Latin America MMA Prospects to watch in 2020

Latin America since the beginning has created some of the best fighters in the world and will continue. Coronavirus has postponed regional events but once everything is over, Regional MMA will be back and these fighters will be hungry to FIGHT. Which fighters are they?

Alejandro Flores

Born and Raised in Mexico, Alejandro Flores is the #1 Featherweight Prospect from Mexico with a 17-2 record at 28 years old. Fights for the top Latin America Promotion Combate Americas. All of his fights go the distance with the impressive cardio.

Flores is one of the main attractions for Combate Americas.

Rafa Garcia

Rafa Garcia Combate Americas Lightweight Champion, Reminds me of Eddie Alvarez because of his small height and being stocky. Fighting style as well just a PITBULL.

12-0 record at 25 years old. Wins by armbar, rear naked choke and knockout.

Diego Lopes

Diego Lopes 18-3 record, #1 Lightweight Prospect from Brazil fights for the newly created MMA promotion Lux Fight League that you can watch on UFC Fight Pass.

Diego Lopes is 25 years old. Lopes has the talent, The Look to become a star for the UFC.

Leonardo Limberger

Leonardo Limberger is a top Featherweight Prospect from Brazil at 25 years old. Limberger is the Shooto Brasil Featherweight Champion.

Bound to fight for the UFC in 2020 or 2021. Fight on the Dana White Contender Series Brazil.

Joanderson Brito

Joanderson Brito became popular with the mma world when he debut on Legacy Fighting Alliance. Knocking out Jose “Chepe” Mariscal in the first round beginning with a beautiful leg kick.

Joanderson has a 11-2 record at 25 years old.One of the best Latin America Featherweights.

Daniel Marcos

Daniel Marcos born and raised in Peru is the 300 Sparta Bantamweight Champion. #1 Peru Prospect. 12-0 record at 27 years old.

Love to see Daniel Marcos sign with Combate Americas to build more exposure for himself.

Daniel Zellhuber

Born and raised in Mexico. Daniel Zellhuber is the Ryan Garcia of MMA for Mexico. Only 20 years old with a 8-0 record. Zellhuber fights for Combate Americas, Next couple years will become the Lightweight Champion.

He’s the future for Mexico MMA!!

Melissa Martinez

Melisa Martinez #1 female Latin America prospect. Fights for Combate Americas in the strawweight division. 20 years old. 7-0 record. One day will see Melissa fight for the UFC. No doubt about it.

Andre Barquero Morera

Andre Barquero Morera is from Costa Rica. Morera has a 7-2 record at 24 years old. Fought for Cage Fury Fighting Championship 1-1 record for CFFC. Going the distance but losing to Sean Santella.

Morera now fights for Combate Americas. He can put Costa Rica MMA on the map with being the Combate Americas Featherweight Champion.

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