KOTC Johnny Munoz Bantamweight Prospect

King of the Cage is one of the best regional promotions in the world. Founded in 1998 had the best fighters in the world once fighting before UFC or Bellator. Jon Jones, Daniel Cormier, Juan Archuleta, Patchy Mix, Rory MacDonald and many more!! Next GREAT fighter to sign with UFC or Bellator is Johnny Munoz KOTC Bantamweight Champion.

King of the Cage

Johnny Munoz is 10-0 with King of the Cage. Fighting regional veteran fights or regional prospects in the United States. Six wins by submission and two wins by knockout.

Two fights were supposed to happen in 2019. Drako Rodriguez vs Johnny Munoz for the KOTC Bantamweight Title but Drako was offered a fight against Sean O’ Malley. Terry Trebilcock( KOTC Promoter) blocked the fight from happening, Terry has a four fight deal with Drako. The fight would be cancelled.

In 2020 Johnny Munoz vs Drako Rodriguez would be a great fight to watch. Both fighters under contract with King of the Cage. UFC & Bellator scouts will be watching this fight!!

Couple more fights left for Johnny Munoz and I expect for UFC or Bellator to make the call.

UFC or Bellator 2020

Scott Coker or Dana White will be offering a fight on a Bellator prelim fight, Dana White Contender Series fight or short notice fight for a UFC Event.

No doubt Johnny Munoz in 2020 doesn’t get signed by the UFC or Bellator. Being a KOTC champion is an accomplishment for a MMA Fighter.

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