Felder vs Oliveira UFC 251?

Paul Felder last fight was a classic five round war against Dan Hooker in December. Felder wants one more fight or maybe he wants to make a run for the title. Charles Oliveira making a run of his own, Seven fighting win streak by defeating Kevin Lee in the third round.

Charles Oliveira needs a fight and Paul Felder needs a fight, Schedule a bout for them at UFC 251. UFC 251 is scheduled for July 11th. Gives them both time to train, Get back into shape.

“I’m in an amazing phase. I feel like I just got brought into the UFC. I’m happy. I’m eager to win. Of course, I respect all my opponents. But I’ll keep moving forward. My friends and I always say, ‘The time for meowing is done, now it’s time to roar.’


Oliveira defeats talented UFC commentator, Top Ten Lightweight in the world will be another significant win for Charles Oliveira. Being a title contender with one more fight.

Paul Felder with a win over Charles Oliveira who beat Kevin Lee and on seven fight winning streak. Maybe with a knock out a dominant win Paul Felder will refuse to retire and challenge for the title. Imagine Felder vs Tony Ferguson.

“I can tell you that after all of this with what we’re going through, I cannot wait to fight again,” Felder said. “Dude, I’m on this bike. I had my manager, Brian Butler, send me all these photos. I texted him last night. I said, ‘Man, I’m a little depressed.’ I’m missing my job. I’m missing my guys. I’m missing my commentary. … We’re having a great time. Family time is great. But I just miss that fire.”

UFC 251 Felder vs Oliveira Main Card fight, Set it up Sean Shelby.

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