Chen Rui Unbreakable 2 Fighter to Watch

One Championship Unreakable 2 Main Event is Mauri Cerilli vs Abdulbasir Vagabov. In the Main Card of Unbreakable 2 is Rui Chen vs Won Il Kwon.

Rui Chen

Rui Chen is a One Championship rising superstar 9-1 record at 24 years old. Only loss was to Troy Worthen(All-American Wrestler at Univerity of Central Florida), Ending his fights with knockouts in the early rounds. One of the best One Championship prospects in any division. Future One Championship Bantamweight Title Contender.

Most impressive win was Ali Motamed at One Championship: Big Bang 2. Watching his hand speed that lead to the first round knockout. Labeling Rui Chen as the Chinese Striking sensation.

Hopefully with a win against Won Il Kwon South Korean Bantamweight prospect will lead to tough fights. Start of an important 2021.

Rui Chen fight opportunities like Muin Gafurov (17-3), Zhao Zhi Kang(12-4), Bruno Picci(7-5) in 2021.

Bibiano Fernandes nearing retirement means the One Championship Bantamweight Division is here for the taking and Chen Rui can be the next Bantamweight Champion.

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