Nasrat Haqparast Next Fight Will See Him Bounce Back

Nasrat Haqparast UFC Lightweight Prospect I’m extremely high on, Tristar Gym prospect coached by Firas Zahabi got knocked out by Drew Dober in the second round. Nasrat entered the octagon with confidence and left the octagon with disappointment.

Nasrat 24 Years old is no where near finished. Room to grow, Advance his mix martial art disciplines with Firas Zahabi and win his upcoming fight in the spring or fall of 2020. Fight before Dober, Nasrat looked fantastic against Joaquim Silva. Really seen his all around, UFC Lightweight Champion potential.

Lightweight Champion is still their even after a loss to Drew Dober and Nasrat was the favorite.

Nasrat Hapqarast coached by Firas Zahabi one of the MMA masterminds will have Nasrat the rising star of Tristar Gym look better than ever.

“Firas Zahabi in my opinion is the smartest coach in the game,” said Haqparast. “He’s like a genius; he’s so smart about everything and the results speak for themselves. The improvements I’ve made since I have been with Firas have been incredible.

Humble beginnings as a Afghanistan refugee who went to Germany, Not forgetting where he came from will motivate Nasrat even more to come back stronger. Early days of childhood being a Afghanistan refugee and the trauma he must of experienced only makes him stronger mentally.

Advantage during the hard weeks of training and in the Octagon.

Nasrat upcoming fight whenever Dana White is allowed to schedule events, Positive Nasrat will be scheduled in July, August or September UFC events.

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