One Prime Video Headliner is MMA Fighting at the Highest Level

One Championship becoming the second best promotion because of there great promoting, Signing top free agents and Asia prospects from all over the world. One Championship X is one of the best MMA Events of 2022.

Significant event August 26, First Amazon Broadcast event. Headlining fight is a Flyweight Title fight.

Mighty Mouse vs Adriano Moraes Rematch

Demetrious Johnson one of the greatest MMA fighters ever, One of my favorite fighters to watch was upset by the Flyweight Champion Adriano Moraes.

Moraes put his name on the MMA map defeating an amazing fighter. Taking advantage of the One Championship rules with allowing knee to the head KO.

Demetrious Johnson proved again why he’s an amazing athlete by defeating the world class Rodtang in mixed rules match. Round of Muay Thai against one of the best Muay Thai fighters today.

Gaining that experience on the feet with Rodtang make Mighty Mouse better Muay Thai striker, Help with fighting the bigger Five Foot Eight Adriano Moraes.

Looking to revenge his loss and become the NEW One Championship Flyweight Champion.

“It’s no (secret) he likes to use his movement to catch (opponents) – how he caught me last time. So this time, I have to pull myself back. I train for eight to 10 weeks – I ain’t got time to play these games. I just want to get in there and fight. I’m just going to take my time and see where it goes.”

Bettors, Fans believe DJ will win the rematch but Moraes has better ideas. Winning the fight without benefiting from One Championship rules.

“Submit this time. If I got one knockout and one submission, for me, that’s going to be perfect. The most important thing I always train is my jiu-jitsu.”

One Championship is about respect and honor, However Moraes proving to himself and adding his name in the Pound for Pound discussions with a standout win against Adriano Moraes.

“This fight is very important for my legacy because I want to make as many title defenses as I can during my career. And [another] victory over him will help a lot in building that legacy.”

Moraes is an all-around mix martial artist, Bigger version of Demetrious Johnson. Smartly using his explosive power, Recognizable speed to his advantage.

Looked excellent in his last title defense against Yuya Yakamatsu. Pressuring Yakamatsu 90% of the fight, Nasty hip tosses. Ending in a third round Guillotine Choke.

“Demetrious Johnson vs Adriano Moraes either an early finish for both fighters. Second option is a beautiful techinical fast pace fight. ”

Fighter predictions

“This is a really hard one. I’m a big fan of both guys. I am not comfortable making a decision right now. But yeah, if I had to pick, since I’m a big fan of both, I’m going to go with ‘Mighty Mouse.’ I love the way he mixes things up. I think he’s a little more used to where these knees can come from, and he’s just got too much on his side. I think he’ll take it.” Thanh Le

“They are amazing mixed martial artists, super well-rounded. They each have amazing skill sets, and I’m a fan of both, so it’s hard to choose. But you know what? I think that Adriano is going to take it once more.” Angela Lee

“If [Adriano], himself, runs out of gas, he will be at risk. But if DJ gets a chance to choke [his opponent], he will finish Adriano. But in my opinion, I predict Adriano will win once again in this fight.” Rodtang

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