Ty- Wan Claxton Bellator 242 Prospect To Watch

Ty-Wan Claxton Bellator 242 Fighter to Watch, Division 2 All- American wrestler and Division One wrestler at the University of Ohio is fighting Bellator Featherweight prospect Jay Jay Wilson.

Jay Jay Wilson 5-0 record as Ty-Wan has 6-1 record. Prospect fight I’m looking forward to but Claxton will win this fight, Impress Scott Coker and the Bellator matchmakers to match him against top Bellator featherweights.

“I’m going to stop him,” he stated. “If he makes it to the second round, he’ll be done in the second. I’ll finish him in the second, maybe ground and pound most likely because I have a feeling he’s going to be trying to pull guard a lot. He says he wants to stand and bang, but I don’t think he wants to stand and bang, but I do.”


Claxton confident in skills as he trains at some of the best fighters in the world at Elevation Fight Team. Training at Elevation Fight Team and his athletic talents even complimented by Kenny Florian.

“I spent the time throughout COVID seeing where I was going to lay my roots and I decided to do that Denver,” Claxton said during the Bellator 242 media day on Wednesday. After being stuck with fellow fighter A.J. Matthews in lockdown, “I grew a lot during the quarantine,” he added. “I think that it was kind of a blessing in disguise for me to be able to slow down, not be fighting as much, and grow as a fighter. It was all positive things.”


Watch a new improved Ty-Wan Claxton Friday night, Show the new tools in the tool shed that he’s worked on since Covid-19. Show the Bellator viewes that he isn’t just a wrestler but a all around Featherweight.

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