Sandman Sandhagen UFC 251 OPPORTUNITY to Shine

Cory “Sandman” Sandhagen is one of my favorite fighters on the UFC roster. Bantamweight rising star and future Bantamweight Champion, Can challenge for the UFC Bantamweight title in his next fight against Aljamain Sterling at UFC 251.

Opportunity to shine, Spotlight on them as MMA fans like myself are excited for Sandhagen vs Sterling. Fight of the night potential and performance of the night for the Sandman.

I think the way I fight, and my style, and all of the factors I bring with my style — how exciting it is — it’s going to be hard for people and the UFC to watch and be like, “That guy shouldn’t get a title shot.” That’s what I’m hoping for after this fight, is if I go out and do what I know I’m capable of doing, it’s not going to be about me going out and convincing anyone anymore. They’re going to be on board with it after I do my thing on Saturday. I just need to do my thing.

Sandhagen even though he capable of defeating Sterling is not disrespecting him because Aljamain Sterling is great fighter who can become a Bantamweight Champion as well.

Despite looking ahead and being confident in getting a title shot with an impressive showing against Sterling, Sandhagen knows it won’t be a walk in the park Saturday. In fact, “The Sandman” doesn’t have a clue how things will play out against Sterling given his awkward style.

Impressive win or back and forth fight with Sterling will gain Sandhagen new fans from people who normally don’t watch a UFC event but because of no sports. Sandhagen can make the most of it.

Sandhagen vs Sterling is the Co-Main Event for UFC 250. Opportunity to become UFC 251 Star of the Night and become the next bantamweight title challenger.

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