Bellator 295 Post Fight Matchmaking

Mix vs Winner of Pitbull vs Pettis

Congratulations to Patchy Mix winning the Bantamweight Grand Prix and earning million dollars on top of that. Well deserved after upgrading himself since the loss to Juan Archuleta, now he’s one of the best Bantamweights in the world.

Bellator 295 Media Day constantly talked about unifying Bellator Bantamweight Title facing the winner of Pitbull vs Pettis.

” I want to fight the pound-for-pound No. 1. Let ‘Pitbull’ take it. I’m hoping he wins, and I can fight the best. I don’t know if they’re worried about me. They’re probably just worried about the task at hand.” Patchy Mix said at Bellator 295 Post Fight

Patchy Mix facing Pitbull or Pettis would be great title fight to watch as he challenges himself one of the best fighters in the world. Fans, fighters predict Pitbull Friere to win this fight but really coming into his own since 2021.

Unifying Bantamweight title by defeating either opponent would prove he’s in conversation as top Bantamweight fighter.

I believe I’m the best bantamweight in the world. I train with the top guys in the world, some of the best in the world, I believe I’m the best bantamweight 135-pounder in the world today,” said Mix.

Pico vs Kennedy Featherweight Title

Bust prospect talk is no more, confidently can say Aaron Pico will become Bellator Featherweight Champion. Opportunity to become interim featherweight champion and wants to revenge his injury loss to Jeremy Kennedy.

“I’m ready to be a world champion. Now’s the time. I’m ready,” Pico said. “Pitbull’s going down, and from what I’ve heard, he’s staying at 135 pounds. Me and Jeremy should [rematch for the vacant title]. We shouldn’t hold up the division

Since loss to Borics went on a tear defeating every opponent Bellator matched him up against, finishing fighters or dominating them in all aspects of martial arts. No questions asked he deserves a title shot opportunity doing everything right as a Bellator contracted fighter.

2023 watch and see Pico become a star if he wins the interim featherweight title and unfies title in future potentially against Patricio Pitbull?

Mads Burnell vs Daniel Weichel

Mads Burnell returned back to win column by teaching Justin Gonzales young lesson in grappling. Easily wrestling with Gonzales for the whole fight and maintaining top pressure with easy strikes.

Burnell looked great feel good to get a win before had two losses to Pedro Carvalho and Adam Borics. Hungry to fight soon as he called out Bellator veteran Daniel Weichel.

“Daniel Weichel, stop fcking running,” Burnell told MMA Junkie and other reporters. “I’ve been making fcking memes about you all year, sht like that, saying I’ll make you Wiener schnitzel quicker than you could say auf Wiedersehen and you’ve been quiet like a fcking church mouse. Answer me, motherf*cker.” Mads Burnell said on post fight

Top ten Bellator Featherweight matchup can place on any spring main card, fun fight to watch between two technical fighters. Burnell is a very good grappler but can stand and strike the whole fight with right opponent just like Weichel.

Win against Weichel definitely be boost of confidence, one more win after that I can see Burnell challenging for title.

Kai Kamaka vs Cris Lencioni or Weber Almeida

Blossoming into true fighter last two Bellator fights, Bellator 295 fight against Adli Edwards “Tony Ferguson adopted son” was the best Kai Kamaka looked. Really progressed since UFC stint.

Kai Kamaka leg kicks were on point, strong job of distance control, striking when necessary with accurate shots to the face and body. Looked excellent and looking forward to his next fight.

Next opponent idea? Face Chris Lencioni newly signed Bellator fighter on a three fighting winning streak upset win against Cody Law that put his name on the map.

Lencioni will give Kamaka grappling challenge as he won and competed on the jiu-jitsu stage many times such as Combat Jiu Jitsu World. Kamaka is the overall “better” fighter but will be fun prelim fight as Kamaka continues to build his young career for Bellator.

“Just give me somebody and get me in quick. I’m healthy, I’m always getting better, I don’t take any shortcuts.” Kai Kamaka said post Bellator 295 media

Weber Almeida protege of Lyoto Machida is what Kai Kamaka asked for post fight. Compete against 5-1 Bellator fighter and a taekwondo specialist similar style to Machida.

Sumiko Inaba vs Watanabe

Bellator has future Bellator Woman’s Flyweight Champion who carved up Veta Artega on the feet for three rounds.

Sumiko Inaba dominated a step up in competition with ease and needs another step up in competition that can challenge her.

“I’m excited for what’s to come. I want to just keep moving up the rankings and taking on tougher opponents and proving myself as a martial artist.” Sumiko Inaba said at Bellator 295

#5th ranked Inaba can face #3 ranked Kana Watanabe coming off close loss to Ilima Lei Macfarlane at Bellator 295.

Inaba wants tougher opponents that’s great can fight Watanabe summer of 2023. My opinion would be fun scrap high paced fight to watch.

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