchances. Pushing Kingad forward against the cage.

Kingad won that fight but I believe after watching Xie Wei on.


  • Accurate output strikes
  • Nasty Clinching Knees against the cage
  • Underrated wrestling when needed
  • Good wrestling sprawls
  • Explosiveness

This fight will be a fascinating fight to watch. Curious to see what happens in these three rounds.

Kairat Akhmetov vs Tatsumitsu Wada

Two of the best Flyweights in the world going at it for three rounds. Fighting for the Flyweight Title Shot spot.

Kairat Akhmetov one of the most talented fighters for One Championship.

Wada gave Demetrious Johnson trouble in his second fight with One Championship.

Kairat Akhmetov

One of the best flyweights in the world after this 4 fight winning streak against Danny Kingad and the Pitbull Reece McLaren.

#2 ranked Flyweight hungry for that Rematch against Adriano Moraes. See who improved more in the rubber match.

Kairat trains at Arlan Pro Team and Tiger Muay Thai. One of the best gyms in the world leading names are Petr Yan, Valentina Shevchenko, Alexander Volkanovski.

Akmetov was a three time Kazakhstan Greco- Roman Champion. That wrestling pedigree really helps in those later rounds, Controlling the fight and having the crazy conditioning to win.

The conditioning and wrestling might have Akhmetov hands be raised at the end.

“I’m expecting the fight to be full of blood. I’m expecting to show that I’m in great shape. I’ve prepared to the maximum for the fights and I’m expecting to show a spectacular fight for my fans.” Kairat Akhmetov

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