Fabian Edwards Future Bellator Middleweight Champion

Fabian Edwards is Leon Edwards little brother at 27 years old. Fabian is a great fighter as well fighting for Bellator currently with a 9-0 record. Defeating Bellator veterans. Fabian Edwards was scheduled a fight against Bellator Middleweight Prospect Costello Van Steenis but Covid-19 preventing this fight to happen.

“So I knew I needed a day to day routine just in life in general. I also have my brother as well.

“We’ve got a little mat space, so we can do cage work and pad work, that’s two good minds to exchange information, my brother is top of the world right now.”

“I defo feel we will be coming out of this improved. I feel blessed but I also feel this is showing what fighters want it the most.” https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/mma/11361432/fabian-edwards-trains-ufc-brother-leon/

Bellator returns back to events please resume the fight between Costello Van Steenis and Fabian Edwards. Two of the best young Bellator Middleweights.

Fabian Edwards 2020

Fabian defeats Costello Van Steenis he’ll be ranked a top 5 Bellator Middleweight. Fabian Edwards fights after Costello Van Steenis he can fight Austin Vanderford, Anatoly Tokov and Rafael Carvalho.

By the end of 2020 Fabian will be #1 Contender for the Bellator Middleweight title.

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