One Championship Lights Out Fascinating Card

One Championship card beginning to end is a great card to watch Mix Martial arts and Kickboxing from the highest level.

One Championship consistently creates real solid cards. Anticipated fights against two of the best fighters in the world.

One Championship Lights Out has a highly anticipated bout between high level Brazilians and a main event fight between two different styles.

Thanh Le vs Gary Tonon

Thanh Le defending his One Championship Featherweight Title for the second time against BJJ Champion, Gary Tonon well known for being part of the Danaher Death Squad.

Le 5th degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, Former LFA Featherweight Champion. Trains under one of the rising brilliant minds in Mix Martial Arts Ryan Hall who runs 50/50 Academy. Ryan Hall is one of the best MMA grapplers definitely can help Thanh Le defend Tonon’s Jiu-Jitsu for he doesn’t get caught.

“I’m here now in Virginia, here at 50/50 jiu-jitsu with Ryan Hall and Adam Benayoun. So it’s a huge group of guys here that are helping me day by day. That’s always been the routine for me, [to find] the best mind in MMA that I can find, and trying to help each other get better and grow in the right direction,” he said.

On the other hand might surprise everyone and have an excellent Jiu-Jitsu defense.

Definitely can catch Gary Tonon with a combination of punches and leg kicks. He’s one of the best strikers on the One Championship MMA roster. Desires to keep this fight standing for five rounds. No need to test your Jiu-Jitsu against Tonon.

“I think I end up knocking him out,” he said. “Fourth [round], possibly start of the fifth.” Thanh Le

Garry Tonon striking came a long way since his debut, Danaher not only a Jiu-Jitsu mastermind but a Muay Thai mastermind as well, Helping Gary Tonon enhance his striking much as possible.

“I’m really happy with it,” Tonon added. “I feel about as confident as I’ve ever felt in my striking.”

Once Tonon grabs a hold of you and slip down on the floor good luck preventing a submission. Be put to sleep or your tapping.

See if he’s ready to face One Championship Featherweight Champion Thanh Le in the toughest fight of his MMA career.

Either or Thanh Le vs Garry Tonon is gonna be fascinating fight to watch beginning to end. Curious to see what happens.

“This fight is going to deliver… on one side or the other, somebody is going to get surprised. Whoever thinks I’m going to get knocked out or he’s going to get submitted, whatever the case may be, at the end of this fight someone is going to be surprised by the result.”

Bibiano Fernandes vs John Lineker

Brazilian on Brazilian crime between two of the best Bantamweights in the world.

Bibiano Fernandes one of the greatest fighters never sign with the UFC, Seven One Championship Bantamweight title defenses in his first reign. Cornerstone for One Championship for a DECADE.

Known for the rivalry with Kevin Belingon, Wins against Joachim Hansen and Joe Warren.

Fernandes at the age of 41 is one of the best Bantamweights in the world, See if the man has what it takes to defeat John Lineker.

“I went back to my camp, and I’m training hard to do a good job on the day of the fight. Mentally, I got even stronger. I’m very well-prepared and focused on my goal, which is victory.”

“I am the King of this Division,” Bibiano Fernandes

Bibiano Fernandes training partner is also top ten fighters of all time Demetrious Johnson. DJ on MMA interviews speaks so highly how talented Bibiano is and may see defeat one of the best Bantamweights in the world.

John Lineker former Top Ten UFC Bantamweight, Smartest decision of his career signing with One Championship. Now in three fights challenging Bibinao Fernandes for the Bantamweight title.

Lineker has a history of wins from Rob Font, John Dodson, Michael McDonald, Marlon Vera. Biggest win may happen at One Championship Lights Out.

“I’m a striker. I have the ability to knock out anyone. It would be an interesting fight because I wouldn’t be worried about the takedowns. I would use 100 percent of my boxing.”

“If I get taken down, I feel confident to work my ground game. I still haven’t been able to show my evolution in jiu-jitsu in my last fights because they’ve ended up standing up, by knockout. But if I go to the ground, I’ll have the opportunity to show how much I’ve evolved. An MMA fighter needs to have the most complete game possible and I know that I am a complete athlete, that I am prepared to fight both standing and on the ground.”

Lineker has two bricks in hands for a short man, Can KO any Bantamweight in the world. Power to KO Bibiano Fernandes with one punch or series of combinations. Lineker can have a life changing win in one night.

One Championship Co Main Event is a very fascinating fight to watch. One of the best fights in March and looking forward to watch it.

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