One Championship Two Days of Fights to Watch

One Championship 163 and One Prime Video 4 is TWO GREAT cards. Honoring the beauty of martial arts and combat sports. Bunch of great fights on both cards with titles on the line. Fighters looking to make a name for themselves.

These two nights are great for One Championship moving the promotion forward. Attracting whole new audience with the Amazon Prime broadcasting deal. Time for the fighters to take advantage of the viewership opportunity and fight there best.

Lee vs Abbasov

One Prime Video 4 headliner is for the One Championship Welterweight title. Christian Lee courageously moving up to welterweight to dethrone current champion Kiamrian Abbasov.

Challenge for Christian Lee is fighting at 185 pounds for the first time, Understanding how to fight at 185 pounds, Pacing himself for five rounds.

“Moving up to welterweight, I’m just going to take the same approach that I did when I moved up from featherweight to lightweight. I’m not focused on my size. I’m not focused on how big or small I’m going to be in that division. I’m just going to go in there in the best shape possible and take a shot at the title.” Christian Lee

Lightweight star for One Championship is a killer but Abbasov is Kyrgyzstan-Russian savage with that super strength and muscled up body. Having his hands full but Champions kow how to figure it out.

“I think Abbasov is a very good fighter,” Lee said. “He’s dangerous. He likes to come forward. I think that he is a finisher. He likes to look for the finish, and he’s able to mix up his boxing and his wrestling very well,

“I know he’s a dangerous opponent, but in my mind, I see it playing out very similar to my last fight. I plan on pushing the pace early and picking him apart.” Christian Lee

Kiamrian Abbasov Greco Roman wrestling background, Born and raised in hard part of the world breeds great fighters. In two years won the One Championship Welterweight title, Title defense win against James Nakashima so far the biggest win of his career. Kiamrian Abbasov All-Around talented fighter pressure heavy fighting style. Kyrgyzstan version of Robert Whittaker best way to compare him.

Fight hard for five rounds if necessary, Controlling Lee on the ground nonstop, Good old ground & pound, Pressure Lee on the feet and he’ll definitely have a strong chance. People counting out Abbasov but follow gameplan and he’ll win.

Stripped of title for missing weight, Fight still continues. Only Christian Lee can win the title but Abbasov must prevent that from happening.

Izagakhmaev vs Aoki

Khabib’s protege, Training partner is a force to be reckoned with. Two fights in One Championship getting “Big Name” opportunity fight against Japanese star Shinya Aoki. Defeating a experienced fighter who fought everyone, Won titles. Shows Chatri’s belief in Saygid Izagakhmaev.

“He’s a veteran of this sport and a former ONE World Champion, so a win over a fighter like Aoki will push me forward significantly. It will be a huge win for all our team.”

Combat Sambo specialist focus on his wrestle heavy offense, Pressuring Aoki till submitting him. Relentless swarming pressure that will overwhelm Aoki first or second round.

“My plan is aggression. If he aggressively attacks, I will engage him just as aggressively. [The rest of the plan], I will show only in the fight,” Izagakhmaev said.

Test fight for the Dagestani assassin, Beating Aoki build up Izagakhmaev’s name but Shinya is tough as they come even at 39 years old can defeat most Lightweights. Black Belt in Judoka, ADCC Japan Champion, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt can give the man problems. Scrambling away center of the ring, Clinch fighting against the cage. Aoki CAN’T ALLOW Saygid to control this fight 60% of the time or Aoki will lose.

“[Izagakhmaev] is a very tough and powerful, old-style Russian fighter. He is good at attacking from top position. I will resist or change the position. This is challenging for me. I will use all of the abilities I have. This fight is very rewarding.

Shinya Aoki before his loss to Akiyama was on four fight winning streak, Looking rejuvenated against the younger studs of the Lightweight division. 2019 was the Lightweight Champion can show glimpses of his prime age self against Dagestani savage. Showing he can beat the young hungry lions at 39 years old.

“This match is very important for me. It’s challenging .I feel the greatest pleasure in fighting against the strongest fighters at the moment.” Shinya Aoki

Aung La Nsang vs Okami

First Superstar of One Championship King of Myanmar vs Japanese star and former UFC Middleweight Title Challenger against Anderson Silva.

Both fighters in there prime were killers, Now well watch two former Middleweight GREATS fight for three rounds. Aung La Nsang title run days are over, However Nsang granite hands and strong chin still remain after all these wars. Burmese Python desiring to throw haymakers, Knockout the former UFC fighter. Watch him KO Okami like he’s done to so many fighters.

“I’m going to look to break him. As soon as we touch gloves, I’m going to look to break him.” Aung La Nsang

Keeping this fight standing much as possible, Grappling definitely his weakness but training at Kill Cliff FC with Greg Jones Jr., Various different sparring partners.

“Rogan Gracie. Rogan is one of them. Eric Coyne as well. More of the jiu-jitsu-heavy guys. Herbert Burns. These are the guys that I work with, a lot of the grapplers, a lot more grappling with this camp. But at the same time, my striking is going to be sharp too.”

Yushin Okhami questionably returning after three year layoff but I understand the reason with the opportunity to fight former Double Champion.

