Daniel Zellhuber Mexico’s MMA Next Superstar Lux Fight League Debut

Daniel “Golden Boy” Zellhuber Mexico’s next MMA superstar is fighting on tonight’s Lux Fight League 10 event. Formerly fought for Combate Americas is making his Lux Fight League debut.

Lux Fight League you’re able to watch on UFC Fight Pass, Definitely will be watching Daniel Zellhuber.

Watching a 21 year old 8-0 Lightweight fighting Miguel Arizmendi in the Lux Fight League prelims.

Daniel Zellhuber is a raw talent who needs to be polished. However with his talent he can become a UFC or Bellator Lightweight or Welterweight Champion when he gets older.

Won’t be surprised if Daniel Zellhuber appears on the Dana White Contender Series. Dana White’s eyes would be shining when Zellhuber fights in front of him. Star written all over him!!

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