Gamrot Out Grapples Dariush UFC 280

UFC 280 last three fights are highly anticipated matchups myself and millions of other UFC fans excited for the biggest card of the year.

Main Card fight flying under the radar Dariush vs Gamrot two hungry Lightweights wanting taste at the top five Lightweights.

Gamrot I believe will out grapple Dariush, Pushing the pace for three rounds. Wrestling deciding factor in this matchup. Dariush wrestling heavy practices at Kings MMA and Dubai can help challenge his grappling ability but I don’t think these few months of practicing will be enough. Gamrot will be victorious at UFC 280.

Beneil definitely better striker, Interesting kickboxing style in awkward fighting stance can challenge Gamrot. Giving him different looks but training at American Top Team with Mike Brown, Conan Silveira learning how improve to improve striking offensive & defense.

I’m a wrestler, and jiu-jitsu is my DNA. We meet in the ground, and I am sure that I finish him on the ground.”

“Mike Brown is my head coach and every day I train under his eyes. It’s amazing. Every guy gives me good tips, good vibes, good experience. When I am at American Top Team, I am in great company, and I am growing every single day.”

Multiple time ADCC European Champion , Polish wrestling pedigree with 300 matches, Winning Polish medals. Gamrot can dominate Dariush start to finish, Leading to submission win. Rolling with Gary Tonon for seven minutes straight he can grapple with anyone.

Outworking all five UFC opponents, Pushing the pace constantly following his successful fighting formula. Defeating top ten Lightweights like Dariush definitely help him being discussed as 2023 Lightweight contender.

UFC 280 biggest card of the year, Gamrot can take advantage of the viewership and display impressive submission performance.

“It’s great feeling; this is my first pay-per-view card, a big show, probably the biggest show of the year,”

Dariush coming off biggest win of his career against Tony Ferguson, Polish grappler red hot since signing with UFC. Both fighters are world class but respectfully think Mateusz Gamrot out grapples Dariush beginning to end.

Opportunity to earn top five matchup in 2023 facing the biggest names in the UFC.

“I’m ready for every single f—ing guy in the division,” Gamrot said. “In the future, I will be the champion, for sure.”

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