Drew Dober vs Gregor Gillespie Summer of 2020

Drew Dober last win was against Alexander Hernandez, Basically a coming out party for Dober who finally getting the recognition after fighting for the UFC since 2013. Now ranked #15 is on his way to challenging for the Lightweight title.

Next fight for Drew Dober is fighting Gregor Gillespie. Gillespie is #11, Gregor Gillespie last fight was against Kevin Lee back at UFC 244. Time for a return and I’d love to see him fight Drew Dober.

“I’d like to get in there, I’d like to get back in, but we’re not gonna rush it,” Gillespie said. “I’m not gonna wait as long as I did this time. I didn’t purposely wait [10 months], it’s just that the opportunity to fight a guy I wanted to fight wasn’t there, then this came along and it was the right opponent, so that’s why the time took so long. It’s going to be sooner than it was this time.”


Gregor Gillespie in the past was talked about as one of Khabib’s toughest future opponent because he was a four time Division One- All American Wrestler at for Edinboro University. Winning a National Championship in 2007.

Gillespie will be a tough test for Drew Dober but Dober trains at Elevation Fight Team with Justin Gaethje. Gaethje will definitely help out Dober grappling defense as Gaethje was a Division One All-American at Northern Colorado in 2010.

Gregor Gillespie vs Justin Gaethje is definitely a fight to make this summer. No way in hell this fight won’t be exciting, Three rounds back and forth action.

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