Glory Kickboxing & Dazn partnership

Glory Kickboxing #1 Kickboxing Promotion in the world struggling to increase fan interest, Glory is on ESPN 2 and UFC Fight Pass but lacks promotion. Secondary time slot for ESPN. Perfect partnership for Glory is a contract with DAZN.

DAZN Sports Streaming service, Competition with ESPN. DAZN has contracts with Matchroom Boxing, Canelo Alvarez, Anthony Joshua, Gennady Golovkin, Bellator. Ahead of others when it comes to streaming Multi Billion Dollar valuation.

Glory Kickboxing with DAZN able to watch it all over the world. DAZN definitely put more MARKETING dollars into Glory Kickboxing compared to ESPN or UFC Fight Pass.

Glory popular in Europe more than the United States with events in Netherlands, France, Germany and England. Gain millions of new fans in total for Europe!!

John Skipper is the CEO of DAZN, Former President of ESPN from 2012-2017, Negotiating deals with NBA, College Football Playoff. Created ESPN 30 for 30. John Skipper with the right plan and vision can help create Glory Kickboxing the 2nd most popular Combat Sports Promotion behind the UFC.

DAZN has storytelling content, 40 days a docuseries leading to the fight such as Canelo vs Jacobs. DAZN can do 40 days such as Rico Verhoeven vs Badr Hari 3, Cedric Doumbe vs Harut Grigorian. 40 days definitely can help Glory Kickboxing.

John Skipper and Pierre Andurand(Glory Kickboxing founder) should negotiate a deal for Glory Kickboxing and DAZN.

Ways Kickboxing/Muay Thai can get popular?

Kickboxing and Muay Thai has struggle to create a fanbase, Be one of the most popular sports in the world since MMA fans love watching UFC fighters strike compared to grappling. Kickboxers and Muay Thai fighters struggle to pay the bills, Fighters like Israel Adensanya and Gaston Bolanos had to move on to MMA. How in the world can Kickboxing or Muay Thai get popular?

Passionate Multi Billionaire

Pierre Andurand Founder of Glory Kickboxing is a Hedge Fund Manager, However no Billionaire has a 200 million dollar net worth. Understand Glory Kickboxing recently has investors but lacks growth. Pierre is doing the best he can running Glory Kickboxing but needs BILLIONS of dollars to grow Glory.

Kickboxing needs a multi billionaire net worth around 4-5 billion dollars to create his own Kickboxing promotion. Marketing to signing fighters like Giorgio Petrosyan, Marat Grigorian, Liam Harrison.


Build exposure across the world need Kickboxing/ Muay Thai events to be watched on HBO, Showtime, ESPN, Fox Sports, DAZN. People aren’t going to watch Yokkao (Muay Thai promotion) on YouTube with lack of production quality. Glory Kickboxing on UFC FightPass but that isn’t something special.

MMA Fighters & Kickboxers/ Muay Thai Fighters Cross Over

Israel Adesanya was the former Glory Kickboxing Middleweight Champion before ever fighting for UFC Middleweight Champion. Imagine Israel Adesanya fought Alex Pereira and won the Glory Kickboxing Middleweight Champion. Giorgio Petrosyan MMA trains and eventually becomes ONE Welterweight Champion. Rico Verhoeven the #1 Kickboxer on the planet signs with the UFC and becomes the UFC Heavyweight Champion of the world!!

Kickboxing would rapidly get popular if the best kickboxers on the planet switch over to UFC. Bellator or One Championship. UFC, Bellator or One Championship fighters move to Glory Kickboxing, One Championship Muay Thia & Kickboxing or Yokkao.

Storyelling Marketing

UFC Embedded, Anatomy of a Fighter two forms of content telling stories about fighters and if Glory Kickboxing/ Yokkao told stories about their fighters lives on & off the ring they’d create more of a following. Stories people can relate to.

Giorgio Petrosyan Baddest Kickboxer on the Planet Fights for One Championship to Make Kickboxing GROW GLOBALLY.

Giorgio Petrosyan, Pound for Pound Best Kickboxer, Bellator Kickboxing Lightweight Champion, K-1 Champion and will be a future One Championship Featherweight Kickboxing Champion as he’s a participant in the One Championship Featherweight Grand Prix. Petrosyan the Baddest Kickboxer on the PLANET fighting for One Championship is a great partnership can make Kickboxing and Muay Thai grow globally!

Petrosyan true master of Kickboxing, The Vasyl Lomachenko of Kickboxing fighting for One Championship is the best decision he’s ever made. 3 wins with One Championship and a draw is the STAR for One Championship Kickboxing and Muay Thai. Never fought for a bigger stage than One Championship.

Giorgio ” The Doctor” Petrosyan continue his reign for One Championship, Being the BEST Kickboxer on the planet. Kickboxing record of 100-2-2 at 33 years old, Who will win the Featherweight Grand Prix for One Championship and the ONE MILLION DOLLAR Prize.

In the world of combat sports, the term ‘elite striker’ is thrown around a lot. Often it is simply to hype fights. But in the case of Giorgio Petrosyan, his flawless record and largely untouched features speak for themselves.

Petrosyan stand up striking is beautiful to watch, Genius of Kickboxing and Muay Thai that dominates his opponents because he’s once in a generation type fighter that never really had the recognition until fighting for One Championship, TOP 3 MMA Promotion. Biggest MMA Promotion in ASIA.

Giorgio Petrosyan will get everything he deserves, Fighting for One Championship, Becoming the KICKBOXING STAR that makes KICKBOXING and MUAY THAI GROW like never BEFORE because of ONE CHAMPIONSHIP.

Petroysan next fight is One Championship: Dreams of Gold as he fights Jo Nattawut on August 16th. Looking to defeat Nattawut for he can go to the Featherweight Grand Prix Final.

Tremendous Performance for Gaston Bolanos Bellator 220

Gaston Bolanos is a world class Muay Thai fighter but is going strong in the game of Mix Martial Arts. Gaston beat Nathan Stolen with a nasty left hook in the first round.

Gaston had his best mma performance against Stolen. Gaston was the first fight in the main card for Bellator 220.

  • 26 years old
  • 5-1 record
  • 4 fight win streak

Gaston spinning back fist

Wish Rico Verhoeven took MMA seriously!!

Rico Verhoeven” King of Kickboxing” is the best Heavyweight Kickboxer we have today. Defended the Glory Heavyweight title…8 Times.

From the picture you, Rico’s a physical specimen. A specimen who dominates his opponents. Rico can’t do much more in the kickboxing world. Rico should switch to being a MMA fighter. Rico transferring to MMA, Rico will probably be the best standup boxer. Rico going to a world class MMA gym, Rico can definitely work on his gripping defense and ground game. If Rico is decent in those aspects of fighting the UFC or Bellator Heavyweight division is in trouble.