Once upon a time was one of the best Middleweights in the world, Challenging Anderson Silva for Middleweight title, Fought Chael Sonnen, Jake Shields, Rich Franklin. Trained at Team Quest with Dan Henderson, Chael Sonnen Matt Lindland during his title fight run against Anderson Silva. Former ADCC Japan Qualifier can control the grappling exchanges or KO Nsang.

This fight is going to be great thrown down between two of the Asian fighters of all time. Can’t wait to watch this fight out of respect for the fighters.

Ituki Hirata vs Seo Hee Ham

High level Woman’s MMA fight at it’s finest that make you really appreciate women’s MMA. Atomweight clash One Championship 163 prelims. Winner receives Atomweight title shot.

Hirata unranked has life changing opportunity in front of her by facing #2 Atomweight. Judoka background, Successful out the MMA gate winning Amateur Tournament in Deep Jewels, Winning Fighting Agent War (Japan MMA Reality Show) that lead to One Championship contract.

23 year old fighter with 6-1 record continues to progress, Fight against Lin Hequin looked physically strong beating her with her Judo skills. Seeing improvements in Hirata’s striking popping Lin last 30 seconds of the fight.

Hirata develops her striking skills to B+ at best and Itsuki will become Atomweight Champion one day. Smart decision for her training at Longo & Weidman MMA in New York. Curious to see the progress she made in her #1 contender fight.

“I train with a lot of tough fighters in the USA and just do my best. When I train in Japan, I limit myself. But I saw the many limitless fighters here, I drive myself and be limitless too. Looking back on my last fight, I think I was able to beat her by training hard in the United States.”

Seo Hee Ham very accomplished Atomweight being Rizin Super Atomweight Champion, Road FC Atomweight Champion and Jewels Atomweight Champion. 35 year old riding high on 9 fight winning streak one more win away from challenging Angela Lee for the title.

Nicknamed Hamderlei Silva because of her similar fighting style to Wanderlei look to knock out Hirata. Make her realize made wrong decision.

“When I was studying Itsuki Hirata I didn’t see any danger. Anywhere the fight goes I will be okay.”

Post fight call out Angela Lee and set up the biggest Atomweight Clash ever.

“The moment I signed with ONE, there was only one goal – to be able to wear the ONE Championship belt around my waist and own it. So to progress towards that and achieve it would be the optimal outcome (from this match).” Seo Hee Ham

Extremely excited for this Atomweight fight. Back and forth pacing. Hirata’s grappling and bright potential vs the Atomweight Queen Seo See Ham.

Fernandes vs Loman

King of the One Championship Bantamweight Division, Key face for the promotion lost his title to Brazilian foe John Lineker. Former Champion facing Pilipino prospect Stephen Loman.

Bantamweight Clash on paper looks to be great fight. Former Champion vs Rising prospect.

Tough KO to watch as Linker’s punches overwhelmed Bibiano. Chin wasn’t there as he’s getting older at 42 years old. However the man can still crack, Fight at high level and can show his greatness against Filipino Bantamweight.

“The fight with Lineker was a good experience. I hadn’t fought for many years, and I didn’t have a fight rhythm. But now, I’m trained and focused for my next challenge.”

Fernandes defeated Loman’s sparring partner Kevin Belingon multiple times. Belingon fights very similar to Loman so Bibiano will be aware of his fighting style. Ready for anything as Loman is excellent fighter.

“On the day of the fight, I will be ready to face him. He’s a good athlete, and he can even beat me, but I’ll tell you something: He won’t win easily. I will be a war.”

Fernandes All-Around talented fighter with two bricks as hands, Top of the food chain Jiu-Jitsu and main training partner of Demetrious Johnson can make easy work against Loman. Overwhelm this 27 year old fighter and return for another title shot.

“You know what, if he makes a mistake, I can catch him – a hundred percent. I don’t doubt that. He can say all he wants to say, ‘I’m not afraid of this or that,’ but a lot of people [before him] weren’t afraid too, and still I caught them.”

Stephen Loman highly touted Bantamweight prospect was the former Brave CF Bantamweight Champion. Next big time fighter out of Team Lakay.

16-2 record, 2-0 under One Championship with wins against Saadulaev and Shoko Sato. Two strong wins to build confidence against former One Championship Bantamweight Champion. Loman must bring his very best, Keep fight standing and look to break Fernandes.

“I’m really very happy that I will actually get a chance to face [Fernandes] this November. This is my chance to show the results of all the training I have been going through. I’m excited for that fight

Loman can use his striking arsenal, Overwhelm Fernandes in the second round as the 42 year old starts to fade. Start to take advantage of the tiredness and hunt for the kill. Throwing beautiful boxing and leg kick combinations. Stuffing takedown or two. Staying calm under the high intensity.

“Pressure is also important for me, I have to keep going at him, that’s why I’m pushing myself hard in training.” Stephen Loman

Becoming #1 contender for the Bantamweight title if he wins.

“I believe that winning this will give me a chance to contend for a World Title in ONE, which would be another goal to reach,” the Team Lakay athlete said.

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