Nikolas Motta CFFC Lightweight Champion UFC or Bellator

Nikolas Motta is the Lightweight Champion for Cage Fury Fighting Championship, One of the best regional promotions in the United States. Motta at 27 years old will get signed by the UFC or Bellator.

Nikolas Motta trains at Ricardo Almeida Jiu Jitsu, Fighters who train their are Frankie Edgar, Sidney Outlaw, Sean Santella, Eddie Alvarez and Corey Anderson.

  1. Shooto Brasil record of 6-2
  2. Trains with Eddie Alvarez, Frankie Edgar, Sidney Outlaw
  3. Cage Fury Fighting Championships Lightweight Champion
  4. Contestant on the Ultimate Fighter Season 4 Brazil

Motta most impressive win in his career so far is defeating Northeast Prospect Cesar Balmaceda in 54 seconds. Win that can impress UFC and Bellator matchmakers.

“That performance was great,” Motta said. “My first fight for CFFC was only 54 seconds, and it was against a big prospect. That kid was undefeated until not that long ago, and he was the champ. He was a good wrestler and a good striker. He puts pressure on his opponents and knocked some guys out, but I went in and did what I said what I would do.”

Even though Nikolas Motta already had an opportunity to compete for a shot for the UFC he can still fight for the UFC because he never gave up, Continued to train and fight.

Motta can fight on the Dana White Contender Series, Offered a fight prelim Bellator fight.

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