Pettis vs Gallagher Bellator Bantamweight Title Fight

Bellator Bantamweight Title is vacant since Kyoji Horiguchi torn his ACL. Life must go on and their should be a Bantamweight Title Fight. No better opponents than James Gallagher vs Sergio Pettis for the Bellator Bantamweight Title.

Cal Ellenor was James Gallagher next fight. However Cal dropped out of the Bellator London fight and now James has no clue who he’s fighting next. Gallagher talked about fighting Sergio Pettis for a major fight on MMAFighting.Com

If Sergio Pettis is fighting anyone it’s like, ‘Cool, he’s fighting,’ but if he fights me it’s massive. The Cal fight, no one gives a bollocks who-the-f*ck he is; no one gives a f*ck about him, but if he fights me it’s a big fight. That’s just what I’m thinking about, so no matter what I do it’s going to be a big moment and I’m going to be ready for it.”

Agree with Mr. Gallagher Pettis vs Gallagher will be one of the biggest fights in the Bantamweight division that can headline Bellator London or a summer Bellator card.

Gallagher has fought “Lesser” Known opponents and seriously it’s time to fight the best of the best. Sergio Pettis signing with Bellator and moving up to Bantamweight is a smart decision as he looks great!!

Makes tons of business sense two Bigger names even if you love or hate James Gallagher vs Sergio Pettis as Pettis is one of the most popular MMA Last Names. Well recognized!!

Scott Coker please set this fight up, Headline Gallagher vs Pettis in the Summer of 2020 at London, San Jose, Los Angeles or some small city.

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