Giorgio Petrosyan Baddest Kickboxer on the Planet Fights for One Championship to Make Kickboxing GROW GLOBALLY.

Giorgio Petrosyan, Pound for Pound Best Kickboxer, Bellator Kickboxing Lightweight Champion, K-1 Champion and will be a future One Championship Featherweight Kickboxing Champion as he’s a participant in the One Championship Featherweight Grand Prix. Petrosyan the Baddest Kickboxer on the PLANET fighting for One Championship is a great partnership can make Kickboxing and Muay Thai grow globally!

Petrosyan true master of Kickboxing, The Vasyl Lomachenko of Kickboxing fighting for One Championship is the best decision he’s ever made. 3 wins with One Championship and a draw is the STAR for One Championship Kickboxing and Muay Thai. Never fought for a bigger stage than One Championship.

Giorgio ” The Doctor” Petrosyan continue his reign for One Championship, Being the BEST Kickboxer on the planet. Kickboxing record of 100-2-2 at 33 years old, Who will win the Featherweight Grand Prix for One Championship and the ONE MILLION DOLLAR Prize.

In the world of combat sports, the term ‘elite striker’ is thrown around a lot. Often it is simply to hype fights. But in the case of Giorgio Petrosyan, his flawless record and largely untouched features speak for themselves.

Petrosyan stand up striking is beautiful to watch, Genius of Kickboxing and Muay Thai that dominates his opponents because he’s once in a generation type fighter that never really had the recognition until fighting for One Championship, TOP 3 MMA Promotion. Biggest MMA Promotion in ASIA.

Giorgio Petrosyan will get everything he deserves, Fighting for One Championship, Becoming the KICKBOXING STAR that makes KICKBOXING and MUAY THAI GROW like never BEFORE because of ONE CHAMPIONSHIP.

Petroysan next fight is One Championship: Dreams of Gold as he fights Jo Nattawut on August 16th. Looking to defeat Nattawut for he can go to the Featherweight Grand Prix Final.

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